I wanted to focus on obtaining the promise because I thought I knew everything about patiently enduring. I just thought it was, you know, just be hanging in there. Hold on. Survive and then you’ll get the promise of God. So a couple of weeks ago when I was preparing to do this, then I was like, okay, let’s go on that. Let’s talk about obtaining the promise. How do we obtain the premise? And it was like God said, Hey, uh, patiently, Andrew, I know we got a, hang on Lord with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

I know we got to hang on. I’ve got a window, but let’s for paying the promise. He’s like, Oh no, read it again. I didn’t even look up. Usually I look up words to make sure I understand what the Bible is saying because I assume my understanding of the English language is not always the best.

And because your Bible is written in, actually in the new Testament is written in Greek and Aramaic and transfer translated into English that sometimes the translators that translated into English, they may have had an idea what something said and may not have the ideal situation. So remember that the Bible wasn’t written in King James Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

It was written in Greek and Aramaic. It was translated into King James. So King James is the original was just an English translation. So when I looked at the Greek word for patiently enduring it, it’s one word. I’m not going to try and pronounce it for you. I’m not that smart. But here’s what it means. It means to exhibit internal and external control and be even tempered and patient qual during trying circumstances. Good God, is that even possible? Let’s freeze it again. Maybe that’s a misprint. Patiently enduring to exhibit internal and external control and be even tempered and patient while enduring trying circumstances. Be sure to call us if you need the best Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Who wants to do that? Skip. Huh? Let’s just go on to a different sermon. I don’t like this one at all. So in order to obtain the promise, we’re going to have to patiently endure trying circumstances and adversity. Chad, your encouragement today is off the charts. Be sure to call us now if you need the most amazing help Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

How many nos did we go through trying circumstances and adversity every day? It’s not like we can pretend they aren’t there. They’re there all the time. So we might as well figure out what to do with them and if there’s any benefit and cause we’re all going through them. And notice what it says. The definition here to exhibit internal and external control. Thinking, long minded, long, longterm thinking. So what does that mean practically? Here’s what I wrote down practically. What does it mean to patiently endure? Practically, it means the word trying circumstances to exhibit internal and external control. Wandering, trying circumstances, trying circumstances means resistance or opposition. Temptations.

I’m going to build this and then I’m gonna pull it together and show you what I believe the Bible is saying. I promise you it’s going to be encouraging even if it’s been a little challenging. Trying circumstance represents opposition, resistance or temptation. Remember, internal and external control in the midst of trying circumstances in the midst of opposition resistance. The word control when we talk about internal and external control means to have influence or power over. So let me redefine this. Put it together. I’m again just trying to make this understandable to you. Patiently. Enduring means to exhibit internal and external influence or power over resistance or opposition Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

to exhibit internal and external influence or power over resistance or opposition. The process of controlling resistance creates strength. Let me illustrate. I brought this little dumbbell fitting for me to carry a dumbbell. But this dumbbells only 10 pounds, 10 pounds. Now the process, this, this 10 pound dumbbell has resistance or opposition. It has force. Cause if I would drop it, it just, it would go to the ground. It has weight to it. It’s only 10 pounds Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

But the fact that I can now hold this 10 pounds and control it from falling, that means a certain amount of strength is present. I have at least 10 pounds strength. Why? Because this is not controlling me illustrated. It would look like this, but I am controlling it. So now I am having influence and power over resistance and opposition. Does this have resistance and opposition? Yes, I am having influence and power. I can move it where I want it instead of it moving me where it wants me. So resistance and opposition is present, but I’m strong enough for it not to influence me, but for me to influence it Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

So patiently enduring is not just waiting and surviving. Mind you. I believe the Bible is teaching us that after he patiently endured meant that he was able to have internal and external control, influence and power over resistance and opposition. This is what he wanted to do because now at 10 pounds strength, if I can have influence and power over it, if I begin to move it, what happens? Resistance and opposition as I’m influencing it, what’s it doing on my side? It may be heavy and opposing on its side, but as long as I keep influencing it and it not influencing me, it creates strength. You will enjoy this amazing service if we can help you today! You really do want to focus on being better with this stuff! Call now and see what new things we can help you with! Be sure to reach out now if you want the top services from a church that cares about your well being! Feel free to contact us online or over the phone at 618-378-3959 or go to theroads.church!