Our Vision

Our vision is to connect people with Jesus from all roads of life. Our mission is connecting people, finding Freedom, Developing Leaders and Impacting culture.

Our Core Values

  • We want to be with HIM
    “His Presence is everything!”
  • We are building HIS Kingdom
    “Keep inviting & reaching; it’s bigger than us!”
  • We pull on the leash
    “Big faith, big risks and a big GOD!”
  • ​We live generously
    “Freely receive, freely give!”
  • ​We bring our “A” game
    “Excellence is a reflection of God!”
  • ​We take nothing for granted
    “Appreciation is fuel for the future!”
  • ​We live with honor & integrity
    “Value people and what is right!”
  • We do life together
    “Relationships make us stronger!”
  • ​We go low & grow
    “Stay humble & teachable!”
  • We pursue our “Green”
    “Live from and for HIS purpose!”