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Hey good morning welcome to crossroads. My name is chris. Ridgeway, Church How many in here is excited because it is i, have his mm sunday? Yes, alright, we love, baptism, sunday, feel free to come up and get some pictures. If you like to get some pictures today. So all right, hey, i, first person up today is stella, hutchcraft and stella says I want to show that I love jesus turn this way, stella I’m so excited for you, you best jesus into your heart. You will show everybody that you love. Jesus i, tell you what I when I look at you I just hear god saying he has his eye on you. You have pretty eyes but I just hear god, saying I have my eye on stella and his favor is on your life. Everything that you do in life god’s watching you he’s caring for you. So whenever you’re scared or anytime you’re, confused or anytime you’re hurting I want. You know that god’s eye is on you he’s watching you and he’s taking care of you. He will never leave you and he will never forsake. You he’s your god he’s your friend and he loves you very much. Ridgeway, Church You know that is I precious, how you accepted jesus as your lord and savior, you ready to be baptized awesome day for you, stella going to baptize your name, the father name, his son jesus in the power of the holy spirit, alright in jesus stella pictures of stella, stella, christopher, jolly, north, city, illinois and chris, says I’m, ready to take the next step closer to our father, I’m, ready to accept anything that he has in store. For me, chris is an awesome day for you. Buddy accept jesus into your heart. There’s a remodeling, that’s taking place in your life and god’s done a restoration made all things new I just believe it today. Ridgeway, Church So things are going to die that you wanted to release in your mind about yourself about your past, about what others say:i believe that’s going to die today and I was going to give you his thoughts for your life in a fresh way, more powerful way. Cuz I want you nothing that anyone else has ever known before new things. He wants to reveal it to you. If I just praying that your thoughts will be renewed to his thoughts, don’t be tied down when anyone else has ever said. You have race what god says about you work for you in jesus name, your baby, baptized baptized, you name the father name, his son jesus, the power of the holy spirit in jesus. Ridgeway, Church Name, awesome! Awesome! All right! Next up today is alyssa.. I have an issue she says. I have been trying to get my my life right for a while and realized that I was missing. Getting my soul right, sorority does already touching your heart. I can tell right now:what’s you know, he loves you and lisa, and what you have tried to do through your own efforts, god saying I’m going to do from the inside out with my power, not based on what you deserve. Based, on what you’ve learned, but based on his love for you that you just received it’s unconditional, can’t get rid of it. He loves you. He loves. You loves you and that love on the inside of you is going to grow and grow and grow and consume everything about your life. That’s his promise to you, love him with all of your heart cuz. Ridgeway, Church He loves you as well. Have you accepted jesus in your heart today, I’m going to bed power of the holy spirit in jesus, name, congratulations and next up today is our friend candem butler from carmi illinois. Listen to this. He says that he wants to show the life that he lives is living in jesus come over here, buddy said over here just face the camera. Can you get up there? How many people can see you, but have you accepted jesus, as your lord and savior camden I’m, going to do something different for you today, I feel, like god, told me to read three scripts or two scriptures over you, okay, and want you to listen to what the word says. Ridgeway, Church Therefore, god also has highly exalted him talking about jesus and giving him the name, which is above every name, that at the name of jesus, every knee should bow of those in heaven and those on the earth and those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that jesus christ is lord to the glory of god, the father and his name through faith in his name has made this young man strong, whom you see and no yes, faith, which comes through him, has given him. This perfect sound us in the presence of you all in the name of jesus. So camden you look jesus. You know how much he loves you more than you love him. Yes, more than you love him. Ridgeway, Church I love you and I’m, going to baptize you in the name of the father name of the son, jesus the power of the holy spirit. Are you ready? You don’t pinch your nose, you hold your nose. I’ll do all holders for you, lord i, just baptized him in jesus, name in jesus name. Thank you. Jesus i! Give it up for all about baptism this morning, come on give it up for a baptism. Hey get up on your feet this morning, I’m going to worship the lord. We just want to welcome you by line this morning right here in the auditorium and we’re going to have a great day in the lord amen. Do you smoke anymore? Nothing! No! Nothing can change. We love you lord! We thank you. Father is awesome in this place this morning. How many agree with that this morning, awesome:hey we’re going to do something.

My name is chris. We want to welcome you here to crossroads we’re going to do something is very important here in our church culture, Ridgeway, Church ministry team-if they would come forth this time right here in the auditorium in the overflow room as well to come forward, because we want to partner with you in prayer, we want to create an opportunity to be able to partner with you in prayer about anything that’s going on in your life today, whatever it. Maybe today we want to be able to partner with you today and sores going to invite you to come today. We encourage you to come today and we don’t believe, there’s anything wrong with people that come forward here at our church culture. Just because we want to celebrate. We want to take a time to celebrate right here, to celebrate people that they would come to god and ask him for help. Is that, okay, so before service, we were praying asking god what he want to do in the service and got actually highlighted Ridgeway, Church some specific things that he wants to do it, and we believe that there may be some people going through some of these things right now, and that is called a word of knowledge and it’s simply in 1st corinthians chapter 12. It talks about how god would reveal something to someone that they know about something else or someone else that name that they know nothing about. So today we have those words of knowledge scrolling on the screen and if one of these I want you to take a look at the screen today and if one of these just touch you or speak to you about anything, it’s not by accident that you’re here this morning, it’s not like winston dance that that these are growing on a screen and we’re creating this opportunity, because we believe in the power of partnership and we believe in agreement, because we believe, Ridgeway, Church if we touch anything, that we still have it. Maybe, that we still have it today. And we know that if, if two or three his name is in the mist-and he is here today-so we thank you father and we invite you holy, spirit, father i, just pray that you would encourage hearts today father god and give them the boldness today to be able to step out in their situation to be able to step out in anything that they’re going through this morning and god I just pray that that we just released faith in this atmosphere. We spray for all the words of knowledge may be impacting today. The father we pray for healing transformation and father. We pray for a connection to you today in jesus, mighty name to give prayer and let’s see what jesus can do in your life today tries what a beautiful name it is. Can you do we just thank you jesus god. Ridgeway, Church We lift you up today. Galveston yours is the name, above all other names, the name of jesus, the guy. We just thank you god. We praise you that you are great, but you are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are powerful. Today we can stand in your presence, god. We lift you up today. Again. We just want to extend the invitation if you would like prayer, come up front if there’s anything on the screens during the words with the words of knowledge it, even if it’s not on the screen, if you’d like prayer for anything or ministry team, is here up front to pray with you, so during the next song, she like to come up feel free to come up. Medicaid of my heart, tim heights rick from he has my soul. I think he’s my heart is my song. You are good. You good, you are good. You can have my heart application, never gonna give never gonna give never gonna. Thank you, jesus that you will never ever let us down, and people may let us down and our child’s play. Let us down our family. Ridgeway, Church May let us down I married my last and our finances. May let us down. Thank god will never let you down, and he says to me and if he can’t see that he will part the red sea and that he will make a way for you that your look so that way today and god says I’ve already pushed back the way all you have to produce and proceeded to walk through the dry ground that I are prepared for such a time as this some of you this morning feel like that. You had the wind knocked out of your sails, but today he is the one that was to win back into your cells, and you can’t do this place looking because you’re, exhausted and you’re tired, and you need rest and god said today that I’m going to put the fire back in your life I’m going to put the fire and the anointing that you once had that you used to have an anointing on your life and circumstances, and situations cannot stand in the way from what I want to put back into your life answer your life. Ridgeway, Church So what we thank you today, holy spirit, you are so magnificent in this place, holy spirit that we can do only what we can do tonight, the holy spirit you can do what we can. We can that we will show up in our mess the god in that place. You will make a way cuz. You will prepare a way for us. Thank you today. We thank you for every heart and soul in mine in this auditorium flushing online today weave, but you were touching, live for the healing the victories and the deliverance the transformation. Ridgeway, Church The testimonies that are going to come from today service, we give you glory ahead of time, because you are an awesome god that you are an awesome god and we believe today that you will do what we ask you to do.

If we come to you with confidence. Confidence over this body this morning, at its peak bone, is on this bike. Ridgeway, Church Confidence for those that have lost all faith in lost all confidence that they don’t believe in it going to happen anymore, but they don’t believe what they ask for can happen, and lord i, just pray for us. Of expectation to begin to rise in this place that father that you gave us a hope and a future today, god human bite, you we love you today. Thank you for your morning. Thank you for breaking, chains and setting people free right here in this atmosphere gone so we foster your presence. We foster your knowing we thank you for what you are going to do and what you’ve already done in this service in jesus, mighty name and everyone said, amen. He looking somebody today about 50 people introduce yourself this morning, holy spirit, alright, hey! Let’s give it up for a worship team this morning. Ridgeway, Church Yes, if I just want to celebrate today, my name is chris and I weirdest thankful for each one has come this way this morning here in the auditorium and also watching online this morning, hey can we get just a warm welcome to all of our online folks this morning, all of our first time guest here this morning at crossroads, we love you. We appreciate you online all right, so hey I just want to draw your attention to something this morning, real, quick couple things hey when you came in this morning, you should have got a what we call a worship guide. Alright, an inside that worship god there is a connect card. That’s a very valuable piece of information and I will say that every single week that it is very valuable and here’s why it’s very valuable. Ridgeway, Church The first thing is, is there’s a place on there that you can put a prayer request. You see, services, don’t stop right here on sunday morning. They continue one. We continue to pray for people all through the week when you put in your prayer. Request. We continue to pray for you. So if you need prayer about anything, we want to continue to pray for you, our staff and our team. We pray for you a few times during the week also today, if you have made jesus the lord of your life at any point in time during our message during the service. At any point in time, we was want you to take a moment and check on there that today you may jesus the lord of your life. Also there three ways that you can get connected here:crossroads because we don’t want you just to be in a tender. We want you to be spiritually. Ridgeway, Church We want to see you spiritually grow beyond your imagination, because god has so many great things in store for you, alright, so the first way that you can draw with get to go track all right, that’s a series of classes that we held and held in a second service. The second way is to connect groups, and the third way is to serve on the dream team. They were powerful ways that you can get connected here at crossroads when we want to help you find that next step and help you get connected here lot of announcements this morning. Also next sunday and I know it next sunday is not the 27th, its freedom rock all right. Ridgeway, Church So yeah we’re going to jam out here, crossroads next sunday at winrock, but next saturday, the 26th is set up day from 8 to 12. Okay, we want to invite you out if you have a booth, that would be a great opportunity, great time for you to get set up between 8 and 12 next saturday. Also, we asked you that you park across the street alright just to help we want to make room for more people. I work, leaving at this year’s going to be bigger than the previous years am i. The only one believing that all right, so we want to make room for more people were asked you to park, cross the road and will show you a shuttle you to the ground. Also, all all of you to call crossroads your home, please don’t put your name in the drawing or for the giveaways are right. We don’t want any crossroad is be packing around big screen tvs and all these things aren’t. These are for the people that come that we want their life impacted by generosity, because we want to give away stuff and we want people to be impacted all right, all right and also so when is that service going to start? That’s a great question, I’m glad you ask, it starts at 10:30 alright, and there is going to be children’s ministry. Cbc kids, 4 and under will be, will have services for the kids for 4 years old and 4 years old and up I’m, sorry for years old and up at the school just call. If a lot of people, not everybody, is like me and has a ten-month-old laying around right alright. Ridgeway, Church So if you order t-shirts today, we want you to pick those up. Also, here’s a very important piece of information as well last one get signed up if you haven’t signed up yet I encourage you get signed up. Here’s a few areas that you can do that grounds:crew, alright horse rides also hosted in the tent and serving the volunteers, all right. What is starving to volunteer that’s a great question right. That is a team of people that goes around there behind the scenes. If you love to work behind the scenes, that would be a great place for you serving the volunteer, so you’ll be giving sunscreen water and helping just asking the boost whatever they need, just helping the people to be comfortable and all these things so that serving the volunteers all right so get signed up in any of these categories.

We need people all right there still time to get signed up. Ridgeway, Church Alright, so hey check out crossroads life and then I delete, pastor, chad everett will be right back with the message good morning and welcome to crossroads I’m zack oxford, and we are so excited that you chose to spend part of your weekend with us. We have so many ways for you and your family to discover and connect your crossroads weed by you, take a few minutes and look in your worship guy. If this is your first time here, we would love to get to know you better. Please take a few minutes to fill up a connect card and take it over to a welcome center out in the cafe after service where are hosting is ray preaching. If you are joining us today through livestream. Please take a few minutes and check out our website. Crossroads bible, church. Tv, to see what’s happening here. Crossroads melrose, trek, discovery 301 class, is being held today at 10:45 in the garage trying to learn more about the classes that take a minute to look over. The information in your worship guide just a reminder that there will be no roadtrek class. Next week, freedom put a brand new session of retractable start on june 3rd. We want to invite you to come back and join us for our wednesday evening service. The night will be do an intercessory prayer in the group chat group at 5:45, and then we get started at 6:45 with worship in the world is available. Every wednesday night are relentless rock you and cbc kids class are in full swing in the cafe, is open after services. Ridgeway, Church Well, so come out and join us. This wednesday night, freedom rock, is coming up next week, be sure to stop by the bazaar today to sign up to help and pick up a t-shirt if. You place an order. Next sunday service will be held at freedom rock ground at 10:30, so be sure and bring your lawn chair and be a part of our very first outdoor service. If you’re here today and have never been. If we invite to join us for a super fun day, full of food games, entertainment prizes, a car show and lots more. It’s all free and it’s from noon to 5 p.M. Come. Join us we’d love to have you jesus said my house is a house of prayer in crossroads at his house. Would opportunity to come together and pray at crossroads is first saturday printer is coming up, june, 2nd mark it on your calendar and plan to join us for an hour of prayer in the auditorium, starting at 9 a.M. We invite you to head to the welcome center in the cafe area after service will you can sign it for individual teachings on cd, and you can check out all of the sermon series available on sunday as well be sure to take some with you they’re, all three. You could also your crossroads on a website, our youtube channel and our podcast. All the details are on the back of your worship guide and also on our website. Ridgeway, Church That’s all for crossroads life have an amazing rest of the day.. It is if I turn the switch. My bad hey welcome to view online over online family and all of your cross. Roads are so great to be with you this morning. We’re on our series called game, changer and I told you ahead of time that today was going to be a game-changer. It already has been in so many ways with our water baptisms. We’ve had some game-changing things happening. There is just so awesome to see new life happen. People coming in getting born again, giving your life to christ. So we just a grateful for all the things that happened at make game-changing possible here in today, as we get into our message. I just want to take a moment if I could and just invite my friend the holy spirit, just to speak to us today. We take just a moment to pray father in heaven i. Ridgeway, Church Thank you for the holy spirit holy spirit i. Just welcome you to come and to speak life to us, speak to me, speak through me speak to every one of our hearts on this pentecost sunday I pray that your presence will be manifest in a special way. Today we honor you, we make room for you, you are god, you are a voice, you are, my strength! You are comfort. You are a piece. You are our power, so we just yield to you in jesus name, amen. It is pentecost, sunday and pentecost. Sunday is not something is celebrated by a certain denomination. It’s not something! It’s only tied to certain types of churches, you hear pentecost and sometimes they think of pentecostal churches, but pentecost. Two significant things happened in your bible on pentecost sunday. The first one is the moses receive the ten commandments from god on the mountain on pentecost, then also in acts, chapter 2, the holy spirit was given into the earth on pentecost, so today, being pentecost sunday, we’re going to celebrate and I believe it’s no accident at the. What I’m going to share with you today is going to be given to you on pentecost sunday or you don’t have sermon notes in your bible or on or in your worship guide or on. The youversion today was on tension intentional, Ridgeway, Church because some of the things I’m going to be telling you I didn’t want you to know ahead of time. I want to give them to you as we went along, but I do I would like you to go turn your bibles open up your bible you’re watching online or using your phone’s going to be lots open up to isaiah 49 isaiah 49 game changer.

We’ve been on the series for this or third week in the first week, we entitled that one one more round one more round. Ridgeway, Church We talked about the three characteristics of a game changer, and we talked about how we said we didn’t hear. No bell I just want to encourage you. If you’re in a game-changing situation, i, don’t know what your tummy is. We’ve all got different tommy’s we’ve all got different tommy’s that we need to say, I didn’t hear no bell I’m not done yet I’m, not going out yet I’m I’m going to keep getting up. This is a characteristic of a of a game-changer. They have clarity of purpose. They know why they’re on the earth, and then they have creativity, their originals, they’re, not afraid of being disruptive game. Changers will change it up a little bit in the last one. They have constancy, they just keep coming. They just keep coming so now. Ridgeway, Church I just want to encourage a real quick before we go any further, no matter who your tummy is she coming back, just keep fighting keep going, i, don’t know what else to type just have to keep coming, no matter who my tummy is facing in my day today. So we talked about that last week we talked about let, it be. To me, according to your word, talked about in the mother mary and how she said father, let it do the angel, let it be to me. According to your word, we talked about the importance of a game change even happening either happening to you or through you. We talked about 3 minutes and overcoming game tank, changing choices, not just three of them. Ridgeway, Church We had more than that, but game-changing choices. If we’re going to be a game-changer, we’re going to have to make some game-changing choices, then, when I say that you’ll being a game-changer, give it a rob roy, it’s all sounds cool and sexy on the front. End henry heights about it’s hard even still sounds pretty cool on the back end, when you’re ready telling your story, but I want to talk to some game-changers that are in the middle. It’s not it’s, not the sexy part that it’s the painful part. It’s the hurting part. It’s where you still don’t know how things are going to turn out, but you’re. Just doing what god told you to do. You don’t know the end result yeah, but you’re, saying what god told you to say:you’re, making the tough choices when you don’t want to make the tough choices. That’s what makes a game changer. Do you some marital situation? Don’t I were talking about the times and maybe your marital relationship when, when you feel like you had a disagreement in-and one of you cares this song over and over in your head, I’m right there wrong I’m right there wrong I mean you hear that right, you know it’s like you feel validated. You feel justified in your position. You dug in your heels. If this is going to change they’re going to have to come to me, but then you hear god and god says:will you go change it? Will you go apologize, i, can’t change your makes the tough choice, then, when you don’t want to go, make things right when you don’t want to be the one who initiates the forgiveness with that person you’re on the outs with that’s a game-changer, it’s not just about after the fact. It’s in that moment of pain when they’re like, then you make that choice. That’s when you make a difference when you leave when no one knows if, where you’re going is the right way or not a game-changer, the game. Changer sweet want to talk about being a game-changer today and see what it means for us. Ridgeway, Church We believe., and I were talked about it and what it means in our lives and see. If it’s been a game changer you got to have some guts and some courage. Isaac was a game-changing moment for abraham father abraham stars in the front end of the story:hey I’m, going to make your seed as numerous as the stars and having the sand on the seat out of the sand on the shore abrams like yeah. That sounds awesome, but who’s willing to be a game-changer in, this moment. When god says, will you offer your son so I’m not going to do that when god asked you to do something hard? Will you agree with that? That’s a game. Changer then changes when it goes beyond your understanding goes beyond your reasoning in your logic and you still choose to obey god. Maybe it’s not as drastic as this for you, but we’ve got to be able to if we can’t do what he tells us to do and talking to that person in the grocery store line. How are we going to do big things? Goliath was a game-changer for david, probably the most famous story in the bible, even people that don’t even go to church no david-goliath I’ll use it in as an analogy, but today here in sports, don’t even know so. Ridgeway, Church Goliath was a date was a game-changing moments, but how he knows, when you’re standing over him dad getting ready to cut off his head. That’s not when you became a game changer. You became a game-changer when he’s ghosting I’m, going to kill all y’all and everybody’s huddled brian wonder mama, looking for a blankie when they’re all doing that and david says no, not on my watch and not to my god, that’s a game-changer everybody wants to parade with david has killed his thousands ten thousands, every freaking leaves hercules really wants that raising from the dead was a game-changer for jesus eternal redemption for all of mankind, s kind of a game changer, Ridgeway, Church but who’s willing to do this part to get to that.

The game changer wasn’t raising from the dead. The game changer was in the garden when he said father. Ridgeway, Church If there’s any other way, but not my will, but your will be done. I will go to that cross because I see people thousands of years later that need the pain I’m going to go through. They need the healing of that’s a game. Changer! That’s what we want to do. I, don’t want to be about what game changers all when everything is going right in the middle of agony and pain, and you make the right choices that makes the difference. I was talking about. Ridgeway, Church If we could encourage anybody going through marital difficulties, it’s not about the happy moments that doesn’t change the game that changed the game. When you make a right decision, when you want to do something else, I love thoughts came to my mind. Being a game-changer involves, bringing something new to the game. Isaiah 49 says, do not remember the former things nor consider the things of old behold. I will do a new thing. Now we shall spring forth. So you know what I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Here’s one thing that we know for sure:don’t i, believe:we’ve been pastoring a game-changing church for over 12 years, I’ve been in this church for over 26 years, been preaching in the church over 20 years. So I’ve seen a few things, I seen a few changes. Few things come and go. Few things happened here. There is there in just turn to 12 years, so we passed, we’ve seen a lot of changes, I believe we’re pastoring, a game-changing, church and i. Don’t say that to brag on us, I say that to brag on god’s. Sometimes we need to understand the power of the testimony is not to draw the power to the glory to the individual, but it’s to draw honor to god. If you have a miraculous thing that happens in your body or in your job in your relationships whatever, and you give testimony about it, it’s not to say, look at me. It’s just a look at god, an n and i. Look to the study that barn adea to 320,000 protestant churches and in the study they found that 60% of churches are less than 100 people. 88% of churches are less than 200 people. 95% of churches are less than 350. Ridgeway, Church Now this is to be clear. This is not to say that the church is greater than 350 is better than the church at 3:50, or the church at 3:50 is better than the church, for the church of 200 is better than the church of 100. That’s not what the statistics to show the statistics are to show the breakdown of different churches and to let you understand that only 5% of churches ever get larger than 350 people. Why do I bring that up to honor god to say you set in the middle of a miracle every single week, the top 5% last sunday? We had 996 people in church, i, don’t know where, for if you were, but I’m still a little upset. If you’re watching online, you should have been here. Did I say that I say that not to brag about a number numbers represent people god didn’t care about numbers. He cares about people, but what I say that to do is it you are experiencing that in a town of 1100 people you’re the top 5%. So what does that tell me is doing miracles right here in our midst you’re a game-changing church I want to honor god for being a part of a game-changing church, we’re thankful to pastor game-changing church, because we’ve seen people it’s being willing to change over those years that we still have people attending our church today. That started with the church 34 years ago started with a church. Ridgeway, Church I think that’s worthy of them. Falls give them some honor cuz. You know those people that are still attending tremendous honor for them. They went through the change of starting on hay. Bales 2 live streaming services. What an honor to be a part of that journey with them game changers. All these changes happen over these times. We talked about this a little bit for my assignment as a pastor. The bible talks about pastors and shepherds kind of together, i, don’t read the scripture to you in acts, chapter 20, verse, 28 says therefore take heed yourselves and to all the flock among which the holy spirit has made you overseers to shepherd the church of god, which he purchased with his own blood. Not my job or my assignment from god as a shepherd, it’s not to be more important than the sheet. Ridgeway, Church A shepherd has no value without sheep. The sheep are the resource. The shepherd is just a manager. You don’t get a lot of money for war with just a shepherd:the resources of the body of a church or the sheep. My job, my assignment from god, is to continue to seek direction from god on how to make sure the sheep are fed and protected to the best of my ability to know when it’s time to move from one feeding pasture to another, sometimes they’ll, look at us, i, don’t see what’s wrong with this, this place looks perfectly fine, but the shepherd nose or and have some idea, but it’s time to move from one pasture to another-and this is been part of my job-to help lead us and change a long way. We’ve had a ton of changes. I couldn’t mention all of them that we made, but all the glory goes to god and the great people that have embraced it and led change on one level or another word for thankful for being a part of a game-changing church people that want to do something different, so our vision to grow over time.

In the beginning, it was just hey. Ridgeway, Church Let’s just make this place as big as we can. Everybody wants to come to north city, let’s just make it as big as we can and then god begin to speak to me about the best way to make an impact in the lives of people. Is it the best way to build a massive place and have everyone drive here or to get into there’s communities and have an impact everyday instead of one day a week, cuz it’s one thing for you to drive to church at 10 church and go back home, but it’s another thing to get into a community. Get involved in the community can impact the lives of that community and we felt like god was saying:no I want you to change from thinking about being one church in one location forever to being one church in multiple locations. We started talking about that in january. 26th of 2013 god spoke to me about a campus in mount, carmel i, don’t know if I’m out,, I wasn’t thinking about mount carmel. Our goal was to start a campus in mount, vernon, indiana and marion illinois. Ridgeway, Church We wasn’t thinking about mount carmel, but he spoke that word to me, then in november 17th of 2014. This is why I encourage you, if you feel like god speak something to you, write it down, write it down, because it may come back to be something powerful. I was praying on. November 17th, 2014, I felt god speak to me and said you are no longer one church with three services which we had at the time. But you are one church in three locations like what I don’t see any other locations, I know, but that’s what I want you to start believing that was in 2014 just started, talking about it and so now fast-forward I love to tell the long version the store, but only get so much time in september of 2016 during the feast of tabernacles. There are three major feast on the hebrew calendar. That I think are very important:passover, which is easter pentecost. Today, feast of tabernacles switches in the fall, which is when I believe jesus will return, I didn’t take a day. I just said, I think it’s that time of year we’re not getting it in x right now, every one of those fees I believe according to scripture i, could show it to you. Ridgeway, Church I’ve made it a policy in my life that I bring a special offering on all three of those holidays to god. Above my ties, I bring a special offering to honor. September 2016 god. Let me in and executive pastor kyle to take 21 days to do prayer and fasting, not our normal january prayer and fasting, but an additional one. Cuz we felt like there was something god was speaking about 2018. This is in september 2016, so we took 21 days, I just committed to prayer and fasting. So then, this year, during our prayer and fasting time of january 2018 now the year is here. I knew something from a year-and-a-half prior is going to be some special as I approach. This fast I felt god asking me chad. Will you go all in and I said it depends? What does that mean and I felt god asking me if I would do the 21 days with just water? No food I still got a chance. I never go longer than 10 days. Another thought that was a miracle, so I had to go. She ate it down to 14. Ridgeway, Church Just tell me how it went be honest, I’d like to give you a spiritual answer. I immediately said:oh yes, lord I’ll, be glad to i. Think I may be said, 10 and maybe we met them, but I’m not sure what happened anyway. I said 14 so on the 14th day or getting approaching the 14th I going to get i, don’t say that to brag on what I did I really don’t i, never usually talk about that I’m. Only doing it to give you context of what happened in this process on the 14th day, I felt got asked me:will you go seven more and I said we have real conversations, I’m not going to snowball him and tell yes when inside I’m, saying I just say no i, don’t think I can do it. I’m starving, so I think you can do 7 more so I text, bill or overseers of our church and I said pray for me. I feel like god, asked me to go 7 more and I text, one of them hl husband and he said man don’t feel kind of nation just eat. You need to eat, something, don’t feel bad. Just going to eat me some, but I will pray. So it’s like that’s a word from the lord but I held off I held off because I wasn’t sure if he hears from god or not and I want to make sure you text me back and not very long. Ridgeway, Church How do you spell chad I’d love to tell you to go ahead and eat, but I’ve got to tell you what I feel like god said to me. He said these first 14 days as you dying to a certain percentage of your flesh. He said 20%, but the next 7 days you’ll die to 80%. He said if you go another 7 days, I felt like the lord said that the next seven days will have an impact and determine the next 7 to 10 years of your ministry, 7 days 10 years I’m telling you it was an honest struggle because I didn’t think I could do it. I said it because I don’t want to limit what you want to do in my life. So the reason I say that again not to applaud me, but to tell you on the 17th day, I would have had the 17th day if I would have paid on the 14th.

That’s. Ridgeway, Church Why I’m telling the 17th day we had prayer every morning here at the church, available I’m praying over here just by myself and god, speaks to me and drop something in my heart and I’m like whoa. What was that and then I heard the next 7 to 10 years of your ministry? So I want to give you context before I tell you what he told me I want to give you contact for something so I’m going to go back. I’m going to take you back, do do do do take it back I’m, going to go back a little bit, so I just can’t get away from it, and some of you were here in may 27th of 2012 six years ago to the date. Next sunday it was freedom rock, sunday, may 27th has not been on a sunday since that day 6 years ago. Ridgeway, Church It just so happens to be on sunday this year. The same thing just coincidence and that sunday freedom rock sunday may 27th 2012 was pentecost. Sunday today happens to be pentecost sunday, so here’s jim boyd been a prophet in the church. For many years, longtime member came up and gave award I’m going to read it back to you as I just transcribed. It word for word. He said:that’s pam and I were greeting this morning, when I get when I greet I always stay in constant prayer, and the lord spoke to me, he said:go get a rock I said what he said:go get a rock, so I went out the door and I got a rock when I picked this rock up, and it is this rock cuz. This rocks is 527 2012, jim, boyd I’ve kept in my office for 6 years when I pick. This truck up from the scripture came in my mind in the book of revelation chapter 2. It says, I give you a flight. Rock I wasn’t really looking for a particular rock. This is the one I picked up:it’s a white rock and that scripture it says, I have written a new name within this rock that only you can see. I said okay god. What are you saying he said turns and says to me:pastor chad i, give you this white rock, because within that white rock is a new name for this church. There’s a new name written on the door of crossroads god is well pleased. Ridgeway, Church I stand humble before him and he has written a new name within my heart and every member of this church. He is writing a new name within you, but it also goes farther in that scripture and says that I will begin to show you the hidden manna, the hidden things of god i, see an outpouring coming to this church and a manifestation in such a way that no man shall be able to claim anything. But all the glory will be given back to god within that rock is a new name. A new name written over this church be humbled, be humbled in my site, say at the lord and I shall bless all your ways. Saith, the lord, oh yes, my power and my spirit will rest upon this place, so it will become more than just a beacon. Ridgeway, Church It would become more than just a light on top of the hill, but it should go farther and farther and farther, and this church will begin to say into the north and on to the south under the east. As far as the west ob bless, my children for I shall raise you up to a height that you have never dreamed possible, but you must be humble, and trust me says the lord remember the rock on which you stand is unbreakable. Ridgeway, Church Unmovable unshakable says the lord. Oh yes, my children remember the rock and the name written within says the lord I receive that word. I begin to pray, I’m like okay is our new name supposed to be rock church? Is it stonechurch? It would come nothing I didn’t get anything so I just put on the shelf literally put this rock on the shelf in my office and whenever I look at it from time to time. If they got it, that’s your plan. You’ll tell me what to do. If it’s not your plan will move on i, don’t have anything wrong with her name. If you want to change it, you change, it will just stay as we are so now we begin to pray about that, but we realized that’s, got to changed our vision and want to go into multiple locations. The name crossroads is pretty common, there’s already a crossroads in evansville that we get confused with a lot great church in newburgh. Now they started campus on the west side. So when he go into our parade in mount, vernon will say:hey where crossroads like are you know where the other one there’s already a crossroads in mount, vernon, illinois sweeney is a pretty common name and if god wanted us to branch out and change that we were at one point. One church in north city in the name is fine, but when you start branching out and going into multiple areas, there could be some confusion so, but we weren’t going to change it just because we wanted something from god. So on that 17th day of the fastest I’m praying I wasn’t praying about the name change. Ridgeway, Church It wasn’t. Thinking about that at all, but I here in my heart the words the roads, church, the first I thought:okay, that’s no big deal, we’ve been called the roads for a long time, have a nickname. You go the roads, yeah, so I thought he was just talking about that. Ridgeway, Church I thought it was something you were just kind of passing thought, but I heard him say again and Again:i’m 17 days in so I’m kind of one good thing about fasting.

Is you tune into the voice of the lord better, Ridgeway, Church so I’m, listening and I know it’s him telling me so I’m, like okay, lord I’ll play your silly game. What’s the official shoe I want scripture on it, I’ll show him I’m not going to do this just because some wild idea. Some well I had a thought. No I want scripture. I want the bible, so I go to my computer software and I just type in I’m searching under new king, james version, just cuz, that’s the bible I read I just typed in the roads. It only came up to places one of the options and there will be no way to confuse that with anything. God would be saying to me about the vision of the church, the other one was isaiah 49. So when I started, reading I bet they of 49 I realized. Ridgeway, Church It was not just tweaking and changing the name of the church god was speaking to me fresh vision for a new season. So what I’m going to give you today and the time that we have I’m going to go through the message? Translation, because this is one that I found when god begin to speak to me and I realize this was more than just hey, I’m going to drop the car off the name and it’s not weird up the cross because we’re less spiritual. This is nothing to do with that. It’s just what god’s telling to do and I’ll show you what it. What do you mean by that? How he showed it to me so I advise aa49. It says god also says when the time’s right I answer you when the time’s right by answer you when victories, do I help. You in the word those given by jim, you remember, he said he was told to pick up a white rock or a white stone, honey prophesied that there’s a new name written over crossroads bible church, and that word was given may 27th 2012 january 26th 2013 god speaks to me about a campus in mount carmel, january, 17th, 2018 god speaks to me roads church, so I’m asking fly now went why the time now to a name change? Why mount carmel is the first we weren’t wanting to go to mount, that wasn’t on our radar. We did everything against the golden? Ridgeway, Church We just didn’t know that we were going to go there but didn’t know. So why the timing, when the time’s right, the word was i, give you this white rock, because within that white rock is a new name for this church. Now. Listen here is what god show me. I looked at someone pointed out to me that the word wabash I looked it up wikipedia, you can check it for yourself. The word wabash is the english spelling of the french name for the river. How baci? No sir I’m pronouncing these right, I’m just going to wing it french traders name the river after miami illinois word for the river whopper, cheeky, meaning here’s the meaning of wabash. It shines white, pure white or water, over whitestone water over white stones. Why do they speak to me now? Because the time is right, we’re starting a new location. Our first location is wabash county. Our first location is the start of a new church. Instead of one location multiple-location. It says when the time is right. I answer you. Ridgeway, Church He didn’t tell me for 6 years. What do you want to do with this silly rock, when the time’s right by answer you can i, encourage somebody when the time’s right, you will hear the direction of god you keep asking you keep seeking. You keep being faithful, he’s talking to you. Let me go on verse. 8 continues to says:i form you and use you to reconnect the people with me to put the land in order to resettle families on the ruined properties may go to the last part. It says to put the land in order and reset all families on the run properties. Over 17 years ago, jim pulled down and I side back in the fellowship hall, which is where are cafe is now back when we still had accordion wall separators. Some of you don’t know what I’m talking about we’re going way back, jim pulled on either side and Said:i’ve got two word for you, and this is isaiah. 58:12 assist to build the old waste places. You shall raise up the foundation of many generations and you shall be called the repair of the breach, the restore of streets or roads to dwell in so that word says in isaiah, 49-8 to put the land in order and resettle families on ruined properties. Ridgeway, Church It is not because it’s my heart, it’s not because it’s the heart of this church, it’s the heart of god, to restore broken ruin, places in the earth. It’s his hard, that’s what he wants to do and he’s asking who will do it with me? The poorest counties in illinois are right here in southern illinois. This is what he’s calling us to where sign says. I tell prisoners come on out, you’re, free and those huddled in fear. It’s alright! It’s safe now, listen to the voice and the heart of heaven. This is what god is wanting us to tell the prisoners. He said:hey come on out your free, those that are huddled in fear. It’s alright! It’s safe! Now! Ridgeway, Church What’s this next month, they’ll be food, stands along all the roads and picnics on all the hills. This is what god’s wanting us to do to those that are inbound in prison by fear, addictions, brokenness situations, god’s wanting us to help bring freedom into their life and knows what it says there will be:food stands alone, all the roads. Next sunday, the word from jim, came on free on freedom, rock sunday next sunday.

What are we going to have lined up all over the grounds? Ridgeway, Church Food stands just his word to me in the new king james new king james version says this:they shall feed along the roads. November 26th 2013 in prayer god gave me a directive to feed my people, just spiritually, but also literally so. I put these together. I believe that god is asking us and telling us that people will be fed, spiritually and physically all along the roads. The roads, north city, the roads, mount carmel, the roads, mount vernon, mount vernon every roads will be a food stand for people to hear the word of god and grow in their relationship with god. Every staying, every rose is going to be a feeding place for people, people going to come and feed, not on the greatness of me, not on the greatness of other communicators but they’re going to feed on the word of god and go to transform your life. Ridgeway, Church Will you help give him the word? That’s what changes people uber status says nobody hungry. Nobody thirsty shade from the sun shelter from the wind. This is the heart of god that nobody is hungry. Nobody’s thirsty, food ministries, like her food pantry, san dimas harvest than things that we’re going to expand into god wants to have nobody hungry and nobody thirsty. He wants us to help feed them clothing, shade from the sun that they will abide under the shelter under the wings of the almighty to put them in a place of shelter, those that are hurting those have been out in the elements of life. They need shelter. This is what god’s wanting to do in their hearts notice what he says. He says for the compassionate one guides them and takes them to the best springs liquid assassin, isaiah 35:6, the parts ground shall become a pool and the thirsty land springs of water in the habitation of jackals, which are scavengers. Ridgeway, Church Is this devour dead things where each lay there shall be grass with reeds and rushes a highway shall be there and a road, and it shall be called the highway of holiness god’s asking to expand his kingdom into dry places, not because we’re going to be the only church doing it, but we will partner, with other churches, bring more moisture more resources, it’s all about building his kingdom. It’s not that nobody else is doing anything. It’s just we’re going to add to what they’re already doing. This is the heart of heaven. Looking for soul evan, he goes on his speaking to unload vision. To me, he says, I’ll make all my mountains into roads and turn them into a super highway. All my mountains in the roads, I’m like what are you talking about i, believe, there’s, there’s a couple things he say number one:all my mountains represent the mountains of influence in society, mountain of education, mount, arts and entertainment, religion, family. Ridgeway, Church All all these things he said, I’m going to give you access and roads into all mountains of influence. You know who’s going to do it. You are, you are the rose and to all the mountains of influence at your job at your school is going to give us access into areas and our communities to show them the kingdom of god. It’s almost turn on my mountains in the highways for you, super highways, in other words, i, want to do a quick work in the last days. Don’t think I’m going to speed up the transformation of the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of our god, so he said who will partner with me to allow all my mountains to be raw who’s, going to go into the political arena and make that mountain or road for the kingdom of god who’s going to enter into the business world and make that mountain of road for the kingdom of god schools and not just go in there as a student, but go in there as a road for the kingdom of god to touch young people’s lives. Ridgeway, Church Your road, your road for the kingdom of god life, is a highway picture of the thing they were saying about move on side. Here’s the other thing I sent you was. He was saying to me. You sound make all my mountains into roads where do unique location geographically, what’s around us to east mount vernon to our north mount carmel to our west mount vernon got spoken to me, but he’s wanting to make all those mountains into roads that we will have a location at each one of those mountains i. Just what I feel like you was telling me again. Because:no, because we’re only game in town. Because. Nobody else is doing anything please just not about that. I just feel like this is what he’s telling us, but god is going to give us access into circles of influence. Dr. Brill that came here and spoke. He gave this word he said remain humble and upright. Ridgeway, Church You will have a place with those in high office in your state. First and the national officers will come later. That’s going to give him plus to you and places of influence, he’s going to give positions to you it rather in places in fluids. When you get in that position, don’t forget who put you there don’t forget who brought you to that place of influence, don’t get into a place of position of influence that start acting like everybody, tells you to act when you get into a position of influence, bring the kingdom of god and you change your circle of influence, reverse 1200, the new king james version about done so surely these shall come from afar. Ridgeway, Church Look those from the north and the west and those from the land of sin in the word that jim spoke, it said, but it shall go farther and farther and farther, and this church will begin to say, and to the north notice the comparison under the north end of the south end of the east.

As far as the west I’ll be blessed, my children file raise you up to hide. Ridgeway, Church You never dreamed possible, but you must be humble and trust me, so it got notice. The connection there come from the north to south the west, but look at the last part of this first and these from the land of sinem i, don’t even know if I’m pronouncing it right. What does that have to do with anything I just kind of passed over, but then I read in the message:translation and it freaked me out these coming from far countries and nose out of the northeast streaming in from the west and those from all the way down the nile, the nile. What is the entire region of southern illinois called little egypt god was saying all the way down the nile. Ridgeway, Church All the way through little egypt I want to bring refreshing I want to impact lives. Will you partner with me for a vision for all, or will you be satisfied to stay in your own comfortable space? I just take care of yourself. You need to relax a little bit. You got a good thing going here, so don’t screw it up. We got more than a good thing going. We got a miraculous thing going, but I’m, not the guy I’m, not the guy. Maybe you’ve been here a while you’ll understand I’m, not the guy who’s satisfied with status quo, I’m, not the guys that you know what we got to bring a deal. It’s just relax and calm down I’m, not going there’s more there’s more there’s more souls out there that need to be saved as more people that need to come to jesus. So all the way down the nile, the entire region of southern illinois, where the ohio river and the mississippi river come together is called the nile basin. That’s why the city at the point of that work comes together, was named. Cairo heaven’s raise the roof. Ridgeway, Church Earth wake, the dead mountain, send up cheers. God has comfort of his people, verse, 13 he has tenderly nurses beating up beat down people, parents raise the roof, just what I heard god say:spectations raise the roof, raise the ceiling on what you can do. Game-changing churches got to raise, raise fix ceiling on the expectations of what god can do through you. It’s not about something separate from you. Please hear me if you’re watching on life, it’s not about something happening on this platform, raise the roof about what god can do for you. It’s your life. God wants to use you to do it. He wants to use you change your circles of influence, so now we’re going to tweak original name and go with his the roads church. This will be our logo that we found. Ridgeway, Church We prayed about the beauty of what I felt like god said. It’s. The roads is something that many have called us for years:i believe in the name tweaking and changing their we’re going to keep some of who we’ve always been ever going to reach forward into something. We’ve never seen before. To be a perfect marriage of our history, our heritage of who he’s always been as a family for those of you that been here for 25-30 years, we say:god bless you and we thank you. The folks there somewhere we’re going to go that god’s going to take us. It’s just going to be a new season in our life. Our vision statement is going to come from this scripture and here’s the business that connecting people jesus from all roads of life, connecting, people jesus from all roads of life. Ridgeway, Church It doesn’t mean that there’s many roads to god. This is not new age movement. What it means is that people are on many different roads and god wants us to go out and connect with him so that they can connect to the one road that leads to salvation. We’re not expecting them to all be on our road. Before we connect with him, show me you’re, waiting on them to come into the church. Road sit in the church road act like church people, and then we connect but god says:will you connect with them from all roads of life? Will you go where they are you like you’re, not buying it I’ll give you scripture, citizen, luke 14:23 in the master, said to the servant, go out into the highways for the roads and hedges and compel them to come in that my house may be filled, haven supply telling them to come in. Ridgeway, Church Why do we want you to come in because we want you to connect with jesus, because we know if we can get you connected with jesus and he can change your life. This is the heart in the vision, by what god saying the mission, how we’re going to do it? What’s the win, you want to clearly defined our wins for the three things:we’re going to try and do we’re going to try connecting, people, developing leaders and impacting culture. The song mission statement, how we’re going to go about it, how we’re going to determine win so now we’re going to look at everything that we do and say. Does it accomplish one of these three things? Is it connecting, people jesus is a developing leaders? Is it impacting our culture and run it through that filter? So weary evaluating everything we do, because you know this about yourself-you only have so many resources at your disposal. You can’t be in 15 places at once, so we’re going to evaluate just like jesus did the things that are bearing fruit and are flourishing, we’re going to put more resources to you in the things that are not bearing fruit and we’re going to cut him off what jesus did with the fig tree. Ridgeway, Church He said you bear fruit or else, so this is what we’re doing we’re going to evaluate and we’re like.

How can we be better at connecting, people, developing leaders and impacting our culture, Ridgeway, Church so we’re going to do something different over the summer? A couple years ago we changed our summers. We have three services, we went to two in an overflow room and it’s been a good transition for us this summer, we’re going to reevaluate our wednesday nights, so we’ll do something different over the summer when I have a first wednesday. Only the only issue is that the first wednesday in july happens to be july, 4th truly going to have all together services on the first wednesday. In june and the first wednesday in august, rock youth will still meet every wednesday night they’ll be no children’s ministry on the there will be children’s mystery only on the first wednesdays. We can’t we feel like this is a proper use of our resources, because not everybody was willing to serve and help and our children’s ministry so at the same people draining over and over and over trying to make that work like hey. If it’s not bearing fruit and people are flocking to it to help it, then, let’s do something different will be evaluated. Ridgeway, Church Social situation I felt like i, was telling us what to do this over the summer so that, as well as the fall comes when I have a better plan of what we’re going to do on the midweek as we go forward, russell look like connect groups, encouraging nose and powering them. So I got a lot to talk about and I’m already hooked time with me. Cuz we’re out of space, we’re believing god, there’s still more people in this area that want to come to church, so we’re believing god for a new building. I asked the architects to draw sup something, and this is a picture of what we’re believing god for right now to bring it up. This is what we’re putting out there. I said:god I’ll do what I can do witches get a drawing now you’re going to have to pay for the building, I can get a drawing, but I can’t pay for it. This is this facility. If you’ll see this entrance hear you you’ll see that is right out here at the carport I’ll be our main entrance. That would be. The only entrance will get rid of the front entrance they’re. Ridgeway, Church All that will be taking up with the new building will have that anymore, and that would be an entry way to seal cafe and bookstore right there in the front desk of the next picture. Bring up so you can see the inside I know you can’t see it very well, but will give you more details. I just want to show it to you to let you know you can believe god with us new auditorium there, the green, the green section is all new. All new parts we got to have a bookstore area, growth track room upstairs there for classrooms and then a new auditorium that was cd or from 800 to 1000, believing god for you’re pulling on the leash. Oh, my god, you want to reach this region. Let’s go for this thing’s, going to cost millions of dollars, no sin. My god has millions of dollars and we as a church. Maybe your new carrie. We don’t borrow money. Ridgeway, Church We have never borrowed money since a long time. I, don’t remember. Last time before I was passed, I don’t think we bought a long time. So we built the new kids building debt, free I’m, going to believe god. But if this is what he wants to build, then he will help pay for it. If he doesn’t want to do, it. All I did was come up with the drawing now it’s in god’s hands, so this is part of what we’re leaving for. So let me close with this I believe. The time is right in our victory is to visit. Church cuz god is formed us and used us to reconnect people jesus to do our part to put the land in order to resettle families on the run properties. Ridgeway, Church To tell prisoners come on out you’re free to tell those and fear it’s alright, it’s safe now to build food stamps to feed people on every roads, location, nobody hungry. Nobody thirsty, shade and shelter provided for those in need this year, freedom rock sunday is exactly 6 years to the date from when this word was given. Every campus will be a spring of life for every community that were in the compassionate one will guide. The god is giving us roads in the mountains of influence. People will come from the north and streaming from the west and those from all the way down there now and all of heaven will rejoice, because not the dream of building the roads, but the dream of building the kingdom of heaven I prayed about this and wanted to deliver this and I realize why we’re going to be live streaming at all. Cuz I got i, don’t know that it was hard had probably one of the roughest weeks I’ve had in years this week. Tough things happens, personal and some friends of mine, some other things going on. Is this horrible week I said god. If this is what you’re asking I’m only I want to take my wife, my children. Thank you so much cousin, my heart. Sometimes it’s like i, don’t want to do anymore. I want to do that. I’m, not asking you. Do it alone, I’m, asking you to cast vision and if you will develop the leaders that I give you they will do more. You will do less so my responsibility to support in 2 liters and grow leaders and their giftings. Ridgeway, Church So that may mean i, maybe a little less accessible to sun. But it’s not because god’s less accessible, kevin amey going to be campus pastors in mount carmel.

They will deal directly in ministering to the people. Ridgeway, Church I’ll still be there. I’ll still be over. All of that still be involved still preaching, but I’m also going to put campus pastors over north city cuz i. Don’t want it to be that one church gets me in the other. Church gets the second choice and my job is going to be raised up leaders and pour into develop the gifts that are sitting here because god said, if I bring leaders into your midst, if you don’t use them, then their waist so I believe there’s room for your gift to be used. Ridgeway, Church Multiple locations are going to need multiple leaders. This church is going to have to give into something beyond themselves, you’re going to have to give in to another location to get it started, but once we get it started, I’m telling you it’s going to begin to multiply going to grow, it’s going to grow, it’s going to grow and someday we’re going to stand up here and talk about all the locations instead of talking about some pipe dream of, maybe one not for the glory of us, not so that we get all the credit not so that we’re a big deal. It is not about that. It’s about thousands of people who do not know jesus. We want to connect from all roads of life. Ridgeway, Church So my question to you is:will you help him not signing up with me? I can’t do it without my family i. Don’t want to do it without my family, I couldn’t be where I am without my wife. Just watch me give over and over and over stood by and supported. What’s my kids watch me I can’t do it without them. They are my life. You guys come after my family I only get one chance with my family I’m, not asking you to say yes to me, you got your own commitments, I’m asking you to say yes to god and what he has said you god will never ask of you more than you can give you more than you want to give, but he’ll never asked if you more than you can give I want us to pray. I just want to give you an opportunity to listen to the holy spirit, maybe you’re, just watching online you’re, not you’re, not part of this church or maybe you’re just busy and just feel free. This is no we’re not trying to make it about us we’re trying to make about his king I’m. Just sharing vision the gods put in my heart that he’s asked the roads church to connect people with jesus from all roads of life. He’s asking you to be a part of connecting developing in impacting. Ridgeway, Church Will you do it? Will you say yes to the voice of god? Maybe you’ve been disengaged, he’s asking you to reengage? Maybe you’ve never connected here, but when you hear vintage, you hear passion few here. What god’s wanting to do its stars, something on the inside of you that says I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. If that’s true, then I asked you just to commit right now to god just say yes to whatever. He asks, whether it’s financially whether to have your time of your talents-i, don’t know I’m just say:god I’m, all in I’m, olean father in heaven. We thank you for the opportunity, as a church family with our online family, as well as her local family. The partner together to you with you to see your dreams fulfilled so I pray over each one of these people that are roads in two different circles of influence. I pray, lord for every gift and talent this represented watching online or listening, hear that all of them operating and functioning in their green will help me apart, bringing the kingdom of heaven to the earth or nothing, but you all for the glory of jesus. Ridgeway, Church We give you praise and honor it’s in jesus, mighty name. We pray, amen, amen, amen! Thank you! Jesus I know. Where is little bit over, but I wanted to get as much out my heart today to you as I could but I want us to take a moment for a tyson offerings just to celebrate god with her, giving we worship god with our giving remember if you’re new here or not a part of the church has no obligation to give, but I encourage you to be at either honor god with the first fruits of all your increase. That’s bible, honor him. First honor him. First i, don’t care if it’s $5 on 50 I tell people all the time. If you won’t get $5 on 50 you’ll never get 500 on 5000. You won’t do it just about honoring god and let him work as far as our building. You said what you said:how do we get started on this building? If you want to give towards the building on your offering envelope? There’s a section called kingdom builders everything given to that we’re going to put aside for this put aside for the building. Ridgeway, Church So today you want to pay for the whole thing:go ahead and pay for the whole Thing:i’m not holding back just go ahead. Let the lord lead you, you think I’m joking, sometimes you put things out. People respond, they feel like hell, I’ve been waiting for vision, I’ve been waiting to hear bishop and once they hear vision, they say all support that. So that’s at work. If you want to text to give you a text to give her, you can text the amount space, cbc, spacebuild and all that money will go to that supposed to pay over ties and offerings father. We come to give not only ourselves when we come to give everything that you’ve given to us all of our resources, time, talents and treasures.

We honor you today, let your kingdom come your will be done in this church, just as it is in heaven god. Ridgeway, Church Let today be a landmark day for the roads church that is pentecost sunday. You breathe fresh wind, fresh air over the place, new direction celebrating and honoring our past as we reach for the future. In the matchless name of jesus, we pray by saying that they meant there’s a buck attorney search if you’ll pass it down the extra to come by and pick that up well. You’re giving I want to draw your attention to something in your bible. Ridgeway, Church Whenever god change the name, it was a big deal, don’t never change your name! Just cuz, there’s abram to abraham sarai to sarah saul to paul. You changed about your name’s jacob to israel and i, felt like when god was asking me the timing of changing the name on pentecost sunday when god change abram to abraham, you studied on the hebrew. He added an h to his name and that age in the hebrew is symbolic for the breath and wind of god, which represents the holy spirit. So, as god is changing our name today on pentecost sunday, it’s because he’s breathing fresh win into our sales fresh air, not to discredit what has been done, but to empower where we’re going so I just encourage your messages. If you pass by listen to our feet, if your home, for just a second i, want to sing this song through i, Ridgeway, Church don’t want to worship together. Can we just give god our our praises at church? Can we just sing this song with all of our hearts unify call. Today is a special day. It’s a game changer for today. Hey, thank you for joining us today. You guys have a great rest of your day will see you wednesday night at 6:40

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