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We’re going to jump into our message today, the title of it is, it is finished. So if you want to get your bibles out your sermon notes, you can also go on youversion bible app and go to the events section. Mt. Vernon, Church The sermon notes are available for you. There that’s open up our bibles to john chapter 19, john, 19, verse, happy excited about the bible. Give a little shout shout out to god thankful for what he’s doing her life thankful for who he is. It is finished. It is finished. Last week we talked about being a great finisher and I gave you three eazy-e’s on what it’s like to be a great finish. Her number one. You have to have an entry ride. You have to know what your goal Mt. Vernon, Church is and you have to go for jeff to start at some point, you have to get started. You can know what it is, but if you ever actually go do it, then it’s never going to be accomplished. Of being a great finish, we got an entry point number to endurance. Does it take some endurance to finish something? Well with your running? A hundred or whether you’re running a mile or we are running a marathon. It takes some endurance to finish what you start and endurance is just about: Mt. Vernon, Church overcoming the difficulty in the opposition. It’s something to get started, but when it gets tough, there’s a temptation to back out. So we need to be, and then the third one was we need. The ending step in the ending stuff is just about not quitting or giving up until god is finished, I started to say, don’t Mt. Vernon, Church quit until we’re finished, but how he knows we quit some before god is finished. How many times does the I am so done with this? I am just so done. I am so done with her I’m so done with this homework I’m so done. We can be done before god’s done so, just because we’re finished, don’t don’t pack up your bags just yet, because scott has something to say about this week we talked about those three eazy-e’s and, and this week we’re going to continue that it is finished, but I want to i. Want you to give your neighbor the subtitle of got a subtitle, for it is finished, look at your neighbor and say what is your it? What is your it Mt. Vernon, Church posed? That question to him maybe looks your other neighbor that you were saving for. Your second option. Ask them:what is your it’s? What is your ear? You’re hoping we would come back to them. What does she want to talk about it today and what it means to find our it songs about i, don’t know if you like this but I ask myself this question. What am I really accomplishing there’s times at the end of my day and of my month you know i, start thinking, you know what. Mt. Vernon, Church Where did the time go? I know it’s. My kids are getting older I’m, starting to run into that. Some of you that’s had children that have already moved out of the house or you’re experiencing that. Just like you look back, you think low. They were just born yesterday. Where does the time. And I started reflecting dumb and i? Had this conversation just a couple weeks ago about what are we accomplishing his parents? I, don’t time is going by and I know I’m parenting, but Mt. Vernon, Church what am I really accomplishing am I doing what really matters and in the grand scheme of life, what am I really investing in and and i, and what am I doing is? Does it really matter in the in the big picture, so I’ll be going to ask this about myself in and at the end of days, are they okay, I was really busy today, Mt. Vernon, Church I did a lot of things. What did I accomplish accomplish the definition? The word accomplishing find this in webster’s dictionary I come by in a few things, but it means to bring to completion means to fulfill a job, to bring about a results, to succeed and reaching the progression. So now that I know those things, I can ask myself this question:what am I supposed to bring to completion of my life? What job am I supposed to fulfill? What result am I trying to bring them out or better yet the question we might all ask ourselves as how do I know if I’m succeeding I think we all deal with this? What are we accomplishing in Mt. Vernon, Church life it at the end, I’ve done with this with people? Maybe you have as well people at the end of their life at those last moments and sadness. Is there as they’re getting ready to pass from this life in the next? Rarely rarely do find someone that says man I just wish I could work another shift of overtime. What are we trying to accomplish so at the end of our life, we can say:i did it rarely do you find I’m, saying man I sure wish I could watch. Another episode of Mt. Vernon, Church that show on youtube I was almost finished with season. 9 really doesn’t happen at the end. At the end, we want to know what’s most important, what’s most important. So what are we accomplishing? What what are we to come? She can life, and, and how do we know what we’re accomplishing really matters? This one will talk about today. You will find this if you spend much time around me with her in a church setting for the tennis school setting for the to connect group setting Mt. Vernon, Church whatever my main thing that drives my motor is helping people find their purpose in life. Why are you here? Why are you waking up? Why didn’t you get up every day? What do you? What are you trying to do with your life is so important for us to find this in our life and-and you can do a lot of things-there’s a lot of good things that we can do, but but why do you do what you do I remember going to school, for you, as some of you know, I got a degree in accounting and she go Mt. Vernon, Church through the four years.

You get a degree and you think, okay, I get a degree, now got to get a job, and so I get a good job and and I’ve got a Mt. Vernon, Church job at this university and that’s all I’m pumped about that I’ve got a job. Yes, so I go to my job, making good money and i. Remember that less than 2 months, I’m driving home from my job and I’m, not listening or I’ll, be lying. If I tell you I heard from god I didn’t hear from god, why did hear from god I just didn’t know, I heard from god almost like praying I was driving home and I had this thought that came to me, and it said you were made for more than Mt. Vernon, Church this-my job that I just been 4 years of education, money time, accomplishments, I thought that moment, I already heard a voice telling me you were made for more than this. Should we talk about accomplishing things? What I want to encourage you is that what you to get connected to god, I hope at the end of this Mt. Vernon, Church message, your your agenda will not be anything other than to connect with the voice of god in your life find out why he created you what he created you to do with all that you’ve done, because we want to know that we accomplish something. We want to know that what we accomplished really matters to in john, chapter 19, let’s find out what the bible says here, a little bit about jesus the, finisher I’m, looking verse, 28 follow along with me there. It says after this jesus knowing that all things ever said, all things knowing that all things were accomplished accomplished, so now that the scripture might be fulfilled. He said Mt. Vernon, Church these words I thirst. Now vessel full of sour wine was sitting there and they they filled a sponge with sour wine and put it on his hip and put it to his mouth. So, when jesus had received the sour wine, he said it is finished about when you said he gave up his spirit notice. What happened to your jesus is on the cross put in the context. Jesus is hanging from the cross when it says these words jesus. Knowing that we’re knowing is a greek word. That means to see like we Mt. Vernon, Church would say:hey i, see what you’re saying so. That means I understand there. I get it so jesus in that moment says knowing I know all things accomplished and then later on he says it is finished. So I looked up. The word accomplish in the word finished and i. Give it to you there in your nose. The greek word for accomplish and for finished is the same exact same thing:to bring to a successful finish, to complete, to an end, to accomplish something to set out for a goal, a Mt. Vernon, Church point or a target. So here’s what I have some weird questions. My mind is a little bit different. Maybe then some I’m a little weird. So you a lot of thoughts going through my head. 21 jesus was hanging on the cross and he says knowing all things were now accomplished, how can he know that all things were now accomplished if he didn’t know what he was supposed to accomplish? If he said it is finished, how could he say it is finished if he didn’t know what it was just Mt. Vernon, Church things I think about when I’m reading this in so he says, i, knowing all things are now, now what was all accomplished? What was what was his goal? What was his purpose and the end jesus knew what he was supposed to accomplish. He made it to the cross now now you got to think about this. When he said all things are now conference he’s still hanging on the cross from the dead, yet so I’m thinking, maybe jesus, could know. All things were never accomplished, because Mt. Vernon, Church in that moment he did everything that he was supposed to do the hebrew. Now he put it in the father’s hands that he knew he trusted. He could say it is finished because he knew if I do what I’m supposed to do. I know my father will do what he supposed to hurt somebody that, when you’re going after doing what god wants you do, if you will do what you’re supposed to do, god will do what he supposed to do, but too many times in our life. We want him to do his part Mt. Vernon, Church before we’ll do our part. We all want the resurrection sunday without our cross. The power of the resurrection without dying jesus said it’s all at all. Things have been accomplished and we’re going to talk about the coming weeks about what was actually accomplished with what I want to get at from this section is about for you and I to know. Are we accomplishing the right things jesus knew in that moment? This is why I was born. I came for this moment. It was painful. It was difficult. There was a lot of adversity, there’s a lot of opposition, but he said in that moment, and he took his last breath and gave up his spirit. I Mt. Vernon, Church want to be like that when I take my last breath and give up my spirit, I want to say all things that you sent me to do like I accomplished everything that you asked me to do. I finished it to the best of my ability, it’s a great goal for us, but it’s something we have to do some. We have to engage him so now. How did Mt. Vernon, Church jesus know all things work? If you didn’t know what it was, he can say was finished. Let me go to this way. This phone. This phone has a lot of features, a lot of bells and whistles it’ll do a bunch of think I can do some of the things that this phone cuz i, don’t i, don’t utilize all the capabilities of my phone, because I don’t know it well enough.

Who knows the most about what this phone can do? The designers of this phone signers of this phone know exactly what this phone can do in those all the bells. Whistles Mt. Vernon, Church knows all of the features. It is intricately involved and knows about the potential of this device. The same way, our designer knows the most about what we can do. So, if you want to know you’re at if you want to know what your purpose is, why you’re here we can not know it fully unless we’re connected to our designer. If we connected to our designer he’s the one who made us, he knows what you like. He knows what you can do. He knows why you put you here so our greatest part of finding out. Why are why are it’s? Why we’re here it’s about being connected to our designer? Let’s talk about this. What is your it I was Mt. Vernon, Church going to talk about your last week. I gave you three eazy-e’s this week, I usually like to start the points with all the same letters, cuz i, like alliteration i, like things to be easy to remember, but today, I’m doing something different. Give me three things about your it that you need to know and I made a mistake. Mt. Vernon, Church Abc today we’re going to have your abcs. The first thing you need to know about your it hey is. It is agreeable each one of these points going to have to sub points under them. I think we need to know about it. Why we were created, what god put us on the plan to do number one. Is it if it is agreeable to parts to that? It’s agreeable to god and it’s agreeable to you romans chapter 12, verse 1, since this I beseech you, therefore brethren by the mercies of god, that you Mt. Vernon, Church present your bodies, a living sacrifice. In other words, you give up yourself your own right, so living sacrifice holy acceptable to god, which is your reasonable service. So here’s the first part about being agreeable. The first thing we have to know about her:it is it supposed to be acceptable to god. What god put you on the planet to do is to honor him and it be acceptable, be pleasing to him. If you will put that in the forefront of your thinking, why I’m on Mt. Vernon, Church this earth number one priority number one job is the time to be pleasing and acceptable to god. That is why I have breath is to honor him with my life to be fully agreeable with him. There’s no greater purpose for us. There’s, no greater purpose, nothing going to be more important to life than being acceptable to go, and we can get that we can. We can realize that your jesus talked about that. He was acceptable to the father. He understood what you supposed to do Mt. Vernon, Church in john, 5:19, jesus, answered and said to them most assuredly I say to you. The son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the father do for whatever he does. The sun does also so now we say that jesus was in that role where he was acceptable to god. He honor god, whatever he saw the father, do that’s what he did, but we can say that if we got to be acceptable, that counts sounds like a little church and maybe a little like okay, yeah I get that I’m supposed to Mt. Vernon, Church please god, but the second part of the area of the agreeable. It’s it’s not only pleasing to god, but it’s also, please do us. The first word is to be acceptable to god in the scripture in romans 12, but the second one. Is it it’s reasonable service? Look what the word reasonable means. The word reasonable means to be rational, logical, genuine in the sense of being true to the real and essential nature of something it is rational and logical for us to give our Mt. Vernon, Church life to god, to live in agreement and a place where were pleasing god. It is rational and logical. Why? Because the next part genuine and the sense of being true to the real and essential nature of something there’s what it means took me awhile to get this in my life, I thought living for god was the right thing to do. What really changed in my life was when I realized. It was the best thing to do. I mean the best not best like I get everything going. My way I mean the Mt. Vernon, Church essential nature of who you are is found in. When. We live for god, it’s not only agree, but it is actually agreeable and fulfilling to you when we give our life to jesus. It’s not just about being a good boy or a girl and doing what he wants. It’s actually experiencing full film it on the inside of us, because we get to be who, we are. We get to be a real you, your essential nature. You were created to serve god, you were created on the inside. God knows you. He knows your Mt. Vernon, Church nature. He knows what your likes, how many of you could swear up and down that you like something and you’re all in for something and then not much long later you decide. Oh, you know what I don’t like that anymore. You thought for sure. That’s absolutely what you want to do. Yes, I am that’s yes, absolutely Mt. Vernon, Church i! Don’t have did something happen, I really! Don’t want that anymore. What happened? Have you took a job? You thought you’re going to love the job, that’s going to be awesome and then, a few months later, all the sudden, you don’t have a job anymore. What happened? Did you change? You didn’t change. You found out more Mt. Vernon, Church about yourself than you knew at the moment. You took the job, here’s the beauty of it.

God knows you from the beginning, so we can ask him. What do you think so this part about being agreeable? It’s not just being agreeable to god it’s actually being agreeable to ourselves finding fulfillment and who he is az degree about being finding your it’s b stands for bigger, biceps, bigger, bigger two points on the bigger number one, it’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than you, your it’s. What god wants you to do is bigger than you habakkuk 1:5 says this says, look among the nations and watch be utterly astounded for I will work a work in your days, which you would not believe, though it were told you what god wants to Mt. Vernon, Church do in your life. What he wants to do through you. It is so big. You wouldn’t even believe it if he sent it to you in a text message and email or posted it on your instagram account it doesn’t matter. What he wants to do is so much bigger than what you can imagine. We look at ourselves, so small, but god sees something bigger on the inside of us, your it, your clothes, your purpose, i, don’t know what it is, but I guarantee you this across the board. It is bigger Mt. Vernon, Church than what you think it is ephesians. 3:20 says this now unto him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask for the biggest I want. But god is asking us to think bigger bigger. Why do we have to think bigger? Because what god is asking you to do is more than you can do on your own, it’s bigger than you you’re, going to come to a place in serving god i. Believe this with all my heart, we’re going to come to places in our life when we face and possibilities. I’ve said this before and I think it bears repeating. If you don’t ever run into impossible situations in your walk with god, be careful, you may not be following god if you’re going to follow god you’re going to walk into impossible situations, why it’s his way of letting you know how you can’t do this on your own, you need me impossibility reveals dependency. It Mt. Vernon, Church happens. How many of you you going through situation, you’re trying to handle your business you’re, trying to take care of yourself I can do this. I can make this until. Finally, you come to your last straw. You can’t take it anymore. You’re ready to give up and all the sudden you reach out for help hey come on. I need some help. I’m about to die well, you needed help 6 months ago, but you tried to handle it yourself see. God brings us to a place of impossibility Mt. Vernon, Church to. Let us know:hey there, certain things that you can’t accomplish, that only I can accomplish, there’s certain things that we can do on our own. There’s certain things that we can do without god I’m, not talking about when he gives us breath in life. I’m. Not talking about that part I’m talking about people that aren’t even serving god, they can still accomplish things in life, but how much more can we accomplish when we have a relationship with god god wants to bring Mt. Vernon, Church us to a place of impossibility. God says this in the bible. He says with men, it’s impossible, but not with me with god how many things are possible. All things are possible. So here’s what I’m asking us I believe it’s asking us to raise our level of expectation on what god wants to do through us. He wants to do impossible things through you. You don’t want the impossible things through preachers. He wants to do impossible things through everyone. He wants to use Mt. Vernon, Church you to do impossible things at work, impossible things at school, but no one else can do. No one else is ever try to, but god wants to work through you so that you can experience impossible results. We talked about the word expectation and we are praying about this yesterday at first I do prayer and I saw the word expectation on the screen and got kind of highlights me the word expectation, and he don’t want you to separate those two words. The first word expect I Mt. Vernon, Church want you to expect and then the a t I o n e so now I want you to answer to see in there for christ and i. Want you to expect action in your life expect action too many times. We don’t expect god to do what he says. He’ll do we hope he will and we just kind of say well, if you want to you will, but we don’t expect Mt. Vernon, Church it expectancy is when you’re anticipating expectancy is when you feel like the person. That’s promised is obligated I’m expecting them to show up. They said they would show up so I expect them anytime, we’re expecting them anytime. Why? Because they said they were going to do something we need to expect. It Mt. Vernon, Church expect action, it’s bigger, it’s bigger. This is why, coming up in the next couple weeks, when I was service here, any clark’s going to be coming and I encourage you to be a part of that service, because my expectation is going up. I want to believe bigger, for what god wants to do in our church. I want to believe bigger, we’re, praying and believing god for more of the miraculous more the supernatural. What we’ve got to believe bigger we got to expect it. We got to be engaged, Mt. Vernon, Church we got to say:lord i, believe you to do great things. The bible says these signs will follow those who believe that, through your hands through your hands. Supposed, to do some miraculous thing.

So, let’s build our expectation and say:hey god wants us to the world around us, it’s bigger than us, so the second part of that is bigger than us, and it’s impossible. Ii part is it’s not Mt. Vernon, Church about us. Looks your neighbor say it’s not about you, it’s not about you, so you enjoy that way too much. It’s not about you you’re! Here your purpose in life I hate to burst anybody’s bubble. The best thing you can do is find out that your it’s, your purpose in life is not about you, but we want to take care of number. One will take care of ourselves, we’ll make sure I get the promotion, make sure I get the race make sure I get the job I don’t care about anybody else. Mt. Vernon, Church Did I get my tattoo did. I get my money. Did I get my position. Other people just repairs, praise the lord god just blessed me. Thank you, lord. Thank you. Lord bring my right ovary with joke about it, but down in here when you get for real, please that’s how we feel sometimes, but we’ve got a grass-fed if I want to walk in my it. I have to know this up front. It’s not about me. The bible says this. That is many of you have received gifts as each one of you has Mt. Vernon, Church received ministration one another’s good stewards of the manifold grace of god. Your it is going to involve helping someone else might as well get ready for it. You don’t know jesus when he came up with his agenda was his agenda about himself. It was not about himself, but what happened when he made it not about himself. The father said this about jesus. He said:i have exalted his name above every name that is named jesus lowered himself and served others and god exalted Mt. Vernon, Church him and raised him up for it. You want to be exhausted and raised up and mc honor before men and gone then lower yourself and serve people instead of calling for the tops. I look out for me. Look out for number one serve other people make it about them, and god will find you. He knows your name and knows your address. He knows your instagram handle. He knows everything about you. He can get you where you are and bring you to a place where somebody can find you when nobody’s going to know me and always will know where I am. Nobody knows what god knows. If god knows you, then it doesn’t matter who else doesn’t know:yet. Mt. Vernon, Church Call, jan exalt, you, if you humble yourself under the mighty hand, she’s bigger than you would listen to see, see it’s costly. This is one you were waiting for. Hey it’s agreeable, be it’s bigger but see it’s costly. How to set points on a costly number one. There’s a price to pay. Can I get this out of the way make sure you understand this clearly to be a follower of jesus there’s a price to pay. If you think you can serve god and never pay a price, your deceived so Mt. Vernon, Church I never want to paint a picture of god but you’re not willing to pay the price it cost you something there. Just with scripture says this and luke chapter 14th and whoever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple bears crossing, come after me cannot be a disciple look on. The next part Mt. Vernon, Church says, for which of you intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost whether he has enough to finish it unless, after he’s laid the foundations not able to finish all who see it begin to mock him sing. This man began to build, but wasn’t able to finish. Do you know the great we’re good? He was good all the blocks. We couldn’t finish. How strong are you i? Don’t I don’t find this very often at the end of our life, I don’t run into too many people Mt. Vernon, Church that don’t say they want to go to heaven. Okay, you willing to pay the price. Is it cost it’s a little sunburn, but it’s honest if we’re going to live for, jesus will have to pay the price I pay the prices in earning your salvation. The price is just saying no to yourself and saying yes to him, but here’s the thing don’t get discouraged and then I’ll send some adversity comes their way and they bail. You have to pay a price, you got to say no to yourself. That’s the price, Mt. Vernon, Church big price ourselves, but here’s the second part. Yes, there’s a price to pay, but number two under costly is, it is valuable, don’t know what’s valuable. In other words, it’s worth the price of admission illustrate this way. If you have some money, you saved up some money for something and you got something that you want to buy a certain value to. Let me read the scripture. It says in matthew 13:44 again, the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field which a man Mt. Vernon, Church found in hit and for joy. He goes and sells all that he has and buys that field find the treasure hidden field in for joy over. It goes and sells all that he has let’s break apart. If you sell all that you have, is there a value to what you have there’s a value you wouldn’t be able to sell it. Somebody had to be willing to buy it. So what you had had a value, but the man in the story what he had and compared it with the treasure in the field and said, even though what Mt. Vernon, Church I have has value it’s not worth as much as what’s in that field, so I will sell all I have so I can buy what I don’t have here’s the point, whatever it costs us to serve god whatever you give up to serve god, it’s never going to be as valuable as what god is going to give you in return, you’re, never going to give up Mt. Vernon, Church anything for god I know it’s valuable and there’s things that I’ve had to give up, but I thought man, really.,

do, I have to cuz. I know you don’t wait a minute that was too easy. Should I can’t give you this if you won’t Mt. Vernon, Church give me that, but what I want to give you far outweighs that come on. Let me give it to you. Let me give it to you, but I love. This god wants to give us. We will value what we have our own ability to make her own decisions. Being the boss of her own life will value that we love being the head honcho of me headquarters. We love controlling all the decisions and determine what we want to do when we want to do it. We love that position. We love that seat. It’s nice, the armrests, Mt. Vernon, Church are wonderful, but god says. If you let me be in control of your life, I promise you I will lead you better than you lead yourself. I will take you places you never go on your own, so we have to trust that it’s more valuable, yes or is it cost to, but we have to be willing to give up what we have and realize Mt. Vernon, Church that what he wants to give you as more valuable, yes, you’re making exchange yes, you’re, giving up something, but he’s going to give you something so much more. But if you trust him, you’ll have peace that you never had before. So we put the three things together to know what your aunt is today. Hey I want you Mt. Vernon, Church to know that it’s agreeable that’s to be agreeable to god your aunt. If you want to say at the end of your life, I have accomplished something:i have truly accomplished something that matters. I have finished something well the number one. You need to be agreeable. To. Make, your life acceptable to him, but gets make sure you understand this. This in christmas. Only agreeable to god. It’s going to be agreeable to you. It’s in your best interest to serve him then be Mt. Vernon, Church realize it’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than you it’s more than you can do. It’s impossible really impossible will either discourage us and get us to quit, or it will challenge us and bring us to a higher place. How many competitive people do I have listening watching online? Are you competitive if you’re competitive i? Dare you to serve jesus serving with all your heart, you really say:you’re competitive then go after the winning team. Jesus is a winning Mt. Vernon, Church team competitive. You won’t want to lose i, don’t want to lose in life. I don’t like to lose at anything, I mean anything just thinking of all the things that I might not mind losing him, but I was like no. No, no, no I can’t come up with anything right now, but the only thing god asked me to lose. He asked me to lose me. I will let go with me if you lose, you I’ll give you who you really? Are you think you know you you think you know this is what’s going to make you happy, Mt. Vernon, Church you know you think you think you think, but I promise you I know you better than you know yourself and once I lost me, the bible says if you will lose your life for him, you’ll find it guess what I found I lost my life everyday. It’s a challenge to lose my life again, so I can find more. It’s not a one-time decisions Mt. Vernon, Church that I made at one point in my life. Everyday I got to get up and be willing to lose my willing to lose. To my will to say yes to his to cost you something is the abcs of finding your it every one of us to experience that feeling at the end to say, I may not have done everything you wanted me to do, but I accomplished the right thing

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