Partnering With Faith

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

December 18, 2022


Faith – is it a matter of it being too small? Does our Faith really need to grow? Or is it that we need to increase our kŏinōnia – our partnership, our fellowship, our communion with our faith given to us by God, and eliminate our kŏinōnia with everything else? What if rather than “increasing our faith,” we realize that we’re partnering with too many other things, other than our faith, and what God says?

If we, as believers are communing with unbelief, with fears, with discouragement and disappointments, asking we’re others, and not God to speak into our situations, and we kŏinōnia with them, guess what?! We get the benefits and privileges attached to those partnerships. Whatever is being produced in and out of that communion, will begin to produce out of you.

Who are you hanging out with, what are you listening to and watching, what are you embracing? We have to sit down with Holy Spirit and ask where we kŏinōnia with the wrong things. Until we do, we will never walk in freedom.


Matthew 17:19–20, 2 Corinthians 4:13, 2 Corinthians 6:14, Philemon 1–7, Romans 12:3