The Person of Pentecost – Holy Spirit

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

June 05, 2022


Pentecost is not a weird denomination, it’s a Jewish feast that literally means 50, and it falls 50 days after Passover. Holy Spirit is the Promise Jesus told the disciples to wait for, and is the one that came on the day of Pentecost. Holy Spirit is the person of Pentecost. Jesus baptizes us into Holy Spirit, and it is through Holy Spirit that we have supernatural influence in the midst of opposing forces to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to hand. Our hope is not found in horizontal solutions. Kingdom culture has vertical solutions that override natural realities. God is a god that wants to encounter you. The gifts of Holy Spirit are for each and every person, and we need His power in our lives to live victoriously.

John 14:15–18, Luke 24:44–53, Acts 1:4–8, Acts 1:9–15, Acts 2:1–13