Today at The Roads Church Mt Carmel, I’m going to talk about something it’s called kingdom culture. I don’t know if it’s going to be a series or not. You’ll recently rate lately. I really don’t know what I’m going to talk about from time to time. So we’re going to start with this one and, uh, we’ll see where it goes. See where it goes. So at the roads, we can get excited about the Bible because we believe the Bible is the truth. And you’re going to hear about that in today’s message. So if you’ve got your Bibles, come on, erodes family, online, Mount Carmel, North city. Let’s get together. Let’s get excited. As we open our Bibles to Matthew chapter 13,

Matthew 13, are you ready?

Bring your Bible to church. Well, I’ve got my Bible on my phone. That’s cool. Just don’t check anything else while you’re reading your Bible on your phone, sermon notes are available on the wall in your worship guide or on the YouVersion Bible app. And we’re going to be breaking down a few things here. Matthew chapter three, map Matthew chapter 13. This is a train wreck. Can we start over? Could we do the roads news again? I’ll come out. My microphone was unplugged and, but in this chapter, Matthew 13, Jesus invites us to an awareness of his kingdom. And this is what I feel like God wants to do is talk about his kingdom and not just talk about church or religion. And I want to invite you into a journey as we’re all looking into what it means to walk in the kingdom and not just church or religion.

If we want just in church or religion, we get a little weird as human beings. Let me give you an example of weirdness. Here’s what we do. A man was stranded on a deserted Pacific Island for years. Finally, one day a boat comes sailing into view and the man frantically waves and draws the Skipper’s attention. And the boat comes near the Island and the sailor gets out and greets the strand. And man, and after a while, the sailor asks, what are those three huts you have here? Well, that’s my house there? Well, what’s the next tuck asked the sailor. Well, I built that hut to be my church. What about the other hut? It was all, I’d rather not talk about that. That’s where I used to go to church.

Think about it

On his own dessert. This is what we knew is how weird we can be. That we can have a church split when we’re the only ones there.

So we want to make it not just about church, which is what we do here at The Roads Church Mt Carmel, but about a relationship with Jesus and about his kingdom, about building his culture. If I define the word culture in Webster, it says this, the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize as a society and institutional organization, the kingdom culture versus the culture of society and what I’ve seen a little bit again over this last year. And it’s, it’s more prevalent than ever. Social media has put this on red alert that the, of the culture of society is causing some in even the church world. I understand the world’s going to think like the world that’s going to happen. Jesus said that there’s going to be my kingdom and there’s going to be the world two different things. So I’m not concerned about that. That’s just a natural progression. What my concern is is when Christians or the church start backpedaling and getting intimidated by the culture of society so much that they don’t know what to speak about anymore. And they’re backing off their values and taking stands. They’re like, well, maybe not because they’re intimidated by the mob of social media because they don’t want to say anything. They’ll get blasted. Cause if you say just the wrong thing on social media, bam, you get attacked. And what’s happening is the church itself is forgetting that we have been given the culture of the kingdom and the word of God. And we have the right culture, the culture of love of forgiveness, of sincerity, of joy, peace. This is the fruit of God’s kingdom.

So we just cannot back off of that and let the world intimidate us and think that, well, we don’t know what we’re talking about anymore. We don’t know outside of what God has told us, but we have access to the right culture. So how do we build the right culture? It’s we’ll talk about today. So if you’ve got your Bibles, Matthew chapter 13, let’s start reading there. Verse one says on the same day, Jesus went out of the house and set by the sea out of the house and went to the beach. It’s a pretty good gig set by the sea and great multitudes were gathered together to him. He like, he was able to gather a crowd, great multitudes, picture this in your mind. Get in the story with me. Bunch of people gathered together to him so that he got into a boat and set.

So he’s on the beach, had his towel, maybe a chair. He gets up out of that and gets through into a boat, gets in a boat and set. And the whole multitude stood on the shore. So there’s the multitude standing on the beach, on the shoreline. He gets into a boat and push us out of a little bit from the shore. Now, why did he do that? He didn’t do it because he was getting crowded. He did it for amplification purposes because there were no microphones back then he had no way of amplify amplifying his voice, but because he was the creator of the world, he understood the principle of sound waves and how water will amplify sound waves back to the crowd he’s genius. So then verse three, that he spoke many things to them in parables saying parables. He started out in parables and analogy and illustration, behold, a sower went out to sow and as he sowed some seed fell by the wayside and the birds came into Bauer them, some fell on Stony places where they not have much earth.

And they immediately spring up because they had no depth of earth. But when the sun was up, they were scorched. And because they had no root, they withered away and some fell among thorns and the thorns spring up and choked him. But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop, some a hundred fold, some 60, some 30. He who has ears to hear, let him hear now, what does that statement mean? Is Jesus talking about people in the crowd who had ears versus people who didn’t have ears? Were there people in the crowd who were ear less, nobody’s talking about this, not everyone is going to pay attention to what he’s saying. Just like, as I’m talking, I understand this. After years of preaching, I realized that not everybody’s listening, everybody’s hearing their lists there. They’re hearing, but not everybody’s going to pay attention.

Some are thinking about what’s going to happen afterwards. How quick is it getting over? Thinking about lunch, thinking about what they’re going to watch on TV afterwards, all kinds of things are happening. But Jesus was saying to this multitude of crowd, he who has an ear to hear, let him hear. In other words, if you want to hear what I have to say perk up, because I’m getting ready to say something that will help your life. If you don’t have an ear to hear that’s on you, I’m going to say it to whosoever and it’s on your job to hear it. Now talking, just hear is in the noise, but to listen. So that’s what he’s talking about. Look at verse 10 and the disciples followers of Jesus came and said to him, why do you speak to them? Non disciples in parables. He answered and said to them, because it has been given to you disciples, followers of Jesus believers, to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

But to them, it has not been given for whoever has to him more will be given and he will have abundance, but whoever does not have, even what he has, will be taken away from him. Let me just pray over the word father. I thank you for the word. And I thank you, Lord, that your word is spirit and it is life. So Holy spirit comments speak life to us. Only your words are going to make the difference in our life. And we’re here for you. We’re here to hear from you. So thank you, Jesus. We just bind any attack of the enemy is strategy of the enemy. And we release your words to speak into our hearts and change us right now in Jesus name. Everybody say amen. So now we’re talking about building the kingdom, a culture of the kingdom. Look in verse 11, he’s talking about this parable.

He just told them this parable of the sower sowing seed by the wayside on Stony places in thorny ground and in good ground. And then he comes to them and you know, the disciples are asking him, what’s this all about Jesus? Why are you talking in parables? Why don’t you just talk plain English? And he said, it has been given you to know, been given to you, to know, been given to you that word there in the Greek means to give you the opportunity or the chance to grant someone, the opportunity for something. Just because you’ve been given the opportunity for something, how many knows that doesn’t mean you’re going to take advantage of that opportunity. I can be given an opportunity to experience something, but if I say no, thank you. I don’t get the experience. But he said, it’s been given to you or you have the opportunity.

The opportunity has been open to you as believers to know that we’re no means it’s the word. Good? No. Which means progression in knowledge or progress over time. Getting to know it’s like, if you would say, Hey, we’re just getting to know one another. That’s we’re in the process of knowing, but I don’t know you fully, right? Oil, Greek word, a different one means fullness of knowledge. So this is the Greek word. Ginosko on purpose because God says I’m offering you an invitation to progressively learn and get to know what the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. What are the mysteries was the word mystery. The word mystery here means that, which has not been known before, but which has been revealed to an in-group or restricted constituency. So what Jesus is saying to the disciples or followers of Jesus, once we get born again, it’s not that God is restricting things.

I don’t want to tell them. He’s just saying like, let me say it to you this way. When John, uh, in the book of John Nicodemus and Jesus are talking and Jesus says to Nicodemus, unless one is born again, they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. We think that means unless I am born again, I can’t go to heaven partly right. Not fully. Right. Jesus was saying is unless you’re born again, you cannot. Cause he follows up the next day when he says to Nicodemus, unless one is born again, he cannot see or experience. So now God’s telling us, unless we get born again, I am not going to understand the things of God. I’m not going to be able to see them because the Holy spirit comes into our dead spirit and makes it a lot Titus chapter three. So until I’m born again, I am, my spirit is dead to the things of God.

I can’t figure them out. Only the Holy spirit enlightened me by the grace. So God can I call it because to see things, does that make sense? So he’s saying here, it’s been given to you to know or get to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. So the revealed only to the people that are part of the kingdom of heaven or in this in-group. So what does it mean kingdom of heaven? Usually when you say kingdom of heaven, most of the time we immediately think about the location, heaven like kingdom of heaven, like their like geographic location. And that’s not what he’s talking about in the context of this kingdom of heaven, the word kingdom does mean an area ruled by a King. That’s true. So where does he rule in heaven and on earth under the earth? He rules everywhere, right? So the kingdom does mean a location, but it’s the Greek word, but Celia. And when I looked up the root of that word, I got something interesting that I think God wanted to bring out the root is the word basies, which means to walk the foot or the bottom of something. It’s where we get our English word basis.

So kingdom of heaven, the basis of heaven means this, the principle component or foundational elements of something. So when Jesus said this, he said, it’s been given to you to know, to get to know, to learn, to know over a process, the mysteries or the hidden things of the foundational principle component elements of how heaven operates. So in other words, in modern day language, Jesus said, you’ve been given the opportunity to acquire understanding in your comprehension of the foundational principles, principles that heaven is established on. In other words, how heaven operates the basis. So when you see the kingdom of heaven, you need to see the basic principles of heaven, not just the place, not just the location. So he’s telling you, it’s been given to you to know when Jesus came in Mark and Matthew four 17 says from that time, Jesus began to preach and to say, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, remember Jesus showed up. He said, all right, Hey, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. What did he mean? The kingdom of heaven, the foundational principle component, beliefs and system of heaven is now on the earth. In me.

Jesus came to give us an example on earth of how it is in heaven. When Jesus walked around and talked and acted and how he behaved, how he fought, he was showing us, this is the foundational principles of heaven in the flesh.

Now he wasn’t

Doing that so that we could see what we couldn’t do because we aren’t Jesus. He was doing that to show us what we can do because of Jesus. He says, the kingdom of heaven is here. You can find out more at The Roads Church Mt Carmel.


In order to experience the kingdom of heaven, what happened? What had to happen? What did he say first? What was the first words he said? He said, repent, repent for the kingdom of heaven is here. The system, the foundational principle of heaven has come to the earth. Repent. When we hear the word repent, we just think I’m supposed to say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Forgive me for, I need to repent. So these are partly right. Sorry. If I spit on the first two rows there, see annoying. Partly right. But the word repent is a Greek word met Tenao which I given your notes. There are means to think differently, to reconsider, to change one’s way of life as the result of a complete change of thought and attitude with regard to sin and righteousness. So repent happens. Do I change behaviors? Yes. I change behaviors because I changed the way I think.

And because I changed the way, I think that’s going to change the way I behave. Learn how to make life changing decisions at The Roads Church Mt Carmel So he’s saying if you’re going to experience and walk in the foundational principles of heaven, you’re going to have to change the way you think, because you’ve been programmed to think like EarthLinks and I want you to begin to think, like we think in heaven, we don’t think like you, people, we think differently, our thoughts are higher than your thoughts, but he wasn’t saying that to exclude us. He was saying that as an invitation to include us, got to change our thoughts, look what he said, how do we know that he’s inviting us into this? He was wanting to change the culture of earth. How did he want to change the culture of earth? He wanted to change the culture of earth by asking us to change our thinking, to think like Kevin. And if we would think like Kevin, that now we could get heaven acting on earth.

How do we know? That’s true? When the disciples asked Jesus, Jesus teach us how to pray, teach us how to pray. What did he give him? Luke chapter 11. They said, Jesus, could you teach us how to pray? John taught his disciples. Could you teach us verse two? He said to them, all right, when you pray do this, our father in heaven, hallowed, or Holy be your name, your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is inhibited. Now remember before football games and for basketball games and you know, we’d pray this, all right, everybody take a knee. We’re going to pray our father, our father in heaven, hallowed, be thy name kingdom, come your will be done. For instance, you know, we run through it big it’s nice prayer. But did I understand what I was saying? No. I was just saying the, our father prayer,

My father in heaven, hallowed, be thy name, thy kingdom, come with me.

What was Jesus teaching them? What did he say? Pray this way. Our father who art in heaven. Holy is your name, your foundational and concepts. Your kingdom Cecilia. The basis. The basis heaven is based on your kingdom. He said, pray this way, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth. As it is in heaven. He was teaching us to pray the kingdom mentality into the earth. So now how does this parable fit into that? Let’s go look at verse three. So he spoke this parable and then he spoke many things to them in parables saying behold, a sower went out to sow. So here’s what you understand. This parable is about the foundational principles of heaven. Are you tracking? So the principles of this parable are explaining how heaven works, the system of heaven. All right, keep that in mind. So he tells him this parable, behold, how do I know that?

Because he said, it’s given to, you know, the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. And this parable is part of that. Behold, the sower went out to sow and as he sowed some seed fell by the wayside and the birds came and devour them. This is the only one. And we’ll talk about the other one. We’ll get to maybe next week behold, a sower went out to sow a sower, went out. So now what is sewing me the word. So there means to place or scatter seeds in the ground for future growth to place or scatter seeds in the ground for what kind of growth I want to make sure you get this. This is important when it says the soar went out to so it’s to place or scatter seed in the ground for what kind of growth is future present tense is future past tense.

Can you? And this is in the natural. Don’t get spiritual on me. Can you see the future? No, that’s not a trick question. Yes I can. I see with my faith. I understand. I’m just talking about, I understand that. I didn’t want to set you up for failure with that question. So we’re talking about sowing is about what kind of growth. So I, so now for what I will see, we understand this and farming. What are we doing right now? We are sowing some seed. Are we driving combines on the roads right now? Why not? We sowed seed. I sowed seed this week, planted 5,000 acres. Get the combine out there. We’re not doing that. Why are we not doing that? Because we understand the principle of sowing in the blind and reaping with our eyes too many times in our life. We don’t want to. So for future growth, we want to. So for now, growth, I want to change my ways right now. And I want to receive results immediately. I’m going to sow a different attitude with my spouse and they better change by tonight.

I’ve changed the way I’ve treated her all day and she’s not changed a bit. We so now for now growth, but that’s not the kingdom. What we’re experiencing now is resolved of what we sowed before. So if we want to change something in our life, we have to. So now for what we want to see later, but we’re impatient. I’m impatient. I’m like, okay, well, I’ll start that new habits. And I want to see the results of it by tomorrow. Or you will start that new financial habit. I’m going to start tithing. Okay? I have, I will start typing this week. And this week, this next week, I had all kinds of financial problems. I knew that typing thing wouldn’t work.

We so now for what kind of girl, you will change your life. Start sewing now for something you want to see later. But what we do so many times we’re see something we don’t want. It’s the result of what we’ve sold before. And we start talking about what we’re seeing and what we do. We keep sowing into what we’re seeing and wondering why our future growth is the same as our current growth. So if I want something different, I’ve got to look at what I see and say, I’m going to sow something differently into my future. Now, what do we, so what do we, so look at verse 19 verse 19, when anyone hears the word of the kingdom soda, what do we, so he’s explaining the parable in verse 19, he says in verse four, he said he sowed some seed fell on the wayside.

What seed? What is he talking about? When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, what are we here? What are we here? We’re not talking about noises. We’re talking about words. So what do we sow into our future? We sow the word of God. The word of the kingdom word of which kingdom, his kingdom, not the words of your friend’s kingdom, not the words of social media, kingdom, not the words of somebody else’s opinion, kingdom, the words of his kingdom. If I want to see something different in my attitudes, I’ve got to start sowing the word of the kingdom, about what I want to produce in my attitudes, the word of the game. We cannot hear success. One Oh one in Christianity. We can, we are not to. So pray declare our, once we are to sow and declare the word of the kingdom. This is seed. It’s either going to settle myself at home on coffee table, in my nightstand and sat there all week long. What? I’m praying, God, when are you going to change this? What are you going to change this? And God says, when are you going to, so God, I’ve been waiting for you to change this situation. My life, how come you’re not doing anything he says, because you’re not sewing anything.

But see problem is we’ve got to get a kingdom culture. This is a kingdom culture. That kingdom culture is based on sewing, but in the worldly culture, it’s based on entitlement, not here at The Roads Church Mt Carmel

In a worldly culture. It’s based on I needed. So you give me, so we think that’s the way God works. Will I need it? So he’s going to give it for me because I needed. He’ll do it for me. I don’t even have to ask your Bible says, God, that you know what I have Nita before I even asked for it. Just because he knows doesn’t mean we don’t need to sell. Is this encouraging anybody? I want to get into people in my heart to remind me that the principle of the kingdom is if I want to change my culture, I gotta change my seat. And the seed is the word of God. I have to take the scripture. So you’re okay. Chad practical terms, how do you do that? Okay. I’ve got to do this and just like 60 seconds practical terms. How do I spell the word? That’s like a nice churchy thing. Just so the word people out there.

Amen. Brother.

What does that mean? That means what does that mean? Uh, this is randomly picked something. Yeah. Okay. I’ll do that. Let’s go here. This is totally off script. So bear with me. There’s no notes for that. That won’t be a slide for that. That’s why you bring your bottle.

Philippians chapter four, verse six says be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Anybody ever felt stressed out. You’ve ever felt anxious. You’ve ever felt nervous about something. Here’s how you associate. You get Philippians four, six, and seven and you start sowing. How do I? So I’d begin to declare it over my life. So I start saying things like this, Lord, I thank you that I am anxious for nothing, but in everything I choose to pray. And with Thanksgiving in my heart, I will declare to you. I will let all my requests be made known to you. And now Lord, I thank you that the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard my heart and my mind through Christ Jesus.

That’s one time okay.

To so you need to do it over and over and over. That’s just one example. Take it for, for healing. Take it for whatever you need. Take it for any, you find a scripture and you sow seed. I know. So my wants God, give me peace. Give me peace. Give me peace. Find some seed on peace. And so it and that. So that seed of peace will produce a harvest in my life. I’m sewing for future growth. I saw that scripture today, tomorrow, I’m still stressed out. Do I quit or give up? No, I keep sowing because I’m sowing for future growth. I’m not sewing for now growth. I’m sewing with a purpose for the future. Sure. All right. Now I’ve got to go back to the message. So now where’s this thing sewn. Where do we sew it? We sew it into our hearts.

Look in verse 19. It’s sewn in his hearts. That’s the soil. The soil is our hearts. Whether it’s a wayside, ground, Stony ground thorn ground or good ground is talking about our hearts. We get to put into our hearts. How do I, how do I get it into my heart? I’ve got to make sure I develop it. Look what it says, what happens? Let me, let me jump to something. Uh, no, no, no. Let me stay with this. Okay. I’m just, I’m looking where I need to go. And I’m just looking at time. So I want to make sure and get this across to you. Look at verse 19 houses. This when anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, underline, that does not understand it. Then when, when we don’t understand it, then the wicked one. Who’s the, who’s the wicked one. That’s not your neighbor. It’s not the person who sat beside you. The wicked one is the devil. The wicked one comes. And what does he do? He snatches away that, which is sown in his heart.

When does the wicked, when come and snatch away the word of the King, the sewn in my heart. When I do not, what I do not do not understand it. I, what does that mean? Understand that word understand means to put together in the mind to comprehend. So this is about taking the word of the kingdom and taking it from information to revelation where it goes from something I heard to something that’s alive in me. When it goes from, I’m just trying to give you ways to break this down. When it goes from something Chad said to something, you believe something that becomes yours. Something that when you tell someone you’re no longer saying, Hey, I heard Chad say somebody. You’re saying the word of the Lord says this that’s word of the kingdom for you. That’s when you can say, God told me when God showed me this, when you’re in the emotion and you say, Oh, bam, God just showed me. I don’t have to be anxious anymore, but the peace of God can pass all my understanding. He showed me that it comes alive in me. And so now when anxious thoughts come, I’m like, no, no, not today. Not today. I got understanding that the word of God brings peace into my heart. I don’t care what those kids are like at school. I don’t care what those coworkers like the peace of God can rule my heart and my mind.

Some alive on the inside of you from information to revelation, how does it get there? It only gets there when we meditate it, let me give you this lost art in Christianity, in our newsfeed world, we’ve forgotten the power of meditation. I’m not talking about sitting around going. I’m not talking about that. The worst, the word meditate in the Hebrew

Means this

To ponder or give serious thought and consideration to selected information with a possible implication of speaking in low tones, reviewing the material. So literally it means to speak

Out loud, over

And over and over. Let me give you two scriptures for this. You can look at study more later after the sermon here at The Roads Church Mt Carmel is over, read Joshua one eight. This book of the law, the word of God shall not depart from your it’s on the screen. The book of law shall not depart from your mouth. Does that mean you’re eating it? No. When it means it’s not depart from your mouth, what does that mean? It’s coming out of your mouth. You’re speaking the word of the Lord. The book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but goes on to say, but you shall meditate in it day or night. Meditate in it, meditate in there night that you may observe to do all of a sudden. What does it mean to meditate? The word that means that I’m going to speak. Be anxious for nothing. Every time anxious, thoughts come be anxious for nothing.

I’m saying it. I’m not just thinking it. You can’t defeat bad thoughts with good thoughts. Come on. I’m a help. Somebody with some basic one-on-one, uh, Christianity. You will never defeat bad thoughts with good thoughts. You will defeat bad thoughts with good words. When you speak good words, your brain has to stop to pay attention to what’s coming out of your mouth. I love this illustration, but we don’t have time to do it. We’ll do it anyway. All right, here’s one. I’m going to count down from 10 and move with 10, nine, eight, seven, six five four three two one. I want you to, I want you to be thinking it in your mind. 10, nine, eight. You don’t say it, but you know, I will say go and you start counting down. When I say now, I just want you to say your name, not the words, your name, like your name, like Chad. Okay. Except your name. Anyway, when I say, go ready, set, go.

Now I had about 10% participation in that room. Illustration that’s pitiful, Mount Carmel. I hope you were a lot better than that. You were with family. What happened when I said now what happened to the counting? It stopped. Why did it stop? Because your brain had to stop and pay attention to what was coming out of your mouth. Same thing. When I have fear thoughts, when I have negative thoughts, when I start speaking the word of God, those thoughts that come from the enemy have to stop and listen to what comes out of my mouth. And when he’s trying to intimidate me, trying to get me in fear, I say, wait a minute, I got some descent. And when I start speaking the word of God, he has to shut up and listen to me. Those thoughts have to shut up and listen to the word of God coming out of your mouth. God’s given you a voice to use it to sow seed and just bombarded with thoughts. I know, man, this past year has been the worst ever for me being bombarded with thoughts. So what do I need to do? I need to amp up my sewing game to another level. We don’t just sit there and take it.

We got to give it baby. We’re just taking it. We got something to offer. So this is what he’s telling us because when we don’t do that, that the enemy will come and snatch it out of our hearts. Let me give these last thoughts. This is the ending or close process for culture development. If you want to change your culture right now, I’m going to break it down into these steps. This is not to the gate, negate the power of God that can take these steps and do it instantly. But here’s a process. Number one, if you want to change the culture of your life. Number one, got to understand this thoughts, develop into ideas, ideas, create concepts. When I say concepts, I’m talking about an accepted truth, becomes a truth to you. Concepts form into beliefs, beliefs influence our behavior. Behavior produces habits and habits determine culture.

If you want to change your culture, what’s your experiencing. What’s your living in what’s. Your life is like our problem is we think if I want to change my culture, just change my habits. And the problem is it’s because our habits are built on behaviors, which were built on beliefs, which were built on concepts, which were built on ideas, which were built on thoughts. So if I want to change my culture, I can’t just try and change my habits, or I will quit by this afternoon. You ever said I’m going to change my ways and you try and just change your habits. And the next morning you’re off the wagon, the wagon, whichever it is. I can’t remember which one you want. Oh, no, you’ve dropped it. What do we need to do? If we want to change our culture, I have to go all the way back to the beginning and change my thoughts. Second Corinthians 10, five, taking every thought captive into the obedience of Christ Jesus. And if I take my thoughts captive, I’ll get some new ideas. And those new ideas will create a new accepted truth in my heart. And that truth, if I’ll stick with that, except the truth. Now that begins to create a concept. And that concept forms a belief in my life. And that belief influences my behavior. And that behavior leads to new habits and new habits create a new culture.

So if we want to operate in the kingdom culture, we got to start sewing some seed into our thoughts. What’s something different at home with your spouse. It’s not going to happen by new habits. I’ve tried it. It’s only going to happen. When I changed my thoughts, get some different ideas, embrace a new concept, a new accepted truth. Because the truth that I accepted before had led me to this result. And I don’t want that result anymore. I don’t want that. So I want something different. So I got a so new seed for a new future growth. This is the kingdom. This is how the kingdom of heaven works. We want it instant. We want a microwave. We want, I want it. Give it to me. Pull up in a drive through world. Please give me some joy and peace. Thank you. I wish it worked like that. Wish it did.

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