He’s no respecter of persons. I set my hope and that he watches over his word to perform it. So my hope is set in what he said, not what I want. I hope I’m helping somebody. I see some people taking notes. You’re the ones that’s going to benefit from this. So here’s what’s going to happen. So you’ve got to set this anchor. So you said it, but how do we know after you said if you’re a seed person, sometimes while you’re out there on the water, conditions can change. And if you set the anchor this way, the wind’s blowing this way. If the wind would happen to shift and began to blow from the other direction, now it begins to move your boat this way. And what can happen as you come over on this side and begin to pull against the anchor, the anchor that’s set this way begins to pop up and now this anchor will drag and it will not hold you with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

So sometimes when conditions change, you have to reset your anchor. You better had situations or conditions change in what you are believing God for that I was going this way. I was set on this and all of a sudden conditions change. What? What happens when conditions change? You reset your anchor. You get back in the word again. You reset on what God’s promised you. You pull back up a scriptures, you pull back up, God promised you, and you reset them again and say, I’m believing what God says. This is what we have. But notice what happens about this. The set it resetting the anchor. It is an anchor to her soul, both sure and steadfast. It’s an anchor of the soul. What is our soul? Our mind, our will, and our emotions. So this anchor, our hope is an anchor to our soul. It’s an anchor to my mind Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

When my thoughts begin to pull me in different directions. My hope is an anchor that holds me steady. My will when I don’t feel like I have the will to keep on going. My hope is an anchor vis hope is an anchor to my soul. It’s an anchor to my will when I want to quit and give up because it’s been too long or it’s been too hard. Then my anchor, my hope holds me in place. Because when you’re out there boating and you want to stop and you want to fish, you drop an anchor because you don’t want to move from this place with Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

You’ve decided this is where I want to stay. So you drop anchor and you say, I don’t want to be moved off this spot. So I drop anchor because I want this anchor to hold me here. This is where I’ve decided to stay on our same thing in our relationship and our walk with God. We make choices where we decide to stay on what we’re going to believe. And that’s why we have to drop our hope, our anchor of hope in that spot and say, I will not be moved. I’m not going to be moved up this into confusion. I will not be moved up Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . Listen to fear. I’m going to hold because this anchors, uh, to our soul, our mind, our thoughts, our will and our emotions. How many knows that our feelings can cause us to pull a banker. Oh Jesus,

we can be so solid. I am securely anchored. I’m not moving today, today. And then feelings come [inaudible] and all of a sudden we wa in one minute. We’re saying, I believe God to the death. Peter [inaudible], if everyone leaves you, Jesus high will stay with you even to the death. Little girl says, Hey, uh, aren’t you wanting the disciples? No, I’m not one of the disciples now that Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . What happened? What happened? Fear hit him. All of a sudden pulling up anchor [inaudible]

emotion sometimes can cause us to pull up our position and be drift. And we begin to drift with where the wind is taking us. Look what it says though, this anchor of hope though, is both sure and steadfast. Both sure and steadfast, which enters the presence behind the veil. Hm Hm. Oh Jesus. I need more time, but I’ve got to move off of the scripture. I’m not going to do this for 25 weeks. So here’s what we gotta do Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

This anchor, this hope, this hope that you have, the hope that you have. In what the hope you have in what God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Huh? And he’s no respecter of person and he’s honored. He’s got an oath to his word. He tells the truth. My hope is in that. So now this anchor is sure and steadfast. I will not be moved. We just sang that. But notice what happens. It enters into the presence behind the veil. Seems like a just a frivolous thing to throw in there. We’re talking about anchors and boating and water and now we throw in presence and Vail, what does that about? Well, because the original temple consisted of an outer court and inner court and a Holy of Holies and the Holy of Holies was separated by a veil from top to bottom. Most scholars believed that this veil was 30 feet high because the room, the Holy of Holies was supposed to be 30 by 30 by 30 30 link, 30 wide, 30 tall. So this, this veil covered all of that. It’s a huge veil, 30 feet long, and in the Holy of Holies, it’s where the presence of God would only come and manifest. One day a year to one person, the high priest. I can imagine that was like for the presence of God never to come and touch your heart. He only