For scripture meditation we do 5 things with the scripture.  We…


  • Read it
  • Write it
  • Speak it
  • Pray it
  • Sing it


Have some worship music and some crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, etc. ready to use also!  Sometimes God will show us pictures in our mind as we are meditating, and having these items ready will allow for your children to draw what God shows them!



  1. Flip the switch. Go to a room with minimal light.  Ask your children what they think will happen when you flip the switch. They will answer the room will go dark. Give a demonstration. Explain to them that they had faith that the lights would go out and come back on. It takes faith to trust that the light will work. If you didn’t have faith you wouldn’t flip the switch!
  2. Float the beach ball. Set up a fan to tilt upwards.  You’ll also need an inflated beach ball to demonstrate the moving of the air. Ask your child what will happen when the fan is turned on. They’ll tell you that the air will move. Explain that although they can’t see it, the air is real. Tell them that their faith is like the air.  Our human eyes can’t see it but God can. Faith is real and it moves the invisible world.
  3. Fall backwards. For this object lesson, demonstrate faith by asking a child to fall backwards into your arms. Tell them that trusting God is sometimes like closing your eyes and falling into His arms.  It’s a fun, interactive demonstration.


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