Norris City Church | Making Room For Mercy

Should I just said when pastor chad asked me to speak this morning, I just felt like the lord just just want me to go back to a place that something I’m very familiar with in my life and something that is really captivated me and something has really got a hold of me and some bring me to the place of where I am at Norris City Church. You see i, don’t i, don’t really deserve to be even standing on this platform this morning. I don’t even deserve to be probably in this house this morning, but there’s just something:that’s happened in my life over the years and I continually continually to go back to this very thing that keeps keeps reminding me of who I really am and that’s a thing called mercy and i. Just believe that that we need to the put on this thing called mercy in our life and what mercy truly is and I just want to I want to define that this morning, and not only in my own life but also i, want you to help you define what marcy is what mercy so look like in your own life. Norris City Church, so if you have your bible this morning, turn with me to first chronicles, chapter 28 yeah, the word of god is great amen, awesome, first chronicles, chapter 28, verse, 9 and that david is talking to his son solomon, he’s giving him and exportation and he’s Norris City Church telling him to build something he’s telling him to be courageous. He’s telling him to do it to do it greatly and i. Just think that there’s some significance of great significance in what god wants us to get from this this morning.

So here’s what he says in verse, 9 in the first chronicles chapter 28, he says, ask for you, my son, solomon know the god of your father and serve him with your with a loyal heart and serve him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind with a willing mind for the lord searches. All heart tell me how many parts of the lord search all hearts and understands all the intense of the thoughts. If you seek him he will be found by you, but if you forsake him he will cast you off forever, but it was only says. Consider now I want you to consider now consider now everybody say consider now consider now for the lord has chosen you. He has chosen me this morning to build a house for the sanctuary and he says be strong, he said be courageous and he says do it. Then david gave his son solomon the plans for the best of you. It’s houses is treasuries, upper chambers, inner chambers and the place of the mercy seat. Everybody say the place of the mercy seat and the plans for all that he had by the spirit of courts of the house of the lord and all the chambers, all around all the treasury’s of the house of god and the treasury’s for the dedicated things there’s something very significant in. This passage of scripture david, says in the middle of everything, in the middle of your life, in the middle of everything that you were doing, he said find a place for mercy. He said, find a place for the mercy seat of god in your life makes me want this. This whole story just kind of over you david, is at the end of his journey. He is at the end of his lifetime.

He have basically passing the baton on to the next generation ucf I begin to think about this. There’s something about the older generation passing twins to the next generation, there’s something about the plans that god has instilled into the old generation to give to the next generation, something great in that that’s I’ll, be for another sermon on the other day did george your son. He said be strong in this. He said, be courageous, and do this very thing and I begin to think about how we are the temple of god and how is the temple of god and how god wants us to put his mercy right in the middle of everything that god is doing. We all want to be in the middle of what god is doing and if we want to be in the middle of what god is doing, we have to put mercy right in the middle mercy has to be in the middle. That’s how we flow. That’s how we do things in our life. Norris City Church Is we flow from the place of mercy and he says, make plans for that? Mercy make plans for that. Mercy god’s mercy in your life is what got you here Norris City Church.

It’s god’s mercy Norris City Church that you got in your car and you put your key in your distance and it started Norris City Church, if not mercy Norris City Church on your life, that you have the wealth that you have it’s god’s mercy on your life, that you have to help that you have the job that you have the career, that you have to end of god’s mercy on your life, that you have the family, the husband and the wife, and, if not mercy Norris City Church, that endures, forever I believe that’s a good place. To give me a shout of praise, god’s mercy endures not only for a season not only for a moment but god’s mercy, endures, forever and endurance to relationships and endurance through through, through all the chaos and all the disappointments. All the discoveries. Myths that we go through god’s mercy is still in the middle, and not only your kids mercy in the middle, but even in the middle of all those things. Whenever our life is messed up, jacked up whenever you want to call it god’s mercy should still be in our lives. You see, mercy is two-dimensional, it’s two-fold.

The first one is:you have to receive mercy in your life and the next thing you have to release mercy into the lives of others. You see we have a hard time releasing, because we always one of us or of the receiving we want to receive and receiving receiving received, but we don’t want to release release release. You know it’s time Norris City Church that we begin to release the mercy of god and that’s time Norris City Church that we begin to see healthy relationships because of people that are willing to release the mercy of god and I believe this morning that god is raising up a generation and god is raising up a people that will put me at mercy right in the center of everything that they do. Norris City Church You see when we look at mercy I’m at one time in my life, I was looked as an offender. I was look at looked at as an offense, but you see god looks beyond my offense. He looks beyond the offender and that’s what we many times in our life whenever we put on when we don’t put on mercy the only the place where we stopped since we stopped at the offense, we stopped at the at the at the offender and we don’t look beyond that. Mercy make something that is undeserving to be deserved. That’s what mercy does marcy is basically simply this. It’s a kind, it’s being kind, it’s it’s being compassionate, it’s also being forgiving if part of forgiveness. That’s what mercy he is, but I’m so glad I’m thankful that I’ve embraced mercy in my life. Man. Are you so happy this morning that god has given you mercy in your life? Are you glad this morning at some point time of your life, just somebody showed you mercy. Somebody showed you mercy in the middle of your mishap, in the middle of you messing up in the middle of your shortcomings and your phone was short to somebody somewhere showed you mercy, you didn’t deserve it, but somebody showed it to you you so did you know that marcy in in psalm 35, it says mercy is in the heavens the moment that we take our eyes and our focus off of heaven is the moment that we forget about mercy, because the heavens is where. Mercy comes from

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