As It Is In Heaven Pt 3

Chad Everett - Lead Pastor

July 24, 2022


If it is possible . . . nevertheless. On earth as it is in heaven involves submitting our on earth preferences to His in heaven will. Jesus dealt with sorrow in the midst of God’s will. Just like Jesus, it is possible for us to be right where God wants us, and still experience struggle, anguish and grief. It doesn’t mean God has abandoned us. But it is when we do what Jesus did. Jesus, dealing with the flesh, went a little farther, fell on His face and prayed to God. He gave God His own preference, and submitted and chose God’s heavenly will. Do you have a “nevertheless” in your life that says, “Not what I want, but what you want God?” Are you praying for the will of God to be done in your life, or are you just praying trying to convince God to do what you want done?


John 8:29, Matthew 26:37–46, Matthew 6:5–13, John 4:34