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We’ve launched our 2023 Spring Semester for Roads Groups, with online sign ups, with Groups still open for anyone still looking to sign up.

We will have new semesters in the Summer (with sign up day of May 21st), and in the Fall (sign up day on August 27th). 

The goal of being a part of Groups isn’t about attending a group – the goal is to become more like Jesus, and in turn help others become more like Jesus – with Jesus!

When you sign up and become part of a Roads Group, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with the leaders and the people in your group, you’ll receive biblical training that helps you become more like Jesus, and you’ll practice operating in the gifts, and praying for one another within your group, as well as discover a place to share what Jesus is doing in your life.

Roads Groups is part of a bigger picture of what we’re calling the Discipleship Road. And the vision of Discipleship Road is “Helping people become more like Jesus so they can help others become more like Jesus.” Discipleship is a continual lifestyle that we commit to when we decide to follow Jesus. It’s what He modeled, and then He asked us to continue to model it. It is a model that the Roads Church is committed to.

If you’re interested in leading a Roads Group, please fill out the form using the “I Want To Lead A Group” button at any time throughout the year.  

We offer two types of groups:


Short-Term Groups – Groups that meet for 6 – 12 weeks and then end

Long-Term Groups – Groups that meet for one year and then end