Yep, man. I would, I would experience all that. Yeah, just keep walking. Ah, Hey, ouch. That hurts. I’m not going to walk through that. Well, if I will walk through that, I may not experience CBA tracked with me this morning. Just get to the text. That’s what you’re saying. Okay. Let’s go for a Hebrew scripture Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Six versa. It gets better, but beloved, we are confident of better things. Concerning your journey of hope is about understanding that we have to be confident of better things. Confident is not hoping for better things. Confident is that I’m expecting better things. I’m convinced things are going to get better in my life. A journey of hope is that where I am is not where I’m going to stay. It may be where am right now, but it’s not

where I’m going to put up residence. I’m not going to live here forever. I’m confident in better things. Some confident in better things concerning you. Yes. Things that accompany salvation though we speak in this manner, hope and there’s a lot of things I want to say from Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

There’s more. I just wanna throw this in real quickly. Better things that accompany salvation, better things that accompany salvation. There’s more that accompany salvation than we are experiencing in our life sometimes. Sometimes all we’re experiencing is forgiveness of sins and God says there’s more. There are better things that I want you to experience than just forgiveness of sins. Then make no light about it and Mo this so wonderful. Reach out now to work with this amazing church and see how god can be a bigger part in your life today! We are looking forward to finding a new purpose in you today!

The miracle forgiveness of sins. If you said there were many things that accompany salvation that I want you to walk into, there’s a better things go on for God is not unjust to forget your work and your labor of love. Here’s our current encouragement. God doesn’t forget where we are. He knows our address. He knows our phone number, he knows our email, he knows our Instagram handle. He knows where we are. Labor of love, what you’ve shown towards his name and that you have ministered to the saints and do minister and we desire that each one of you show the same diligence. Everybody say diligence. The same diligence. That means energy and efforts and focus. Eagerness that you show this same eagerness from Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

to the full assurance, to the full assurance to get to the place of full assurance of hope, full assurance of hope. Hope is expectation and anticipation. Full assurance means to be filled up and overflowing with. So we’re filled up and overflowing with anticipation and expectation of better things. But notice it says it’s going to take diligence to get to the fullest assurance. It takes diligence to get to a place that we’re filled with expectation and anticipation. The reason we don’t get there in our life too many times is because we aren’t diligent to get filled up with the best Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

We stopped short of getting filled with expectation and we stop at just wanting it. I want something to happen. That’s great. Now get filled with expectation for it. No, I just want it to happen. I get it. I want it to happen, but now we gotta be diligent to fill myself with expectation. That’s going to happen. Everybody wants it. Anybody can want it. The difference is who’s going to be diligent to get filled with expectation for it takes diligence to do that it takes to have what kind of diligence does take. It takes the diligence of focusing on the promises of God more than I focus on the problems in my life from Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

So how am I going to get filled up with anticipation when I’m filled up with the promises of God? When asked to do the diligence, it means I have to actually read and meditate on what God says. He says, this is what we’re wanting you to do. I want you to get there. There’s something we’re talking about today, but I just wanna throw this in full assurance of hope until the end that you do not become spiritually lazy, sluggish. Did you not become lazy, but imitate those?

Imitate those, mimic those, mimic those. Don’t be spiritually lazy, but imitate these people. Imitate these people who we supposed to imitate. Imitate those who through faith and patience. Inherit the, let’s try it again, but imitate those who we supposed to imitate. We’re supposed to imitate certain people. Imitate those that through the means, the how through faith and patience. Inherit the promises. We’re supposed to imitate certain people. We’re not supposed to be spiritually lazy, but we’re imitating those who through faith and patients get what God has for them. We’re supposed to imitate those people, so you’ve got to find those people and imitate them. How are those people getting what God has for their life to work with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

They’re using two things. They’re using faith and patients will talk about patients just a minute. What is faith? What is faith? I’ll tell you what, faith is not. I’ll start with that. Faith is not me using my power of belief to get God to do something. How many times have you heard people say, well, if you just had more faith, it would happen. I understand there’s, this isn’t a teaching on faith and I don’t want to try and cover every disclaimer about faith. There is a process of developing your faith, but faith is not moving God. Faith is positioning myself to receive what he’s already pouring out. Yeah. Faith doesn’t manipulate God. Faith tradition positions us good.