Hey Ron. This series called journey of hope and journey of hope is about us understanding that life is about a journey. And I said before, I’m understanding this more in my life all the time, that to not get too tripped up over moments because life is more than moments. There’s times in our life where we’re going through a season or a period of time where it can just be awful. I mean, it can be like we’re thinking this is the worst possible. Be sure to call now if you want to attend Mt. Carmel Illinois Church as soon as you can!

It can’t get worse than this, and when is it going to end? And we don’t know. Those are terrible moments in our life, no matter of how good things are or how bad things are. There are seasons of our life that we’re going to experience and life is more than just that moment. It’s a journey. Journey is about going from one place to another place and we’re talking about a journey of hope, realizing to have hope in our life with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

It means we’re going to go through times of our life where we don’t feel like we have much hope. Anybody ever been there? But me, I’ve got four people that’s participating this one online. Hey, anybody else? Been there but me? Yes, yes. So where are the times? We’re not going to feel hopeful, but we know that God is there, right? He’s with us either way, no matter what we feel, it’s not about what we feel. It’s about what we believe and we believe God is good and he’s faithful.

So I want to jump into this. If you’ve got your sermon notes there in your worship guide, you can open those up and pull those out, or you can get online here, your YouVersion Bible app. I have the sermon notes available there. Let’s open up our Bibles this morning to Hebrews chapter six. Woo. Just happy about Jesus. Happy about the Bible. Hebrews chapter six journey of hope, journey of hope. I’m going to start reading here in verse nine are you ready for it Mt. Carmel Illinois Church?

Yeah, yeah, I’ve, I’ve got a couple that’s working with me. Maybe you’re new. See, here’s how things go here. Now we just want you to want to encourage you. Feel free to receive from God today. Jesus is the one that we’re after. He’s the one that we need. And I just want to release him to do everything he wants to do. I’ve been gone all week this week and just flew back into town Friday night late and, and uh, just excited about what God has in store for you, what he’s doing in your life. Even if you think Ted is a terrible time in my life, even the, excuse me, even the midst of terrible times, God is there and we want to see something about that hope that we’re going to talk about today is not just hope.

It’s not something that I just feel, it’s not just something that I’m going to have in good times. This is something we’re gonna have in challenging times because I believe this about the church, and I found this in my own life and maybe in Western culture, if we’re not careful, we in the church can think that success is when we don’t have problems at Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Okay? We can think, we can be duped into, we can be bamboozled and hewed winked into thinking that I’m a better Christian when I don’t have struggles. That’s not the truth. That’s not the truth. We’re, we’re pulling back from things that we should be leaning into. We’ll talk about that. We’re trying to sidestep and avoid things that God wants us to walk through and God said, if you will walk through this season, if you’ll walk through this situation, this adversity, this challenges, whatever you’re facing, if you will walk through it on the other side is where you’re going to get what you’re looking for Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Too many times I’ll say it this way and I’m just kind of starting off the service this way. I’m not sure why I didn’t do the first service, but just hang with me for a moment. It’s like in Christianity, we look at difficulties and tragedies and adversity. Sometimes it’s things that we should stay away from when sometimes there the very thing that God is wanting us to walk into. I’m not talking about a that God’s hitting us with evil things. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the cross of Calvary. God is very upfront that serving him is not for the faint at heart from Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

The very symbol of Christianity is a cross. It’s not a crown. we should realize that if we’re going to live for Jesus, it’s going to cost us something. It only cost him his life. I said, well, I’m very encouraged Chad. Thank you. So glad to come to this church service this morning and be lifted up. It is going to lift us up if we get the right perspective.

This certain things are coming against him because see on the other side of the cross, his resurrection life, but too many times Christians want to come to the cross and stop there and we got to walk through the cross, die to flesh, die to our old life, die to ourselves and if we will walk through the cross, we can experience resurrection life. But there is pain in this part of the process and we like to avoid pain if at all possible. I like, like we look around the cross and we say, man, I want to live like that.