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Alright, let’s dive into the word Norris City Church ask into what god has to say:we’ve been Norris City Church about one nation under god, so get your bibles out your electronic devices open up the words to see what god has to say:let’s open up to matthew 28, matthew, 28, kobe reading and verse 16 one nation under god. Don’t take it lightly to responsibility in the privilege to address people after 2 this week and after the election, and you see what’s happening in our our country and see what’s happening all around in the the divisive nature of an election every every time. There’s a major election, our country nowadays pretty much splits, almost even it’s, almost a perfect 50-50. So it’s a divided nation where people are excited and some people are depressed. Some people are thrilled and some people are devastated. It’s a fact of the matter where we are almost every election that happens, and so, as I begin to think about again how I want to dress it. Norris City Church, I spent a lot of time considering and thinking, because I want to be very measured because I know that my my words are are important and I never want to use this platform for the wrong reason or the wrong purpose, but I just want to do. What will god bless me to do as a minister of the gospel of my role is is somewhat different than what other speakers might be, and so, as I look at my role as a minister of the gospel I’m really campaigning for for one team and that’s the kingdom of heaven you’re right. What I was watching I think it was used to be a part of me. I really want to serve in the military and the military about that and deserve to be a soldier. I realize that I am a soldier for the kingdom of heaven I’m one of his soldiers, and you are too if you’re born again and what follower of jesus and you are a soldier for his army and that’s who we’re serving that’s what it’s about Norris City Church. So I I want us to read Norris City Church here and we’re going to get into it. I’m going to get ahead of myself. If I don’t stop and read our texts and then we’ll elaborate, matthew 28:16 says, then the eleven disciples went away into galilee to the mountain with jesus at a point for them when they saw him jesus, they worshipped him, but some doubt it again split, sometimes divisive over the same situation over the same result, the same instance the same circumstance:two people can look at it totally differently. So what happens? So? How do we deal with that? How do we go on with that and it we’re going to talk about a little bit? I, don’t know we’ll get into it Norris City Church, but part of the pledge allegiance is one nation under god indivisible. How can we be indivisible when we’re so divided, we’ll see if we get there Norris City Church, some worship him some doubted in jesus came and spoke to them. Sync, all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth, who has ultimate authority in heaven and earth jesus does jesus. Does he says, because I have all 40 I want you to do Norris City Church I want you to go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age, so that jesus has all authority and he tells the disciples the followers of jesus he’s now. There’s Norris City Church I want you to i. Want you to go, go, go shoe, go! Don’t just hang out and cuddle together! I want you to go i, don’t want you to go make disciples! That’s what I want you to make other followers of jesus hears the objective of the church. Don’t celebrate your uniqueness and stay together with people they’re all like mine and i. Want you to go and cause other people to be like you, I want you to go and make disciples is a greek word that just means to cause someone to be a follower or a disciple of someone in the sense of adhering to their teachings and his truck and then promoting the cause of that person. So here’s what we’re after we’re wanting to create followers of jesus when I want to create followers of a certain political party or a certain ideology. We want to create followers of jesus, that’s her altima door and it will be, are going to matter the result of any of this election or the next one or the next one. The next one. This mandate will cost a static. It will be there forever. So we got to embrace this, and this is what he’s wanting to do. How will we make disciples of all nations? How do we do it? He tells us some verse 20 by teaching them to observe all things ever say all things, small things that I have commanded you and low I’m with you always seem to end of the age of teaching them to observe. That word. Observe I talked about a little bit last week, needs to guard to protect, to retain or sustain to keep Norris City Church to continue in Norris City Church all of my commandments Norris City Church that I’ve ordered you, Norris City Church that I’ve said so how we going to make the disciples of all nations. Is it going to be by electing more democrats or more republicans? Know it’s not going to happen. You don’t decide what a nation by electing a party you decide for the nation by regarding and retaining his principles. We want to create followers of jesus, not just in america but in all the world.

Sometimes you can we get so close-minded about our nation that we forget that jesus loves the world for god, so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. So we want to make disciples and all the nations and some of those nations culture is very different from ours, but he still wants to make disciples. So how do we do that by teaching them godly principles? We don’t do that by trying to get them to adopt a republican, democratic form of government to form of democracy. Listen before you can be a disciple. You have to be a part of a democracy. Now you don’t disciple, you have to be a follower of jesus, even under communism, we got to keep our perspective and what we’re looking for the agenda from heaven will not change, no matter what form of government is over it now what will happen the government over? It is the influence of the people because they expand intergrow. Now the government would be affected by the people that are rising up and be going to take places of influence. So the goal is again to make disciples of individuals and that will begin to make changes at a larger level when we say make, disciples of all nations notice, what it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean just make them simply:church doors make disciples of all nation. Doesn’t he want people just to go to church? We love for people to go to church, but don’t want you to be a church-goer. We want you to be the church. What you smell like the church everywhere you go, we want you to smell like it too. This is some of the things that I was a little bit upset about. Is that, after result of election, sometimes we forget it were followers of jesus I were supposed to walk in love and sometimes there’s there’s. This comes this place of divisiveness. The the people forget. The nature of the character in the fruit of jesus is not to compromise your beliefs just understand how you express those beliefs and love towards other people, and this is what i, what I believe god is going to do and where one nation under god is not to forget it’s about his principal. So let’s look this. What makes a nation great is its ability to follow the kingdom principles of heaven. We talked about the pledge of allegiance, one nation under god I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all the one nation under god. What does that mean? What does that mean where we are nation that was intended to be under. I’m, going to talk a little bit about history? Don’t know if you like history or not I hope you do because you’re going to get some Norris City Church. I’m reason I want to give you some history is because who we are as a nation. We got to go back sometimes to get the perspective of what we were intended to be. We have to go back to the beginning, just like I like to go back to what god intended man to be like I like to go back to genesis before sin and then I get an idea of this is what god intended and then we build from there. I don’t build from where we are now I built genesis and they say that’s what I’m supposed to be like what god intended before see it. So now, when we can talk about where our nation is i, don’t want us to evolve past certain things. I want us to involving to go forward and better things. Cuz here again, I remind you with this the reason some people are upset with our nation. They have a valid reason to be upset because when we said liberty and justice for all that was a lie. Maurice’s liberty and justice for all the justice for all. It was as long as you look like me and act like me in certain circumstances, so there’s some ways. Our country was great from the very beginning, and someone is our country was bad from the very beginning. I, don’t really want to talk about when we’re patriotic. We want to talk about the great things of our country, but there’s some things in our country did not get right for hundreds of years and there’s some things were still not getting right. One nation under god is not a perfect nation cuz. We have people here. It will be a great nation if it was just god, jesus and the holy spirit be a wonderful nation would be perfect in all its glory, be created, mankind with a free will and choice, and things got screwed up after that. So what does it mean? The phrase under god mean here’s. Here’s. What I give you scripture 1st peter 5, verse 5 says this. Likewise, you younger people submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you all of you all of you all of you all of you all of you all of you. Are you getting the points all of you be submissive to one another. All of you all of me be submissive to one another. This is from the bible, be submissive to one another and be cold with, because you said you got dressed before you came to church and I just want to say. Thank you. That’s all when you, when you got dressed, you purposefully put on what you have you made an effort to put it on. It was a. It was a. It was a physical thing that you did on purpose to say, I’m going to get close with this outfit whatever it is. You have on, and this is the way we hold with humility.

You don’t get humble by accident, be clothed what you build, in other words everyday. You got to put on humility because everyday pride wants you to put it on prides, going to be put on. All the time probably wants to defend. Herself probably wants to our own agenda prize about mimi price of me monster, but we got to clothe yourselves with humility. Bible says we don’t xbox for god resists the proud, that’s not a good feeling to be resisted by god. We don’t want to be resisted by god, but gives grace to the humble. Therefore, humble yourselves, humble yourselves, humble yourself, humble yourself or others. Humble yourself make sure others are humble. No humble I’ll make you quite got it yet humble other people know humble how many ourselves we’re under the mighty hand of god’s under god that he may exalt you in due time. Your cells, under the mighty hand of god, so now ask him to bring his umbrella, because, when you say humble yourselves, under the mighty hand of god I want you to know that it is our obligation to humble ourselves under the principles of the kingdom of heaven. That’s what I’m talkin on this one nation under god I’m telling you no matter the party affiliation. We need to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of god. It’s not one part I gets mad I’m not going to go there. I just get frustrated with the party issues, because really it’s all about Norris City Church getting under the hand of god. That’s where we going to flirt with this. If it’s raining outside and I’m holding this umbrella, I like mad, it is raining hard, I’m, getting wet, I’m, just soaking, wet i. Don’t know why I’m so wet well, I’m holding the answer to my problem. Have you had problems with umbrellas being open inside then we just you’ll, be okay, you’ll, be okay, cenotes notice, once I’m under the umbrella? Is it still raining and it’s raining, but yet I’m not getting wet because I’m under coverage I’m under my covering I’m under Norris City Church that’s protecting me. If I get out from under this umbrella? Is it the umbrellas fault? Is it is it is the umbrella mad at me? Is the umbrella? Punishing me is the umbrella. Judging me, no the umbrella says here. I am use me here. I am I’m here to protect you, you move, you put me in place. You get under me and I will protect you. This is what principles of heaven if I get outside the principles of heaven. In my relationships in my marriage in my job in my finances, then I am no longer under the protection of the kingdom of god and it’s not.. Judging me or being mad at me, I put myself outside of the protection of god, but if I will humble myself and stay under your head, even when I don’t know why I should then I’m going to reap the benefits of the kingdom of heaven, and this is what he’s Norris City Church about. We say humble yourselves under the mighty hand of god that he may exalt you in due time. We need to be clothed with humility. This is part of the following the principles of god’s. Let me give you a little bit of history. Was our nation built on the principles of god I want to say yes and I’m going to say no, because again, I told you little bit last week, I’ve learned to sympathize with people that were not always benefited by a godly founding foot by godly founding fathers, because some things, our founding fathers did well with the principles of god had some things they just ignored. Remember what it said by teaching them to observe all the things that I commend. You some things we embrace and some things we ignore. So let me go back to the beginning. Declaration of july 4th 1776, here’s one things. They said we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator is capital c, with certain unalienable rights that, among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They believe that they were the rights given to them by their creator. So did our founding fathers who wrote the declaration of independence that they believe in god, they believe in the creator. They believe they were created by Norris City Church they did not believe in evolution. They believe their creator and they believe that this creator gave them rights certain unalienable rights. Did everyone get the benefit of those rights? No was the principal right. Yes, was the application 100% right? No, we don’t get rid of principles, because the application is not accurate. The principles of god our whole truth. If people in the name of god don’t apply all the principles, don’t throw the principles out correct those who are not applying the principles. That’s that’s best. You got to follow that no fault, cuz I said involved, because it’s what god saying to us see we got it. We got to make sure the whole truth sometimes help me with this one. It’s running around the track around the track around the track see. Sometimes we got to be careful when we throw out our our god card and we say I’m, a follower of jesus and I stand for the principles of god make sure you stand for all of them because sometimes you’ve, we people have offended people in the name of god and cause him to turn away from god, because if that’s the way your god is to me and my group of people, then I don’t want anything to do with that. We got to be careful. How we do that we want to be. We will be a christian nation, but okay, what’s christianity, look like how does it smell? How does it function in society? So that’s.

Why did they write the declaration of independence? What’s some things that you might think of? There were 27 Norris City Church that they wrote that they put down for writing the declaration of independence. You might think taxation without representation, it’s a big one, but that was number 17. What in the top 10 6 men signed the declaration of independence 29 of them, which seminary so where do they get their rights? Is what I’m asking you when they were wrote down the declaration of independence and it wrote down these these objections. They gave to them historians imported that pointed out that every single right list of those 27 Norris City Church set forth in declaration of independence have been preach from the pulpit in churches for the previous two decades. Where did they get their rights? These rights given to us by our creator? They heard them from the pulpit, so the kingdom of heaven begin to give barriers and boundaries for civil and for civil rights. So what I’m saying to you then again is that the the principles of kingdom, of heaven or what’s the guy and give directions to government, it’s not to rule over government, is to give guidance and direction to government will talk about that more just a minute. So here’s how they were they were influenced by that the boundaries of the civil and social rights were determined by the principles of heaven. Let me give you a founding father, so text john, adams, 2nd president united states portrait of john. Second, president knighted states, 40 years after, the revolution 1860 they got john adams said who are the people that are responsible for american independence? You might think math show me give me some names. These are the names that john adam said we’re responsible for american independence. They are a doctor jonathan mayhew, dr. Samuel, cooper, george, whitfield, charles chauncey. You recognize all these people, you know who all these people are creatures. Every single one of them are preachers, some of them don’t look happy, but their preachers capricious attendance was down when they took this picture right there. So there’s a stirring the summer Norris City Church’s on vacation nobody’s come to church, but these were preachers if it’s a john adam said who’s responsible for the independence of our country. These guys right here, let me give some other names. You probably heard of these richard allen absalom jones, john marantz, and let me roll haynes recognize these people. Don’t talk about these in school john adam said these people are responsible for the independence of of america. These are african american preachers she sometimes what’s not taught is the free side for african american african american heritage, where these people from the free parts united states of america where’s, were responsible and huge part to spreading the gospel principles of the kingdom and brought revolution into america, never heard from why? Because the principles of heaven are swept under the rug when john adam said these are the guys that helped us know what we were supposed to be free from. How will they know unless they hear romans 10? How will we know what I’m supposed to refuse refuse from the enemy and embrace from the kingdom? How will I know unless the preacher tells me the kingdom of heaven and politics be a part of each other. Will let you decide as we talk about how we talk about another guy, though this guy name is bring up his picture here this another guy. That was shoes are responsible if you’re from indiana summer indiana people-how much you pay very close attention to this. This individual, who molded and shaped culture in the very early parts lakeport 1700. This guy’s name is harry hoosier, harry, hoosier and also studying about this, always wonder where the name who’s. Your came from, there’s a bunch of different ideas with, but this guy actually existed in. This actually happened:harry who’s. Your was a preacher during the late 18th century. Same time is george, whitefield, the wesley brothers and all of them, but perry hoosier, drew, larger crowds than any of them. Any of them, and one of our founding fathers will probably get to benjamin. Rush said that harry hoosier was the most dynamic public speaker. There was in history, peachtree larger crowds anymore, and he preached all over the wild frontier. If you bring up this map, I’ll show you here’s this the wild frontier and that day was illinois, indiana, kentucky, tennessee and ohio and hurry who’s. Your traveled all over that circuit, preaching the principles of heaven i, saw there was what happened in these large meeting. So many people were getting drastically changed their just changing their life talkin different, acting different, treating people different. They were radically changed then, when they would see one of these people, they go. Hey, there’s one of those who’s. Your disciples look at it totally changed. There’s one of those hoosiers, so possibly I may get depending on whether you want to believe that that’s the sole reason for people in the end where you get your heritage from was from an african american evangelist who preach the gospel of the kingdom. Did they influence our country, our founding fathers believe. So let me give you this other guy, dr. Benjamin, rush, benjamin, rush, john, adam and said john adam said he was one of the three most notable founding fathers george washington benjamin franklin and dr. Benjamin rush, you heard of dr. Benjamin rush. Maybe some of you have some? If you haven’t, he was the father of public schools under the constitution father public schools. Here he started five universities. Three of them are still going on. Norris City Church. He founded the first black denomination in america, the ame church dr. Benjamin rush. At the end of the revolutionary war, one of the kings lost one of the laws of the king is that they could not print a bible in english language in the colonies.

Is it illegal to do that? Well, after yorktown after they surrendered, we got freedom from britain, the first thing on the agenda. One month afterwards, they said we’re going to print a bible in the english language and dr. Benjamin rush helped invent the first way that they could mass-produce the bible and end with in 11 months this they finished printing, the first bible in english language, 1782, the first english-language bible sprint america, and you know who printed this bible the congress of the united states of america, they said congress said we want a bible in the english language, so congress produce 20000 copies of his first bible. You think it was important for our founding fathers for a long time talk about different clothes, I’m, just giving you a few things this morning, but here’s the reason why they want to print the bible. This is quoting the store records of congress who says this. Bible is a neat edition of the holy scriptures for the use in our schools. Why do they print bible because they want to use it in our schools? Benjamin rush went on to say this in march of 1791. He gave a dozen Norris City Church why the bible should never be taken out of public schools in america and was to be used as an essential textbook in teaching students. He said that the bible, when not read in schools, is seldom read and any subsequent. Of life. The bible contains more knowledge necessary to man in his present state than any book in the world. What he said. If we want teach kids to read their bible when they’re young, they will not read their bible when I get older. That is a true statement in 2016 and in 1790 teach him to read the bible. This is why they wanted reading the bible in the school, because they knew that bible with transform who they were mold them in their mind and shake them in their morality and make them better. People would make them republicans, or democrats or anything like that. Pfister shape their morals and their values on who they were his people. That’s a purpose in the word of god, so he, the first public school law was passed in 1647 and here’s what the law was called the old deluder satan act. This is a congress I just talkin about sings number. One purpose is to keep us out of the holy scriptures. He wanted to delude things:the deluder satan that he wanted to keep people from knowing and understanding the word of god 320 years. The bible was part of our school system in 06 and 1944. The supreme court make this ruling 8-0 unanimous decision that we will not find any government-run school. That does not teach the bible 1944 820 hey any school. If you want government funding, you better teach the bible. How far cry is that from where we are Norris City Church and then a 1963 all the sudden turn? And now we decided here’s what they said in 1963 we’re going to get rid of the bible out of school. So they said yours was the ruling. If portions of the new testament were red without exclamation, they could be and have been psychologically harmful to the child. Can I have the bible call psychological problems in children when is read in school? This is what can happen when we take her eyes off the prize when we begin to get too smart. It’s about the principles of the kingdom of heaven let me give me another george, washington, here’s what george washington said during the revolutionary war the hand of providence has been so conspicuous at all this that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith and more than wicked. That has not gratitude enough to acknowledge his obligations. George washington in his farewell address since the first president united states in his farewell address. He said this of all the habits and dispositions which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are two indispensable supports in vain. Would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmus props of the duties of men and citizens? What are the two pillars, religion and morality? He said that if you want politics to work and prosper, you cannot separate religion and morality, so george washington, since he said you can’t even call yourself a patriot if you separate religion and morality from government, this I’m just going back to say:where were we in the beginning? What was the purpose was the ideology because some of this stuff, I didn’t read in my textbook:i didn’t get taught there. I didn’t get I didn’t didn’t get that revisionist history. That did the cut that the constitution is a secular documents. So you say we talked about psalms 33, verse, 12 blessed is the nation whose god is the lord. The people, if he has chosen as his own inheritance blessed, is the nation whose god is the lord. What about separation of church and state separation of church and state separation of church and state came about praise this guy here, thomas jefferson gets credit for the statement for separating church and safe, but some people aren’t taught for this came from. What’s what’s the purpose behind just let me give you a little bit about it. It’s the first amendment congress passed. It congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof to things remembered, very important about this amendment number one is the establishment clause, the first part that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion as established mccall clause that the government shall not establish a religion. Why do they say this? Because they came from england and henry, the 8th stablish, the anglican religion? Why did he establish the anglican religion because he want to be in charge just like the pope was in charge of the catholic religion, so he created the anglican religion because I want to run religion and the people, the forming united states that we don’t want.

Our government running our religion, the establishment clause, said religion will not deter of government will not determine the religion of people, that’s the purpose of it. Second part:the free exercise clause prohibits the government from interfering with or limiting the people’s religious expression that they prohibiting the free exercise. So don’t make no law prohibiting the free exercise of your religion. The government shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of your religion. Those purpose-that’s the purpose behind. It-will use this to save separation of church and state, but it was an institutional separation. Not an influential separation got to hear this see the separation between the government, that was an institutional separation. I, want the government over here the church over here. I, don’t want the government and church together. It’s an institutional separation, not an influential separation. It doesn’t mean that the church cannot influence government. It means the church has to be separate from government and the government cannot control and influence the church. It came from bring you back to the danbury baptists, the danbury baptists of the ones they had a problem. With this first amendment you bring up his first. They said this part the part to bother them. Is this the free exercise that the congress could not prohibit the free exercise up? Here’s what the danbury baptists said. They were concerned that the guarantee of the free exercise, the exercise of religion, being that the wording method, the freedom of religion was a government granted freedom and not a god-given freedom for the danbury baptists government. Are you telling me that you’re giving me the freedom of religion, because, if you’re telling me you’re giving me the freedom of religion that gives gives you the opportunity someday tell me i, don’t have the freedom of religion. So, if you’re telling me I have the freedom of religion, I have a major problem with that, because my freedom of religion is a god-given right and not a government given right. That’s a big difference and that’s what the separation of church and state has been misconstrued and miss understood that when thomas jefferson encourage the danbury baptists, that’s what he said to them. He said listen. There was a wall of separation between church and state that would prevent the government from interfering with or hindering religious activities. We will not interfere with your religious activities, so the separation of church and state does not mean government. There can be no religion in government. That means government cannot control religion. Look at one nation under god, chris I want to close Norris City Church, because the next phrase, one nation under god, indivisible, hear Norris City Church else comes jefferson said that I think it’s important. We in america do not have government by the majority. We have a government by the majority who participate, alter needs to gain a foothold, is for people of good conscience to remain silent. I, don’t know what your physical preferences are in there. That’s really not the agenda. My preference is romans chapter 8. If you go there and we’re going to close here hope. You’re still with me, we love you. Pastor chat. You’ll have to help me jesus one nation under god in divisible, indivisible I got to close I thought I had more time, and that was going to read the scripture romans chapter 8, verse 35. It says who then, who shall separate us from the love of christ, shall tribulation or distress or persecution, or famine or nakedness or peril or sword, as it is written for your sake. We are killed all day long. We are counted as sheep for the slaughter. Yet in all these things, what all things tribulation distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril sword in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us through who, who do the one that you wanted elected? No through who threw him how am I more than a conqueror, because my person, one you’re not more than conqueror by that you’re more than conquerors through him, people loved us I’ve been able to be alive on this great planet. For so many years now did I went through elections. The person that I voted for did not get elected. It’s happened. Few tops. Are you know what all through that time, god still blessed my life? Will the things that you know you like it just like yeah all that stuff true, but I’m telling you we’ve got to make sure that I’m more than a conqueror, no matter what, because going to be the next one for I am persuaded dirt by we got to get body of christ. Hear me listening to this message or in this church. You got to hear this. You got to be persuaded. Let’s get persuade about this part right here, that neither death nor life nor angels, nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth, nor any other created. Think she’ll be able to separate us from the love of god, which is in christ jesus, our lord. Here’s the park that maybe you’ve not applied. This you’ve heard that you said yes, nothing will separate me from the love of god. He will love me no matter what that’s true but I want to challenge you that that’s not how I want to buy it Norris City Church. Nothing will separate you from the love of god. That is in you that you will operate in the love of god, no matter what nothing will separate me from operating to speaking to acting out of the love of god. Nothing will separate me from speaking to people in love, treating people in love. Nothing will separate me from giving people to love of god. Do I receive the love of god? Yes, nothing will separate god’s love to me, but will Norris City Church separate your love to someone else all about jordan conditionally loves us.

Nothing will separate us that’s great, but what about in distress and parallel and all these times will anything separates you from operating in the love of god? What will separate you from the love of god when someone didn’t vote the way you want them to vote? Will that separate you from the love of god good lord help us? If that’s the case, if our love is so small, then we throw it away because differences of opinion, then the body of christ will never transform the world by this you’ll know that you’re, my disciples by your love that you have one for another I just challenges. Can we unite one nation under god indivisible that word right there this week has been very shaky and it’s been very shaky and as much the body of christ as it is outside the body of christ and I’m, not judging anyone I’m speaking to myself that I say lord. Never let anything separate me from walking in your love, my preferences, my thoughts. So what you? Just now your heads for moments, it’s time for us to do at heart, check orange juice to a quick self-examination. I know it’s hard. I know the season is been a it’s going to separating time. It’s been very polarizing for a number of Norris City Church and I get it I respect it. I respect people’s opinion, I settled in my heart. The jesus causes me to be a conqueror, no matter what no matter what I’m a conqueror so now for me to take what I know and get others on board with that I have to show them the kingdom. Do we still get involved in elections and vote and all but I’m asking you to ask the lord right now. Lord has anything separated me from the love of god I’m, not Norris City Church about his love for you. I know that you know that I’m Norris City Church about has anything come into my life. That is caused me to be separated from releasing the love of god, with your husband with your wife. What has separated you from the love of god in all these things, tribulation distress, persecution, family? How much do you get persuaded right now, but in all these things you are more than a conqueror in all these things, the one who loves you says don’t be separated from my love. Don’t be separated from my love towards people, the display their opposition display their opinion in a different way than you would do not be separated from my love, for them do not be separated from your love for someone, you think, is totally missed it. You just can’t fathom how they could see things. The way that they see them do not be separated from the love of god doesn’t mean you compromise your beliefs, don’t take it out of context. I’m, saying jesus, never moved off the principles of the kingdom of heaven and he loved everyone. Not Norris City Church received it, not Norris City Church liked him for it. He wasn’t popular because of it beloved. So I just want to take a moment. Repent I want to see the moment. Repent ask god to forgive us freeway that we allowed ourselves to be separated from the love of god. Any scenario:i don’t have to be a political scenario. Now we’re talkin we’re bringing a ride home to your kitchen coworkers. Maybe friends on facebook that you may need to apologize to. Where did I do Norris City Church to separate me from the love of god I will pray over you I just want you to pray to god and allow him to speak to you, father in heaven I pray that we will truly be a nation under god, indivisible, I pray for this body that we will be independent ball. I praise you for diversity, I praise you for different perspectives, i! Thank you lord that we’re not trying to be bring conformity that everyone has to think and act as the exact same way. North node i, just praise you that you helped us to be indivisible. We will not separate from the love of god for one another. I’m persuaded lord that you’re able to keep what we commit to you. So I pray as you can victor hearts right now that we will walk in love with our relatives, are friends or family members are co-workers, our nation, those that are for us and with us, and those that opposed the very core of our beliefs. Whatever it may be, got me to spray that you will pull your love into our hearts to the holy spirit. We want to see you change this nation and every nation around the world. We want disciples of all nations. We give you the glory for god forgiveness for losing perspective, bring us back around the kingdom. The pray for our leaders pray for those in authority over spray, for those are enemies, the ones who use us. You said lava. Thank you. Father i, just called you. Stick that moment just clear that up release it release it in the name of jesus release it release it

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