Roads Kidz Update!

As our Roads Kidz starts back Sunday, June 21st during our 10:45 a.m. service at our Norris City Campus (only). PARENTS please take some time to read the following information regarding our Roads Kidz Health Guidelines.

For the safety and health of our children and crew, we ask parents/caregivers to fully respect these guidelines.

If a child is brought to class with any of these symptoms, they will not be permitted to stay in the classroom.

  • Fevera temperature of 99.5 or greater within 24 hours.  The child should be fever free without the aid of Tylenol or Ibuprofen.
  • Runny Nose the nose needs to be continuously wiped whether it is green or clear drainage.  Lots of children have runny noses from allergies or teething, etc; please use your parental discretion.
  • Coughing continuous or consistent coughing (more than once every 5 minutes) is usually a sign of a virus or a bacterial infection.
  • Vomiting children who have vomited within 24 hours should not attend.
  • Diarrhea increased frequency and a change in texture for your particular child, noting that each child’s habits are different.
  • Eye Discharge if discharge is wiped away and new discharge immediately returns, or if there is redness, an underlying infection is probably present and the child could be contagious.
  • Ear Infections are not contagious, but the virus that generally causes them can be.  The virus caused by ear infections also can bring a very runny nose, fever, and irritability.  The child should be held out if they have any of the symptoms that correspond to the ear infection.
  • Antibiotics child is no longer contagious once they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours if they are without fever.
  • Rash There are many possible sources of rashes.  If your child has a rash, please inform the volunteers of the source.  If it is contagious or you do not know the cause of the rash, please keep your child out of class. 


Thank you For Helping Keep Our Children and Crew Healthy!

For a printable version of our Health Guidelines >> Print Roads Kidz Health Guidelines

For resources and Family Worship Lessons Visit >> Parent Resource Page