Don’t judge me like this. The last time I’m come to this church, I’d either grabbed something to throw or one time I’ll just illustrate. One time it was like kitten and I looked and I had two bats and my good aluminum bat. I didn’t want to burn her deathbed pay too much for that bet. And I had this wooden bed, I grabbed this wooden bat, went over to this tree and I started wailing on that tree as hard as I could, as long as I could. And my goal was either this bad is going to break or I’m going to cut the tree down and I knew it go cut the tree down. So I hit it until what was happening. No internal control Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

I had to work that out. So did the voice of stop that told me to hit it? No, when the voice said hit it, I had to say, shut up. Shut your pie hole ain’t going down like that. Don’t do that no more. [inaudible] I walk in the peace of God hit it. I know I want to, yeah, I know I feel yet.

I know you’re still there, but I’m going to exercise influence over you. You’re not going to move me around anymore. I’m gonna move you around. Say it. Say it custom. God just cousin custom. I bless you in Jesus’ day. I bless you in Jesus’ day. Is the voice still there. The voice was still there, but who’s influencing who Mt. Carmel Illinois Church?

What’s happening? I’m getting stronger. Why does God want to? You want to get you stronger because he has something for you. He’s got something he wants you to walk into and if you’re not strong enough to obtain it, you will not sustain it. The reason he’s building character in us and building it in you, so you’ll be strong enough that when he puts you in a place of blessing, it will not ruin you Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

God will not bring us into a place that will swallow us up. He says a fuel build up strength. Now when I get there, because we think bigger blessings, bigger, good times, sometimes bigger blessings are bigger challenges. Bigger blessings bring bigger adversity. I’ve heard it said about people that say, well, if I can just make that much money, it was just more money. That’s all I need. More money, more money. Sometimes bring problems you didn’t have when you didn’t have money. You’ve got different problems when you, Oh, I’d just like to try those big problems. That’s fine, that’s fine, but if you’re not ready, how many people have we heard about that won the lottery and went broke? Why? Because they brought their 10 pound strength to the table.

He said, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise. Ruth Barton said this, let me close with this. We set, we set young leaders up for a fall. If we encourage them to envision what they can do before they consider the type of person that they should be. Can I speak to any leaders? Whether you’re in a younger not, I don’t wanna encourage you in what you can accomplish. What you can do. I’m gonna encourage you who you can become, who you can, who can you be? What kind of man can you be? Well, I haven’t got this position. I’ve got this salary. I got this title. That’s great, but what kind of man are you Mt. Carmel Illinois Church?

What kind of woman are you in that position? God said, I want you to become something. We sang this song, glory to glory, and first Corinthians says, our second Corinthians three 18 says, we’re being transformed into the same image from glory to glory. Here’s what I believe the goal of of heaven is. The goal of heaven is never just to get you things. The goal of heaven is to get you to become who he’s created you to become Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

So we don’t, we don’t hide from adversity. We don’t hide from resistance. When it comes, we grab ahold of it and we say, you’re not going to influence me. I’m going to move influence you. Okay? Tragedy just hit my life. Okay? I didn’t ask for it, but we’ll do some reps. I’m going to keep loving you. I’m going to worship Jesus in this situation. I’m going to praise him in this situation. When everybody else would bail, everyone would say, you know what? If that happens to me, I’m out.

I’m not coming to church no more. I’m not going to there. I’m out of that. Why? Why? Why? We’re not going to be stronger. We’re only going to be stronger when we stay. When we feel like leaving, somebody does that to me. I’m out. My relatives do that to me. I’m out. My spouse does that to me. I’m out. Okay. Then I’m still just going to have 10 pound strength, but if I’ll work it out and say, okay, Lord, I’m going to use internal and external control in the midst of trying circumstances Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Why? Because it’s making me stronger. I don’t necessarily like weights, but I like the strength that the weights bring me. I don’t like adversity. I don’t like problems. I don’t like difficulties. I don’t like any of those, but if it makes me a better person, it makes me stronger than I’m going to walk through it. [inaudible] developing you patiently enduring. Just make a point to today to reach out to us so we can help you do better in life now! Please dial 618-378-3959 and see where that takes you! Also go to and see what we have in store for you now! You will love what these guys can do for you here and now!