The Power of Pentecost – The Power Package

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

July 07, 2024


YouVersion Notes


When Holy Spirit is on our life – we have POWER, which means by definition that we have abilities, power, strength and might that we didn’t have before and without Him. With Him in your life, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, without Christ you can do nothing.

Part of that “Power Package,” is speaking in tongues. When Holy Spirit comes upon you, you now have the ability to communicate with a language with God, praying the will of God that you did not have in your own natural ability. Speaking with God isn’t EXTRA! Or unnecessary. Or just for certain people. IT’S BIBLICAL.

We’ve wanted the power without a relationship with Him, it’s been the temptation from the beginning. But God’s desire has always been about a relationship and in His PRESENCE there is POWER.


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