The Four Cups: Will You Marry Me?

Nathan Coston

May 29, 2022


The Cup of Praise or The Wedding Cup is the fourth and final cup of Passover. Exodus 6:7 “I will take them as my own people, and I will be their God” sounds very much like the verse in Song of Solomon 6:3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” “I will take” in Hebrew means “to marry.” These verses are not just promises, they are a marriage proposal. God is asking the Hebrews: These are my promises and terms, will you marry me?

Betrothal, called the kiddushin, is the Jewish ritual that takes place when making a covenant marriage. In Biblical times, the kiddushin was taken very seriously. The written words of the covenant are called the: Ketubah (ke-tu-bah). Once conditions of the covenant are discussed and agreed upon, the agreement is put in writing. The Ketubah or Word became the property of the bride. She would hold on to this document to protect her rights, and to be sure the groom kept his word. Once the Ketubah is signed by two witnesses, the couple would be legally married.

The Old Testament is the first Kiddushin and the Ketubah is between God and Israel. The first Ketubah was based on the law and it turned into a one-way love affair. The Hebrews essentially said, “I will marry you and be faithful out of duty”.

The New Testament is the second Kiddushin and the Ketubah is between Jesus and any who will receive Him. This second Ketubah (new covenant) was not based on duty, but on love. Jesus is saying to us: “Will you marry me and be faithful out of love?”


John 14:23–24, Exodus 6:6–7, Song of Songs 6:3