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Everybody welcome to crossroads we’re so excited that you joined us this morning and happy mother’s day to all you moms out there we’re just going to enter into some praise and worship this morning and then we’re going to hear a message from pastor chad everett, the samewhen sodium be satisfiedhow. Many are thankful for god’s grace. Ridgeway, Church Today, man, hey man, hey good morning, welcome to crossroads. My name is kevin and work so excited that you joined us are in the auditorium in the overflow room and everyone online. Thank you so much. That means so much to us at this part in the service we’re going to offer a partnership in prayer, and so the minister to me go ahead and make your way to the front. There’s so much power and partnership in the prayer mentioned that several times in the bible is jesus even mention that to where two or three are gathered in his name, he’ll be right in the midst of us and in 1st corinthians 1st corinthians chapter 12, and so those will just scroll. If you could read through those and what’s exciting, is that before you arrive today, there were people praying for you and these areas would become highlighted by god that he wants to take care of them for you today and so i, just awesome and so I can encourage you to just read through those and and if those are issues or areas, tell your having just go ahead and make your way to the front. Ridgeway, Church If you know a family, member or friend, yeah go ahead and come forward and partner with god on him, he meant it. Even if you don’t see what you’re going through on there. That’s okay go ahead and make your way to the front, because in our church culture we don’t look as someone as or something wrong with them, or that they’re, bad or or whatnot for coming forward. We’re actually celebrating them to coming to god for the answer, a man. So let’s just pray and let’s just invite the holy spirit just a flood. This entire building god we’re going to raise our expectancy level right now in jesus, name that he lives are going to be done. Ridgeway, Church Miracles are going to be done in jesus, name, god you’re, in the business of doing miracles each and every week we experience those and witness so us, and we thank you for those and we’re asking for more god in jesus name. Our faith is going to rise. Jesus states that your faith has made you well several times in the bible, and our faith is rising in jesus name and we’re going to give you all the praise and all the glory in jesus name, amen, amen, the lord together, you speak, you speak mountains rise and fall tears in heaven you sweetie, new, york state id, videos of babies face 2d cheesecake. We will see every face come in half way, just want to learn. We just thank you for all that. You are, let me say, fill up every space got in that she was singing that I can see an ice tray like you to fill up an old one, an old trey and you fill it up with water and it fills one space and it spills over to all the other spaces. So maybe today you got ice in about 1/2 or 1/3 of your ice tray, but you need to cover so I just pray that the lord will tilt it just a little bit so that that water spills into all of the spaces, so that we lack nothing that we are overflowing with his goodness. So just remember to come up, and these words are for you just for you so come up here. If we had anything that you’re in need of, they would love to come and praise you when you pour it out only you as a car, the revelry. Will you calling on your name? Do you know who can say you are the only one sing o holy spirit and the holy spirit? Would you come soon cuz here in new, york, living, water, avocado I want to stay in this moment just for just for a second here and and as we were singing that song and it talks about how the holy spirit like a fire and it will consume s I just I had this vision of a of a fire pit and there were just tons of little branches or twigs in there and I believe that symbolizes our lives and all of a sudden, the middle of that fire pit. There was a fire started and then the next thing you know it would burn the first twig or branch up and then that firewood lean on the next branch and it would burn it up and then the next thing you know it burn another one up and consume it and before you know it the whole fire pit, a large fire and I believe that’s. What god wants us to get out of. This is that when, when the fire starts burning and his present starts flowing, it’s contagious and it will it will, it will just spread like the like. The song says:it’ll spread like fire and I just want you to grab ahold of that today and apply it to your life that that you have that fire inside of you, no matter where you go the rest of the week or the rest of the month. You have that fire, let it be contagious, let it be contagious for him and god. We just want to just stay in your presence. That’s why we’re here! This is all for you god we’re just so thankful for this time together or thankful for the the healings and the miracles at the chicken place. You were just going to give you all the praise and glory in jesus name, amen, amen, hey look around you in about 10 or 20 people, him a high-five, a handshake, a fist pump down your glad to see him.

Alright, alright can be the washington hand, clap appraised. Today they do a great job each and every week, hey good morning. My name is kevin. Walking across her eyes were so excited that that you joined us today here in the auditorium in the overflow room everyone online. Thank you so much and I want to give a special, warm welcome to all of our first-time guest and all the bombs in the house today. If we could give them a hand, clap of praise all the moms watching online. Thank you so much for joining us. You guys are awesome. After the service i, don’t forget to pick up your free gift for all the moms. If you’ll stop by there and grab that there to go ahead and and play a video, so I check out the screens hope you enjoy it. Corn on the cob I think my mom’s favorite food would be everything by step. I think she likes what kind of food does:mommy:love pizza, lasagna, cereal beverages, burgers, spaghetti, pizza, pancakes, salad and chili casserole play-doh, chicken pot pie mix to eat pizza. What does mama like to eat take out the trash. Remember for mom she’s, always inspected? We bring to her whatever we had broken her heart and she look us over to. She decided that it wasn’t into death. She’d always say:you’ll be another one:cute piggy, butt cuz me and my brother to stop fighting erase that i. Don’t really know me:i love, you i, love, you, my honey, I love, you capiche, you’re, a good girl. Picking up my toys. I. Can people not feel sad sitting still selling by itself and she knows working on his computer calories going to cleaning. Having homework a lot of things she’s going to get it cheering you up whenever you’re sad all right can we get a hand clap? How did such an awesome job couple things I want to mention is that if you ordered a freedom, rock t-shirt the first week that they were available at those are ready to be picked up out in the of the cafe for your. So please stop by. If you ordered your t-shirt just last week, they’ll be ready for the be ready next week to be picked up so, but if you ordered it at that first available week, they’re ready to be picked up out there. So don’t forget to stop by and grab those, and if you would do us a favor and pull out your worship guy, there’s a lot of great information in there. But one thing I want to draw your attention to:is your connect card and new the top? You will see that this. Ridgeway, Church If this is your first time visiting, please check mark that box and drop it in the the offering buckets is a goes by near the end of the service. We would love to know that we just want to send you a letter and just welcome you and thank you for joining us near the middle portion of your connect card. You’ll see some different options, for example, as if you want more information on growth track. If you want more information on connect groups or being on the dream team, you can check mark those boxes near the bottom. You’ll see the prayer request section so, as I touched on earlier, if you’re walking through something or if you know a family, member or friend, walking through something, please fill that out and again just dropped out in the bucket. A little bit later will partner with you and in prayer on those things. And then, if you’ll flip this over, you will see that there is a a section. That’s called. Ridgeway, Church How did you find us-and this is very important to us if you could just a checkmark-which one applies to you, because basically we want to reach as many people as possible, and this allows us to do that. So, if you’ll just check mark whatever category applies and put that in the bucket near the end, that will be extremely helpful because we want to reach as many people as possible and and they’ll be very beneficial. So right now they’re going to play crossroads life, and so you can check out the screens and we’ll be right back with the message good morning and welcome to crossroads and happy mother’s day to all of our moms I’m mary o’neill, and we are so excited that you chose to spend part of your weekend with us. We have so many ways for you and your family to discover and connect your crossroads. We invite you to take a few minutes to look through your worship guide. If this is your first time here, we would love to get to know you better. Please take a minute to fill out the connect card and take it to a welcome center out of the cafe after service warehouse team is ready to greet you if you’re joining us today through livestream. 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We invite you to head to the welcome center in the cafe area after service, were you can sign up for individual teachings on tv and you can check out all of our sermon series available on tv as well be sure to take some with you they’re, all three. You can also your crossroads sermons on our website, our youtube channel and our podcast. All of the details on the back of your worship, guy and also on our website. Ridgeway, Church That’s all for crossroads might have an amazing rest of the day in god’s house. Welcome. Welcome so glad to have all of you with us today or welcome those watching online as well as those here in the auditorium will say:happy mother’s day again to all the mothers that are here is such an honor privilege and without a mother, none of us would be here. It’s been a great day for me, my mom was actually here in the first service in my grandmother is here in the second service, so glad to have you with a small what an awesome play you took me into her home for a little while and man what an adventure that was for her I’m sure we were so happy about god’s talking about here in our series game, changer we’re going to jump right into it today. So if you want to get out your bibles, your youversion bible app, you can get the sermon notes on there. Get your sermon notes. Out of your worship guide to luke chapter 1, luke, chapter 1, just happy about the bible. Ridgeway, Church You can download those sermon notes there on youversion bible app. If you’re watching online, you can follow along with us, go to the event section and your youversion bible app, and then you will see those sermon notes available for you, game changer, the title, the series. Last week we talked about the subtitle of this of the message last week was one more round. We talked about rocky, 5 and I said you’re dummy. You know she need to watch that pick up on that, and we talked about the three characteristics of a game-changer three important things that a game-changer will have to have. They need to have some clarity of purpose. Why they’re doing what they’re doing they need to know what what their direction is need to have clarity number to they need to have have some sense of understanding of the creativity that they have on the inside of him. A game-changer is creative, a game changers, not original game. Changers, not cookie-cutter. A game-changer is literally disruptive. If you introduce a game changer into the industry in the business world or whatever it is that thing you introduced it’s a game-changer, it disrupts the norm. It causes everybody to react to that new product looks like that’s coming out. This changes, everything for the industry and it happens. Ridgeway, Church It happens all the time. You see it around us what we need to be creative tennis game changers. Ridgeway, Church We can’t be afraid as people in the business world in our in our business and our school in our relationships and our families, whatever we need, can’t be afraid to be original zombie game changers. So we’ll talk more about that later than the last one was constant, see this what we talked about rocky little bit and how game changers just keep getting up, they do not quit they keep getting up over and over and again so we talked about the definition of game-changer. Here’s. What I submitted to you is kind of mind made up i, say, made it up I researched and put a lot of things together and came up with this. One definition just means a new event has to be knew everything new new. So if you will be a game-changer, you got to do something new, a new events and idea or action that shifts or completely changes. The course of action of a current situation, or it changes the way we think or do things so, if something’s a game-changer when it’s introduced its new, so first off, we got to get over being against new things. Ridgeway, Church You got to love change, people, don’t hate change that hate the way there people try and make them change. Ridgeway, Church So everybody wants to change because they want to make progress. You can’t make progress without change. We talked about that last week. So now we realized it’s a new email. If I’m going to put a new email, if I’m going to manage my team at work differently, I’m going to interject a new idea and that new idea is going to shift the culture of the team. Hopefully our new think I want to parent a new way. I want to interject a new way, a new way of thinking and that goal of that game changer, is to shift or change the direction of a current situation.

I’m going to wake up tomorrow and I’m going to bring a new way of thinking as a husband, your you don’t do a game-changer waiting to see if people like it before you interjected you interjected, because it comes from the inside, so I’m going to change. Ridgeway, Church How I spell someone changes that a verb? Can you do I want to change how I am as a wife I’m, not waiting for them to change cuz. We talked about two different types of game changers. One type of game changer happens to us, it’s external, it’s somebody else, does something different for us and it’s a game-changer. You get the promotion you get. Some somebody gives you something you didn’t ask for it’s a game-changer to you, something like that or the second type of we’re going to focus on is a game-changer through us together to be a game-changer to us or game-changer through us. I can’t control win game. Changers happened to us, but I want to be sitting here that we will wake up and decide. There were going to let a game-changer happen through us, instead of waiting for it to happen. Ridgeway, Church To me all the time you’re going to talk about that when you look at that from a different perspective, what’s really important in being a game-changer, what we need to operate in is realizing. How can we do it? How can we let it go through? So I started this about the beginning of the year, so you know we do 21 days of prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year, and this year was we, went in the prayer and fasting time, I felt god just challenging me. I want you to go all-in I’m, like okay I’ll. Do that. So we worked out the details of that and what that meant for me and that’s why I did my best to go all in, and so he let me, through this process to say, hey. This is going to be a game-changing prayer and fasting time for you, because this is going to be a game-changing year for you, michael kay, wow anytime. You say those words that sounds great, but today we’re going to talk about some important decisions that you have to make along the journey of being a game-changer. Ridgeway, Church It’s not always as easy as it sounds. So during a prayer and fasting time on day, 17 god spoke to me and gave me some things that we’re going to be game changers for me and game changers for a church and I’m going to be laying those out specifically next week, so I encourage you to i, wouldn’t miss next week for anything I’d reschedule vacation around next week. If I was you I just so we’re getting ready, didn’t happen all this year, but we’re getting ready to launch a new campus, our second location as a church. It’s a game changer for never done that before it’s outside the norm. Suites we didn’t have that on the radar, but when the god start speaking me several years ago, he said she don’t want you to. We were one church and three services and he said I want you to stop thinking about one church and three services and I want you to talking about one church in three locations like what three locations. Why would I do that? Where they going to be how’s that going to happen, I start asking all the questions that we ask all the time so I remember level frustration that bit, but on january 26th, 2013 I was in prayer and god just put on my heart and i. Just it was so subtle. I didn’t i, just put it in my phone january 26th 2013 god speaks to me about a campus in mount carmel i. Ridgeway, Church Don’t know why I was afraid about mount carmel I’m from albion to somebody far from out,, but I wasn’t, like oh i, know I’m supposed to go to I didn’t know any of that. But it’s got just spoke that to me so I just put on the back burner and then four years later, july 13th 2017 executive, pastor, myself. We actually went to look at south, elementary school mount, carmel cuz. They they were going to sell. We would take a look at it, but okay. If. That’s you! August 16th I’ll give you the short version of the story:august 16th! The bid was accepted that we submitted to the school board october 18th 2017. We sign papers to take ownership of a school of a campus, so now we have a campus preparing for that. We’re renovating it getting ready so that we can start our first additional campus for crossroads bible church. Ridgeway, Church It’s a huge deal. It’s a big deal for us too, exciting it’s a game changer, because we go from being one church in one location to now. I want you to understand. This is the first of many it’s the first of many that it may be hard to swallow at what how I don’t understand, i, don’t know either so we’re all in the same boat, roll together, but I do want to know something that we’ve been putting together. God put on my heart:cuz we’re going to have a campus patterson pastor for each location and praying about it like god. Who do you who do you want us to select who’s supposed to be the campus pastor for that, and it is none other than the wonderful couple of kevin and amy gammon. Ridgeway, Church Would you bring their pictures out they’re going to be the campus pastors, give them a half we’re going to be the campus pastors for mount carmel? They live in the fort branch area, but they’re going to be relocating to mount carmel, so excited for them. The only problem is they’re eagles fans and it’s a little bit of a problem for me.

Cowboys fans can’t have you. Girls fan is working together, but we’re still praying for them. Ridgeway, Church We believe god will convict them and bring them around, but we are thrilled for them. Break people, wonderful people, they’re going to do a great job at that location. So we just realized the game changers happen and when game change that happens, they disrupt the norm. That’s what we’re bellini leading into believing god for his, not just for god’s going to do for us as a church, I believe. More specifically, god wants to do game-changing things to you. So what are the things you need to understand about yourself as a game-changer cuz? This is what I believe you are. Yours aren’t afraid of the impossible. Ridgeway, Church They lead into the impossible. It’s a little bit. Leery but but they go for game changers, do that game changers, don’t allow the accomplishments of other people to a limit the possibilities of their accomplishments, a game-changer doesn’t let these words. It’s never been done before they don’t let those words paralyzed their vision. A game-changer counteracts those words with the words there’s a first time for everything, because some people, when you introduce a game-changer when there’s a new technology, a new device, a new way of doing things, a new way of thinking. It is not 100% widely accepted cuz, it’s so new. It’s like wait. Ridgeway, Church A minute nobody’s ever done that before I know, it’s a game. Changer nobody’s ever done that for me before nobody’s ever acted that way. Number to talk about I know it’s a game changer. So why are we always looking for wide acceptance before we do what god put in a heart to do? Why do we wait for someone to say it’s, okay for us to go ahead and step out and do what god has put in your heart to do? Ridgeway, Church What if god’s telling you to change your behavior at home and you’re waiting for someone to accept you before you? Do it I’m? Just throwing that out for some to think about how many times we waiting for that? So, let’s look at luke chapter 1 I want to talk about game-changing choices today, so there’s a process dogs going to speak something into your heart. He already has many of you all the time but god’s going to put something on your heart during the journey cuz we’re going to talk about a game-changing mama, today’s mother’s day, so we’re going to honor a game-changing mother, but I don’t want men or non mothers to check out because there’s something super powerful that we’re going to be able to apply as well into our lives that when god speaks something to you in the beginning, there’s a process and a lot of times we get excited in the beginning, but we get tired and weary weary and then, through the process somewhere, we lose. What god told us in the beginning, he’s ever been excited about something and the initial stage that you heard something you thought. That’s what that’s going to be, but then little bit of the process, you like her i, don’t even want to i. Don’t care about that. I, don’t even know what happened. Ridgeway, Church Sometimes time goes by and we lose sight of what god’s willingness to do. So, let’s look at these things will have to choose, would have to make some choices. Verse, 26, more read this through the story through and we’ll come back and break it down now in the 6-month, the angel gabriel was sent by god to the city of galilee nazareth to a virgin be troll to a man whose name was joseph of the house of david the virgins name was mary notice. He said virgin twice in one verse. Smu may have a problem with that word, but it is what it is other some words of people get a little uptight about researchers twice why they call the virgin twice in one 1, verse, I believe it was in my accident. Ridgeway, Church I believe he’s wanting to highlight something to let everybody know waiting at this is a virgin. No really. This is a virgin and I’m going to do something through this woman. That cannot be done through man x, in other words, i, believe there’s sometimes god highlights our humanity so that he can reveal his divinity, sometimes god’s, going to show you that you’re, not all that, because he wants to remind you that he is all that it’s like hey. This is a virgin and other words. It can’t be done. That’s why I was saying virgin can’t get pregnant. That can’t be done now. We understand nowadays with technology. Some people can do that, but I’m not give birth. The can’t be done can’t be done. God loves those situations where it can’t be done. Cuz when it’s over and you actually experience it. Ridgeway, Church Then people will have to look back and say it had to be god. Cuz I know them they’re, not that smart. How do you come in, so the angel comes in check again, put yourself in the story and having come in there angel says to her rejoice highly favored one. The lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, but when she saw him she was troubled at his saying, I’m considered what manner of greeting this was I read this I started cracking up, cuz I noticed an angel shows up and speaks to her and she’s, not tripped out, Ridgeway, Church because an angel speaking to her she’s tripped up like what manner of greeting is this. If he likes your dog coming up to you and saying, hey I need to go outside and you get upset because you’re busy watching tv hey. Why you bother me my shows on hey your dog is talking to you kind of a big deal, I’ll be like yo, it’s an angel when i, don’t know what you’re saying, but I was just kind of funny to make angel said to her.

Do not be afraid married for you have found favor with god and behold. You’ll conceive in your room and bring forth the sun. I shall call his name jesus. He will be great, don’t be called the son of the highest. The lord god will give him the throne of his father david, and he will reign over the house of jacob forever and I was kingdom. They’ll be no end. Ridgeway, Church The mary said to the angel. How can this be since I do not know a man and the angel answered and said her? The holy spirit will come upon you and the power of the highest will overshadow. You therefore, also that holy one is to be born will be called the son of god now, indeed elizabeth. Your relative has also conceive the sun in her old age, and this is now the six month for her who was called baron for with god. Nothing will be impossible, but mary said behold the maid servant of the lord, let it be to me or cording to your word and the angel departed. Now, let’s go back to verse, 26 and let’s break this down, I’m, sorry for starting breakfast now so it’s now the angel said to her do not be afraid. Ridgeway, Church Mary for you, I have found favor with god I want to talk to you about game-changing choices, we’re all going to have to make a long journey if we’re going to live longer than 2 weeks. We’re going to have some choices, we’re going to have to make here’s the first choice. We’re going to have to make we find it here in verse. 13 says, do not be afraid member. This is an angel. An angel brings a message from heaven. So what is the message from heaven to earth? Do not be afraid. How does heaven feel about fear do not be afraid he doesn’t want us to be afraid. He does not say that fear won’t come. He just says:don’t be afraid do not be afraid what, because you have found favor with god. He gives us a reason why we don’t have to be afraid he gives us an alternative. We’ve got fear, so the choice will have to make his game changers. Ridgeway, Church We will have to choose favor over fear. Favor I give you. The definition are in your notes. The word favor means gratitude. Favorable attitude, acceptance towards it’s something that that you cannot get on your own. It’s something you can’t earn it something you can’t ask for. Favorite has to be initiated by someone else and given to you, you can’t beg for favor that person has to choose to give it to you freely and graciously. So here’s what it is favor if I give it to you and that’s just plain bones definition:favor god’s feelings about me:chanel in every situation, I’m going to have to choose fear what other people think about me. Favor. What god thinks about me? Every game changes going to have to make that decision. Are we going to choose fear what other people think or am I going to choose favor? What god thinks once god tells you something? You cannot be moved by what people think about it. It’s rampant in our society and it’s not all the negative. It’s just the way it is in our social media culture. We love to post things we want likes, we want shares, we want retweets. Ridgeway, Church We want double triple double spare parts we want. We want all of that. It just feeds that acceptance. People like me shares in lifetime love by many. What happens we get that feeling, but the problem is the bible says it’s improperly 29, verse 25 says the fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the lord shall be safe. The fear of man brings a snare, literally means a noose or a trap. Here’s what it speaks where your teenager, with your adult, we all have difficulty the challenge of dealing with what other people think about us. The fear of man is a snare. It is literally a noose around your neck. Why? Ridgeway, Church Because, if we live in a constant state of worrying about what other people think about us, it will kill us. You like what you mean, kill me:it’s not going to kill you literally, but it will kill the real you because you’re constantly trying to adapt and change who you are to get acceptance by er from people that make keratin tube it’s about who you are but you’re, trying to change your personality, your hair, trying to act a certain way. Will they, like me, will I fit in? Will I be accepted, it’s a noose around your neck cut it loose, be, who god created you to be be your personality flow like you flow, it’s a snare, but we’re constantly wanting to be lights, game, changers, don’t limit or lose their identity based on the acceptance of others. We got to choose favor, god’s feelings about me over fear of what other people think it’s a choice. Ridgeway, Church We’re going to have to make got to make the choice. You don’t make the choice one day and be done for the rest of your life. I wish it was that simple I got to make that choice. Every week, every week after I get done speaking I got to choose what god feels about me more than what other people feel the people like that was it good. Did they share that? Do they retweet that do they post that? Do they liked it? They had like under the head love if they hit love it just being real. You got to go through this evening as parents to my kids. Are they did a lightweight riva like what I’m saying is rick’s of you can feel rejection as a parent, so we got a favor of god over the fear of man.

Is her first choice? We’re going to have to make we see that here in scripture, let’s go to verse 31, that’s all he says, don’t be afraid for you found favor, verse, 31 and behold. Ridgeway, Church You will conceive in your womb and bring forth a son, and you shall call his name jesus. You shall conceive in your room now. This word conceived is two different words come together, I don’t mean in union with or together with, and it comes with another word that means to grab hold up to see his to possess to take for one’s own, so you put the two words together and that conceived means to grab ahold of some coming to union, with something come into agreement with something make it your own. Take possession of it. Where are we supposed to take possession of? You said you will conceive in your womb now ladies you’re, going to have a better revelation of this than guys will automatically, Ridgeway, Church but I want us all to understand that we all have a womb spiritually speaking, but to use a natural analogy. So you can get the spiritual revelation see when you, when you get pregnant with something you get pregnant in your womb and the womb is the place of expectancy or preparation for something that is not visible or experienced, say that again, your womb is a place of expectancy or preparation for something that is not visible or experienced yet. So we understand that, as as in woman gets pregnant in the wound that they have a place, we expect to see that’s why we say they are expecting they’re expecting their with child sweet understand that well now, as a man, I realize, I have a spiritual room called my heart or my spirit, and in my heart is where god can give me something. I will can see you I will grab hold of something in my heart. So now god can speak something to your heart and you have to put it in your room, place of expectancy and protection before it’s visible people don’t see it yet people don’t understand it yet. But god spoken something to you when you get pregnant, you walk around once. You know, ladies help us up once you know your pregnant everything changes, you change. That’s all I’m going to say about it. You change it’s not all negative I’m, not trying to I’m. Just saying you change. Ridgeway, Church Can you change what you drink for something? Nobody else can see. You change what you eat. You change where you go all the sudden you’re, not riding roller coasters anymore, because you’ve got something on the inside everything you do externally is filtered through protecting what you have internally chanel. My life changes my decision change based by what I’m trying to protect on the inside. Once you hear something from god’s, it should change how you live. Your life, which god comes into your heart. It should change extra leaf because, what’s inside of you is more important. This baby inside of me is more important than throwing my hands up going down the roller coaster. Ridgeway, Church I, don’t want do anything to mess of it. I don’t want to eat that right before I go to bed cuz if I drink that or eat that rifle go to bed at all. Here, she’s going to go crazy and then I won’t sleep all night who sings happen. So why? When we do that about the truth, when god speak something into our heart, god put something in there. You’ll conceive in your will. So what is telling us is you got to grab hold of god’s truth in your heart, so here’s a choice you got to make you got to choose faith over site. You got shoes, i, believe what gods told me more than what I see i, don’t see it happening yet I don’t see it playing out yet. But god told me this is what he wants to do in my life. So in that moment I got to choose faith. We walk by faith, not by sight you conceived in the womb. Ridgeway, Church You don’t get excited about having a baby after you’re holding it. You get excited about having a baby. When you bring the strips I’m pregnant, you’re excited, why don’t you wait and see cuz you’re expecting we need to do the same thing with god when he tells you something get excited when he tells you not just when you finally see it happen when he speaks it into your heart. Put it in your room, protect it. Let it grow, let it develop. You may not see it yet, but it’s still there, so you got to make that choice of school. This next part he said:she’ll bring forth the sun to conceive in your room to bring for the sun, bring forth a son. There’s a couple things. Your encouragement hear you that god is going to bring to pass what he said. Being confident of this very thing that he use begun a good work in you will perform it so tell me that, but the other thing that jumped out of me was a little bit off the radar you’ll bring forth the sun. Ridgeway, Church You know that being pregnant and I have never been pregnant, but you don’t know the gender of the baby in the beginning, tony said:are you going to conceive in your room and you’ll, bring forth a son now he’s giving them information that she cannot know in the beginning? So this speaks to me that has a game-changer you’re going to have to realize. There’s some details, you’re not going to get till later on down the road. You don’t know the gender of that baby until 19 or 20 weeks. So there’s some things in your life as a game-changer you’re going to have to be okay with i, don’t know, step 3 I’m still on step 1 I’m not going to get frustrated at what I don’t know, I’m going to be encouraged by what I do know when we had our children with some people, don’t really know you have got four daughters and one son, the sons, the youngest, and we got our first two two girls and only 21 months apart sand, and so we kind of took a little break and decided she no wait when we were little bit gather ourselves and all this about 4 years later, I’ve got pregnant again and found out it’s another girl, and so that was going to be the last one. Ridgeway, Church

And so we were we were done and okay, that’s awesome work. Where was it successful people think you just keep trying till you had a boy weed. We did not I really wasn’t how it played out. But so when you say you finally got your boy, that’s probably not the best intro cuz. Sometimes, if you don’t realize that kind of devalues my girls I’m just giving tips to people that maybe not talking to me, but if you talk to some other as free, so anyway we go so now. Ridgeway, Church So we will talk to you about a year-and-a-half after our third one don says i. Think when I have another on my quad, so yeah I think I’m going to have another one. Really you sure so, yeah I don’t want that. Third, one to be kind of off on their own. You know these two going to be really tight and we have a third be like I want to have another one. So we actually wanted our fourth one to be another girl cuz. We want to be two pairs. Ridgeway, Church You or your sister, you built in best friends, built in best friend too, and two perfect number. That’s great good balance in the home, I’ll be out of balance, but that’s okay 521. So we didn’t find out what the 4th one was. We really wanted to be a girl, but we thought I was just go. Is the only one we didn’t find out through ultrasound I just want to talk to you about some details. You won’t find out along the way we get to the doctors up. The doctor didn’t know the one that was going to do the birth and that’s giving birth I like to be right in the game. I don’t want to be walking in the halls. I don’t want to sit on the couch I like to be involved in. What’s going on, I’m just checking everything out if this is too much for you already asked donna that this is too much detail. Let me know she did. Let me know so. I’m going in the second service I gave her a chance. She didn’t shut me down so I’m right there, as the base of the head starts to come out. Ridgeway, Church The doctor says, looks like a little boys had to me I’m like what? What does that look like what the difference? Pennsylvania. Goes hasn’t, delivers and is the baby comes out. I look I’m like I’m, not a doctor, but I’ve seen that before that’s, not a boy, I’m, not sure i, don’t know everything I’m, just saying I’m pretty sure. So what I’m saying by that is a game. Changer has to be okay when it says you’re going to bring forth the sun you’re not going to get all the details with notice what he says he’s bringing for the sunday going to call his name. Why do you say that just what I think you think what you want, but here’s what I got out of it I believe god was saying hey when you get your promise. That I told you about when I bring that blessing into your life. I. Ridgeway, Church Don’t want you to forget about me and start thinking now you can call your own shots, call his name jesus, don’t call me ralph, don’t, call, him bob, don’t call him jim, bob I’m calling steve jesus is his name cuz, here’s what happens sometimes when we get blessed in our lives. If we’re not careful, we can forget about who brought us to where we are, and now we we. We start calling our own shots and got sent hey when you, when the blessing comes into your life, all the sudden you’ve got a little extra money got that promotion got that new job. Things are going well because sometimes we come to god in tragedy, and we forget about him in triumph I’m, just laying down some stuff for you see. Sometimes we come to him begging and tragedy. God, you got to help me get to know everything’s going good. We got. No issues all the sudden we just kind of pick and choose. Ridgeway, Church When we want to serve god. He says, don’t forget. When the blessing comes in your life, deuteronomy chapter 8, he says when I give you the promised land when you’re living in the houses you didn’t build, you got silver and gold that you didn’t deserve when you have all that, don’t forget the one who brought you where you are game, changers, don’t forget who butters their bread game changers, remember where they came from that without god I am nothing so when I have something in the world. I wouldn’t remember the one who gave it to me. We can’t just live for god in our tragedy. We got to live for gun or triumph. Let’s go on look who’s next verse to verse, 32! Ridgeway, Church That’s the angel starts pictures talks about your says, call his name jesus. Then they say they’re, so he shall be great to be called the son of the highest and the lord god will give him the throne of his father david reign of the house of jacob forever and others. Kingdom don’t be no and 4:30 for the mary said to the angel yo come out sorry to interrupt you there, but how can this be since I do not know a man, the messenger come start talking about how great it’s going to be he’s going to be great room:father, david, house of jacob laying up son of the highest. All this great stuff is going to happen, he’s all tied up and what it’s going to be and mary’s trip up like won’t. Come out. You remember that part in the previous few verses. When you call me a virgin twice, I’m, still a virgin.

How can what you’re saying ever happened to me? Mary, looked at her limitations, I believe what god was saying was impossible because what she couldn’t figure out-and we are just like mary the god-speak something to us and we say how:how can that be? Ridgeway, Church How can that be? I, don’t know a man. How can that be you’re going to have to choose this in your in your walk? Is a game-changer you’re going to have to choose the supernatural over the natural she understood the natural connection? Okay, I understand, you know, I’ll, give you the man. Okay, we got baby i, understand that part I got that, but now you’re talkin about something I’m not going to be able to man and yet I’m going to bring for the sun,. Ridgeway, Church Then you got all tied up in that he’s, going to be great in high son of the house of jacob, throwing to david, but I’m still way back here, trying to figure out how you don’t want it excited. Sometimes god gets ahead of himself because he knows the end from the beginning and sometimes god’s going to tell you some stuff and it’s going to be way ahead. But you just got to realize:god sees something that we don’t see that so he’s just trying to encourage you I see how this is going to turn out. Follow me follow somebody, that’s been somewhere, you never been before and they get excited about where you’re going and you have no idea where you’re going you do like come on. Ridgeway, Church It’s just going to be great. It’s going to be so excited you haven’t experienced because they have already experienced you need to know. God has already experienced everything that he’s promising you and he gets excited before you ever get to see it. I, don’t know man i, don’t know man, you and i. We don’t need to know a man. We need to know. Dee man, you don’t need to have all the earthly connection. You don’t need to know how god’s going to bring it to pass. I know we want to know how but game changers are willing to believe god, even when they can’t have the foggiest idea how it could ever work out. Why? Because god told me game-changers, believe god you don’t have to choose between the supernatural and the natural who’s going to next part numbers 35 and the angel answered and said to her. Ridgeway, Church The holy spirit will come upon you. The holy spirit will come upon you and the power of the highest will overshadow. You therefore, also that holy one who has to be born will be called the, son of god, verse, 35 and other choice. We’re going to have to make will have to choose his power over our abilities, his power she’s, like okay, how’s, this going to happen, and you said I’ll tell you exactly how it’s going to happen. Look what’s going to happen, the holy spirit will come upon you, and now the power of the highest will be available to you. So we got to realize when god is telling us to do something. If he’s telling you to change your behavior as a husband, the holy spirit, the power of the holy spirit is available to help you to change a man, but that’s good good job. Whenever we work in relationships all the time, we look at our abilities. Ridgeway, Church We look at what we can do, what he can do. You ask chapter 1, verse 8, but you will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you, you want to be a game-changer in the situation, will stop being limited by your abilities and start engaging in his power. You will have to choose his power over your ability. We will say no to many times because we’re filtering what god is asking us to do through our ability to get it done. God’s telling you things that you can’t do and he loves it. He loves to tell you to do things you can’t do while, because it causes us to depend on him because I don’t want you to believe for multiple campuses, god I can’t even do one I know you need me. This is what you’re talking about you need to believe for the impossible. That’s what he wants stretch let’s go to next verse. You have to choose to his power over your abilities, verse 36. Now, indeed elizabeth your relative. He starts talking about. Somebody else now need your elizabeth. Your relative has also can see the sun and her old age, and this is now the six month for her who was called baron, who was who was called look, what happens mary little bit trepidatious about this whole baby? No man conception, think i, understand, there’s a little bit of a reputation on the line. Let me know. Ridgeway, Church Everybody was going to believe her pregnancy was at the holy spirit. Not everybody on facebook was going to click like when she posted hey good news, I’m pregnant by the holy spirit, not everybody’s, going to believe that story. I am reputation was on the line, so she’s a little bit trepidatious about it. So then the angel says:hey wait a minute. You know your cousin elizabeth who’s too old, to have a baby and now was called baron she’s pregnant 6 months in the testimony of what god was doing for someone else sometimes can be a game-changer for you. This is why you need to be ready to tell your story. Ridgeway, Church What has god done for you when you tell someone what god has done for you, it can be a game-changer in their life. Cuz they’ll look at you and sex if god can do it for them, then there’s hope for me. Individual razors, hannon accepted christ in the first service I got to talk to him afterwards, and that is where sharon you just said.

I was a big deal for me and I’m, like yeah I know, but not only should a big deal for you, but it’s a big deal for everyone. That knows you, because the changes happened in your life today will give them hope. It’s something can change in their life. Elizabeth story encourage marry. Your story will encourage someone else. You got to be able to tell her, but look what the story was. Ridgeway, Church Elizabeth who was called baron was called. Why is she not called baron anymore because she’s pregnant? How many of us need to tell our story of what we was called? You was cold too drunk hurt. You was called perverted. You was called an addict. You was called you had temper issues, you was called whatever your was called was I was called lost, I was called hopeless, I was called depressed, I was called, suicidal, I was called, but now jesus came into my life, I was called, I was called if I was called an orphan I was over. Ridgeway, Church You was called, but god came into your life and now everything’s changed steve game-changers focus on what god calls them more than what they was called. Game changers are going to have to choose between their past and the future, and if we will bleed into god, we have a future in christ and I can’t be caught up in what I was called I like to tell stories of what I was called because now people to get to experience what I am called I am called a son of god I am called a child of god, that’s not who I was, but it’s who I am but be careful. Some people want you to wear the label of your was called all your life. They want to know who you are I know where you been I know where you are I know what you’ve done and that’s what I was called. That’s what it was called that was yesterday today’s a new day, oh yeah, but you have to prove it to me. I know, but I’m not trying to prove it to you. I’m accepting from him and I’m accepted what I was caught, I’m choosing what I am called over. What I was called spring is home. Last two verses, 437 full with god. Nothing will be impossible with god. Nothing will be impossible with god. Nothing will be impossible game, changers realize with god no thing, nothing, no thing no thing will be impossible. If you don’t understand my thing, what’s your thing, it’s your thing. Do what he wants you to do. Nothing will be impossible. What’s your situation, no thing what you think you’ll understand my thing:i, don’t even know your thing with god. The question is not. What is your thing? The question is:are you with god? We want to magnify our thing, but my thing is so big. Ridgeway, Church My thing it’s so impossible. My thing is so overwhelming my thing, my thing my thing and got his head focus on being with me to talk about the with god more than you talk about your thing, all the sudden. Your thing most seem so big, because your god will be exalted with god, nothing being possible. Look for starting. Then mary said that after she heard the word from god for the testimony about elizabeth said that nothing will be impossible, verse 38 then mary said behold the maid servant of the lord. She started singing the beatles song. Let it be let it be maybe. What. She said let it be to me according to your, what let it be to me according to your work, let it be to me, according to your word, here’s what you’ll have to overcome the last choice you have to make you’ll have to overcome, but you have to make the choice between his word and your life. What did god say and then you have to go to say this. Let it be to me go to make all the promises you can hear all the servants in the world. You can read everything in your bible, but until you and I say these words, let it be to me it will be something that passes over and goes to someone else. You need to grab it say:hi I’m grabbing it right here. Let it be to me, according to your work, i, don’t understand it. I, don’t see how it’s going to work out. Ridgeway, Church I can’t figure it out, but game changers, don’t wait for all the details before they buy in as a god. Let it be to me, according to your word, let it be to be according to what you’re saying, let it be to me not according to what I understand, but let it be to me according to what you said to me, not according to what everybody except game. Changers are not waiting for vast approval from humanity there waiting on a word from god. What did god tell you will happen in your relationship? If you do what god says I know, but they don’t go to receive it, they aren’t going to do that. So we disqualified us to do because we don’t see how it’s going to play out does fix me and tells me how I want you to be i. Want you to do this, for your wife, i! Want you to act this way today and what you say these things yeah yeah. But what difference does it make how she going to respond to that I didn’t say anything about that. Ridgeway, Church I just said:do your part, my friends are jacked up we’re going crazy talk to about me being mean to me I’m, a back okay. So are you going to wait for them to change or you going to change here’s. What I want you to I want you to go, be nice to speak! Well.

I! Want you to tweet nice things about it. I want you to i, want you to send a nice text. Ridgeway, Church I want you to do this about what if they don’t respond, we wait on how things going to play on before we decide to engage what god told us to do. You cannot do it. If you’re wanting to get in a relationship, you can help people that have never been married, you’re wanting to be married. You cannot wait for the other side of the equation. Ridgeway, Church To do your side of the equation. You got to love all you got to do your part. You can’t wait for why to do his job. If your ex you got to do your job, do your job, let god and why work out their job. Do your job. The formula will never work out. If you don’t do yours, I’ll do mine when why does his wonderful wife saying the same thing call ramon when next does his you understand what I’m saying so game shakers I’m going to make these choices so I pray spell your heads with me:you’re watching online Ridgeway, Church I just want you to pray with us, cuz I believe you’re, a game-changer I believe god called you to be a game-changer weaver’s things that god put in your heart and in the process of time it’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to get lost, but you’re going to have to make these choices that we talked about today. You’re going to have to choose god’s favor on your life over the fear of what other people think you got to choose that you got to choose his power over your abilities. You got to make a choice on who you trust in you have to choose. Faith over site. You have to choose. Am over was some of you. What you was called. Has you paralyzed I can’t get past what I was called I want you to receive what god wants to do in your heart today in jesus name, i, just pray for those watching i, don’t see her in the service. Good I think it. We were game changers. They were going to change the game. We’re going to change the game in our relationships were Ridgeway, Church going to change the game and our health we’re going to change the game. In our thoughts, we would have changed the game at work. We will change the game with their friends. Thank you, lord, that with you, nothing is impossible. So whatever our thing is we thank you that with you, we can see it through. We can overcome to put our faith in her, hoping you and I ask holy spirit that you speak to everyone listening today about how they need to trust you and what choices some I just sent. This brought to my attention that some of you have a noose around your neck about what people think about you around your neck and you need to cut it loose you’re in bondage and fear. You’ve lost, who, you, are, you’ve lost, who you are because you’re so worried about what other people think you need, the freedom of being yourself being who god created you to be that you cut that broke loose cuz we’re praying if you just keep asking the lord. What he’s wanting to speak to you, I just want to give an opportunity for those here in the auditorium. Are those watching online and you say:chad I’ve, never accepted jesus, as my lord I’ve never prayed to give my life to god like that individual did in the first service today. I want to do that. I want you to know that jesus paid, the price for your since you didn’t earn it. Ridgeway, Church You didn’t deserve it, it’s his favorites, his grace towards you. So if you’re listening right now-and you said, yeah. I’ve ran away from god of walked away from him. I’ve never accepted christ, but I want to today. In a moment, I will ask you to raise your hand, will count to 3 news, raise your hand not to me, but I’m pretty thing else, but just say:okay god I want I want to accept jesus into my life, we’re not going to call you out or just going to pray with you right where you are give you the opportunity to accept that watching online right here when I count to three say yes to god, raise your hands to come into my life and take over. If that’s you want to 3, I’m watching online. Raise your hand there, water praying with you. Thank you, jesus yep, yep, i, see your hand. There is one anybody else. Thank you, lord! Thank you, lord! Thank you, jesus. Anybody else we want to hear from you I want to hear if you want us to pray, I want to play right now. If you raise your hand or if you want to pray this way, this world praise and family out loud together, you’re not praying to me chad everett can’t save you. I need to save your just like you, but you’re, praying to the your father in heaven and ask him to come into your life and today is going to be a game-changer for you. What’s brady’s words out loud together as a family, say father in heaven I believe that jesus died on the cross in my place. For my since I believe he rose from the dead so that I can have a new line today. I ask you to forgive me:i change, my heart, I put you in charge, come into my life and be my lord. Thank you for loving me and thank you for saving me i. Ridgeway, Church Give everything to you in jesus name:amen, amen,, yeah, yeah, some good! It’s so awesome! If you, if you pray that prayer today, we just want to stay in this moment just for a second.

If you prayed that prayer today over there here, it’s in the auditorium in the overflow river online, we would love to know that. Ridgeway, Church So, if you are here in the auditorium, please just take out your connect card and check mark that box. Just stating that the today you make jesus your lord and savior again. If you are online and you prayed that prayer, just please call the church office, we would just love to know that we’re just going to send you a letter and I just congratulate you, because this is the absolute best and greatest decision that you will ever make in your entire life. So we just want to celebrate that. We just want to honor that I’m in and in just a just a moment the ministry teams going to come forward and to those that did pray that prayer, if we could just take a 60 seconds of your time, just to talk to you about your next steps with in your relationship with god, be a baptism coming up next week, and we also want to give you a fresh start book that goes over that as well and amen. This part in the service we want to worship the lord there are giving for a ties and offerings I just want to touch base on that. A real quick. If you call crossroads home we would. We would love for you to be a part of freedom rock and there’s a few different ways. Ridgeway, Church You could be a part of freedom rock i. One of them is setting up a food booth, and if you do that, of course, you pay for all the food and you give all the food and drinks at no charge. But if you don’t want to set up or are being a food booth another way you can be a partner of freedom rock is, if you give towards that, and it’s just a great way to give towards freedom rock, because once we collect that money that we dispersed, that out evenly among everyone with the food was so I just wanted to mention that that’s a good way to be a part of freedom rock. If you don’t want to have a food booth yourself, a man so on the screen, you’ll see three ways to give. We have to text to give we have a you, can give up on our website and also you can use the envelope adesa in the chair in front of you for your check and cash, giving and I’m just going to pray over all the ties and offerings and and god. Ridgeway, Church We just thank you so much for the power of the tide, god and god. We just want to pray blessings over every seed sown today and we just pray that it will add more souls to your kingdom of god and god. We just pray blessings over every church in the area we pray blessings over their pastors and their leaders encourage them today to the power of the holy spirit and just remind them of their purpose and we’re going to be all the praise and all the glory in jesus name, amen. Amen on your left side, if you could do me a favor and and pass it down in the I should be by here in just a moment to pick that up and again just a couple of reminders. Mothers don’t forget to pick up your free gift whenever you leave here today and they cafe foyer at while you’re out there. You can stop by the welcome center and pick up. It is finished the cd serious and even pick one up for a family member or friend, and we hope you enjoy that. Don’t forget everyone that did pray that prayer or if you would like to get baptized or having those next week. So just call the church office or you can stop by the welcome center and look at the more information I had to take part in that and once the the buckets are passed, you can go ahead and send your feet, administrative. You can go ahead and and make your way to the front as well and what is going to sing through this song just one more time. This is a very important part in the service. I encourage you just a really press in preston to this song and press into the word that you’ve heard of that and hope you all have a great rest of your mother’s day and and god bless come on sing out. Ridgeway, Church Oh holy spirit with us like a fire to me open camera great day, happy mother’s day enjoy your gift out in the 4-year and have a great week

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