Preparing a Dwelling Place Pt 16 | Press Through The Obstacles

March 20, 2022


What if there is something that could still be done to engage what God wants in our lives, but we just don’t know about it yet? Just because we do all we know to do, doesn’t mean it’s all there is to do. Even when we see the right things in the Bible, believe the right things in the Bible, the process, the walk to engage what we see and believe is hard. We have to cut through the excuses, the obstacles, the opposition, opinions, doubts, fears, religion, intimidation to get to the hem of Jesus’ garment. Engaging and encountering God is going to require us to press through, and fight the good fight, until Jesus returns. We don’t stop. We keep comin’.


Exodus 29:43, Mark 5:25–30, Acts 1:4–8, Mark 5:31–34