Preparing A Dwelling Place Pt 9

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

January 23, 2022


Sermon Notes

YouVersion Notes

Three things are required to prepare ourselves as a dwelling place – Offering, Sacrifice and CONSISTENCY. Day by day, continually we offer our lives to Jesus. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday . . . not just on Sundays at church, we have to commit our hearts to only do what honors Him, constantly, regularly, perpetually, never stopping. We keep coming, and we don’t back down!


Being a long-term, successful follower of Jesus, requires consistency. No one can choose it for you, you must choose for yourself every day. It can be our biggest challenge, giving our life to Jesus and staying in love with Him. It’s through a relationship and connection with Him that is the means by which we are victorious in every area of our life, valuing the connection and relationship itself, and not valuing what comes out of or from the relationship. The moment what is given takes priority over the giver, we open ourselves up to deception.


Are you ready to offer all of your heart in worship to Jesus?

Are you willing to lay your life down as a sacrifice and live only for Him?

Have I been using Jesus as a means to the end, instead of the end Himself?