As It Is In Heaven Pt 8

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

September 25, 2022


What if everything we’ve ever known about Church, is not like it is in Heaven?

What if what we’re comfortable with is not God?

What if what makes us comfortable doesn’t make Him comfortable?

Church it’s not about us. It’s about Jesus, and God wants to break a culture of religion that is picky and preferential. God is wanting us to transition from singing about someone to seeing Him, for our worship to become about Him, and not just words we sing. As it is in Heaven. The challenge is sacrificing our will and choosing and trusting that what God wants is better than what I am sure is good. It’s laying our crowns down. It’s looking at Him and saying Holy, Holy, because He is worthy of all the praise on the Earth as it is in Heaven.


Matthew 6:9–13