So in this context, the presence of resistance and opposition in my life is not something I want to avoid. It just means I want to influence it more than it influences me. And as long as I keep influencing it, I’m getting stronger. So now I love the 10 pound resistance. I want to be around the 10 pound resistance. Why? Because it’s making me stronger. Nobody in the gym gets discouraged about moving from 10 pound strength to 20 pound strength. Everybody wants to move up. They want to get to heavier weights. They want to Excel. Nobody’s in the gym supporting a 10 pound club bitch press shirt. Been in the gym for 10 years. What are you doing? Yep. 10 pounds. Still knocking it out Mt. Carmel Illinois Church!

Now Mt. Carmel Illinois Church, my brother got issues. What is it in the gym? We gravitate towards more resistance. Give me more resistance. I want more resistance because I know what that resistance is doing to me. It’s making me stronger. I’m getting strong. I want to go. So right now I’ve got 10 pound strength, but if I’ll keep working on Tim pals strength, I’ll graduate to 15 pound strength, then I’ll graduate to 20 pounds strength and then I can have influence over 25 30 I can keep going. Why? Because I’m not focused on the weight. I’m focused on what it’s doing to me.

This is a little bar with two little circles on it. This is not significant. It can be a big rock. It could be a 10 pound rock and still give me the same benefit. So the focus is not on the resistance, are you? Are you getting what I’m saying? You’re getting it. I don’t know if they’re getting it, but you’re getting it. See what happens is we’re focused on our opposition too much instead of focused on how it’s making us stronger. See, people can lift weights with all kinds of stuff. They can pick up trees and just use it. Call now if you want top Mt. Carmel Illinois Church services!

They can do pull ups with body weight. It’s not about the resistance. It’s about what is it doing to you. It’s the same thing. I don’t know what your problems are this morning. I don’t know what your adversity is. I dunno what you’re trying circumstances. I know what mine are, but if I focus on them, I’m going to get discouraged. If I focus on how heavy or how hard that is, I’ll go, Oh, I just, I just don’t think I want to do that. Yeah, it is. I don’t want to work out this cat makes me sweat.

Yes, so I want to sweat. It makes me glisten so I can do that because lifting this makes me sweat and makes me work. Dealing with resistance and opposition. It’s work. I may get a little tired out. I mean gas. My, my breathing may get heavy. I may, I may have some adversity lifting it, but what I’m focusing on, what it’s doing to me, not on how heavy it is, because if I want to Excel, if I want to get stronger, I have to embrace the resistance and resist the resistance. Let me give you a scripture. James chapter four verse seven says, therefore, submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

The stronger the resistance we are able to control to influence or have power over the stronger we are 10 pounds strength. If I’m able to influence and have power over it for four sets of 10 come back next week I might be able to get 15 but if I will not work with this 10 pound resistance, I will never get to 15 practical application. If I will not influence and have control over 10 pound problems in my life, I will never be able to graduate to 15 pound problems. You’re like, I don’t want 15 pound problems with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church today!

It’s pretty simple. Chet. I don’t want 50 pounds, but you’re focusing on the problem instead of who you become. I don’t want 15 pound problems either, but I don’t want 10 pounds strength. I’m not asking for 15 pound problems. I’m asking for 15 pounds strength. We’ll throw it tid. Let’s go deep. Somebody, I don’t know. I’m not asking for more problems. Don’t want any more problems than you do I Mt. Carmel Illinois Church!

I’m not asking for 50 pound problems, but I want 50 pounds strength and we want the strength without having to lift the weight without having to go with against the opposition and the resistance and this is our problem. I want to come and got one over power 50 pound devils in my life. Well then you better to have influence and control over the 15 pound ones from Mt. Carmel Illinois Church!

Yeah. If I can’t control my 10 pound temper, if I can’t control my 10 pound mouth you’ve gone to Midland. Ted, you just gone over my business. If I, if I can’t control 10 pound temptations from the devil Yeah. If he gets me every time on that same thing, that same 10 pound temptation, I’m never going to be able to overcome. See when he patiently endure of what he was doing for Abraham. What if it wasn’t about? What if guff was, I wrote this down to me. Don’t misquote myself here.

What if by patiently enduring God is not punishing us nor getting his kicks out of just making us wait for the sake of waiting, but rather he is strengthening us to be able to carry the promise after he had patiently endured. After he had exercised internal and external control over adversity and opposition, then he obtained the promise only after, after. Why is it because if Abraham was not willing to exercise internal and external control over his circumstances, over his opposition, over his trying situations that he was never going to be strong enough to obtain the promise.