The Pressing

Promise Bradley

June 26, 2022


God is making oil. The Pressing is not your story. Becoming the Oil is your story through the crushing and pressing, just like an olive that first has to be crushed and then pressed. There are two millstones that can crush us. We can choose the millstone that crushes us and turns us into oil that God can come and consume, or we can choose the millstone tied around our neck to be drowned in the sea.

Olives have so much oil to give that they are pressed three times. Many people will be pressed for the first pressing, where we give Him our “Sunday Best.” Many people will be pressed to be useful and serve God. The third pressing is the everyday, who I really am oil. The oil in my home, how I treat my spouse and how I talk to my children oil. The Bridegroom is coming, you have to be pressed yourself. God is calling a people who will not just give them their best, or just serve Him with their works, but who will give ALL that the olive has to give.


John 16:33, 1 Peter 4:12–13, Romans 8:28, Isaiah 53:4–6