POINT #2 – 5 “W’s” – WHEN and WHERE


We’ve answered the questions WHO and WHAT.  Now let’s take a look at and answer the questions WHEN and WHERE we should overcome.


In Numbers 13, verse 30 (in the NKJV) the scripture says, “Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.”  See if you can answer the question of WHEN.  WHEN did Caleb say they should go and take possession of the land?  (At once)  Right!  At once!  What does that mean?  (Immediately)  At once means immediately, right now!  Caleb had confidence and courage, he didn’t want to wait to take the land.  He was ready!  


Many times, we will need to be ready to do what God asks us to do.  We shouldn’t delay or put off what we feel He wants us to say or do.  It’s kind of like when Mom or Dad says, “Hey, it’s time to stop playing your game and come help me….(insert your own chore, task, etc here).  We may not be ready to do that thing yet, but Mom and Dad are ready for us to do it.  Maybe God has allowed you to see or feel someone’s pain and He does that so you will pray with them for healing.  But, it makes you nervous to do that because you don’t really know that person.  But, if you don’t do it when God shows you, then that person won’t be healed today, and will have to continue to be in pain.  Jesus asked the disciples to leave their jobs, their homes and their families and follow Him.  They left everything and followed Him immediately.  They didn’t wait until tomorrow.  God’s timing is perfect, even when we don’t think we are ready or that we need more time.  We have to trust God’s timing!


Let’s see if we can now answer WHERE the Israelites were to overcome.  In Numbers 13, verse 1-2 (ERV) the Bible says, “The Lord said to Moses, “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan.  I will give this land to the Israelites.  Send one leader from each of the twelve tribes.”  Okay, WHERE were the men told to go and explore? (Canaan)  That’s right, Canaan!  This was the PROMISED LAND from God.  This was the land that God promised the Israelites when He rescued them from slavery in Egypt.  When we are trying to overcome something, we have to focus our direction.  We have to focus on God and His ways and His path for us.  We have to stay on that path.  We have to “stay the course.”  Psalm 25:4-5 (ERV) says, “Lord, help me learn your ways.  Show me how you want me to live.  Guide me and teach me your truths.  You are my God, my Savior.  You are the one I have been waiting for.”  The only way we overcome something for good, is with Jesus.  He is the ultimate overcomer.  Jesus defeated the hardest thing ever…death.  When we ask someone for directions on how to get somewhere or how to do something, we have to follow those directions, or else we end up somewhere else or the thing we are doing doesn’t turn out right.  We have to follow Jesus and His ways.


Discussion Questions


  1. Have you ever been asked to do something RIGHT NOW, but you didn’t want to?  (allow child to answer and explain)
  2. Has someone asked you to do something RIGHT NOW, but you didn’t feel like you were ready to do it, but maybe later you could? (allow child answer and explain)
  3. Have you ever thought maybe Jesus was asking you to do something but you didn’t think you could or were ready to do it?  Maybe he told you or showed you something to tell someone?  Maybe He gave you a dream?  Maybe your heart hurt for someone else because their heart hurt?  
    1. If you didn’t feel ready, why not?
    2. If you did feel ready and did what He asked you, how did it go?  What happened?
  4. Is it easy to do what Jesus says we should do, or live like He wants us to live?  What ways are easy?  What ways are hard?  Why are those things easy for you and why are they hard?


Scripture Memory Verse:


God says, “I heard you at the right time, and I gave you help in the day of salvation.  I tell you that the right time is now.  The day of salvation is now.” – 2 Corinthians 6:2 ERV


Prayer :


Jesus, thank you for helping us to see that we should be ready to do what you ask, when you ask.  Holy Spirit, we ask that you continue to show us how we can be ready to do what you ask of us WHEN you ask us.  May our hearts and minds be ready to answer the call.  Let us be ready to move to action, to not doubt what you show us or tell us or ask of us.  Help us to remember our WHERE, which is on your path, following your ways, your truths and your promises for our life.  Holy Spirit, help us to stay on YOUR path and to “stay the course.”  To not get off the path onto our own path, someone else’s path or the enemy’s path.  Help us to follow you, Jesus, the one who lights the path for us.  We pray all these things in your holy name, amen.



“Super Wonderful”




Application Game:

Play “Follow the Leader” or “Simon Says” to practice following God, His ways and His paths.


Follow the leader for older kiddos: https://www.group-games.com/action-games/follow-the-leader.html


Coloring Page:

Psalm 25:4