Our theme for today that we’re going to do in this talk is are you dwelling somewhere you should have departed? Are you dwelling somewhere? You should have departed. And so the, the question, the reason we’re going to bring that about it and get into the message today is we’re talking about this journey of hope. And I encourage you, if you’ve got your worship guides and you won’t get your sermon notes out, you can follow along with us there or you can get to your YouVersion Bible after sermon notes available on that as well if you’re watching online.

Thank you so much. We’re so glad to have you with us. Sometimes I forget about all the people that’s watching online and uh, we’re, we’re thrilled to that. Or maybe you’re listening to our podcast or wherever you may be watching on YouTube or Facebook or whatever you need Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

I’m not even sure what all the options are, but it’s just a privilege to be, uh, speaking with you and, and worshiping Jesus with you today. But we we love, we get excited about the Bible here at the road’s church because we believe that every time we open the Bible, God’s going to be speaking to us. We’re way more excited about the Bible than what you are right now.

So I want you to begin to, let me just spit in, encourage yourselves, get focused up, get amped up because we believe when we come into church, when we open the Bible, God is going to speak to us where we need to be spoken to. Yes, we really believe that. We get excited about it. So when I say open up the Bible, we get excited because we believe God’s going to speak to us. So let’s go put up our Bibles today to Hebrews chapter six Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

There we are. Hebrews chapter six Hebrew chapter six have you, are you dwelling somewhere? You should have departed. Let me ask this question to you. As you’re turning there and getting ready this morning, have you ever been stuck somewhere trying to get somewhere else? Yes. You ever been stuck some place, found yourself in a place where you didn’t necessarily want to be because something was preventing you from reaching where you really wanted to be? Like the definition of the word stuck is means to halt the movement or action of something to be impeded by an obstruction with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

So being stuck. Cause a lot of times there’s an example of when we’re here we want to be there and for some reason we can’t seem to get there either by something on our own issues though. Something we can control or something out of her control. Has anybody ever been stuck like you can be stuck in the mud or stuck in the snow or stuck in traffic that uses Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Never been stuck in traffic. You’re stuck. Stuck in traffic around here. I was thinking about it this weekend. Matter of fact just yesterday was we was traveling. It’s different than maybe being stuck in traffic in the big city when you’re stuck in traffic here this time of year it’s because there’s a combine in front of you and has all the cars lined up. You know people, you’re there, you don’t have any traffic in rural America. Yes you do. They’re called combines and they may back up everything. But when you’re stuck in traffic or, or maybe you’re on your way to vacation, you’re excited about getting to vacation, but then you’re out on the interstate and all of a sudden all the traffic comes to a complete halt. You ever been like traveling on the interstate and you’re zooming along and you look over at the other side, go the under direction that wants to help Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

They’re standing still and you’re like, yes. It’s like somehow this weird, maybe evil joy comes over you. I’m not sure. What is your skin excited because you’re moving along, but the times when it is you and you’ve just come to a Creechy screeching halt, you know it’s in the summertime, it’s hot and the kids are all going crazy and are we there yet? Are we there yet? You’re sitting there and nobody likes to be stuck where they are trying to get somewhere else. Here we’ve been stuck in a conversation you thought you’d never get out of it.

Just look straight ahead. You don’t have to think you. You’re seeing that comes with nobody likes to be stuck somewhere, right. It’s about being somewhere we are now, but it’s not where we want to be and this is what we’re going to talk about today. This is kind of our, our theme for the day. We’re, we’re talking about the importance of not getting stuck on our journey of hope cause I mean those are, our mood is drastically impacted when we get stuck somewhere. If you’re stuck somewhere, if you’re stuck in line shopping and you know, we were shopping just the other day. I was in this line and this person just kept taking their own sweet time. They’re in the line that’s supposed to be 10 items or less. I counted at least 13 items that uses Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

you lady are out. Nobody likes to be stuck in our mood. We can get cranky and we get irritable because we are where we don’t want to be. That’s the basis of is that I don’t want to be here so therefore I get upset. Then everything about my life is impacted by my mood, which is impacted by my surroundings. Which is like this vicious cycle. I don’t want to be here, so I don’t like the fact that I’m stuck here and the fact that I don’t like it makes my mood bat. It makes my attitude bad and it’s even worse being where I don’t want to be there just like snowballs. And this is what we’re talking about. We don’t want to get stuck. So let’s look at Hebrews chapter six. I’m just going to pick three verses out of here and we want to jump into the part we want to focus on today.