What was thoughts as sly? It’s time to leave that the thought process. I’m, I’m trying to depart right now from the one of the most discouraging seasons of my life. I don’t know why. I don’t even know what’s going on. I don’t want it to happen, but it’s just mental. It’s, it’s an onslaught. The enemy tried to discourage me constantly. Last, last week during this second service I was preaching like during the service, I’m hearing voices. You are killing it. It’s not killing it in a good way. It’s terrible. Stop. I mean it was like, I’m trying to keep going, but in my mind is telling me, just get off the stage. As soon as I get off, I go home overwhelmed with discouragement. Overwhelm, like terrible. So bad. But God’s saying, depart, depart. Don’t wait until you feel like you’ve departed. Depart. It’s time to move forward Mt. Carmel Illinois Church

I can wait till I feel free or I can believe I am free by the blood of Jesus. I can wait until those voices stop or I can grab a hold of the other voice, the other freedom. See, God’s done just calling me to get out of something. He’s calling me to something. So I gotta get a vision for what he’s calling me to. And when I have a vision of what he’s calling me to, then I will leave that behind and say, you voices can still stay. But I’m departing my Harambe. So I’m saying today with all the accountability, I’m leaving harass, I’m leaving that one. There could be other ones that I’m still dealing with. Some of that you’re dealing with. Here’s what I felt like God wanted to do. I know persuasive words of man’s wisdom, no flashy, whatever. I’m just supposed to pray Mt. Carmel Illinois Church

I’m gonna open up the alter and I believe there’s some things that you are dwelling in that God says it’s time to depart. It’s you’re going to give it to Jesus and say, I’m done feeling that way. I’m done with that lie. I’m done with that deception. I’ve done with that mindset. I’m done with that condemnation. I’m done with that habit. I’m departing that Harambe, I’m not going to stay there. Some relationships you should leave behind some friends that maybe you should leave behind. Well, I don’t want to leave them behind you. I want to bring them with me. That’s fine. As long as they’re called to go with you, but if they’re not going to go with you, then they’re going to keep you somewhere you don’t want to be, and when you’re stuck, don’t know how to get out of it and you have die to some things Tara had to die before Abraham could move forward. There are some things that we have to die Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

too before we’re going to move forward. There may be some offense as you need to die to some unforgiveness. You need to put on this altar and say, Jesus, I want out of my harass. It was so powerful in the first service, people just coming and just saying, I’m departing under party. I’m departing. I’m departing this mindset. I’m departing what people think about me. I’m departing other people’s approval. I’m going to party against. I’m getting out of her rants. I’ve lived here, up, dwelled here too long. I’m departing. So this is my invitation.

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