Preparing A Dwelling Place – The Driving Gear

March 13, 2022


It’s time to reengage! Whatever you’re needing today, go through the word of God and engage it.

God has plans and purpose for our lives spoken in the Word and it is the will of God. It is the driving gear. It moves everything in our lives. All of what God has for our lives, does not impact your life, until you get close and engage and connect with Him by faith, and that’s when our lives move in the same direction as His will and Word. We must not disengage with His Word. We must not reject God’s method, because it doesn’t meet our approval. The enemy will keep talking, trying to get us to disengage. Don’t! Fulfill the Word of God for your Life!


John 1:1–3, Proverbs 4:20–22, Exodus 29:42–46, John 10:9–10, John 3:3–6