What will the service be like?


Doors will open at our Norris City Campus at 5:30 pm

Upon arriving, if you are planning to be baptized/immersed, please stop by our registration table in The Cafe for forms and instructions.

The services will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary.

The service will consist of worship, a message and then prayer ministry in the immersion pools.


Why will people be baptized?


After God spoke to Pastor Todd Smith about people being baptized with fire and water, his church has seen thousands baptized and encountering God in powerful ways, including physical healing and freedom.

Although we generally think of water baptism as something we do when we are saved to make a public declaration of our decision, God is using it in a powerful way. So if you’ve been water baptized, or you’ve never been water baptized – THIS IS FOR YOU to encounter MORE OF HIM in your life!


What do I need to know, if I’m going to be baptized?


If you desire Baptism/Prayer with Immersion – register when you arrive for service.


How to Prepare:
  • Please wear to church an outfit in which to be baptized.
  • Please select and wear items that are modest and dark clothing (.e., dark slacks and dark, thick, short-sleeved top)
  • Please avoid white or thin material and thin straps.
  • Please, no dresses.
  • Please, no short shorts or bathing suits.
  • Please bring a towel or two
  • Bring a dry set of clothes to change into following your baptism.
  • Minors must be with a parent or guardian.
  • Infants and toddlers should wear a disposable swim diaper.
  • If you require physical assistance entering the baptismal pool, please talk with one of our Hosts when you arrive to register.
  • If you have incisions or wounds: For the protection of our team and that person, we do not immerse those with open wounds, infections, or recent surgical incisions that are not totally healed.  Persons affected by any of these conditions will receive ministry outside of the pool.


Can children attend?


YES!  At The Roads Church, we believe our children are an integral part of our family and the Church. We welcome children to be a part of the services and to participate in all that is being offered throughout the services.

Please know, that if a minor is being baptized, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If an infant or toddler is being baptized, they must wear a disposable swim diaper. No exceptions.

No childcare is provided during the service.




Pastors Todd and Karen have served as the senior pastors of Christ Fellowship Church for nine years.

Along with serving in pastoring roles for over 25 years, Pastor Todd has preached the Gospel, led crusades, traveled to the missions fields, and participated in pastors conferences in over 25 countries around the world. Additionally, they are hosting the outpouring of revival fire at the North Georgia Revival that began on February 11, 2018.

He has four books available for purchase: 40 Days, Word Power, He Sat Down, and his new book He Sent Him.  Kingdom Ready’s first E-Course on the Book of Philippians, taught by Pastor Karen is available as well! Pastor Karen Smith is the President of KINEO Ministry Training Center, teaching and developing a deeper understanding of the Word of God and preparing students to do what God has gifted them to do.

God has been meeting His people in the waters of the baptism, resulting in spectacular miracles, divine healings, restoration, and salvations. Much of the teaching from these materials played a vital role in the preparation of the leaders in this outpouring. The information and impartation found in Pastor Todd’s books, coupled with prayer, laid the foundation that carries the revival today!

​Pastor Todd earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama along with a M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a D. Min. from Faith Theological Seminary.

​Pastor Todd and Karen are currently traveling all over the nation and the world and spreading revival fire wherever they minister.​


Why is he coming to The Roads?


The Roads Church has invited Pastor Todd Smith during a time that Pastors Chad and Dawn Everett, and the leadership has been believing for more of God’s presence. The Roads entered into a 36 days of prayer back on May 4th, and with the leadership of Brenda Roberts facilitating the Norris City Campus prayer in the Sanctuary Mondays through Saturdays, and Pastor Kevin Gammon facilitating at the Mt Carmel Campus Wednesdays to Saturdays, believing that “prayer is a deposit.” The Roads Church’s number one core value is HIS PRESENCE IS EVERYTHING! It’s what we’re going after, and believing that God’s presence changes lives forever. We are continuing to pray daily at our campuses, seeking Jesus for our families, our church, our communities and beyond, and asking for His glory and presence to abide in our lives and our services.

We are making deposits in prayer daily, so that people can come in and make withdrawals that change their lives because of the presence of God. We believe that being with Him and in His presence is the highest goal and priority for our church, and everything else we are wanting to see and experience is a result of seeking the first great commandment – To love the LORD with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Daily Prayer Campus Schedule

We believe that being with Him and in His presence is the highest goal and priority for our church, and everything else we are wanting to see and experience is a result of seeking the first great commandment – To love the LORD with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.

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How can I learn more about Pastor Todd Smith and the North Georgia Revival?