It gets us in a place where I’m receiving, believing what are you done? Notice what he says to the Roman century. He said to the Roman Centurion who said, you know, you can’t come to my house. He said, just speak the word only and my servant will be healed. And Jesus says to the Roman century, he said, wow, I have not seen such great faith even in all of Israel. So you say, Chad right there, he had more faith. No one, I think he was saying to the Roman Centurion, it wasn’t that he was impressed with the amount of faith and that’s what caused Jesus to do what he didn’t want to do. He’s, it wasn’t about him, uh, giving, uh, making Jesus do something is about him accessing something that Jesus wasn’t expecting him to access. So it wasn’t moving the will of Jesus. It was accessing the will of Jesus is here at Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Jesus said, I come to heal those who need healing. So faith is positioning ourselves to receive. So I want to imitate those who get themselves in line with the promises of God to receive what God has for them. That’s what faith is. Faith is saying, God, I believe you want to do this. And so I’m going to put myself in position to receive your promises, faith and patients.

Let’s talk about patients here in a moment. Here’s where we are in verse 13 for when God had made a promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he swore by himself. So God makes a promise. Here’s what the word promise means. Just so you understand what promise means in biblical terms versus uh, our terms. I mean, it was sometimes our promises don’t mean much as we find that Mt. Carmel Illinois Church is here to help!

Okay? Have you ever had anybody promise you something that you didn’t even believe it after they said, promise, be careful when you say, I promise, when you don’t mean it. Because here’s the problem. Sometimes when we don’t keep our promises, people start believe that God’s the same way. God’s faithful, the promises of God in him are yes and amen. So we realize when God made a promise to Abraham, his was what he was saying. It’s the word that means a verbal commitment with certainty by one person to another, agreeing to do or not to do something in the future. Call us now here at Mt. Carmel Illinois Church so we can preach to you!

So he made a promise to Abraham, and here’s what he said he swore of when he, because he could swear by no greater, he swore by himself saying, surely blessing. I will bless you and multiplying, I will multiply you so he couldn’t swear by anyone greater. There’s no greater than God. You don’t have. People will say this, I swear to God. Oh I know. No, it’s true. I swear to God. What they’re trying to do is trying to swear by something greater than them. Accountability to something greater than them to bring validity to what they’re saying.

Jesus said, let you are. The Bible says to let your yes be yes and your Navy ne. When God said, listen, here’s how. Here’s how much I promise this to you, Abraham. I swear by me cause there’s nobody greater. God is saying, I put myself on the line, my integrity on the line, who I am on the line that I will do everything I tell you I will do. That’s how solid this promise is that he gives him. So now what does the promise look like? Look at verse 15 and so after this about Abraham, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise. This is where I want to land today Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

After he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise after he had patiently two parts to this verse at two facets, patiently enduring and obtaining the promise patiently enduring and obtaining the promise. Usually obtaining the promise is what we focus on. Usually obtaining the promise is what we think is where our, our, our, our money is. That’s, that’s the go to. We’ll obtain the promise. Let’s focus on the pertain, obtain the promise and the endurance here at Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Patiently enduring is just about surviving and getting through something so that we can obtain the promise. But I want to suggest to you, I want to submit to you that we are, uh, not emphasizing the importance of the patiently enduring part. Patiently enduring is the process of obtaining. The promise is the end result, but the process, the journey, we have to enjoy the journey. We have to embrace the, we don’t try and skip it with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church!

We don’t try and get by. How many times have we thought about if I could just get by and skip this season of my life and just jump to the end? If I knew where God wanted me to go and I could just skip this part of my life and just get there, then we would do it. Yes. If I could get out of this situation, if I get out of this chaos, out of this trouble, anything, if I could, I could dream of Jeannie, get out of there. You’re like, what in the world was that? People under the age of 40 I have no idea what I just did you.

You’re like, I, if I could skip this part of my life, we would do it, but I want to submit to you. Don’t skip anything. Don’t skip tragedy. I’m not saying wishing bad things on myself. I’m saying when there are things that happened in my life that I cannot control, don’t try and skip on it. Look for what God wants to do in you through it. Notice what he said after he had patient we endured. He obtained the promise.