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The S, the message this morning, the title of my message that we’ve been on is called mustard seed faith and going from smaller to greater mustard seed faith from smaller to greater. So if you’ve got your bibles, let’s turn to matthew chapter 17. Yes, bringing it strong at 9:00 AM. I like it. Norris City marriage counseling Matthew chapter 17.

This our story that we’ve been talking about, we’ve been building off this foundation about the man bringing his son to the disciples, wanting him to be healed and they could not. So they brought him to Jesus and uh, the boy was cured. And then the disciples came to Jesus afterwards. In verse 19 they said, Hey, why were we able to cast it out? How come we aren’t getting results in our lives? How come we prayed? We did everything we knew to do and it still didn’t work. So Jesus said to them, Norris City marriage counseling because of your unbelief, for surely I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed specific type of faith as a mustard seed, here’s what will happen. You will say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will move. And nothing, everybody say nothing. Nothing will be impossible for you.

Nothing will be impossible for you. Nothing will be impossible for me. So I see from here that if you do have mustard seed faith, you will speak to your mountains or anything that arises in your life that is not of God, you will speak to it and you will tell it to move and it will move. Norris City marriage counseling And this is what Jesus was telling them. So we’ve, we’ve just been diagnosing this and what that means in her life and how can we do this? How am I? How many have ever has anything that rises up in your life that goes against what God says about Your Life? All of us have that right? So now Jesus has given us a formula of what to do when that happens, not if that happens, but when it happens. So let’s turn over to mark chapter four. I want to show you something here and then we’ll move onto another part.

So mustard seed faith is what Jesus said is the and the antidote for unbelief. The fix or the cure for unbelief is mustard seed. Faith, look at verse 30, Mark Chapter Four said, what’s what are we going like in the Kingdom of God? How are we going to picture it? Verse Thirty One, he says, it is like a mustard seed, which when it it being the seed being the word of God when it is sown in the ground is smaller than all the seeds in the earth, but when it is sown, it grows up and becomes greater. They say greater. Norris City marriage counseling We’re moving to the place where God’s word or the seed of God’s word becomes greater than everything else. That’s what this whole thing is based on is that I have come to a place in my life in every area. There’s areas of your life right now that God’s word is greater than other areas than anything else, but there’s other areas in your life maybe like me where his word hasn’t reached the greater level yet, and that’s what we’re shooting for, for God’s word, to be greater in every area of our life.

So it grows up and becomes greater. So now we realize that sewing God’s word in our heart, the seed of God’s word, that it’s the word is what grows up and becomes greater. In other words, don’t forget this, just kind of building a foundation for maybe the first time. Hear God’s Word is what I’m growing, not the evidence of what I want to see. It’s important principle for this series. The evidence of what I’m wanting to see is not what I’m growing in my heart. Norris City marriage counseling I’m growing what God said his word has to be. I know it doesn’t look like what I want it to look like, but his word said his word is growing. So I have to have chapter and verse. I can’t just say, well, I’m just speaking the word. What are you speaking? I don’t know. I’m just speaking the word.

What are you saying? What is the burst? What is the chapter? Where is it found in the Bible? Because this word is living word and this is what has to grow in my heart, not my desire for what I want to see. So we’ve got to build that. So we’re doing that in seed form. Someone will spend some time out today is understanding the importance of knowing the nature of a seed and how it works. Now we live in a farming region. So the way I look at it, we ought to have some of the most faith filled people in all the country. If the Kingdom of God is like a seed, and faith is like a scene than farmers should be the greatest, greatest faith people in the world because they understand how it works. So Norris City marriage counseling if you’re a farmer listening to this this morning, here’s what I want to encourage you.

If you know how your system works, you know how God works. It should be an easy transition to adopt faith in your heart. If I know how the farming principle works, seed works, than I should be able to grasp how God works. Norris City marriage counseling So let’s look at that. Go Up to verse 26 for some information on this and says this, Jesus talking, give. He says the Kingdom of God or the system of God as if a man or a woman, a person should scatter. So seed on the ground, where are they sowing seed on the ground is your seed inside your corn planter? Do you any good? It does not do any good inside the plant. Or where does the seed need to go in the ground? What is the three most important words about real estate? Location, location, location. What is the most important? Three most important words about the seed, location, location, location.

It has to be in my heart, not in my head. I can’t plant God’s word just in my head. That’s great. I need to get it in my head, but it’s got to make that 16, 18 inch drop from my head down into my heart where I truly believe what I read. Yes, I can recite these scriptures, but I don’t really believe what I. What I can recite. It’s got to get down into my heart. So location, location, location. He says, play it on the ground. Norris City marriage counseling Verse Twenty seven and should sleep by night and rise by day. Unless they’re on third shift and the seed should sprout. Notice what the scene’s going to do. The seed’s going to sprout and grow. He or she themselves do not know how it’s important to get that the seeds in the ground and it’s sprouted and grown and they don’t even know how they don’t know how it’s growing.

We’re going to come back to that. See, it’s the same in our lives. We wonder how things grow up in our lives. We wonder how things got there. How did that get there? Or how did I get here in my life, and here’s one of the things that I put down. The sewing is intentional, but the growing is not. So. Here’s what it means by that. Notice what he says. The scattering of the is intentional by a person. What you so out of your mouth. What’s your thinking with your brain? What is sewing? Let let me break. Hold up. Slow down. Norris City marriage counseling How do we sow seed? By speaking things out of our mouth and thinking thoughts in our head, what we meditate on and what we speak is how we sow seeds in her luck. Where are we sewing them into our heart? The heart produces seed on its own, so the sewing is intentional, but the growing is automatic.

So if I, if I say, well, how did I get so fearful? How did I grow that? Well, I intentionally sowed. I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, and it just grew. Norris City marriage counseling That’s what that verse is saying. It grows and they don’t even know how. How did I get here? How did I get to be so worried all the time? How did I get full of anxiety all the time? How did this grow up in my life? Because I sewed worry, stress, anxiety all the time out of my mind and out of my mouth, and it just grows on you. So sewing is intentional. Growing is automatic. So I’ve got to intentionally sow God’s word. If I saw it, it will grow in my heart. So will fear social anxiety. So we’ll distraction. So we’ll depression and discouragement. How did I get so depressed? Well, it because it grew.

How did it just grow? It grew because I sold somewhere in my life. I got to check my sower to not my grower. See what I’m talking about. My sewing is the problem growings automatic. It’s going to come up if you’re. If you’ve produced, I’ve produced a bad crop or something. I don’t need to try and revamp my growing process. Norris City marriage counseling It grows automatically. I need to revamp my sewing process. My heart will produce. I just got to check that so the sewing is intentional. The growing is not. Now let’s look at verse 28 for the Earth or what is the earth we recognized in that the earth is the heart. The earth yields crops by itself by itself, so it grows on its own. First the blade, then the head after that, the full grain on the hip, so notice it says the earth or the heart produces crops by itself first.

Then after this shows the gradual process that tells me that I’m not going to grow godly things or ungodly things overnight. It’s going to be a process so fast start sewing godly thoughts today, God’s word today. I can’t be expecting that by this afternoon. My whole life has changed because I sold all these bad things for years first. Then after shows, Norris City marriage counseling it’s a process, so I got to gradually change my process and sprayed some roundup on those bad things and put some fertilizer on what God’s telling me, see how it works. It’s showing me that the mustard seed process, growing faith, getting rid of trash in my life is realizing that I have grown some stuff in my life I don’t want and I did it because I sold some seed I wasn’t supposed to, so. So how do I fix that? I start sowing some seeds.

I should be sewing, which is what God says about Marla and I may still have some stuff growing up together. Right, Norris City marriage counseling and you may have experienced this in your lap. I got some good stuff growing now has still got some bad stuff going. Well, what do I do? I keep so in more of the good stuff and it outgrows the bad stuff. Our spray roundup on that bad stuff. I say, no, I’m not gonna give into, you know, I’m not going to think your thoughts. No, I’m not going to obey you anymore. I’m just gonna. So what God says about my life, this shrivels up and dies and this grows up and becomes greater than all the other herbs. That’s how it works, but we got to make this an intentional process. Your heart will grow. Whatever you put in it, you put in bad stuff, your heart will grow it. Sure. Shooting,

you put in discouraging, fearful. I’ll never amount to anything. It’ll never happen. It’ll never change. I’m so worthless. I’m this. I’m nothing. Blah, blah, blah. You keep sowing that through your head and through your mouth and you will grow a bumper crop of worthlessness. But if you begin to sow what God says than men, you’re going to reap a harvest of God’s word. So now let’s look at verse 29. So after the process, Luke, verse $29, but when the grain ripens immediately they put in the sickle because the harvest has come. Now who puts in the sickle? Notice what it says, but when the grain ripens immediately he or she puts in the sickle. Now who’s doing the harvesting? Norris City marriage counseling The same person that’s doing the scattering.

God’s not doing the harvesting. The person doing the scatterings during the harvesting wanna, make sure and get that clear. Who’s doing the harvesting st person. That’s soy. So the harvest has come. So what is the harvest follow along in your Bible here. What is the harvest? What is what is growing or developing? It is the seed. Remember we sowed the seed and the seed first blade then had then full grain. So now it ripens and it’s time for harvest. What has ripened? The seed, which is the word. Is that what I’m wanting to happen? No, I’m not harvesting what I want to happen. I’m harvesting the word. I mean this is important. You’ve got to get where I’m going here. So I’m not at this point. Norris City marriage counseling I’ve put in the sickle. It’s harvest time. We think harvest is. I see it. Not yet, not yet, not just yet. We’re harvesting the seed. I don’t use the seed to get what I need. The seed is what I need. Here’s the mistake we make. Some times we use the Bible to get God to do

and we forget the Bible is what we want. Let me say it this way. Sometimes we will all speak my scriptures and then God will do something. The word is what does something so I want. This is why I got to have chapter and verse. It’s not like, well, I need. I need God to move in this situation. How many’s ever done this? You’ve been praying about something. You’ve been speaking, you’re speaking the word over it or got some scriptures. You got them posted up everywhere and you’re doing something. You’re. Norris City marriage counseling You’re speaking these things and you’re praying and then then it seems like nothing’s happening. Nothing’s changing and you get this thought, well, I need to do something.

We’ve got to do something. It’s not getting any better. It’s not changing. We got to do something. You know what that thoughts telling me? It’s telling me that the word is not doing anything, so I’m not speaking the word to get God to do the word does and we’ll show you what I’m talking about, but we don’t use the seed to get what we get. What we need. The seed is what we need, so this is enough. It’s not this to get something that will bring me. What I want, this is what I want to show you. What I mean, okay, Norris City marriage counseling is I’m sorry. I get excited because of where I’m going and I forget you aren’t there with me yet, so it’s okay. So we’re harvesting. The seed is the seed and up bring up genesis chapter one, verse 11. Is the seed enough?

If we’re harvesting the seed, putting in sick for the seat. Here’s what God says about this is in the beginning and creation. Then God said, let the earth bring forth grass. The herb that yields seed and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind whose seed is in itself on the earth. And it was so. Go to verse 12, Norris City marriage counseling and the Earth brought forth grass. The herb. Hang on, go back to verse 11. I want to ask one question before we go in first. Then God said, let the earth bring forth grass. Who’s God talking to

the earth?

He’s telling the earth, bring forth grass. What did we say in mark? Chapter four? The Earth represents the heart. So God created a producing agent. You don’t have to tell the ground to produce, you have to put seed in the ground. The ground knows what to do. I don’t have to grow grass. I have to mow grass. Now I understand. If Norris City marriage counseling you’ve got a place with no grass, you have to initially plant seed, but once you’ve planted it, put the seed in there, the grass, the ground knows what to do. So the same thing in my heart. My heart knows how to produce. I just got to get the right seed in it. You don’t have to say, well, my heart just done producing thing. I promise you your heart will produce. You put the right seed and it will produce the right thing. So now go to verse 12, sorry.

So then the earth brought forth grass. The herb that yields seed according to its kind. Underline that in your Bible, it’s very important, the herb that yields seed according to its kind. What are you wanting to produce? Then you need to get seed that matches that desire. Seed will only produce after its own kind. I can’t. So apple seeds and want peaches. It’d be crazy. I can’t desire something different than what I saw, so I’ve got to find seed. What is seed? The word of God. I’ve got to find word that matches what I want and that seed will produce after its own kind. I’m not sewing scriptures about peace so that God will give me peace. That scripture produces. P, Norris City marriage counseling the seed is what I need. God’s already empowered the word. He says, if you will speak my word, that seed will produce you.

See the slight difference. I’m not praying God’s word so that God’s power will do something. He’s already empowered this to do something and when I speak it, it grows up out of that seat, put in my heart. So it produces after its own kind of the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is where? It’s in itself according to its design, its kind and God saw that it was good. So now who? Seed as in itself. So these plants, they not only grow out of a seed, but they produce many more seats out of the one apple seed produces an apple tree that produces apples that have what? Inside of them seeds. So now one apple seed doesn’t just produce apple trees, it produces apple trees and more seeds. So it’s exponential. So Norris City marriage counseling now one seed of God’s word does not just produce what I need, but it produces seeds for me to sow into other people so it can produce what they need and other areas of my life.

It is an in. It’s a exponential growth factor. When God’s word grows in my heart, it doesn’t just produce a fruit in my life, it produces seeds of other things in my life. It grows bigger. Alright, so out of the one, many more are produced inside the one. So let me give you this. Everything needed to produce fruit or more. Seed is already in the seat, right? Everything needed to produce fruit and more seed is already in the seat. This I’m going to give you this. God kind of blew my mind with this. So in a seed, you don’t need to add anything to a seed to produce the result. You don’t need to grow a seed for a little while, Norris City marriage counseling let the stock come up a little bit, and then take corn somehow and start hanging it on the branches. You don’t need to take apples and put them on there. Everything in that seed will grow out of it. It’s all in there. It’s enough. So when I say use the seed enough, everything in that word that God has given me is enough to grow everything that I need. See what I’m talking about. Again, farming principal. You understand? If you plant that seed, that seed will grow. Everything that I need, the stock, the everything. It’s all gonna. Come out of that one little seed. It’s all inside of there. So now mustard seed. Faith isn’t looking for new things. It’s looking to grow and develop what is already there,

knowing that God’s put. Let’s look at it from a baby standpoint. Bring up this picture. I got here of a progress of babies. I’m all about babies right now for some strange reason. We’re excited. We got some more great people having babies. I want you to see from the very beginning, this shows a progression of the seed for the very first part you see racing the fertilization. You see everything happening to fertilize the egg in that beginning stages, Norris City marriage counseling so once that one sperm penetrates and and fertilizes that egg, you got to understand from that very moment, everything that person will ever need is there. The moment that seed is fertilized in the proper place, everything’s already there. Now look at two weeks. Does that look like you doesn’t look like you, right? I mean, that’s. That’s a family portrait right there. Have you ever children at two weeks? It doesn’t look like much. Starts out smaller than everything else. What God says starts out small. It starts out not looking like what I needed to look like. It starts out looking like not enough. Is that enough to feed and Burp? It’s not going to happen. Is that enough to walk around and drive the car to school? That’s not enough, but look what’s. Is it all in there? Look at four weeks. Things start to change. Look at six weeks, seven weeks on now. Also, the honors start showing, I’ll start showing 16 weeks, 18 weeks, everything is starting to develop, Norris City marriage counseling a starting to grow. It’s all in there in the very beginning,

so enough was in the seed and the seed doesn’t just produce one thing. It produces more seeds. So here’s the. Here’s the revelation that kind of got. Got me a little shook up. God’s told me, he said back in Genesis, I was reading that. He said, you realize, but my one seed, the created Adam, Adam had cain. Adam seed created one baby and then that one baby was enough. See to bring me into the world. The entire creation of humanity started with one seat, but when he looked at little cane, I’m sure she didn’t say, boy, I can see Chad. He, I’m looking at Dli. Could see Chad’s gonna come out of him, but I did one seat. Here’s the power of seed. It doesn’t just produce one thing, but it will produce enough seed to exponentially do whatever is needed. That’s what God put into the earth. He put the seed principle in the earth and it just expanded, Norris City marriage counseling exploded, and now you’ve got 6,000 years of humanity because a one seed. Now what can God do with your one seat? The one thing that you’ve spoken into your heart, the process of growing is huge. Now I brought. I brought this. This is yellow mustard seeds.

See it right there. You got it there in the backyard. You see it? I want to give you see, nothing is added to a seed to produce what it needs to. It’s all inside. Their. Everything needed to produce is inside that, so let’s. Let’s say this is the Zygote, that two weeks, this is this. Is that the point of conception. This is me. See the resemblance. I came out of something that small, six, eight, 200, 60 plus pounds right there. You see me? You see me inside there. There’s no way we could think that our natural mind, Norris City marriage counseling but that’s what happens in our belly, my belly button in females belly.

That’s what happens every day when something it comes from this grows a full size grown human being. I can’t fold up in there, so now what am I saying? I’m saying everything that I need, God speaks to me. It may start out that small, but it can grow and become something huge and ginormous. We’re thinking too small. What can God do in my life all I’ve got this one little word, God spoke to my heart. Well, maybe God wants you to change the world. What’s the. What’s the comparison in size proportion made to this seed? This is what you’ve got to realize. When God speaks a word to you, don’t look at it for what it looks like right now. Look Norris City marriage counseling at it for what it could be. Look at it for what God can make out of it. See, at the end of four weeks, the embryo is one, 100th of an inch in length, and that is 10,000 times bigger than it is a conception that that four weeks, one 100th of an inch, well, that’s still 10,000 times bigger when it was a conception.

So what is God wanting to do with us? He’s wanting to grow. He’s wanting to grow us up. So now look at verse 29 again with this in this manner, so, but when the grain ripens immediately he puts in the sickle because the harvest has come. So if I’m harvesting the word, how do I do that? Norris City marriage counseling Notice what he says he puts in the sickle because the harvest of come. What is the harvest? The harvest is a word what God has said. So what is puts in the sickle? Flip over to mark chapter 11 and let’s grab this. You see the importance of the seat. The what God said is enough. And here’s what we’ll say. Well, we’ll just say that the devil put this thought. Well I know what the Bible says, but I need something. I need something to happen. Well, here’s what the Bible says.

I know what the Bible says, but I. So now we’re not using the word as the seed. What we need, we’re wanting. Yeah, if I can use scripture to get what I want, that’s great, but I’ll use whatever I need to get it. The word is what we want. It will grow. What you need. You need some joy in your life. Get some word and begin to grow it by planting it in your heart, not God. Please give me joy. Please give me joy. Grow some joy. It’s a fruit of the spirit who seed is in itself, so this not only produces joy in my life, but when I harvest joy, it also gives me seeds to sow and other people’s lives. So look at Mark Chapter Eleven. Jesus in verse 22 says, he answered them, Norris City marriage counseling said, have faith in God. We’re talking about how do we put in the sickle?

What does that mean? What’s the translation for that? Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says she says will be done. They will have whatever they say. Numbers 24. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you will have them believe that you received them. When you pray, Norris City marriage counseling the word received, remember means to take or to grab two cs, to hold onto something, to possess. It means to to come to believe something. Then act in accordance with that. Bleep, so now don’t confuse this. Notice what it says when you pray, believe that you received. Don’t confuse receiving with understanding how

sometimes we don’t receive something because I don’t see how it can happen. Don’t confuse those two things were not able to receive because we look at and go, I don’t see how it can happen so we don’t receive it. This is what we’re talking about with the sickle, putting in the sickle and harvesting because we realizing right now that believe we receive. When I pray, when I pray, it’s when I’m harvesting the seed, so here’s what I want to make it as simple as I can. Whatever things you ask when you pray, Norris City marriage counseling believe that you received them. Remember what we said back in mark chapter four, that what God says, the seed is what’s growing up. So what are we harvesting and my harvesting the answer to my prayer as we think of it. Am I harvesting the manifestation or that I see it? I’m not harvesting that I’m harvesting the seed and what God says, so now whatever things you ask, when you pray, you believe.

He said, when it ripens puts in the sickle because the harvest has come. When is the harvest come? When the world has grown up in my heart and become greater. That’s harvest time, and at that point I believe I receive. When I pray, I harvest what God said. I’m harvesting right now. It belongs to me when I pray, not when I see, but when I pray I’m harvesting God’s word and I say in that moment, Okay God, what you said has just outgrown everything else in my life. So I believe I receive. When I pray, Bam, it belongs to me. I’ve put in the sickle and I’ve harvested God’s word. Do I see what I want to see yet? No, but I’ve harvested because the seed, if I can get it on there, the seed is enough to grow everything I need. I’m harvesting what God said. I’m not harvesting a desired end result. So when are we doing this? When are we harvesting? Believe we receive when


when we pray. I jotted this down. This is important. The reason we have to believe that we receive when we pray is that God has no other time to hear us. God cannot hear or answer our prayer tomorrow because he doesn’t have a tomorrow in which to answer it. Remember I talked about this last time, last time, time is spread out in front of God. God is outside of time. He is eternal. God can’t answer my prayer tomorrow. Doesn’t have it tomorrow. He always lives in now. It’s always now for him. Wherever he is, it’s always now so when I pray, believe I received, I’ve got to do it now because that’s the time table. He’s always working on talking about. I know we trip on this for like, Norris City marriage counseling but I don’t understand that it’s going to be tomorrow, tomorrow, but he doesn’t have tomorrow.

The moment that I believe I received, he says, Bam, you got it. Now, this is why he says in Romans chapter four, that Abraham never wavered at the promise of God through unbelief. On the time continuum, he wavered all over the place. I’ve heard of Ishmael, so a little bit of wavering on the timescale. He wavered, but God on the now when Abraham received it by faith and stopped, stopped taking other options, said, I believe God. God said he’s got it. He answers in the now. I know it’s hard for us to grasp, but I believe this is revelation. If we’ll get it. When I pray and I believe I receive, I can do it now because God’s always working in the now.

Notice what it says. Believe you receive. When you pray and you will have them, you will have them. God cannot do anything about my prayer tomorrow because he has no tomorrow. He only has now. Now when will I have it? I will have it in the natural whenever it manifests, but I harvest, I believe I received now and I have it a semester at thing. Do you understand the difference? I want you to track mood because if we will grasp this principle, it works in any area of your life. Most of the time. Norris City marriage counseling If you need emotional needs, physical needs, financial needs, when do we harvest that need? We don’t harvest it. When we see it, we harvested when we believe it. That’s mine. I believe it belongs to me. Now. Everything in the natural may not agree with it. It may not match up with it. It may say, sorry, it’s not working. It’s not working with so right. I understand in the time realm it hasn’t come about yet, but I’ve already received it in the eternal realm. I’ve already received it and the now realm. Now faith is the substance of the things I’m hoping for, the evidence of the things not seen in the time realm

when his faith, substance and evidence for me of the things that I’m hoping for now when is now not in time now as an eternal. So when I pray I say, father, I thank you. Your word is grown up inside of me and become greater and it’s produced a harvest of faith inside of me. So I grabbed now what you have for me, and it’s mine. The word is what’s my. So what is my tangible proof when I don’t have anything physical to point to to say it’s working is changing. What do I have? I’ll say it’s right here. Well, Norris City marriage counseling I know that’s what the Bible says, but I need to see. I’ve got it. It’s right here. It’s right here. You see it. See Chad. This is Chad and his baby picture.


This is my earliest picture ever taken of me right there in acute. Look there. Norris City marriage counseling

It sounds silly, but it’s true. It’s true. That’s what happens. That’s a child, a grown man. A grown woman comes out of something like that. Explain that to me with your natural mind. Explain that to me. How arms and legs and eyes and brains and back. See, I read something on this and at a certain point this little Zygote keeps splitting into cells and all of a sudden it gets long and folds over and starts changing. All of a sudden, just this bones, the spinal cord Norris City marriage counseling just developed out of nowhere. Spinal cord happens. I’m like, that’s crazy. How does that happen? He says, it grows and he does not know how. That’s what God said. He said, listen, do you truly understand how that baby’s formed in there? Do you, do you understand how I grew that?

Uh, no.

Then why are you trying to understand how I’m trying to grow everything else in your life? Why do you have to understand every way that I’m going to move in your life? Why can’t you just believe sow seed and believe in the process? Why can’t you just so see and trust me that I know how to grow things out of nothing. I know how to grow things that don’t look like much. So I said, God, forgive me. All I need to do is harvest what you say. I’m a harvest the word. And then that’s going to be my proof and my evidence. People going say, Jeff, how do you know what’s going to happen? And um, we’ll speak chapter in verse. This is how I know this is my proof. Norris City marriage counseling This madness. Yeah, but you’re really though. How do you know what’s going to happen?

Because God said, well, I know God said, but this also says, no, no, no. God said, God said has gotten greater. It’s bigger. It’s outgrown it. Yeah, but what about this? What if this happens? What if that happens? What if this happens? Yeah, but God said it’s got to be your proof. It’s got to be your evidence. Norris City marriage counseling God’s given every single one of us seed right here, seed of his word. The question is, what do you need? What do you need to grow today? Do you need to grow something different and relationship? Do you need to grow something different physically? Do you need to grow something different financially? Don’t use the seed to get what what you need as far as I’m using the seed to get God to do something. The seed is what I need.

I don’t plant seed and hope someone will come out at night and put corn in the field. The seed will produce the corn. See what I mean? I’m not producing. I’m not plant beans, and then I go around saying, man, I sure hope somebody goes and drops some beans in my field. I believe in the. See God’s given you seed. Norris City marriage counseling Let’s believe in the seed. It will produce after its own kind. It, it will produce it. It. I didn’t say this. Jesus said this, so now what do I need this morning? I’ve got to grow it. I’ve grown in my life. I’ve got to produce it. I’m not waiting on God to do something. I’m utilizing the tools that he gave me and I said, okay Lord, I’m going to grow some changes in my life. I’m gonna grow some stuff, so here’s what I want us to do. Would you stand with me this morning, Mr Tim, would you go ahead and come up? Here’s. Here’s one wants to do before we go. We’ve got. We’ve got a few minutes here. Guys. I truly believe so much in this word. If you take it as just another sermon, it won’t change your life, Norris City marriage counseling

but if you will take it as a means to how I should operate my whole life. There is no limits to you. There’s no limits to what can happen that now when God says something, I’m done. That’s good. That’s all any God spoke. God spoke a word to me. God gave me a word. That’s enough, but now if God’s word isn’t enough, a Sandal, Norris City marriage counseling God said that, but when am I going to see? You’ve got to put in the sickle. The harvest is come when God’s word becomes greater, so it’s you just bow your heads with me. Here’s what I want to do. I don’t know what state you’re in in your life or what’s going on, but man, if you’re like me, you need to harvest some stuff in your life, but I want to move from a discouraging view of trying to harvest the result and move to a place of harvesting the word. I’m not trying to harvest what I can see with my natural lie. I’m harvesting what Norris City marriage counseling God said. Harvest that today harvests the promise of God is the seed enough. The Bible says that it is incorruptible seed, incorruptible. So what are you needing this morning? What’s going on in your life?

You have emotional, physical, financial issues, spiritual issues, friends, you and I have to know what God says about a situation and what he says has to be enough because that seed will produce what you need. It will. So you’re saying, Chad, if I just speak these words, these scriptures over and over, that it’s going to change my situation. Yeah, because out of that seed is going to grow what you need. I won’t ask you this morning that if you need prayer regarding this, you need support. You need just agreement. There’s something you’re agreeing for, you’re praying for, and maybe you’re in the bottle and you’re saying, I’ve just gotten tired. I need somebody to pray with me. That’s what we’re here for. I heard a couple of words of knowledge earlier. Want to pray for those? Someone deal with maybe the early stages or something was strep throat. I felt that. Want to pray for that? Norris City marriage counseling Then her plantar fasciitis and I don’t even know what that is. I know it has to do with the foot, I think, but if someone dealing with that, I believe God wants to heal you this morning. Those are just some things that I’ve heard so far, but if you need prayer for anything else in your life, healing was

I want you to come up. Want to pray for those guys? I want you to begin to lead us in this chorus because the seed of Jesus changed our life, changed our life. I just want you guys to begin to sing that as we close out this morning, I want you to worship. I want you to think about the seed of God’s word. Is it enough? Norris City marriage counseling Have I undervalued what God said because I didn’t see it? Maybe ask yourself that question. Have I come to a place that I’ve undervalued the word of God and if you need

for her to step out, we want to agree with you. Put the value back on what he said. The scene is enough. Understand farmer just like that corns producing. You’re saying this, maybe some of this question in your, but how did. How did this happen to me? How did this. How did I get here? It did not come without something soul. Norris City marriage counseling Your heart will produce maybe your hardest produced some stuff that you don’t want. That man I just asked you right now, begin to give it to God. What I want to change the seed I’m sowing. I want to change my heart. Change the seat. If you need prayer for that, just step out. We want to pray for to get the right seat. Go ahead guys. I’m just going to talk with you. You give it to God this morning, this morning. Norris City marriage counseling

Make a decision Norris City marriage counseling today. I need a word.

When you pray with me right now because we’ve talked about we believe, right? We believe we grab it. We believe we seize it. When when we pray, throws up first the blade, then the ear, then the full earlier. When it grows up and becomes greater than we harvest, we harvest it in prayer and we say, God, I receive it now by faith. I’m not waiting to see it. I believe I receive. I don’t receive the end. Results are much desired. Results are received. Norris City marriage counseling What you say? What you say? It is a tough to grow. It’s enough to grow and become everything that I need. I received the scene of God’s praise you for that and I pray for revelation to stir in our hearts. God, we will proceed. We will grow the seat. What you say, Lord, this is what I was saying. I believe. What you read, receipts together for the hearts of every person here standing in and you for storing them for scenes, not just enough saved for them, but enough for other people. It’s overflowing with sending us free by the blood of Jesus blood. There would be no hope, Norris City marriage counseling but what we have in you and I give you all the glory for it by the name of Jesus.

Stay up here.