Preparing A Dwelling Place Pt 14

March 06, 2022


There are 5 Phases of Preparing a Personal Dwelling Place with God. If we are going to experience the presence of God and walk in the things of God, the first thing we have to do is go through the “right” door. We have to #1 ENTER it. Jesus is the door! There’s no getting around Him. He is the doorway into life. There is no life outside of Him, only existing, and without being born again, we can’t even see His kingdom, how it is governed – how he “rolls.” The goal of God, is to speak with us, and once we go through the door – JESUS, the WORD, with your BIBLE open, He will #2 ENGAGE us in conversation about all the mighty things He has to say. They are LIFE. Engage in what He says. The voices we focus on, are the voices that will influence us the most. HIs WORD is LIFE. He has mighty things He wants to bring us up higher to engage with Him about. Choose JESUS. He is the “right” door, then go through Him, and Engage with God!


John 1:1–3, Proverbs 4:20–22, Exodus 29:38–46, John 10:7–10, John 3:3–6