Salvation In Jesus Part 2 – Saved. Healed. Delivered.

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

May 15, 2022


By God’s grace we have been saved, rescued, healed, made whole. Saved isn’t about “getting” saved, but rather about “becoming” saved. It’s an ongoing, continual process of: “I have been saved,” because Jesus saved us by dying on the cross; “I am being saved,” as we are becoming who He wants us to become; and “I will be saved,” when Jesus returns and takes us to heaven. And just like we go “through” a door to get somewhere, we go “through” faith to step into being saved, which God has already provided for us. We must put our faith in the condition provided to us by Jesus, and not circumstantial evidence. When were we “saved?” The Cross. We step into that condition when we receive it by faith.


Ephesians 2:8–9, Romans 10:3–5, Galatians 3:21–26, Acts 4:5–13, Romans 10:1