As It Is In Heaven Pt 5

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

August 14, 2022


From the very beginning, God’s desire was Heaven on Earth. Jesus said to pray for the will of God to be on earth AS it is in Heaven. So we are to pray that Earth is the same way it is in Heaven. God assigned us to make Earth like Heaven from the beginning, when He put us in the Garden of Eden that we were to tend/work and keep/protect, as we increased it to spread around the world. Even the building of the Tabernacle and everything in it was God’s pattern as it is in Heaven. We are to build our lives according to the pattern God gives us on the mountain, and not the pattern of the world. We should look, talk and live different, and not learn to follow the world’s abominations against their gods, rather we are to conform and transform to be like Jesus. We are predestined to be like Jesus.


Genesis 2:8, Genesis 2:15, Exodus 26:30, Genesis 1:26–27, Deuteronomy 12:29–32