came into the Holy of Holies to atone for sin. One time, one day to one man, the high priest, but it says, this hope we have is an anchor of the soul, both sir and steadfast, which enters behind the veil. Inters in behind the veil enters into the presence behind the veil, interest into the presence in the presence waiting and what are we talking about? How does, how does this hope get in there? What happened when Jesus died on the cross? When Jesus died and Rose from the dead, the Bible says that the veil in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, 30 feet tall. No individuals running up there with a pair of scissors. It tore into from top to bottom and now what was closed off access with the only the high priest could go one time into that room to atone for sins. Now Jesus, notice what it says. Jesus said, it’s interesting to be the presence behind the veil of where the forerunner has entered for us. Even Jesus having become high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. Here’s what’s talking about Jesus. When he died and Rose from the dead Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

there was a mercy seat in the Holy of Holies that the high priest would, would apply the blood for the atonement of sin. Jesus went into the Holy of Holies for you and I, and he applied the blood for our sin and it wasn’t just, he just needed to do at one time for everyone. So there’s no more once a year. So now my anchor can go into the presence behind the veil because the veil has been torn in two. So now my hope is anchored in his presence. Let me finish with this. This is what’s so, so important. When you tie this together. My hope is built on what? The fact that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and he’s no respecter of persons and the fact that God is true, his word is true, and he will not lie. And he watches over his word to perform it. So that’s my hope and that hope in those, those two facets, those two immutable things goes into his presence and anchors me. I’m anchored to his presence on those two immutable things. The word of God has to be anchored in the presence of God. Here’s where we miss our hope. We don’t value the anchor location Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

the anchor has to be in the presence. God’s word is awesome. It’s incredible. It’s invaluable. But if we forget his presence, combining with that word I can’t have hope outside of the presence. I can’t have hope without his presence in my life. I can a Bible and I can have scriptures without his presence. Holy spirit. I ask your presence to come. Now, here’s what I believe is going to happen. As I prayed, I prayed for the presence of God to move. But you will not have an anchor in church service. It’s your anchor is not in a church service Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

You’re at your anchor is not in a sermon. What’s your anchor is in him. That’s your anchor enters in to the presence behind the veil. So now my anchor is in him, my anchors in who he is. My anchor is in what he says and who he is in his word and in his presence. I’m anchored in by his word and I’m anchored in his presence. In other words, when the enemy tries to get me out of the presence of God, I’m anchored in the presence of God. When Emmy tries to get me out of church, I’m anchored in church with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

I’m anchored where God wants me to be. When he tries to get me out of a prayer time, how am I incurred into the presence of God? You and I, we need a presence place. You need a place where you meet the presence of God every day. You need a place where you and a habit is presence. Where you going? I don’t care if it’s for five minutes, 15 minutes, start somewhere where you have a secret place where you meet with Jesus and you drop anchor in his presence because there’s times when I want to run and I want to quit. I want to give up. I want to get discouraged, whatever it may be. When I go into my secret place, it’s, I go in there and I say, I’m dropping anchor. I’m not moving up your promises. Your, your word is an anchor to my soul. When my thoughts are running wild, planned, my will wants to give up and when my emotions are in chaos, God, your, your word. It’s a, it’s an anchor to my soul right now in Jesus’ day now Mt. Carmel Illinois Church !

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