Standing Before The Throne

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

April 17, 2022


There are two thrones, the Great White Throne and the Judgement Seat of Christ. We will ALL have to stand before Jesus and give an account for our life, including all the good and all the bad things we’ve done. It’s God’s heaven, and it’s His rules. HIs rule is there’s one way – JESUS. God is just, and when we stand before the Great White Throne, if you rejected His son Jesus, and your name isn’t found in the other book – The Book of Life, Jesus cannot represent you before HIs Father, you will only have your life’s works to represent you before God. Jesus can only represent you, when you belong to Him. That’s when your name is found in the Book of Life. That’s when His blood covers all of your works. That’s when Jesus will acknowledge you before His Father. Which throne will you stand before?


1 Timothy 6:14–16, Revelation 20:11–15, Romans 14:10–12, 2 Corinthians 5:9–11, Revelation 22:12–17