Thank you for being here this Morning at The Roads Church. Good morning. Good morning. What’s up everybody. Good to Sam. Welcome to the road. Search. What’s up. Erodes family. Glad to have you with us today. The reason I’m starting off the service. So you’re like, Hey, it’s a little early. I usually get to slip in with the lights off. Nobody’s calling you out. Just feel free to come in as you, uh, find a spot. But today is a special day for us here at the road’s church. It’s baby dedication Sunday.

So yeah,

So it’s going to be a little different today. Just due to 2020, we missed a lot of baby dedication days for obvious reasons. Good to see you, Daniel. I’m just, Hey, now that I’m up here, I’m just going to shout out names, say it’s good to see everyone else.

We’re going to do a bunch of one time. And uh, so I’m going to call them up four at a time, and we’re going to pray for these wonderful babies, these amazing parents, again, for us, just to remind her baby dedication is not about the salvation of the child. Theologically. We don’t believe that you can do that at an infant’s age. This is about as a parent, us saying, we are dedicating our child to the service of God. And we are committing as parents to raise them up in the way that they should go so that when they’re old, they will not depart from it. So really it’s a parent commitment service. We call it a baby dedication, but you could call it either one or a number of other terms of you just want to come up with some, but let’s just stick with what we got. All right. I’m going to come down cause you want to see the babies and not me. All right. So I’m going to jump down here first. We’re going to bring up the vein and Kristen Prince with baby Quinn. Blair, come on again. Next. We have Jessica Holoman and her baby fit in

Courtney and Tim would with Jude. Michael, could you stand it any longer? And he just went out. Love it, Sarah and Aaron Rayburn and little Austin, Ray, Scott,

Look at that.

So I’m going to speak to the parents that haven’t come up yet as well as to them The Roads Church. And then when you come up, we’ll just pray for all of them. We’ll read a scripture out of Deuteronomy. And like I said, parents, this is really to you for your commitment to God, because this little child who’s going to watch you. It’s going to watch you, dad. What’s you mom, what’s your life. What you show, what you live out is going to be a lot more powerful than what you say out of your mouth. You say, well, I’m just going to send them to church that will not make the difference in their life. It will make a difference in what you live out in front of them. Here’s what God says. Hear O Israel, the Lord, our God, the Lord is one. You parents shall love the Lord, your God, with all of your heart, with all of your soul and with all of your strength and these words, which I command you shall today.

Be in your heart and you shall teach them diligently. You shall teach them diligently to your children shall talk of them. When you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up, you shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and your Gates. This is your commitment. What you’re going to do to raise your kid up. Now, we’re going to pray. I’m going to jump up here and pray for each one of these kids. If you guys want to come into agreement with us as we just bless them, father, we just thank you in the name of Jesus for Quint thank you for life and what you have in store for her. We just bless her.

We thank you for these parents. Thank you, Lord, that you give them wisdom and direction and the name of Jesus guide them. Lord, in every decision that is unique to her in the name of Jesus. What I praise you for Phineas? I bless Finian. Thank you Jesus. For the purposes that you have for him in Jesus name, he will follow you all the days of his life, or we thank you. Thank you for Jessica. And we’ll give her direction, wisdom and strength as she raises him up and the way she’d go, Louise, thank you for June. Thank you for June. We don’t want to wake Jude, but we blessed. We thank you, Lord. I just praise you for these parents who I thank you for coordinated Tim, that they will be a reflection of you for you to follow God, let your heart be on them as they show him the way. Thank you Jesus. In order to give you praise for Austin. Thank you that Austin will love you. Thank you, Lord. This hardest bit towards you in the name of Jesus. I thank you that Sarah and Aaron will be a reflection of you as well. God, I praise pray for the rest of his parents to do everything that you’ve called them to do to show him the way to you. We bless them in Jesus’ name. Stop eating my fingers.

It’s CSUs day. Amen. He wants to eat my hand guys, if you want to step out this way, come on, give them a hand.

23rd to come on. Oh, sorry. Next one. Stay focused. This is McKayla and Justin younger with case Andrew. Come on

Then we’ve got Amber and Erin Brady with Elliot. Keith Jason.

We got Laura. Josh would

With Lyla June. Oh yeah. Yeah. All right, parents. Same thing. Hi, what’s up. Thank you. In the name of Jesus for your call and your purpose. What his life was that he would follow you all the days of his life was blessed case it today. Thank you, Lord. Let’s pray for McKayla. Thank you for justice for that. Their hearts will be bent towards you as well. Thank you, Lord. Thank you Lord. And we’ll follow the dream of heaven for his life in the name of Jesus. Jesus. Thank you, Lord. That is praise glory right now. Thank you for thank you, Jesus. Let’s pray for Amber and Heron. Even give them direction. Wisdom as parents on what to do. Thank you for Elliott is pray. Peace over Ellie in the name of Jesus, the destiny of heaven. Life. Clear that in Jesus’ name. Yeah. Well that thing right off, I don’t like him either.

Thanks for Laila and her headband in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. It was pretty sure of what you’re going to do in Laila’s life. Thank you, Lord. Bless all of your anointing. More of your presence, Lord. I pray that he Ms. Laura and Josh showed her the way to go, but your piece will guide her guide them. Thank you, Lord. That she will not be satisfied today in her life unless she is serving you in Jesus name. Amen. Come on. You can give guys a hand raise for girls. They’d like those headbands either. So let’s get ready to worship the Lord this morning. You glad to be in church. Are you glad to be in charge?

[inaudible] [inaudible] get up. Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up out of that grade. Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up out of that grade. [inaudible] feed on solid ground. I think the master, I think the same forever. The same thing to say nothing. [inaudible]

How many of you guys are thankful today that we are no longer slaves, but we’re free, right? Father. I thank you that this place, everyone joining us online right now, everyone in the room right now that we would experience today, that wonderful exchange that happens then in the middle of junk, you make it good. Even when we can’t see it yet. And we don’t know how, and it’s overwhelming. God, I thank you that you are good and you’re faithful and you’re kind, and that you don’t waste our pain. Even in moments of tragedy and moments of heartache and breaking, You will redeem. You will restore. You will renew every time, every single time. So as we sing this out, let’s just Anthem it, right? Let’s just declare who he is. God, we thank you. We thank you. We think

You’re so good. what? Come on, sing it from your voice and your place in your season, in your circumstance. Come on. [inaudible] the God who does the impossible, the God who does the impossible. Come on. Think about that. He’s the God who does the impossible.

The only one who can do it. Father. You’re the only one that can change our heart. The only one who can save us from ourselves. We’re so thankful for you this morning. God, we just choose you in this place. You’re all we want.

Come Holy spirit.

Holy spirit into this place this morning at The Roads Church. You’re all we want. Jesus. You’re all we want.

Thank you.

You. Don’t just one. And when I’ve just gone through the motions, we’re not just sing another song. Take me back to [inaudible]. Come on, just open your heart this morning. [inaudible] come on, lift up your hands this morning and sing this. I just want you nothing. Nothing else? Nothing. Nothing, nothing. [inaudible] [inaudible] nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. [inaudible]

Nothing. No nothing, no, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. All we need. We need him

This morning. We have opportunity. Receive a word. And it’s important for me to preface this for some of you that may not be as familiar with this in your Bible. In first Corinthians chapter 12, it talks about nine gifts of the spirit. Paul was writing to a church saying, Hey, these are gifts that are given to the church for the church to Edify and build up the church. And all these gifts are supposed to be an operation. They didn’t pass away with the disciples. There’s no place in the Bible where it says they fell off or died away because those people in Corinthians were long after the disciples still operating. So this morning, Jerry feels like he’s got a word that he’s going to give. And one of the gifts is message in tongues. And in the church, Paul talks about if we’re going to speak in tongues to the body that needs to be interpreted.

And then Lewis is going to come up afterwards and interpret that. So you get to see where the erodes family right here in the congregation overflow room, you get to see first Corinthians chapter 12, played out where a person gives a message in tongues of word from God. And then the interpretation will come after the interpretation is for our understanding. And this is a sign that the Bible talks about. Go home and read that it’s very basic. It’s very normal in scripture. The church has made it abnormal, but in the Bible, it’s very normal. So we’re going to let Jerry give what the Lord has given him than Lewis is going to interpret it. Jerry, come hit.

[inaudible] cool. [inaudible] kiss. This is good. I promise we spread. This loves the tickle me inside. Hallelujah. I’m pouring out a spirit of compassion says, Lord, I’m telling you what you’re feeling in your heart right now is a spirit of compassion for us. See where your red till I see the pain. Hey man, I see the struggle. Sisal Lord, but I’m pouring out a spirit upon you. As you’ve risen to the moment you said to yourself, I must go to the house of the Lord and you’ve entered this place. Hallelujah. And what’s your feeling is the power of the Holy spirit desire to pour out upon you a blessing you cannot contain. And I said, if you will rise to the moment, if you will say in your heart, yes, today I turn and I’m going to follow Jesus for us say to you that times, like you’ve never seen our entering the United States of America in the world, but I say to you stand up and I will empower you. Come up on me near to you. Call upon me, sayeth the Lord and I will fill you for yes. Uh, my power is greater in your weakness, sales God in your weakness. Remember this in your weakness. I have a store and today I’m pouring out my spirit in this place, in the spirit of compassion. Come to me, come to me. Oh, you are heavy-laden Oh, you say it. The Lord that are burdened and take my yoke upon you. Pride going to bring rest to your soul,

Says the spirit of the Lord, come on, just receive. There’s a reason God gave those gifts to the body. Now let’s respond to it. It’s not just a show or something to be hold it’s something to experience. It’s a person giving a message to you. That person is the Holy spirit. He’s speaking to you for a greater reason. Just the fact that you can see something he’s wanting to pour that compassion into your heart. He’s wanting to fill you with those words. He’s wanting to fill you with his presence. Solo. We just received that. Now in the name of Jesus, receive the spirit of compassion. When we received that fire burning into our hearts in Jesus’ name, we pray for more, more of your presence, more of your compassion for the world. What would you have for this world? God, we pray that we will be a small part of it. God burn a flame inside of us. Lord Jesus, pour into us. The heart of heaven for humanity.

The heart of heaven for humanity, God, the heart of the father for the laws, the heart of the father for the world, God pour into our heart. What you have in this time.

And then this season, will we give you praise? Thank you for speaking to us. Thank you for caring enough about us. To bring us a message where we look to you. You are answer, you are hope, and we put all our faith and trust in you in Jesus wholesome. Amen. Amen. Come on.

Give the Lord a hand this morning. God is worthy of praise. We thank you. Jesus. Come on, look around you this morning, greet at least four or five people around you. Give them a high five and shake. Let them know.

You’re glad to see him. He Rose family. We’re so excited that you joined us today. Hey, we would love to know where you’re watching us from. So if you would in the chat box down below, put in where you’re watching from and we just, we just want to connect with you to our auditorium and overflow guests. Hey, we’re excited that you’re here. Hey, this is given up for our first time guests this month. That’s great. Hey, if you’re watching for the first time online, we would like to hear from you. So if you would type the words, the roads to (618) 243-0900. We just love to hear from you. This is your first time. If you are here in the auditorium or the overflow, Hey, in your worship guy, which you received when or when you came in, there should be a connect card. We would love to have you fill that out.

And at the end of the service, if you take it out to the next steps table, we would like to partner with you and we have a free gift for you, but we just want to share some love with you. That’s all it is. We’re not going to go tracing you down, making you sign documents, you know, taking blood, anything like that. Hey, we just want to connect because there’s so many things that you’ll doing life together with family. And we’re all family here in online, but this is something about doing life together. Hey, Easter is coming up and when you guys came in, you should have been given this little car, this little invite card.

I’m challenging. Think of somebody, pray into a God. Who do you want to see in church next Sunday? Because, and then reach out to them. Give them this card. We’ll give you a little testimony. Sometimes when God lays somebody on your heart to invite, sometimes we get rejected or dejected a few times when we keep asking, we say no, but if God keeps putting that person on your mind, stay persistent with it. Few years ago, I had a friend of mine who I’ve known for a very long time. The guy says, Hey, you need to get him to church. It’s okay. So I kept asking, it’s a dude, come to church. Nah, I’m busy.

Hey dude, come to The Roads Church. I’m busy two years ago on Christmas. I know it’s not Easter, but it’s Christmas, but it’s kinda like everybody goes to church on a holiday. It seems like. So I said, dude, it’s Christmas. My Christmas present to me would be, if you come join me in church. And he said, you know what? I will fast forward a couple months later. Not only does he come to church on a regular basis now he was also baptized. So God can give you a person to make a life changing decision for office, simple little cars. So I challenge you. Find somebody pray into it and buy somebody to church next week.

Hey, if you haven’t noticed, what’s also going on back in the back in our kids’ area, there are some powerful testimonies going on right there. Not only there on Sundays, not only here in North city and Mount Carmel, but also on Wednesday nights and our move, our kids that are in our church and even not going to our church are making powerful testimonies among theirselves. And you, you think that, Hey, they’re just kids. They don’t know what they’re doing. Well last Wednesday night in the move, we had three new lives giving their lives to God. So that tells you what’s going on in our youth ministries. So I reach it. I challenge you. Reach out, find out, invite somebody there too. We’d love to partner with you say, Hey, this is the time in our service where we won’t give with our ties. So if you have your ties, either in your envelope or if you’d give online, there’s three ways to give they’re going to be on the screen behind me, but I’d like you to take those out.

And after the service, there’s black boxes at the end of the auditoriums, if you will put those in, but I just want to hold those up because something about giving God praise to the first gift and the impact that he’s making your ties not only are impacting nor city in our, in our communities here, but your ties or affecting the United States. They’re affecting countries based on what you’re doing right here in North city and Mount Carmel. So Lord, we just thank you for the opportunity to give a first Lord. We just ask that you just, you direct and guide those where you need your works to be done. And we just honor you with those in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. Hey, we’re getting ready to watch the road news. And right after that, pastor, Chad’s going to be out with a very powerful message.

Good morning church, and welcome to the roads. We are excited to be together today to worship and connect with Jesus as one church, with many locations, our Norris city campus, our Mount Carmel campus and our erodes family. As you join us from your homes, through your devices all over our nation, wherever you are, Jesus is amazing. And being in his presence is everything. If you’re joining us at one of our campuses this morning for the first time, take a minute to fill out your connect card found in your worship guide that you received. When you came into service after service, stop by our next steps table on your way out, we would love to get to meet you and give you a welcome gift. And if you’re joining us online today for the first time, we would love to hear from you too. So go ahead and text the word roads to (618) 243-0900.

Are you wondering how you can get to know the roads and get more involved? We’ll growth track is your next step. Our Nora city campus offers growth track on Sundays at 10:30 AM and the growth track room and is a four week. We also offer our fast track growth track in April. That gives you all four classes in one day and it’s available at both our Mount Carmel campus and our North city campus. Please check your worship guide for details and fast track registration information today, more than ever, the world needs to encounter and know the one who is the light of life. Jesus Easter Sunday is the perfect opportunity to extend an invitation to the people we know right in our own communities. Your mission this week take the Easter invitation that you received. When you came in this morning, think of two people you want to invite and go invite those people for our erodes family who live outside of our region.

We encourage you to host a watch party in your home with your friends and family and join us online. As we worship together all over the nation, let’s keep building his kingdom as we invite and reach people and connect them with Jesus, Mark your calendars and plan to gather for prayer and worship to kick off the month of April. Our Eagle prayer meeting is Monday, April 5th, located at our North city campus. And our first Wednesday service is April 7th, held at our North city campus and live-streamed at our Mount Carmel campus. Check out our website calendar or our Facebook advance for more details. There are so many ways for you and your family to connect with Jesus and our family here at the roads with our roads kid services every Sunday at 10 30 at both our Mount Carmel and North city campus, our move youth meeting on Wednesdays, our roads groups meeting in homes and our roads crew serving one another. So make sure to check out the worship guide or our for more information and visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of our services and pastor Chad’s teachings. That’s all for the roads news. We love you. Rhodes family. Welcome home.

All right, great. What’s up everybody. Great to have you in search today. Welcome to all of our you Rhodes family. Good to have you in the building with you and overflow room right here in the auditorium grade. Also big welcome to our erodes groups. Some of these are some of the people that are actually hosting people in their homes in the North woods with constant in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, uh, Foxborough North. Yeah, Foxborough North Carolina, LaSalle, Illinois, just to name a few that have reached out to us. So can we just make an, our favorite, our Mount Carmel Rhodes family. Come on guys. Let’s make them feel welcome. What’s up guys, such a weird dynamic over the years, I learned how to like, Hey, we got more people watching through the camera than our sitting in seats. And that’s the, for someone who’s very people oriented.

That was a weird dynamic me to get used to because I’m like, okay, nobody’s watching, but like people are watching. So, uh, you know, he’s always want to say hi to them and greet them so glad to have you with us this morning. We, uh, want to jump right into the message, but first I want to do the most important thing. I want to pray and just invite Holy spirit to come. Lord. I just thank you for your presence and your word Lord. I pray that you will bring understanding and clarity both in communication and in reception, Lord you’re with everything. Nothing else matters. We need you. So Lord, I pray for the heart of heaven to be communicated today. That will point everyone to you. No matter what road of life they’re on in Jesus name a man, a mat, uh, do want to give a shout out. Uh, it didn’t do that in the first service. And so I’m going to make up for it in the second service cause today this day does celebrate the 23 years ago on this stage on. And I said, I do to each other. So thank you Jesus for that

23 years. Well,

All right. I can’t think about that too much. As a long time ago, 23 years. I remember thinking as a kid that, uh, I remember I had an aunt and uncle to celebrate their 25th anniversary and I thought, man, they’re old. So get somewhere. I’m getting, uh, well, you know, we got married when we were 10 and so we’re really enjoying


Hey, we’re we, uh, I also noticed this, this week we started on October 18th. We started a series of talks called let no one deceive you. That was October 18th. I could not believe it was that long ago. And you know, when you don’t really preach your message for three weeks in a row, then, uh, you know, things kind of fly by, but I wanna, I want to finish it up today. I’m not going to be talking about same topics I have been on. Uh, what I’ve decided to do is save that for like a class or a course type setting where I can go through and talk about, you know, some of the things biblically, uh, revelation and Isaiah got some things about Turkey and stuff that’s happening in the world right now. I’d really like to bring out, but it’s just going to, I think it’s going to be better suited in a classroom type setting, or I say a small group.

I’m going to invite everybody, but we’re just going to do it in a way where we can break on that. So I don’t even want to spend any time on that or focus on it. So today’s Palm Sunday. And so I’ve got a message today that I’m going to speak on it’s in the let no one deceive you series, but a, the little different V vein, the subtitle of it is that no cross, no kingdom, no cross, no kingdom. So here at the road’s church, we believe the Bible is still the truth. And uh, so we get excited whenever we open the, because God wants to speak to us. So if you have your Bibles, come on, he wrote his family, Mount Carmel here in North city. Let’s open them up to Luke chapter 12, Luke chapter 12 men. This is a rowdy church. Yes it is.

We believe you should not be dead in church. The alive fire for God. We’ll talk about that more in just a moment. So the Bible has a lot to say about what’s going on world and we’re going to take a peak at it right now. Let’s uh, Luke chapter 12, verse 49. I got to hammer down here, ready? It says this, this is Jesus talking. It’s in the rip. And we’ll read some scriptures here that may sound a little different. And you’ll be like, is that really in the Bible? It’s really in the Bible. That’s why you should bring your own Bible so that, you know, it’s in the Bible and not just on a screen where someone typed it up and it could be whatever, but read it right out of your own pages. Because some of the things we’re going to read today, you’re going to be like, Oh, for real, for real.

Yeah, this is what Jesus said out of his own mouth. I came to sin, fire on the earth and how I wish it were already kindled. I came to send fire on the earth. That word kindled there means to ignite, to start a fire, to begin to burn. So Jesus saying, I came with an agenda to start a fire. Now, most of the time when people hear fire of God, they get in their mind, this image of angry, God burning up. Everything in judgment, mean God fire judgment, but that’s not what Jesus saying. I came to bring fire. Here’s what it says. How the pans, passion translation. It says I have come to set the earth on fire and how I long for every heart to be already a blaze with this fiery passion for God. That’s what Jesus said. I came to set everyone a blaze with a fiery passion for God. That’s why he’s saying he wants us to live as Christians. We should be burning with a fire. The Bible says his word should be in. It’s like a fire shut up in our bones. The Bible also says that our God is a consuming fire. What does that mean? Fire here is not emotion like hype cause passion and hype lasts about 24 hours.

When’s the last time that you thought that you were on fire for God? It’s a phrase we used to use a lot only if we still use it as much, but how many times? When’s the last time somebody accused you of being on fire for God. Okay. When’s the last time they looked at you and said, man, that dude is on fire for God. What does that mean? Like you’re literally burning. Like your clothes are sending, like you just let the gas on the grill, freed all your eyebrows off. Not that I’ve speaking from experience, but I that’s happened before, but what does that mean on fire for God? Jesus said it’s a fiery passion. So when I speak passion, I want to make sure you don’t confuse that. Don’t get it twisted with excitement.

That kind of excitement will not last. I’ve been in the game long enough to see people that I’ve been in the game long enough to see me. So passionate and fire is not about excited. It’s about a slow enduring burn that stays lit. That’s passion. Passion comes not because I’m hot today. Passion comes when I’m hot, 25 years from now, I’m still burning. I know there’s going to be times where we feel closer and all that, that can happen within an hour, let alone a lifetime. But I don’t to spend a lot of time on that, man. That’s really good, but we’ve got to move on. Let me go. Uh, he said, I come to sin, sin, fire on the earth. Look at verse 50, but okay. I came to light this fiery passion for God. I’m going to happen in acts chapter two. I got that in your sermon notes, you can read that part.

So he’s going to send this fire of the Holy spirit, verse 50, but Ooh, but I’ve got this coming, but I have a baptism to be baptized with. So Jesus saying, I got this exciting thing coming, but first I’ve got a baptism then will be baptized with now. This is not the water baptism that’s already happened. What is this Baptist? And that word baptism there means plunged entirely into a difficult event to be overwhelmed by a difficult experience. So Jesus says I come to set fire on the earth, but first I got this very difficult deal that I’ve got to go through. I’m going to be immersed in it. What was this baptism of Jesus is talking about how about getting beat with a cat of nine tails 39 times? How about getting nailed to a cross after you’re betrayed and abandoned by all of your friends? I mean we’re entering into passion week. How many would recognize? That’s a pretty tough week when everybody that’s close to you, I realized that everybody’s not going to stay with him, but at least your homeboys, your posse, your crew, your 12, if not the 12, at least the three, no, they’re all going to abandon him. One of your main dudes is going to say three times. I don’t even know who he is.

That’s the baptism. Then we’ll take him and beat him. It rips the flesh off of his body where he’s unrecognizable push a crown of thorns on his head till it pierces his skull and begins to bleed profusely over his head. You’re like, Oh, that’s gross. That’s your savior. Okay. Then after that, they’re going to take him. They’re going to nail him to a cross naked. No, this nice little cloth. That’s how they crucified him for the shame and embarrassment. He bore our shame and that’s a whole nother thing. She’s going to go through all of that. That’s the baptism he had to be baptized, but that’s what he’s talking about. What does he think about this baptism? What is he going to say? I have a baptism to be baptized with how distressed I am till it’s accomplished. How distressed that we’re distressed means to hold together, but like pressing, pushing to experience a great psychological pressure and anxiety was G is this going?

The cross is coming. No, I don’t think he was. He came as a man. The Bible says that he humbled himself and took on the form of a man. He knows that he came to die and it was not going to be a pleasant death. So the stress and anxiety of it was on him. Just put yourself in that part for him for, for a moment, because if Jesus had to go through this in his assignment, notice what it says, this I’m distressed with this until it is accomplished. That means until it comes to the end until it’s executed till it’s completed. So Jesus came for an assignment and part of his assignment was to go through a baptism that was miserably painful and pressurizing anxiety, grief, and he’s going to feel it until it’s done. Wow. Wow. So if Jesus felt that walking out his assignment, why would we feel like we would never have to feel any pressure walking out our assignment?

Here’s what I come to encourage you with today. I sit in courage on purpose because you may not feel like you’re encouraged afterwards, but here’s what I think the church needs to know. No cross, no kingdom. I believe the church has been lulled to sleep in this little message that we’re not going to face any difficulties or any oppositions or any struggles. And then 2020 begin to happen. And then things are changing in our world. And now there’s coming this pressure and attention against Christians on a greater degree, because we’ve never really had any persecution in. I’ve been to countries for their persecution. We’ve never had any persecution. Oh, somebody said something about us on Facebook. Whoa.

Some people made fun of us may be in it. That can be bad. It can be painful. It can hurt, but we’ve never had threatening persecution. Like the kind that you need to not say you’re a Christian. So let’s see what this looks like. He’s dealing with this second. Timothy says this, these words. Yes. And all who desire to live godly in Christ. Jesus will suffer persecution. All who desire to live godly in Christ. Jesus will suffer persecution. So look what it says. Let’s look at verse 51. Do you see, I love this question. I don’t know if you’ve ever read this or not. Jesus. Remember I keep emphasizing. This is Jesus talking. Our sweet Jesus. Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth?

I tell you not at all, but rather division. I know. I thought the same thing. Let me read it again. Jesus. Cause I, you know, if somebody come up to you and said, Hey, do you think Jesus came to bring peace on earth or division 99.9% with that peace. Jesus said not at all. Not at all. Not at all. Maybe some not at all. Little bit, not okay. Can bring division. So I’m like, what do you, Jesus, I know you never, I believe the Bible, but I I’m having trouble grasping what you’re saying. If you’re asking me to preach this, I need to know what you’re saying because I don’t know that I agree with what you’re saying. Kind of important for me to agree with the Bible before I talk about the Bible. So in the word peace, here’s what the word peace means.

Harmonious relations and freedom from disputes. Put that in there. Do you suppose that I came to bring harmonious relations and freedom from disputes? No, no he does. Does not promise us harmonious relations all the time and freedom from disputes. You’d like to have women. What about John? 14, 27, where Jesus said these words, peace. I leave with you. My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives, do I give to you? Let not your heart be troubled. Neither. Let it be afraid. Here’s the difference when Jesus said those words, my peace I give to you, I give to you to you, peace to you. The Holy spirit is what he’s talking about. And he says the Holy spirit will not only be with you, but be in you. So here’s the key God saying, I come to give you peace to you, but I’m not promising you peace around you.

I’m not promising you. You’re always going to have peace in your circumstances. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to put peace on the inside of you, fruit of the spirit. So out of your spirit will flow peace instead of peace, being an outside in thing like the world wants, it’s an inside out job. So wherever God plugs you in, even if there’s not peace around you, there’s peace on the inside of you. This is what God is saying. I didn’t come to bring harmonious relations and freedom from dispute. No, no, no I didn’t. I didn’t come to bring that kind of peace. The kind of peace I cave is something that’s not emotionally Ty. I want that kind of peace. How about you? I want to be, I need some peace in the house. What does that mean? I want everything call when everybody happy. Fake it. If you got to, but pretend you’re happy. Pretend I’m a good father right now. Just everybody’s smiling. Everybody’s filed. Just say thank you, daddy. It helps me.

That’s not the kind of peace he’s talking about. He’s talking about the piece that when all hell is breaking loose in your world, you still got something that says we good. You got some inside of you just like the window up though. A woman said about her son that had passed away. When she came to the prophet, she said all is well, was all well, no, her only son was dead, but what did she say? All is, well, what is that? What speaking there. That’s the peace of God on the inside of you. It’s an internal piece. All right. So now we know what the peace is. What’s about this division. I didn’t come to bring you harmonious relationships without disputes, but I come to bring some division up in here. The word division means to partition or divide thoroughly into opposing groups, to partitioner divide thoroughly into opposing groups. So Lord, why, why, why, why you can bring division,


Divide thoroughly into opposing groups as he just coming to be an antagonist. Just coming to create arguments. No, I don’t think that’s what he means. Again. You figure it out for yourself. Here’s what I feel like. I feel like God was saying, I don’t come to give you harmonious relationships. Freedom from disputes. I’m coming to bring a separation, not for argument’s sake, but for identification sake. In other words, I want to build to know who’s who he’s not bringing a division so that we can just bicker back and forth. But I believe he’s doing it for identification purposes, the faithful servant versus the evil servant, the sheet versus the goats, the wheat versus the tears. He’s not bringing division. Like he just wants people arguing each other. I’m bringing division so that I can know who is for me and who’s against.

Cause look what it says. It goes on. I tell you not at all. I’d rather division four from now on five and one house will be divided three against two, two against three. Father will be divided against son, son against father, mother against daughter, daughter against mother. Impossible. Mother-in-law against daughter-in-law well maybe we understand that one a little bit. No, look at your mother-in-law and say, I love you very much. You’re awesome. I like it. Some people call her mother and loves her daughter and loves its good. Daughter-in-law against mother-in-law. So now notice what’s happening. There’s a divided house here. There’s going to be something that happens to the extent that it’s what could possibly happen. That could pit fathers and sons against each other people in the whole own household be divided. Could that ever happen in our society? Here’s what it tells me. The Jesus said he’s coming and he’s coming to be polarizing. I mean it was, this world has gotten very polarizing. All you gotta do is make a statement, make a statement. Boom. We go into two camps. It’s exhausting for me to try and say something just right so that I don’t tick everybody off. I did the first service I was walking around and tip toes. I’m like, man, I don’t know. So this service, I just thought, Hey, who cares?

I don’t mean who cares. Like I don’t care about people. I just meant it’s exhausting to try and please people, should I say it this way? Should I say it that way? I just got to trust. God loved God, loved people and let her rip. So if, if, if anything I say offends, you know that it’s not on purpose. So don’t clap yet. The sermon is not over.

I’m a mess. Well, here’s what polarizing means. Causing polarizing, causing strong disagreement between opposing factions or groupings. Here’s what I don’t know that people understand. Christianity is supposed to be polarizing. It’s supposed to create a division, not where Christians are over here. Looking down on the worthless sinner. No it’s supposed to create a heart gap for whose hearts are after God and whose hearts are not after God. It’s not these religious perfect people with these other people. We’re all imperfect people, but the division is in the heart. God looks on heart. So the division craters, who’s going to go after God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength and who’s going to serve themselves. So Christian is supposed to be a little bit polarizing. I believe we’ve got that in today’s society. And many people believe that, uh, it’s Christ-like to actually shy away from anything that’s going to cause conflict.

I believe there so much intimidation against the church today that Christians themselves are actually backing up thinking it’s wrong to say anything controversial. I’m not really wired that way. I’m not trying to be controversial to be controversial, but here’s what I will not be. I will not be intimidated into accepting. This is what I am just because of a belief. In other words, here’s what, here’s what happening a little bit. I’ll read it. So I don’t mess up what I was trying to say. There’s an intimidating attitude that doesn’t tolerate opposing opinions, but instead tries to silence them called the cancel culture. I don’t mind if you have a difference of opinion of me, I want you to have a different speed. I want you to be able to speak your opinion. I’m not gonna try and silence the atheist. The atheist should not have a platform. I don’t care if they have a platform, let them speak. We’re not trying to cancel opposing views, but when someone tries to cancel opposing views, here’s a couple of things. No, I don’t have time for that. Maybe a half a thing. Here’s a half of the thing. The people who hold that belief are not secure enough in their belief to even stand for that belief.

I’ve got four other things, but that’s all I’m going to say on that because they’re going to read a little bit. This article here’s here’s this, this article was in USA today. It was written about oral Roberts university. And now if you know anything about their playing, if you like basketball, the NCAA tournament is going on my brackets, a mess, but anyway, or Roberts university is a private Christian university beat number two while a state and number seven Florida. And they played last night, got beat by Arkansas just by two. I believe they could have gone to the sweet 16. But anyway, this article get off of basketball. 10 stay focused. Here’s what this person said. And now I’m reading this article. This is not to attack this person, but give you an example of what’s coming against the Christian beliefs. Or Robert says it reaps, Goodwill, publicity, and revenue of a national title run

The university’s

Deeply bigoted anti LGBTQ plus policies can’t and should not be ignored.


School has been soundly mocked on social media for its archaic standards of behavior and discriminatory and hateful anti LGBTQ plus policy. No, again, when I say this, this is nothing a personal attack against LGBTQ plus policies or individuals. This is an individual that’s this group because of their beliefs. Notice what they hear here are the archaic standards that oral Roberts university has. And it’s in the article. So there they’ve quoted right out of their personal behavior. Handbook. Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty, modesty, and morality. Certain behaviors are expressly prohibited in scripture and therefore should be avoided by members of the university community. They include theft, lying dishonesty, gossip, slander, backbiting, profanity, vulgarity, including crude language, sexual promiscuity, including adultery, any homosexual behavior, premarital sex, drunkenness immodesty of dress and a Colt practices. These archaic standards of behavior is called the Bible.


That’s not everything that’s in there that said, these are the standards of integrity, honesty and sexual behavior and profanity. And that’s just biblical standards.

But they go on to say, I just highlight a few things. Uh, what is not up for debate? However, is their anti LGBTQ plus stance, which is nothing short of discriminatory goes on to say the fact is any and all LGBTQ plus language in any of the school’s policy should ban them from the NCAA tournament. Their bigoted stance and beliefs should not be accepted. Although they’re prime to reap the rewards of the work of their unpaid student athletes on the backs of those hardworking kids, the university will seek to rewrite the narrative of their school into one of athletic victory. When in fact it’s steeped in bigotry and exclusionary fundamentalism. I want you to catch a phrase there, a word that’s being used a lot in being thrown around bigot bigot, thrown around bigoted. Here’s what the word bigoted means. Blindly devoted to some creed opinion or practice that’s one number two, having or showing an attitude of hatred or intolerance toward the members of a particular group.

Now oral Roberts university has a statement of beliefs and that’s the way they believe. So is it bigoted to have those beliefs or if it is, I’ll say this, if it’s bigger than to have those beliefs, then is it not biblical bigoted to say the opposite? I guess the people who have those beliefs, why is bigotry only going one direction? So this is why you cannot be intimidated into apologizing for your beliefs. I’m not talking about standing on the street corner and be hateful and yell at people. That’s not the gospel. The gospel is the gospel of love, but it’s the gospel of truth that I’m not going to apologize for what the Bible says. I didn’t write the Bible. I didn’t make up the rule that that marriage is between one man and one woman. The Bible says that Jesus affirmed that when he was on the earth.

So it’s not something that I’m attacking people because I believe in that, that’s just saying, that’s what the Bible says. So it’s not hateful to have a belief. It’s a hateful it’s hateful. When you come against people and attack them and, and get personal and vengeful that’s hateful. So why am I saying these things? I’m saying these things because I believe pastors, even themselves have gotten so timid about saying what’s right or wrong. That Christians themselves don’t even know what to stand up for. Go to Matthew chapter 10, we’ve got to hurry. I’ve got two scriptures to get to in a short time to get there. This is smoking abandon smokey in the what? Just ask your parents after church, where are you spending down and trucking? We’re going to do what they say. Can’t be done in 15 minutes. Really? Matthew chapter 10, just extend a hand and pray for him. Look at verse 32. It says this. Therefore, whoever confesses Jesus talking, whoever confesses me before men, him, I will also confess before my father who is in heaven. Boom. That sounds good. Let’s do that. But there’s also verse 33, but whoever denies me before men, him, I will also deny before my father who’s in heaven.

Two camps, bringing division. Look at the next verse. Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. Well, I thought you did. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword or some people say sward. I came to bring a sword. No, wait a minute. What’s the word, sword me. I wrote it down. It means discord or war. Jesus came to bring a war. What’d he come to bring a war about? Well, he said, when he came, he said repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And first John chapter three, verse eight, he says, for this purpose, the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. What did he come for? A war on? He came for a war on the kingdom of darkness. He didn’t come for a war on people. So we don’t come with a war on people.

Come on church. Our war is not against flesh and blood stop attacking the Democrats or the Republicans. Like they’re your enemy. They are not your enemy. Your enemy is the devil what’s happening in the world and people, Oh geez. It can move forward. It’s got to on at the time I started to go off on that. I can’t not, I did not come to being preached peace, but a sword for, I have come to set a man against his father and daughter against his mother. And daughter-in-law gets her. Mother-in-law a man’s enemies will be those of his own household

Or this part of Christianity. A lot of people don’t hear about it. You take a stand. I mean, right now, the things happening in society, they have been so polarizing that households are divided politically, culturally it’s happening is that that’s what the Bible is saying. Their own household will be their enemy. He, but look what he says in verse 37. He who loves father and mother more than me is not worthy of me. And he loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me a lot to say there. I don’t have time for that. But man, read that meditate on that. Let God show you. Even, even nobody comes between you and Jesus.

I’m telling you now at The Roads Church, don’t try and save your kids by compromising your Jesus. If you will stick close to Jesus, he will save your kids. But if you try and compromise your Jesus to make a little more water down so that they’ll like it, no burn on fire for Jesus and let that fire be something that draws him to God. Okay? I can’t, I go more but verse 38 and he or she, who does not take his cross, this jumped out at me. He who does not take his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me. Who finds his life will lose it. He loses his life for my sake will find this. What spoke to me in verse 38. He who does not take his cross, his cross, like it’s like possessive pronoun. So like my Bible says, see Everett on there. So this is like my Bible. If you would pick it up off the chair, you go, that’s his Bible. Well, that’s how Jesus describes my cross. Not yours, not his. I’m not talking about a crosswise. Save humanity. That’s already been done through Jesus. Don’t get it twisted. I’m not, I don’t need a cross so that I can save myself and others. That’s not the type of cross I’m talking about. I’m talking about a baptism. I’m talking about denying myself.

He said, take a Crow. You and I, we have a cross in Christiana. We don’t want to talk about this. We just want to talk about blessing and good time, but we need to understand the foundational truth. That if we’re gonna live for Jesus, those who live godly in Christ will suffer persecution. We got to cross the Kerry. You remember, uh, Satan. When he went to Tim Jesus, he took him up on a high place and the Bible says this. He showed him all the kingdoms kingdoms of the world in a moment. What did he say? He said to Jesus, no dude. You just found out worshiping all these kingdoms of the world have been given to me. And I give them to whomever. I wish Satan offered Jesus a kingdom without a cross.

And he offers you and me the same thing every day. Everything that the father wanted to give Jesus. It had to come through the cross. I come to remind Christians. Everything that God wants to do in your life comes through his cross. And your cross. Paul said, I crucify myself daily. Jesus said whoever desires, who does not take up his cross, his cross. So here’s what, here’s what I feel. I got a lane we’re going to face some persecution in the world. It’s only going to get more, but don’t be, don’t be discouraged by it. Don’t be discouraged by it just because we’re going to have persecution. Don’t back up and get timid.

Be bold to say yes, I live for Jesus and I’m going to crucify my flesh and I’m going to crucify my desires and I’m going to come after and follow him. And if he’s leading the way, if God before me, then who could be against me. But somebody sold you a bad bill of goods. If they told you, you can follow Christ without a cross, tried to tell, y’all just, it’s going to be good to serve. Jesus is going to be great all the time. No, there’s going to be a cross. There’s going to be a price to pay no cross the redemption. I hear people say, Oh, he’s told us we got to die on the cross again. Jesus. Wasn’t enough. So we go, no, no. And no, no. I’m quoting the words of Jesus. Take up his cross. It doesn’t say take up my cross and follow me says take up yours. So here’s what I want us to do. I want us to pray.

If you would just bow your heads with me, I want to give you an opportunity to ask the Holy spirit. What is my cross? I don’t think it’s a one-word answer. I don’t think it’s a one sense. I don’t think it’s something easy. I think it’s your heart. Don’t think it’s this one thing, but take up his cross and follow me. Is the church ready for persecution? Is the church ready for adversity? I see people backing up all the time. Cause they don’t want to say anything. That’s going to get them blessed. I’m not saying, be mean, I’m not saying be angry. I’m not saying whatever, but do not compromise the truth. No cross no kingdom right now in your heart. I want you to, if you feel led, if you’re feeling like God is speaking to you, make a decision right now to give your life to Jesus. I’m not talking about get saved. You, you, that may be for you. You may need to get born again, but I’m speaking to everyone. That’s listening to me right now. You need to give Jesus your whole heart because he had of, he came to bring a sword. He came to bring division. He came to separate the sheep and the goats. And it is happening right before our eyes.

Are you in the, go through the motions group? Are you in the ones that’s ready to take up your cross and follow after him, whatever it takes. Are you ready to be abandoned by your friends and betrayed Jesus was, are you ready to have your own family members turn their back on you because of your faith? Jesus was, he said, here are my mother and my brothers. I believe God’s asking for us. Where’s our commitment. Where’s our commitment to him. Is it to comfort and harmonious relationships without dispute. Is that what we need? I’m telling you, you need a wave of the peace of God to fill your heart right now, those that are filled with fear and anxiety over what’s transpired over the last year. I pray that God will fill you on the inside with the peace of the Holy spirit, not as circumstantial piece where you finally feel like everything around you is better. No, no, no. We’re not waiting for that. We are grabbing hold of something on the inside. The power of the Holy spirit that says, fill me Lord with your peace guard, my heart and my mind. The peace that passes all understanding, not like the world gives, let not hearts your inside your spirit be troubled and don’t let it be afraid.

If you want to pray and ask Jesus to come into your lights. Part of our year-olds family, watching online, Mount Carmel right here in the room. I want to give you an opportunity to connect with Jesus from whatever road of life you’re on. You came in here. I don’t know what it is, but our vision is to connect you with him. It’s why we’re the roads, church. A lot of roads coming to Jesus, but only one leading us to salvation. And that is Jesus. If you want to make that decision today from your hearts, I’m going to give you some words to pray, but the meaning is really between you and your savior. Are you ready to repent and walk away from sin? Do you need to recommit your life to God and get serious? If you ready to do that, we’re going to pray all together, but I want you to pray this to him.

Don’t do it to me and don’t repeat it just to be saying it. Say it to him with all your heart. Say dear Jesus. I believe you died for my sins in my place. I believe you Rose from the dead to give me new life today. I repent. I walk away from my old life. Forgive me. I run into your arms. I choose your love. I choose your forgiveness. I receive new life. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for saving me in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Listen, if you pray that prayer, we want to connect you with your next steps. Take out your connect card and Mark on there today. I made Jesus the Lord of my life and stop by our new life tables on the way out. If you’re watching online or you Rhodes family, take out your phone, text the word new life to this number six (182) 430-9310 (618) 243-0900. But before we go, here’s what we want to do. We want to give an opportunity for you to encounter the presence of God. Would you stand with me?

I’m going to give some words of knowledge. These are some things we prayed about and uh, felt like God gave some directions. So if any of these fits you, Mr. Team, if you go and make your way to the front, if you would like prayer today, if you want more of God, if you want more, if you want God to do some things in your life, if that’s the desire of your heart, then I encourage you to step out and let our team pray with you. First, someone dealing with a blocked nasal passage. I want to pray for that again. Where’s the knowledge. First Corinthians chapter 12, one of the gifts of spirit, another one someone dealing with and then also the wind of the spirit is delivering from panic attacks, stress and anxiety. We’ve already experienced that in the first service, somebody dealing with panic attacks, stress and anxiety.

If that’s you make your way to the front, come on. Let’s just pray. Let’s invite the miracle worker. If you want to touch from God, if you need peace in your life, come let us pray with you. If you need your fire realist, step out. If you need that and you’re at home, you’re watching online. You can kneel right there in, by your chair, by your couch. Put your hand on your phone, on your screen, on your monitor, whatever it is and reach out to God. I’m not your person. It’s Jesus wanting to do it. He can permeate all distance. He doesn’t have any distance. He’s not limited by distance or space. He can come and touch you right where you are. So father, I just thank you for the anointing of the Holy spirit. Come on. I feel like those now that need to step out.

Thank you, Lord. Someone dealing with a grinding of their teeth. It’s really causing some significant problems that grinding of their teeth. If that’s you and you need prayer, come on, make your way to the front or you can receive it, right? They’re watching online there. If you’re there in Mount Carmel father, I just thank you in the name of Jesus. More. We give you praise, glory, more for peace and ink from anxiety, stress disorders, all these types of issues, fear, fear, fear. That’s a big one that God’s willing to release people from in our country and our nation right now been overwhelmed. Depression coming from fierce, just pushing you down, drawing you into a dark place. If that’s you, the Holy spirit is inviting you to come and experience his presence. So Lord, I just thank you for healing today. I thank you for the love flowing from your throat that we can feel it.

Lord, I just praise you for the loss that they feel your goodness and your mercy. We thank you, Lord Jesus for your faithfulness in healing and saving and delivering. We received the peace of God. Come on. If you need prayer, make your way to the front right there in your home. We just bless what you’re doing. Jesus. We say more. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. There’s a chronic infection that keeps coming back. You try antibiotics. You tried certain things and it keeps coming back. I just hear chronic infection. If that’s you come up, God’s willing to heal that. And the name of Jesus. God, I bless that. We just praise you for healing. That infection in the name of Jesus. Lord, you are worthy of praise. You’re worthy. You’re alive and well God, I thank you for signs and wonders to the name of your Holy servant. Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Oh, we lean into you.

I just hear the word. Clift. Cleft is like a cleft pallet or something. I don’t know what that is, but if that’s you, we want to pray for that. There’s something bother you. There’s something going on with that. I want to pray for that. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus Lord. I just come against pneumonia in Jesus’ name. I just pray for pneumonia to dissipate in Jesus name. Thank you Lord. Thank you, Lord. We trust you and give you praise Lord. You are supernatural. What? I pray for people in their homes that your presence will come and bring peace. We just curse anxiety. The name of Jesus and we thank you for perfect love. Casting out all fear waves, waves of the love of God. Oh, it’s bubbling. It’s bubbling in it’s bubbling in coming in. You pushing out. It’s not outside in the deliverance from you.

It’s inside out. It’s an inside out job that God’s willing to got his. Thank you. Fill us with your presence. Fill us inside Lord in our spirits, in our hearts, the nothing on the outside will be able to contain what’s happening on the inside. We give you the glory for it in Jesus awesome name. We’ll call him. We’re going to continue to pray for people. If you need prayer, make your way to the front. I’m going to turn it over to Joe and our service hosts of Mount Carmel to close out the service to our online Watchers. Hey, if one of those words of knowledge touched your heart or you need prayer for anything we ask that you text the word prayer to (618) 243-0900. We want to partner with you where two or more gathered, amazing things happen. You Rose family. We thank you for joining us today. We hope you have an amazing rest of the day. Thank you for coming, we’ll see you next week here at The Roads Church!