Submitting to God – Object Lesson



Materials: One treat or pre-wrapped piece of candy in a really gross, ugly box. 




  1. Before Class: Prepare before class a small box with one Hershey’s Kiss or other pre-wrapped candy or treat in it. Decorate the box in such a way that the children would never want to eat the contents of the box. The more ominous and menacing the appearance of the box, the more effective the illustration will be. 


  1. Pick one child from the group and ask him if he will submit to eating whatever is in that box. If he asks what is in it, tell him he can’t ask you any questions about the contents, just whether or not he’ll submit to eating it. If the child refuses to submit, go to another child.  Continue asking children if they will submit to eating the contents of the box until one agrees. 


  1. When the contents are revealed and it turns out to be a treat, explain to the children that submission to God, even when the circumstances seem scary, always turns out for our benefit. 




  1. Were you scared to eat what was inside the box?  Why?
  2. Would you be able to trust God if God asked you to do something scary?  Explain.


We must choose to submit to God, always, even when we are scared or unsure or mad or sad or frustrated.  His plan is always best for us.  


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Opposition Activity


Play some ball!  The pitcher can pose as the enemy.  He will pitch opposition at us, but we will use our sword (the bat) to defeat the opposition he “throws” at us.  As you pitch the ball, you can name things the enemy “throws” at us (ex. Fear, anger, bad thoughts, nightmares, anger/hate, sadness, loneliness, etc).  The batter will take authority over the opposition and when he hits the ball, the batter will say something like… “I take authority over you (insert opposition) in Jesus’s name.”  “I tell you to GO NOW!” “I am a child of God.” “I have all power and authority over you through Jesus.”


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