Created, Qualified & Loved | Richie Seltzer

Richie Seltzer

September 17, 2023


You are . . .

CREATED to be in relationship with God, which requires communication – speaking with Him and hearing from Him.

QUALIFIED by Holy Spirit to win the lost. Holy Spirit is our advantage, and if we start taking advantage of our advantage, then we will see Jesus get His full reward.

LOVED by God because He loves you, because He loves you, because He loves you.

Richie Seltzer went from the cold juvenile detention floor with 18 felonies to an internationally recognized minister of the Gospel. Miracles, healing, and signs and wonders follow him as he lives a life of obedience to the great commission. In 2011, he planted Imagine Church in Calgary, Alberta, through which He pioneered Burning Ones School of Fire. He currently travels as an evangelist with Global Awakening out Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Chelsea have four amazing kids: Abigail, Gabriel, Annabelle, and Jonah.