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Jump right into it today, if you got your bibles pull those out sermon notes. Are there in your worship, Mt. Vernon, Church god or if you’re watching online, you go to your youversion bible app. You can do it in here as well, go to the envy events section of youversion bible app and you can pull up the sermon notes and follow along ride along with us. Let’s get our our bibles or electronic devices. Whatever used to look the bible, it’s open to john chapter 19, john chapter 19 excited about the bible, it is finished, it’s been the title of the series and we talked about several aspects Mt. Vernon, Church of it is finished and what it means we started out talking about the importance of being a good finisher and what it means or what it takes to be. A good finisher and I gave you three eazy-e’s on being a good finisher, and then we talked about. If we’re going to say it is finished the importance of knowing what your Mt. Vernon, Church it is, so that, when we’re done with our life, we can truly say it is finished, because we know what it is. Would it be awful to spend our whole life living a certain way and found out? We live for the wrong thing, so they were wondering what your it is not said. It’s as simple as abc and I gave you those then the next week we talked about the importance of raising your expectation. If you’re going to live and finish well. For god we got to live with expectation. You got Mt. Vernon, Church to live with the expect expecting that god’s got something in store for your life for tomorrow’s going to be better than today. It’s not just high. If it’s not just psychobabble, it’s a belief and expected to what god wants to do in your life. Then last week we talked about you got a taste for yourself. Go to taste yourself talked about the fact that something could be prepared for us, but not experienced by us supper could be ready and you’re not full got to eat it. Mt. Vernon, Church So today got a different title for today. Segments I want you to share it with your neighbor i. Want you to look at them with a big smile as you can look them and tell them. My title for today is check your receiver sex. You receive your come on check. Your receiver check. Your receiver online check your receiver, the problem I’m going to propose to us or present to us, and then hopefully we saw I like to do that. I like to present a problem in the beginning. Then, hopefully we solve it through what the bible teaches us. The problem I’m going to propose this morning as if you ever had a problem and realize that there could be a Mt. Vernon, Church signal transmitted but not received service situation where there’s a signal being transmitted, but it’s not being picked up on. Have you ever had trouble picking up a signal, she’s been anywhere in southern illinois you’ve experienced that problem I’m, not getting a signal. So what happens in those situations? He I’m I’m i, remember the days and there may be some people that still use I remember the days of the rabbit ears on your television. Don’t you remember those Mt. Vernon, Church right there and check out those for you had to adjust the actual literally adjust the antenna to pick up the picture because we’d say you’re the pictures a little snowy too much. You know I’m, not that old, but I just remember. Even even we had a little black and white tv in our room. You know the color tv was in the the the big tv, the big console. You know the one that weighed 8000 pounds console tv. You couldn’t pick up with a fork truck that kind of tv, but then we had a little black and white tv in and had these rabbit ears on it and and if you had to get the rabbit ears pointed in just the right direction to get Mt. Vernon, Church the signal to come in at some people took it to a whole nother level. You bring up the next picture. Some people put the aluminum foil, aluminum foil, on your rabbit ears. Some of you maybe even had the booster come on. If you had some money, you had the booster hooked up. Show me people like what in the world c talking about is how we watch tv I mean we haven’t. Had we even had asked when we, when we really got big time, we lived out in the country, we really big time. We had one of those satellite dishes, I’m not talking about your satellite dishes. You have today I’m talking about the ones who look like a jacuzzi on a pole. I mean like one of those big satellite dishes. You know that you’re bringing in signals from nasa. You know what those satellite dishes, but you had to Mt. Vernon, Church hand, crank ebay feeling me, and so what happened when the picture wasn’t in good, you actually had to adjust. Even if you have antennae you had to climb up on top of the antenna and you had to move it, what are car hand prank the satellites we had one person station at the satellite dish another person station at the corner of the house and another person stationed at the sliding glass door could see the tv show it’s a real, a snob. Not yet not yet go back, but you Mt. Vernon, Church know the person, the frustration. So nowadays, you’re like i, don’t understand and I can’t relate to any of that and your demographic. So let’s move it fast forward. 2018 now we have satellite tv looks more like this. Satellite tv still has to be pointed in the right direction. You know that the installer will come by and I’ll bring it and you’ll have the tv on in the house, and it will have that sound that you know it’s like it’s, like hotter, hotter hotter, be like Mt. Vernon, Church trying to get it at the right spot for the optimal signal.

So you got that another thing, wireless signals we do with our things like wipe, farver prominence. Mt. Vernon, Church Wi-fi is a major deal nowadays that people even going to restaurants, they don’t, really care. What’s on the menu they just want to know. If they have free wi-fi in the building, kids are pulling out their phones right away, they got wi-fi, but that can we go somewhere else. So why fight a big deal? Bluetooth? We have bluetooth signals. You know going on all the time, your your pairing, your device trying to get hooked up. Another one cell phones, of course another example of a cell phone that we use on all of these situations. Signals are being sent all the time, even though we can’t seem electromagnetic signals are happening Mt. Vernon, Church all around us all the time, even though we can’t see them they’re happening, even if you’re not receiving them. It’s only understand this principle what’s happening, that’s what I’m talking about today the situation where sometimes our signals are being sent but they’re not received, because there’s two sides to wireless signal, two parts to it:one is the transmission side. That means the signals being sent out to whosoever they’re, just sending out a signal you’re not sending it only to one house. They send out a signal across and then the other side is the receiver side of the reception side, and this is where you put up a Mt. Vernon, Church receiver antenna do cell phone, whatever it may be, for you picked up on that signal and you receive now a receiver has to receive the signal and understand the information being sent before you can benefit from that signal soon, as two sides to a wireless signal. There’s the transmission side and the receiving Mt. Vernon, Church side, so we got all of these for your satellite dish. You know you, you can’t have a dish network receiver for a directv signal. You got to have the right receiver for the right signal. You can have your your dish network satellite hooked up and your receiver and you call directv you’re like a I’m, not getting a signal. A picture is all fuzzy. The problem is your receiver. It’s not there signal. Wi-fi signal can be going out in the room we got wireless available, they Mt. Vernon, Church could be going out in an area and you still not be benefiting from it. Unless you connect to the modem and just let you connect to the router and sometimes you have to have the password before you can actually connect to it. The signals there but you’re not going to receive the benefit of it until you connect to that wi-fi right. Are you tracking I’m just trying to break out how it works? Bluetooth you can have bluetooth. You got to pair your device just because you Mt. Vernon, Church got a bluetooth device and you come up to another bluetooth device, and you say how come my my wireless headphones aren’t working I got my bluetooth headphones I paid all these make these bluetooth headphones, but they’re not working. What have you paired them? What I got him on my my car radios on my phone’s on how come I’m? Not picking up? Will you got a pair the two devices together the signals there if you turn bluetooth on on your eye, if you got bluetooth on your phone, oh no I got to do that. Well, that’s why you weren’t going to signal the signal was there, but you didn’t have cell phone. You can’t have a cell phone Mt. Vernon, Church from sprint to pick up pick up. A verizon wireless signal doesn’t work that way. You’re the signal for for verizon wireless is going out and you got your sprint phone trying to make calls hey, can’t take any reception. It’s not this transmitters fault, it’s the receivers fault see what’s happening but still Mt. Vernon, Church not received. We see that right in the natural. We understand that the natural we need to understand it’s also true in the spiritual this something can be transmitted from god and I’m, not receiving it got to be sending something out. He can make something available and I’m not experiencing yet. So that’s what we Mt. Vernon, Church want to talk about. It see what the bible says about this situation. We got to have a receiver in communication with the transmitter goes there in john chapter 19 will start reading verse 28. This has been our lunch scripture that says this after this jesus. Knowing that all things were now accomplished, remember jesus is hanging on the cross. This is 2000 years ago, knowing that all things were now accomplished now accomplished that the scripture might be fulfilled, he said I thirst. Now, that’s a full of sour wine was sitting there and they feel the sponge and sour wine put it on his hip and put it to his mouth. So, when jesus had received the sour wine, he said it is what finished it is finished in buying his head. He gave up his spirit, so he says everything is now accomplished and it is finished. The word accomplish in the word finished in the bible in this context is the same. Greek word an english. They translate into two different Mt. Vernon, Church words, but the original word was the same word and here’s what it meant. So, when jesus said everything is now accomplished and everything is finished, it is finished. We need to know what he meant. It means to bring something to a successful finish. It’s not I will do something more. This is just the beginning, man, someday I’m, really going to do something awesome. It’s finished. It’s finished, little sweets to complete sand to set up for a goal appointing that or a Mt. Vernon, Church target. So now, when jesus said these words on the cross, he says it is finish. My question starts to be what was finished, in other words, now I put in the title to message today:it’s what is god transmitting that I need to be receiving.

What is he made available? That’s out there that I need to connect with. What’s what’s going on out there, that he’s sending it out and I just got to connect to him. I got to put my receiver together. So that’s what we want to talk about and there’s a again the transmission side versus the receiver side. Does Mt. Vernon, Church it matter if I know the difference between what’s on the transmission side and what’s on the receiver side, I think it makes a huge difference, because it makes the difference in what I’m waiting on god to do and what is my responsibility to receive what he’s already provided when you understand we take it back to the natural quick just to keep bouncing back and forth. So we see the contacts that if, if I’ve got my wireless device and I’m not hooking up but I know that Mt. Vernon, Church their signal is good. They’re sending out the right signal, I checked my receiver to make sure I’m doing my part to make sure I’m connected make sure I’m on the right spot. I’ve got all my things figured out on the receiver side. So when I do that, I realize the transmission side is on darien. If there’s no signal, Mt. Vernon, Church it’s very important, the receiver understanding the receiver doesn’t make the transmitter send a signal. The transmitter decides what it sends. This is why we need to know:what’s on the transmitter side? What’s on the receiver side, the receiver doesn’t do anything to make the transmitter send a signal, but the transmitter can only do so. Much to make the receiver receive. Verizon is sending out signals I’m, not trying to promote any certain cell phone company who Mt. Vernon, Church said the cell phone company sending out any signals. They can’t make me hook up my phone, you can give me free wi-fi, but you can’t make me search the internet at some point. I got to connect to your internet is provided and begin to use it. So this is why I need to know, what’s on god’s side, to provide and what’s on my side to receive it will change how I interact with god I will understand it wait a minute this is already been provided. This is not on the transmission side. This is on my receiver side. So god I begin to begin to thank god. What he’s already provided, instead of ask him to give me something that he’s already Mt. Vernon, Church sent 2 I’m, not calling the satellite company sake, hey dish, because the moment that you actually see the picture on your screen is not when they started broadcasting. That’s the moment you started receiving, but they were broadcasting all the time. Your own neighborhood everybody was on satellite tv, but you Mt. Vernon, Church everybody else had it never once did you say that sound like tv company doesn’t like me? That’s why I don’t have satellite tv? That’s why I’m not getting a signal? They don’t like me. They got something out for me. I, don’t know what they’re holding out on me. You never thought that one time because you knew you didn’t, have a receiver and you haven’t paid for subscription, but the moment you picked put up your receiver, then all the sudden, even if nobody else around you Mt. Vernon, Church had satellite tv. Now you can have it because you put up your receiver. So what you receive is not based on what other people have or don’t have. What you have is based on what you receive. If everybody hasn’t you can get in on it. If nobody has it, you can still have it so now, once we understand that-and we know the difference. What’s on the transmitter side, also, the receiver side, we got to say okay. What. Are you transmitting go to ephesians chapter 1? My prayer today is that god will just open our eyes to see what he’s made available to us, because just because you can’t see all of the wireless signals that going that are going on around you, it doesn’t mean they’re, not there. We say that again there, a wireless signals going on around us all the time right now, there’s Mt. Vernon, Church wireless signals everywhere, some of your able to use your phone or you’re able to use the internet or whatever it’s happening right now. Wireless signals are happening, but we can’t see them but they’re still there just because we can’t perceive them with our natural senses doesn’t mean they’re, not in valid same thing. In the spiritual, 2nd corinthians chapter 4:18 says we do not look at the things are seen. We look at the things which are not seen because the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen our eternal eternal. So we can have. There could be something available and we just not see it Mt. Vernon, Church yet so they fix you chapter 1, I’m, looking for blessed be the god and father of our lord jesus christ, who has blessed us has blessed, is that past tense future tense present tense has blessed us. It’s past tense has blessed us with every spiritual that how many spiritual blessings every spiritual, blessing, spiritual blessings and spiritual blessings is not a type of blessing that they source of blessing every blessing comes from god. It’s telling me where I Mt. Vernon, Church get them, not what kind they are. That tells me there’s no limit to the kind everything you want you get from god. Tell me every spiritual blessing, my source of everything that I need is going to come from god. So if I need help in my mind, if I need help in my body, I need help. My finances, my relationship, whatever be everything comes from god, so we don’t just go to dodge. For what people may interpret as churchy spiritual blessings, we go to him for everything, Mt. Vernon, Church because he has blessed us with him.

If he has blessed us that means he’s already provided that means he’s already transmitting all spiritual blessings are available. Well, I’m, not seeing them yet check your receiver check your receiver. If we understand he has blessed he’s already put him out, he’s already broadcasting. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. If the blessings already been sent Mt. Vernon, Church provided for being transmitted, we just got to receive it and how many places that’s a source 1, verse 4, just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world notice. When god made up his mind on when he wanted you, he made up for his mind on when he wanted you before the foundation of the world. He didn’t Mt. Vernon, Church wait till you got good before he said. Okay now, I’ll take you. He didn’t wait for you to get your whole life together and decide okay I’m, starting to like the new you. He chose you before the foundation to work he’s already transmitting here’s my feelings towards you. Here’s how I feel about you, it’s constant! It’s consistent, he’s broadcasting it to everyone. The same way before the foundation of the world knows what it says that we should be holy without blame before him in love having predestined us to adoption as sons by jesus christ himself. According to the good pleasure of his will he predetermined ahead of time Mt. Vernon, Church what he wanted. He wanted us all to be adopted as sons and daughters of god. So here’s here’s my wheel, I’m, sending it out I predestined! You be adopted as sons and daughters of god. Here’s my broadcast hook up your antenna and receive what I’m sending out well I’m. What about this person? They’re, not safe, to put up their antenna, receive he’s already forgiven he’s already provided what was his number next to the praise and glory of his grace by which he made us accepted in the beloved made us accepted in the bluff made accepted past 10th when did god make us accepted in the beloved, that’s in jesus its capital b in your bible talking about in jesus. So in jesus we are accepted by god, not in yourself, not in your good behavior. This is what we got to drill down in our hearts. Mt. Vernon, Church We were accepted in jesus. Everything is about jesus, it’s not about us, it’s not about you, stop making it about you and your goodness make it about jesus and his goodness were accepted by god in the below so god, sending out the signal he’s transmitting this over wi-fi everybody in the world, you’re accepted in jesus. That’s the signal. What about this guy, this guy there really bad they’ve done some horrible stuff. Some I mean some real serious sims me not some of those easy forgivable since I’m talking about some major sins same broadcast to every person all upset some religious. Some. Some religious thoughts are coming Mt. Vernon, Church in, like except everybody, you’re accepted in jesus I’m broadcasting. It’s the same signal now, whoever will receive what jesus did for them. They get to now get the benefit of what jesus did it’s not that I accept you and you can just keep living. However, you want staying away from god, keep sending no. He says I’ve accepted you, based on jesus now, hook up your receiver to what jesus did and the life of jesus paid for you get to receive. This is what he wants Mt. Vernon, Church us to have sewer accepted in the beloved going for 7 and him. We have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins. According to the riches of his grace and him we have redemption, which he made. This is forgiveness of sin, verse 8, which he made two about past tense. He made to abound toward us know that, where the pound is a cool word abound means excessive overabundant more than sufficient and more than is expected. This is god’s view of you. You got to see god through these lenses. That’s not the one! That’s all stingy and holding back on you waiting for you and he’s not folding his arms. On me, nasty he’s like hey I’m, coming at you, I’m coming at you I’m coming at you with everything I’ve got in in jesus. We have redemption, but not just here’s. How much he’s giving Mt. Vernon, Church us he made it to abound excessive. More than expect when people come to god, they need to be shocked and amazed by the amount of love that god has for them. This is why I was in the church. Will we need to represent god well in the church world? Still we accept and embrace people based on how good they are. You don’t Mt. Vernon, Church have to take me and I know it’s real, but in the kingdom of god and in his wife, jesus accepts them based on who he is, and he says whoever will accept what I did for them, that they can be part of the beloved family. Now, should there be like a probation. Like, they kind of come to church for a little while and get really good. Then they can know they can go from horrible, center saint of god in the blink of an eye, blink of an eye. What happened to saul road to damascus, Mt. Vernon, Church boom, dodge and counter all the sudden. He goes from saul trying to kill every christian lord show me how to serve you. This is what we can have just given forgiveness. It made it to abound toward us toward us. Just one song about everything that god is doing he’s coming towards us he’s broadcasting towards you. This signal is coming towards us. We don’t have to remember the transmitter versus receiver. The receiver doesn’t tell the transmitter. What to do the transmitter Mt. Vernon, Church does what it wants to do the receiver just receive, so we don’t have to do something to get god to come out.

Direction he’s already transmitting your direction. We don’t have to work ourselves up and try and just come on. If you please might look my way, but don’t pass me by he’s already broadcasting your direction. He’s not he’s not passing over you. If your receivers up here in 10 is up you’re going to get the signal and that’s what he’s telling us he’s saying:hey I’m, coming your way, inver celebrity says we also have obtained also we have obtained in the heritage, so we not only got redemption of sin forgiveness of sin, but we got an inheritance being Mt. Vernon, Church predestined according to the purpose of him. Who works all things according to the council as well? So that would do this if we know this is true according to what I’ve tried to lay out tonight in a presentation to your bible, that god has already has blessed us he’s already provided forgiveness of sin check he’s, provided all you got is receiving inheritance, also inheritance, boom, transmitting inheritance and inheritance of joy in the heritage of sound, my inheritance of health hit it whatever it is. I don’t make inheritance about material things. Our inheritance is all spiritual blessings. You know, if he’s, if he’s Mt. Vernon, Church transmitting those, what do I need to do to receive them, I wants to look jumped on verse, 15 and I’m, proposing to you and i, propose it to myself song with you. We’re together on this I want us to i, want i, want us to challenge ourselves to pray on the right side of the signal, two parts to a transmitted to a wireless signal. Transmission reception i, want us to pray on the reception side and not on the transmission site example. How many of our prayers? If you would evaluate your prayers and i? Don’t speak this in condemnation? How do I don’t know I’m evaluating my own right now and like I’m, praying something and I’m like I can’t say that either okay, probably i, probably shouldn’t, say that what can I say. I know now that I’m doing this there’s a huge filter on my prayers and it’s good because there’s a difference remember this was a difference in kind of makes any correction just because you get corrected in the area doesn’t Mt. Vernon, Church mean you’re condemned in that area. Some people they can’t receive correction because they take it personal, that’s a blessing you out of the water when he corrects you he’s giving you life, he’s extending hope to you spending life so he’s extending to me correction and if I will receive it, it will bring me benefit. If I will only analyze and look at the correction itself, it will bring her to make sure. But if I will look at what the correction brings me in return, i, Mt. Vernon, Church will, rejoice, overcorrection children say amen for your parents, so now how many of our prayers and we analyze them? How many of our prayers involve asking god to do something? God? Will you do this? God I just pray that you will. I pray that you will god I pray that you will god I pray that you will do that got to pray that you will do that. I pray that you will do that and we get done alright there you go lord, there’s your assignment for the day right, I’m, just Mt. Vernon, Church being real about myself. How many times have i, given him an agenda and hope he got around to it that day? What if I prayed like a receiver? Therefore i? Also this is paul the apostle paul. He wrote quite a bit of the new testament greek red. He wrote the scriptures inspired by the holy spirit. So here’s what paul said about prayer, their price i, also after I heard of your faith in the lord jesus and your love for all the saints do not cease to give thanks for you making mention of you in my prayers as prayer noticed this prayer, receiver, side or transmission side check it out that the god of our lord jesus christ, the Mt. Vernon, Church father of glory, may give to you my gift to you. What is he going to give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation? Did he say, I pray that god will give you what you, what you need? I pray that god will give you that no, he said, I pray that you will have wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him. In other words, you’ve already got him. I pray that you will know what you’ve got, but you have working on my grammar I’m online. Now so I got to work on my grammar. Mt. Vernon, Church What are you doing? Sweet thang, I pray, the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, so his prayer is not gone. I pray that you will do this I pray that you will give them wisdom and spiritual, give them revelation. No, no I’m praying that he will give you wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, Mt. Vernon, Church in other words and understanding of who he is in you that we will know what we have available to us and not something that we do not have ourselves was going next part of your processing with me. That’s good, but movie says verse, 18 the eyes of your understanding, no sweets, prank I’m, praying he’s talking to the people. Now your eyes of your understanding. Understanding is a greek word for cardia. That’s heart, it’s spiritual! So it’s your spiritual heart’s, not talk Mt. Vernon, Church about your blood pump is home about your spirits, the eyes of your heart or the eyes of your spirit being enlightened. What does that mean that your eyes will be opened that you will see clearly that you will see what you couldn’t see before this is this? Is this prayer I pray that the eyes of your spirit, your heart, your spiritual vision, will be open that you may know check it out.

You got to underline that your bible highlighters stare at it circle and do something that you may Mt. Vernon, Church know what what do we need to know that you may know what is the hope of his calling? He did not pray god give these people hope he prayed that they will know the hope that they have. They will know the hope is being transmitted to them. It’s not only that they will know the hope of his calling, but they will also know the riches of the glory of his inheritance, where in the saints he is not praying god give them something they don’t have. He seen god open their Mt. Vernon, Church eyes to see what is on the inside of them he’s not praying god, send them something that they don’t have the same. God I pray that their eyes will be open, so that they’ll know what’s available to them, know what’s being transmitted, that they’ll put up their receiver and the joy of the lord they’re, not asking god to give them joy they’re asking god to open their eyes to the joy that’s available on the inside arthur stern anymore, love in their life. That god give Mt. Vernon, Church me more love guys. I can’t give you any more love than I’ve already, given you romans 5 says:he’s pulled the love of god into our hearts to the holy spirit. So you just said:i just asked that your eyes will be open to see the love of god. That’s on the inside of you, I need some peace in my life. Lord. Give me peace, I gave you the holy spirit, and so now in the bible talks about this, that the peace of god would guard your hearts and minds. He didn’t Say:i’ll give you vthat, but it will be in to be a protection for cenotes praying as a receiver, the inherited the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of his power towards Mt. Vernon, Church us who wait a minute towards us who towards us who he saw burnley selects. So what your bible says? That’s what religion will teach us exceeding greatness of his power towards us. That I sure hope he chooses me. I sure hope this sends their signal to my house. I sure hope the wireless provider will come to my home challenges in it. But it’s where it’s at in the bible I see we got to realize when we pray as a receiver, we’re opening ourselves up to realize what is already Mt. Vernon, Church provided now. I changed now and those contacts I got to change. I’m, not praying god. Give me I’m, realizing that he already has blessed me with every spiritual blessing, so lord I just pray I’m not experiencing it right now. In this area, my life, so god I pray that you open my eyes to what you provided for me, but I can’t see right now:i, don’t I’m, not understanding and I’m not experienced it, but I know it’s mine. I know you’re broadcasting it so today, I put up my antenna and as they lost I want to receive everything you have for me in that area. I put up my response, my antenna, perfect. When you come, you go up until Mt. Vernon, Church I member putting up an antenna at our house and many years ago we first moved in and I didn’t. Do it the right way the antenna was already there. So I carried this big ol antenna. How about the biggest one cuz I want to get signal. You no way out there so I’m carrying it up this tower and I’m trying to bring it over the top and slide up and I’m. At the top of this thing, swinging back and forth and I’m trying to put this antenna in there. But what was I doing I bought Mt. Vernon, Church the antenna. I went through all the trouble to install the antenna and I pointed it in the right direction, because I had faith. There was a signal I believe there was a transmission I’ve got to go through whatever I need to go through to pick up the transmission. Are they may take some effort on my side? It may take some some some figuring something out some learning some knowledge, but if I will apply, all of that I can start to receive the signal, and this is what I Mt. Vernon, Church want to see. There is the possibility that there could be a signal being broadcast that we’re not receiving. Let me close with his go to 1st corinthians chapter 2 what goes right here. Read really fast. I understand that so natural that there for a natural transmission check this out, you need a natural receiver you’re going to hook up your wi-fi. You need something to hook up to the motor vehicles, a natural signal. You need a natural receiver for things are Mt. Vernon, Church spiritual. We need a spiritual receiver, woodbridge 9, 1st corinthians 2 is not seen nor ear heard nor entered into the heart of man. The things which god has prepared made ready in advance are being broadcast for those who love him. I haven’t seen it you or your house, it heard it yet, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there, but god has revealed them to us through swift reveal. Was that mean we’re not experiencing it? But just because we’re not experienced it doesn’t mean Mt. Vernon, Church it’s not. There he’s rebuilding it to us. How does he reveal it knows what he says. He revealed it to us through his spirit for the spirit, searches, all things just the deep things of god, for what man knows, the things of a man if they accept the spirit of the man who trusts in him. It’s a spiritual reception, not a natural, that’s going. Even so. No one knows the things of god, except the spirit of god. Now we have received check your receiver. We have received not Mt. Vernon, Church the spirit of the world, but the spirit who is from god that we might know check.

This part is really important. The spirit from god helps us that we might know the things that have been past tense freely given to us by god. So could something Mt. Vernon, Church be freely given to us by god? And we not know it? Yes, absolutely. Could there be a signal being transmitted and we’re not receiving yes? Now it doesn’t mean you get discouraged and condemned we’re not looking for blame or fault you’re. Looking for connection, we have nothing to gain by trying to put blame or fault somewhere, but why didn’t happen while tell you there’s the fault, there’s a point:it’s not about blame or fault it’s about finding out how do I get Mt. Vernon, Church connected if I’m not hitting it if I’m not connected find out. Why, instead of worry about them, I to blame, make any adjustments you need to make, and this is what happens when you do that, you don’t mind trying to move those those antennas around. We understand it because it goes on to say later in the scripture. Mt. Vernon, Church The natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of god. Nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned spiritual blessings, every spiritual blessings of being transmitted boom, they’re out there for all of us right now, every area of your life they’re being transmitted. All we got to do is receive them, but we cannot do it. Naturally, the natural man will not receive in the bible tells us this. They are spiritually discerned too many times were waiting on our for trying to receive spiritual blessings to our natural feelings. I, don’t feel good. So therefore, I’m, not good i, don’t feel at peace. Mt. Vernon, Church Therefore, I don’t have peace. Don’t wait on your feelers to tell you something that god is already provided, we’re putting up the natural antenna, our feelings and emotions to try and receive a spiritual signal. I will forgive them when I feel, like forgiving them wrong antenna signal for a while. You got to put up the unconditional love of god antenna now I’m feeling forgiveness come up out of me for some reason:i, don’t know why I still don’t like them. What is that? What happened? What happened you put up your spiritual antenna and now you’re receiving the signal of the love of god, that is in you and now you’re, seeing something in you you didn’t see before and now all the sudden you see that you have love for them when you thought you had hatred for them. This is what I used Mt. Vernon, Church to do so, just because we’re not experiencing something, don’t lay it all at the feet of god, so evidently god doesn’t want me to have it. That’s not necessarily case check your receiver, no I mean,. Just because you tried with your receiver and it’s not working, remember you’re telling them on the antenna. They Mt. Vernon, Church move a little bit closer, closer even had to hold the antenna, and when you touch the antenna, all the sudden, the signal came in better on the tv I thought you would let go of it. I was going to go snowy again, you would hold it and it was clear that you let go to end up. You just had to stay there and hold it put your arm out, maybe for other people to get to watch it. Sometimes you got to persevere. Sometimes you got to realize what has been provided. So here’s Mt. Vernon, Church the problem we started with, could something be transmitted and still not be received. We know it in the natural all the time. So are there things in our life spiritually that god is transmitting that we’re not receiving I had to receive this morning. I miss you in my stomach area end just checking all the thoughts making sure they run through the filter, so so I’m like okay. This isn’t good and I already come to church i. Don’t think I’m going to go back home and come back again so I’m sitting there in that moment, I didn’t say where I was sitting, but I was sitting there and while I was sitting there I said I said father I Mt. Vernon, Church know what you provided for me and I receive that I am healed in jesus name, so I receive that signal and I apply it to my life. I know it’s already there. It’s in me, so I say stomach virus, but whatever you are, you got to go in jesus name, not because I told the transmitter. What to do check me right now hear me:the receiver doesn’t tell the transmitter. What to do using your face is not about boston gone around that if I’ll just work, my faith up I’ll get done to do it. For me, stop with all that nonsense. It’s pressure! It’s brought on by the wrong type of teaching. If I just get my faith in god will move on. My behalf, Mt. Vernon, Church he’s transmitting all the time whosoever will call I need to do is use my fake to get my receiver in the right place and now I can get what he’s provided for me, I’m, not trying to impress god with my face. It’s not that impressive use my face for it’s the climb that tower by the antenna put it in place and a man Mt. Vernon, Church in the right direction and receive what’s already being sent. My direction, that’s how we use our faith to faith doesn’t move the transmitter. Your faith moves the receiver

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