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Everybody doing all right this morning and I’m excited about getting into the message today. Norris City marriage counseling We’re on this series, mustard seed faith. I hope you’ve been enjoying it. If you know the series you may know we’re going to go to our launching pad scripture, so if you got your bibles this morning, let’s go ahead and go there. Matthew Chapter Seventeen, matthew chapter 17. I will not stay here long. I assure you

this is the story of the father brought his son to the disciples to be healed and was not able to do so. So they brought the son to Jesus and Jesus rebuked the demon. Demon came out, the boy was here, and so then the disciples come, verse 19, after all that, and they asked a very important question. They came to Jesus privately and said, why could we not cast it out? Now again, the whole premise of this series is not about how come you are an I can’t cast out demons. That may be something that comes across your path and we may be something that you deal with from time to time, but the big question in general is, why am I not getting results where I want to see results? In other words, maybe you’ve ever asked this question, same with I have God. How come this isn’t working in my life?

I know this is what’s supposed to happen, but I’m not seeing it happen, so why is that? Norris City marriage counseling And I believe that’s in general what the disciples were asking in context. It was specifically about the situation with the boy, but Jesus is the answer I think can apply to us today as well. Verse Twenty. So Jesus answered them and said, here’s the reason it’s not working for you in this case. It’s because of your unbelief. For assuredly, I say to you, if big, if, if you have faith, what? Faith. Like a mustard seed, if you have that, you will say to this mountain, so you will speak and you will speak to you. The mountain. You’ll say, move from here to there and it will move and nothing. Everybody say nothing. Nothing will be impossible for you, so notice what happens if we have mustard seed, faith, faith, like a mustard seed.

Jesus said, you will say to your mountain, now when I read this word mountain this week, it Kinda jumped out at me more than it has the last few weeks, and so I looked up. The word mountain is a Greek word orals, which literally translated as a mountain, but it means as lifting itself above the plane or to rise lifting itself above the plane to rise. So as I meditate on that for a moment, I said, God, what are you? So what do you. How does that work in the context of this? He said, Norris City marriage counseling well, I don’t want you to speak to the mountain and say move. So what is a mountain? And according to this definition, I felt like he applied it to me and said, whatever rises in your life for whatever comes up in your life, that’s not of me. That’s what I want you to speak to.

Whatever rises up in front of you, whatever comes up, that’s not of God. Speak to that and say, move and get out of my life in the name of Jesus. It gives me some clarity that what am I going to speak to? Whatever comes up, whatever arises, whatever rises across our path. It’s not from God. We have the authority and the ability to speak to it. So now he says, if you have mustard seed, faith, what is mustard seed? Faith? It is when God’s word grows on the inside of us starts out smaller, Norris City marriage counseling but it grows to become greater than anything else. We can see anything else? We can hear God’s word. What God says about situation becomes greater than what the devil says, what anybody else says, and from that place, when it becomes greater, I begin to speak. That’s mustard seed faith. A process of building on what God says, so now if, if the problem was unbelieved and God said, here’s the answers.

Mustard seed faith. I wrote this down. Mustard seed. Faith is the anecdote for unbelief. Mustard seed. Faith is the anecdote for unbelief in my life. So if I’ve got unbelief in my life, uncertainty, or I’ve got some some fear or whatever it may be, what’s the anecdote to put God’s word in my heart and grow it until it becomes greater? That’s the anecdote in Romans chapter four. Abraham used this. It says he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but Norris City marriage counseling was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God and being fully convinced that what God had promised in his word, he was able to perform. When we get fully convinced that God’s promise, something he’s able to perform it, we now have achieved a place where our mustard seed faith has grown greater than anything else. I’m not fully convinced and still until I believe not only has he promised it to me, but he’s able to perform it for me.

It hasn’t become greater until I truly come to a place where I say, God, it’s not only words on a page, I believe you’re going to perform it. That’s I’m fully convinced to that and this is what he wants our faith to look like. So now go with me over to mark chapter 11. We’re going to Norris City marriage counseling skip mark chapter four this week. We’ve already been over that enough. I’m going to go straight to mark chapter 11 and give you what I feel like God’s speaking to me today. I’m going to jump right into verse 22. Stay with me. If you’re taking notes, I think it’ll help you today. Jot down some things. Notetakers are world changers. Verse 22, Jesus answered and said to them, this is the same context where they Jesus had cursed the fig tree. And uh, so the disciples said, wow, the tree that you cursed has dried up.

So Jesus is answering them the same way he answered the disciples before when they said literally how did this happen? And he said, well, if you want results like this, here’s what you need to do. Number one, have faith in God. Verse Twenty Two, have faith in God. What kind of faith? Mustard seed faith. Have faith in God because if you have faith in God, assuredly, verse 23, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, whoever, who’s that include everybody clues you includes me. Norris City marriage counseling Whoever says to this mountain, what? Here we are speaking to mountains again, what are they? Whatever arises, whatever comes up in our life, we’re speaking to them and we’re saying, be removed and be cast into the sea and does not doubt in their heart. Now does not doubt in their heart. Stop right there. What does that mean? I want to make sure you understand the difference and I understand the difference between doubting thoughts and doubts.

In my heart, there’s a difference. There’s a big difference between the two. I can have doubting thoughts. Doubting is just opposing opinions, so doubting thoughts can come into my head, but if I will be careful and keep them out of my heart, then they will not affect me. Doubting Norris City marriage counseling thoughts can distract me, but doubting heart can stop me. See, this is what he’s saying, who does not doubt in his heart. There’s gonna be times when you’re thinking about something and not doubting thought pops into your head and it tries to tell you, it probably won’t happen. It’s not working. It’s not getting any different. It’s not changing. That’s a doubting thought, but whenever we have to address those doubting thoughts, we got to become what we said in James Chapter one, singleminded double-minded means I have two opposing thoughts and I begin to agree with both of them and I’m speaking one thing, one moment, another thing, the next and my heart is confused and doesn’t know what to believe, so when I’m single minded than I’ve got all doubt out of my heart and I began to focus in on what God is trying to say in my life, so I’m in bringing stability.

When you hear opposing words are opposing thoughts in your head, here’s what you need to do. Here’s something God trained me in a long time ago and I still have to revisit it to put it into practice. Second Corinthians chapter 10, bring this up. Verse three, verse four, sorry. Norris City marriage counseling Thank you for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, not fleshly but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. Who’s weapons are these weapons of our warfare? Who the weapons belong to us? They’re in God, but he’s given them to us, so mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. Verse Five, casting down arguments. What is an argument? An argument is two opposing opinions, right? Two opposing thoughts to opposing viewpoints on something, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

So here’s what he’s saying, keeping doubt out of my heart. I have doubting thoughts in my head, but when a doubting thought comes into my head, I cast that opinion down and I take it captive and I say, no, you do not agree with the knowledge of God or the word of God, so I’m not allowing you to get Norris City marriage counseling down in my heart. If we’ll keep it out of our heart, we can keep pressing on with God, but once we let doubting thoughts get down in our heart, it’ll literally paralyzed our faith. We can be believing God. I’m standing in faith. I’m staying vague, and you get these opposing thoughts. These arguments come across to your head. It’s like Kenneth Hagan used to say, you can’t stop the birds from flying overhead, but you can stop them from making a nest. I’m going to get some crazy jacked up thoughts. Once in awhile. There’s times this I’ll be doing some. All of a sudden this thought it’ll pop in my head and I used to get all condemned. I go, oh Lord, forgive me out. Good. I think such things. I’m a miserable piece of trash and God began to teach me that not every thought in my head belonged to me,

so just because you get a thought in your head, don’t take possession of it and call it yours. Said some of those thoughts, Norris City marriage counseling kick them out because they don’t belong to you. So sometimes I’m busy doing something and a thought. Come in, I’ll go, nope, that’s not me.

Sometimes I talk out loud. People may wonder what’s going on, but what am I doing? I’m casting down some arguments. I’m taking some thoughts captive that don’t belong to God. I say, wait a minute, you’re not getting in my heart. This will never work for you. Get Out. I’m taking you captive. You Norris City marriage counseling are not in agreement with the knowledge of God, so I’m not going to let you get on my heart today. I’m kicking you out in the name of Jesus. See, we got to do something about you because the enemy will play mental ping pong with you doing good thought, bad thought, good thought, bad thoughts over and over until somebody has got to grab the ball. Say the game’s over. I’m not playing anymore. I’m taking that thought captive and I’m saying this thought that doesn’t agree with what God said Outta here.

Now, when you first start doing it, you may have to do it 45 times a day. Don’t be scared to do it more than once. Don’t do it. Norris City marriage counseling Once it’s gone, 10 minutes later it comes back. Go, oh, I failed. Failed. Have you still got breath? Yes. Then take it captive again. Take you captive. Gets like, nope. I told you, you’re not getting down. I’ve got a protective barrier. The Bible says to guard your heart, guard your heart so you keep that thing. God is not going to let it down in there, so you do that. Let’s look on verse 23, does not doubt in their heart but next part, but believes that those things he says will be done. He will have whatever he says, so we’re supposed to believe the things that we say. We’re supposed to have faith in our words, faith like God mustard seed.

Faith means that we really have faith in what we say we can be for a fall into the temptation of saying things like, well, it doesn’t really matter what I say. What we say does matter. What we speak does matter. Doesn’t matter how many people will tell you this, our. I’m just saying and it’s no big deal. I know this, Norris City marriage counseling but I’m saying that. I’m just saying, don’t just say unless you’re agreeing with what God says, take those words kept as. Because what happens when I’m speaking words, I’m sewing back into my own ears and back into my own heart. So when I’m saying I’m just, I just afraid it’s never going to happen. Whoop. It’s coming in my own ears and trying to get down in my heart. That’s how it works out of my mouth, back into my ears and back into my heart, so I want to speak what God says.

I want to plant good seed in my heart, so this is how we do that. We believe in those things that we say will happen. We’ll have whatever we say. Jeremiah chapter one says, our words are so important this way. Verse Nine says, then the Lord put forth his hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me, behold, Norris City marriage counseling I put my words in your mouth, not in your head. That’s not enough for them to be in your head. I want to put them in your mouth. It matters what we speak. I’ve put them in your mouth. Go to verse 10. What happens when he puts his word in our mouth? See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant. What Day did he sent me?

Over the nations and over kingdoms or translated in a place of spiritual authority in my life. What Day did I get into a place of spiritual authority of my life? The day that his words got in my mouth, the day that his worst starts coming out of my mouth, he says, This Day, I’ve put you in a place of authority over spiritual things in your life, and here’s what I can do with those words. I can root out, I can pull down everything that doesn’t agree with the knowledge of God and I can begin to build and to plant everything that does agree with the word of God. Mustard seed. Faith means I’m going to grow, I’m going to build, and I’m going to plant what God says. I’m on a route out, tear down, destroy, Norris City marriage counseling and pull down everything that anybody else says as a process on how this works.

So now we begin to do that. Remember, we were not designed to say things we didn’t believe, so don’t just talk. Say what you believe. This is what God’s wanting us to look at. Verse Twenty Four. So now let’s put this together with prayer. Therefore, I say to you, because of all this, because you got mustard seed, faith, because you don’t have doubt in your heart because you believe those things that you say will be done. You’ll have whatever you say. I say to you, verse 24, whatever things you ask, I say, Norris City marriage counseling whatever. That’s a big, big area of whatever things you ask. When you pray, believe that you received them and you will have them. All right, here’s where we’re going to break some stuff down, say with me and be ready. I want to tear this verse apart and hopefully show you something that God has really revealed in my life. When you pray, notice this says, when you pray, not if you pray. When you pray, when you pray. Prayer should be a regular part of our life. How many people don’t raise your hands, but you have found in your life that your prayer life goes up in a direct proportion to the problems in your life

as things are going bad, turmoil, anxiety. My prayer life seems to go up. God says, this is not the way I want it to be. God wants relationship with us where we’re talking to him, not just when things are horrible. How many of Deborah had situations where you say, well, I really can’t think of anything to pray about, Norris City marriage counseling and really what you’re saying is there’s really nothing wrong. Maybe that’s a little too real for us this morning. You know what I’m talking about, but I don’t really have anything to pray about everything spine. That’s the problem. We’re only praying about problems. Instead of praying in relationship to talk to him. Say, Hey god, everything’s awesome. I just want to talk to you. That’s what he wants from us. God’s not Santa Claus.

He’s not saying, come bring me your list of things that you need and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. That is not prayer. Prayer is just hanging out and communing, talking, shooting the breeze, whatever you want to say it with God, seeing what’s going out. So now look says when you pray, do what? When you pray, who are we praying too? We’re praying to God, so where is God? Where is God? Isaiah Chapter Seven, verse 15 says this verse that says, the High and lofty one who inhabits eternity, whose name is holy, so the place where God is or where God exists is called eternity according to scripture, eternity. Now, this word eternity means always, constantly, continually without limits and continuous existence, so not to say God lives in eternity. It’s not he will live for eternity like God lives a long time. I want you to understand, but it is where he is. He lives in a place called eternity where there is no top. It’s really important. I’m going to build something here and I want you to stay with me. There is no time where God he is. He lives in eternity. Norris City marriage counseling Time is something he created for the earth. Time is something in front of him. God doesn’t look from here to the end of time and he like looks ahead. Time is spread out before him like a smorgasbord, if you will, and he sees the beginning from the ending all in front of him. God lives in eternity and where God is, it’s always now

not trying to tilt your brain a little bit, but I am wanting you to think with me because there’s a reason we’ve got figure out how to operate in the system that God has, so where God is, it’s always. Now he sees everything from the beginning. Second Peter says it this way with the Lord. One day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. So God does not exist within Norris. He limited by time. He’s not affected by top. God’s simply is. Remember when Moses came to God and he said, God, how am I going to tell the Israelites that semi? Who’d, who am I going to say sim? He said, well, just go tell them that, uh, I am. I am. Why do you say I am? Because it’s not that he will be or has been or he just is. Norris City marriage counseling He’s like saying, just tell them that I is.

I just did is I’m, I’m here. I be. I be what I am. I is whatever grammatical way you want to express it. God just simply exists outside of time. Now, what’s hard for us to grasp, because all we know, our seconds, minutes, ours have what comes next, like days, weeks, months, years, calendar, flip, and all that stuff. That’s all we know. We know time. God does not exist in time. He created time and looks outside of top. Are you with me? This is important for you to grasp why I’m going into the details of that. So now God created part of us. He breathed into us the breath of life, part of us internal. Everyone here is going to live forever, either with God or without God, but you will live forever. Your body, Norris City marriage counseling your carcass. That’s housing. Your earthly tent will pass away someday, but who you really are, your spirit will live for eternity.

It will live better, said any eternity where there is no time and you will either live in the presence of God or abstinent from the presence of God, which is the fullness of evil. All right, so now we believe that. So now when we pray, so let’s look at this. Whatever things you ask when you pray, here’s what I want to get little technical. When you pray is in the time round when you and I pray it’s going to be in the time realm. I’m not going to pray and he turned. I pray right now in the earth. When I pray at the time realm thing, Norris City marriage counseling it’s not an attorney thing, but what does he tell me to do when I pray? Whatever things you ask, when you pray, what’s the next word? Believe, believe. This is the word for faith. It’s a Greek word for faith is very important, so you could just put the word faith in there or have faith.

When you pray, have faith. When you pray, a faith or believing has to be engaged, so prayer and faith come together. When you pray, you’re believing. When you pray. Again, we’ll put this, these two points together, so at the point of prayer, you’re engaging faith. Remember this prayer is not begging or trying to convince or persuade God to do something. That’s not prayer. Prayer is not. If I pray hard enough and really get emotional, then God will move. That’s not what prayer is supposed to be designed. Norris City marriage counseling God has already said what he wants to do. Prayer is me connecting with that and bringing it into my life here. Here’s what I’m. Here’s what I’m saying. Okay, so faith. Faith has to be involved in prayer. Is faith a part of the time realm or the eternal rail? Eternal God. Hebrews chapter 11. Just bring it up.

You don’t have to turn there. Save some time. Hebrews chapter 11, verse one says, now faith is underlined. The word is went out on the screen. We have it just in your Bible says, now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, so faith is what? It’s two things. It’s substance and it’s evidence when his faith, substance and evidence now, but not now, in the frame of time. Now as in always because the word is is the word that means to exist or to be the same as if I would use the sentence. God is love. When is God love? Oh, it’s not. God is love today. God is love, right? So when his faith substance for me, when is it evidence for me? It’s always substance. It’s always evidence. Norris City marriage counseling Again, the same principle if you put these things together was show you something I think’s going to be phenomenal, but so we can see now that faith is an eternal thing.

Faith is a non time realm thing. I’m praying in the time realm. God is in the eternal realm. So faith grabs hold of something. What is he telling me to believe? Notice the next thing when you pray, believe, believed what he believed that you receive. Underlined the word received. Jot this down for your notes. Received as a word, lambano means to take, to seize, or to get hold of, to come to believe something and then act in accordance to what you believe. So not only do I believe that receiving is not just, I say I believe it. Norris City marriage counseling I not only believe it, but now I start acting in agreement with what I said. I believe every. Okay, this is what Jesus said to do. So I’m trying to explain what Jesus said so that we can get the results Jesus wants to get. So he says, believe that you receive, believed that you seize it and grab hold of it, and then believe you begin by faith, begin to act in accordance to what you grabbed hold of and what you see now, this receiving, this seizing, this grabbing hold of it happens at the point of prayer.

It happens when I believe, and now is that an eternal principle or a time principle that is an eternal principle or a spiritual. Let me say to you this way, there is a spiritual existence and there’s a natural existence. Believing you receive your receiving the spiritual existence before you see the natural existence. You see the connection. There’s a spiritual existence. It’s in the spiritual realm and in the spiritual realm. God’s always now so it’s always now to God, and when I pray and I receive it by faith, Norris City marriage counseling now I have it. I receive it by faith and then look what happens next. He says, believe that you receive them and you will have them. We’ll have is a word that means future tense, of to exist. Like now, faith is, is was the word to exist now, but we’ll have his future. So let me piece this puzzle together for you.

I’m up here and I’m trying to bring everybody together. We’ll have means future, so that means I don’t have it yet. So if I don’t have it yet, we’ll have. Is that an eternal principle or a time principal? If involves future, it’s always time. So here’s what God’s saying. Remember, believe whatever your things you ask when you pray, when you pray in time now in the natural, believe have faith which is in the eternal. Receive it now by faith and then you will have it. So I received from God before I see from God. See how we’re putting the pieces together. I believe from God before I see from God, I will have appear, but I believe I received right now. I believe I receive when I pray I will have, Norris City marriage counseling but I’m not worried about the will have. My job is to believe I receive when I pray.

So I grabbed the eternal principle, the non time principal, because faith is not limited to time. There’s, we just sang the song, there’s a place where my eyes can’t see. Well, that is a place of faith that I go grab hold of what God says, and I tell everybody I got it and they say, oh, I don’t see it yet. Well, I will have in what you’re talking about, but I’ve already received it by faith. It belongs to me. There’s a place I can go and prayer where I can go get something that nobody sees you. I can go get something that nobody sees yet that I don’t see yet. Norris City marriage counseling I can go get it by faith and I say, wait a minute. That’s mine because I’ve got an outside of the time principal, so I don’t get discouraged when it’s gonna come because I’ve already got it by faith. Now, let me illustrate this way.

Remember, God’s in eternity, so God will only answer your prayer from the place or dimension where he is, which is eternal. So now when God answers prayer, let me let me illustrate this way. I’m praying and I say, God, I believe I received right now. So God, remember time is stretched out in front of God. He sees me from two years old to 92 years old. All of it’s the same. So when I pray, he answers me from the place where he is. And what time is it? Where he is always. It’s always now, man, get this revelation where God is. It’s always now whether it’s 2000 BC or 2013, and it’s always now to him. I know it tilt. Norris City marriage counseling It’s hard for us to grasp, but if I will understand that principle, then I can pray and I can receive something from God now, but when he answers my prayer, he ha.

He manifests the answer. The will have. Is that manifesting in your life? Physical Realm. The will have. When God manifests the answer in my life, he answers from the eternal realm, but sends it into my realm, which is the time rail. It’s like I got the picture maybe a bit coming back into the Earth’s orbit. You know, it’s like coming into my realm. It’s like coming into the atmosphere. It’s coming into the time continuum, the time dimension. And when it comes into the dimension, it’s affected by three things. Am I, am I all right? I understand where I’m coming from, when it comes into the time dimension. Norris City marriage counseling Three things affect the answer to prayer. Number one, the activity or the resistance of Satan. Number two, the will and opposition of other people. And then my will and my ability to cooperate with God’s plan for my life.

All those three things will effect where it falls in the time frame. So now I was praying about this and all of a sudden I got the. I got the, uh, the Plinko board jumped up into my head. I’m like, Plinko, perfect. Now I don’t want you to think Plinko is in a game of chance and luck. That’s not what he was showing me, but I just saw God bringing the answer to me. Bring up, bring up Daniel chapter 10. This is the answer. This is about when, when God was a daniel was praying to God. And remember he prayed for 21 days in and he didn’t get the answer. Well, then 21 days later, the angel comes to him. An Angel says, do not fear Daniel for from the first day that you set your heart to understand what does that correspond with? Mark Chapter Eleven, Mark Chapter Eleven.

If you’ll have faith in God and do not doubt in your heart, from the first day you set your heart, set your heart on what? On what God says, and not what anybody else says. From the first day I set my heart and I say, that’s it. No double mindedness, no wavering. I believe what God says from that first day you that God hears, he hears and he says, you humble yourself before God, your words were heard, and I have come because of your words, your words, Norris City marriage counseling and now go verse 13. Here’s what was happening. What Daniel couldn’t see. The Prince of the Kingdom of Persia withstood me. Twenty one days, and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes came to help me for I’ve been left alone there with the kings of Persia. Here’s what happened. God sent the answer to Daniel. On what day did God send it?

The first day? First Day. So here’s Daniel Day one. God and eternity sends the answer. It’s coming as it comes into the time realm, spiritual resistance takes place. So it’s like that Plinko board. The answer was falling and the enemy starts setting up pigs and taking it forward and it’s going forward. Dod wanted to come. Day One, it starts coming and it calls and now. But here’s what God told me. He said, you know every peg that the enemy puts up on your board to delay or every peg that other people put up on your board to delay right after their peg. I put a redemptive peg that a fuel choose my redemptive peg. I’ll bring it right back into timing. See, no matter if I ran from God, I don’t want to serve God. I don’t want to do what God wants me to do, and so that putting pegs of God’s plan for my life further and further out after every bad decision, God puts a redemptive peg right under that and he says, choose me.

Choose me this day and if you’ll choose me, my plan will come much faster into your life. God’s putting redemptive pegs on our boards every single day we got to take him. He’s putting his plan tag right there, but that enemy kept putting those pegs up and and the warfare was going on. So that answer fell day 21 even though God sent it on day one. So now this is what God’s teaching us. So listen, no matter what the factor of Satan’s plan in your life and the factor of other people’s resistance can only delay the word of God. They can never deny the word of God. And this is what’s so encouraging of the three factors that affect the timing of God’s answer to my life. Norris City marriage counseling The only one that can stop the move of God in my life is my decisions. No matter what the devil wants to do, no matter what other people do, if, if, if God puts it on my heart to do something for you today and God wants to give it to you today.

And he tells me today and I say, Nah, I don’t know if that’s me or not. So I put it off and put it off and I ended up doing it actually on Wednesday. God’s plan was for you to have it today, but I actually got an agreement and finally did it on Wednesday. If I were to kept putting it off, God put another redemptive peg and say, if Chad, you’re not gonna, do it. I’ll use somebody else and I’m going to get my answer to my son or my daughter. See the enemy, other people’s agreement can delay the move of God, but they will never deny the move of God. So this is why I can be excited that I can believe I receive when I pray, because it doesn’t matter who agrees with it. If the devil fights it, Norris City marriage counseling it does not matter. If I agree with what God said, it will come to me. It will come to pass. I will have whatever I say. How do I know all have it? Because I’m going to fall. Put those redemptive pigs on my board. I’m going to say, God, I’m going to choose you and so that your timing for my life, it will fall right where you want it to fall. Some things that I’m praying for right now, God’s perfect plan for that is to fall three years from now

and that is perfect time, but if I choose unwisely and say, you know what? I really don’t want to give my life to Jesus right now. Rhythm was serve him wholeheartedly. Then all of a sudden these pegs start coming up and what God wanted to happen in my life three years from now, it ends up having six years from now or 10 years from now, I’m delaying what God wants to do, and so when we believe we received right now with this first 24 saying to me, whatever things you ask, when you pray, Norris City marriage counseling believe you receive. When are we supposed to believe we receive when we pray? So now you say it this way. Thank you Lord.

Just go ahead and spell your heads with me. Cow. Holy Spirit to speak something. I feel like he’s wanting to speak to hearts, so I just want to give them the opportunity to do that. Thank you. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit. I thank you for interpreting this and making it plain and understandable for every single heart. God, you’re not the author of confusion. God, you know I’m not that smart without you, so I pray right now, God, that you will teach us the principal believing by faith and receiving. When we pray, Norris City marriage counseling even if we don’t have it in the time realm, God, we can have it by faith. God, I pray that you grow our mustard seed faith that those here this morning, that your word is growing, greater insight of them, the what God says is greater, so much so that we receive it now when we pray, even if we will have it in time, we receive it now.

As you’re praying this morning, I one thing that I felt like was strong in my heart was this, this Plinko board. Some people felt discouraged because God’s not moving in their life in the timely manner, and they’re not seeing. You’re not seeing results. Maybe you’re like me that you’re saying this question all the time when God, when maybe you’re asking the question how sometimes we have difficulty receiving from God because we don’t understand how the how trips us up. Okay, I know God, you want to do that, Norris City marriage counseling but I just can’t see how I don’t know how many times I’ve said this or maybe someone else say that to me. Works come up and say, well, yeah, I, I understand that, but I just don’t see how that can happen. I just don’t see how and the how trips us up. God said, the how is not what I want you to get greater in your heart.

What I want you to get greater in your heart is what I said, what I’ve told you. It’s what I want you to become greater, and some of you and your Plinko board you maybe you’ve made some decisions that put off God working in your life. They weren’t vindictive decisions. They weren’t filled with malice. Maybe. Maybe it was just laziness. Maybe it was just distracted by other things going in your life, but God has put up a redemptive pig for you right now on this day, October six, 2013, and he says, Norris City marriage counseling if you will choose that, things will begin to fall right into place. Maybe you think God’s forgotten about you. You’ve been waiting for something for a long time. Let me assure you, God never forgets. He never forgets. I want to encourage your faith this morning to believe you receive when you pray

and believe God, for when you will have the, when you will have and how you will have. That is not your obligation. That is not your job, your and my job is to simply believe his word and receive it by faith. Would you stand with me this morning? Jesus Ministry team, which has come up and be ready. Thank you Lord Jesus. Jesus. Norris City marriage counseling Do this with me. I want us to go outside of the time realm for a moment, so just close your eyes when they. I want us to leave this time rail and I want us to go to the eternal realm for just a moment. Take a moment to be. We’re not going to be here for eternity. This was just going to be a moment.

Close your eyes to the natural realm and I want you to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. You’re here this morning. You’re saying, Chad, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve put up some bad pigs and I want to take God’s redemptive pick a small, I’m not serving God or I’m not giving him my life and I’ve never asked him to be my lord or have just walked away from. For whatever reason today, Jesus put a huge redemptive pick right in front of you. Instead, choose me, choose me and make me the lord of your life. If you’ll put me in charge, Norris City marriage counseling that everything I’ve created for you can begin to fall into place. I’m wanting my best to happen in your life, so if that’s you. This morning, Jesus died to give you a good player. He died to bring your salvation. He died to give us forgiveness of sins. There’s a place, my eyes can’t see it right now.

I want us to go there. Maybe you’re already a believer, but you’re believing God for some things that you can’t see right now that you’re wondering when will I have them or how will I have leave that place? We’re not staying in the when and how we’re going to the place of faith or saying, God, what did you say? I’m grabbing hold based on what God said and I’m receiving. I’m Lambano, I’m grabbing. I’m seizing it by faith right now. That’s you go to that place and begin to grab it. Maybe Norris City marriage counseling God’s reminding you of something he said that just begin to step out and say, yes, I’m going to grab that and we’ll take it by faith. God, I’m back on your promise. I will not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but I’m won’t be strengthened by faith. Now in the natural, I’m praying into the eternal and God, I thank you that you hear me now. It’s always now for you. God, you’re always answering me from a now place, so I thank you for that.