He watches over his word to perform it. That hope not in the hope of it’s going to turn out like I want it to. Not that kind of hope, not the hope that’s based on when I see things changes changing, I get excited. No, not that kind of hope. When I see nothing, this hope is still alive inside of me when I hear nothing. This hope is still I’m expecting what? Because God never fails. He had never changes for me. He watches over his word to perform it. I don’t see anything. I don’t hear anything, but I believe my expectation is in God is able. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, which enters the presence behind the veil. This hope we have as an anchor, as an anchor. I just happened to have an anchor giving me sharp objects is dangerous, but this hope we have as an acre Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

I wanted to illustrate this point to you. This hope, this hope is our anchor. What is our hope? Remember trying to teach this. I want you to get this down your home. What is the hope? Our hope is based on the fact that he never changes. He’s no respecter of persons that he watches over his word to perform and he tells the truth. He does not tell a lie. That’s what my hope is in my hope is not in, it’s going to work out the way I want it to work out. My hope is not in that there is no promise or guarantee guaranteed to me in the Bible that God will do what I want him to do. He will do what he promises to do. My hope says this, hope we have as an anchor. Now I, I’m not a captain of a sea vessel by any stretch of the imagination, but I did watch some YouTube videos Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

and so, so, so this, this, wait, there’s a couple of things about an anchor is it has to be heavy. It has to be a good weight for your best, depending on the size of the boat. Is it the size of your anchor? And this is a very common type of anchor. And this weight has to, is important. It’s gotta be heavy enough. It’s gotta be heavier than other things so that when it goes down to the bottom, it’s going to be able to hold the vessel in place. And here’s where we’re taking our hope in. Our hearts has to be heavy Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

It has to be heavy. It doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be opposition or dis, uh, opposing thoughts or disputes in my mind. It’s just that my whole past to outweigh them. I’m going to have discouraging thoughts. I’m going to have disputes that come to my mind, but when I’m anchored, my hope outweighs my confusion. I’m still not certain about how not, I’m still not certain when I’m still not certain about, you know, if I, I’m not certain about this or that, but my hope outweighs it. You gotta have a hope in God that outweighs your doubts. It doesn’t mean doubts aren’t going to be there just to feed your hope outweighs him. So it goes down to the bottom. It, it outweighs it. It goes down to the bottom. And then now, one of the important things about an anchor, again, I didn’t know this, but I understood about it Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

I thought you would just take the anchor and just throw it over the side. That’s not how you do it. You actually have to lay it down and and set it down the water by hand over hand, easing it down into the bottom of the river or Lake or wherever you are, the body of water and then so you can see it when it gets to the bottom. How this mechanism works is this hinges like this because what you’re supposed to do after you drop anchor, you set the anchor. You don’t just drop it in the water, you act to set it and how you set the anchor is once you get, you get where the wind is, maybe the wind is blowing this way. Then you want to get where you’re in. Get the anchor at the bottom and if the wind is blowing you, you want to actually pull the anchor of way in the direction the wind is blowing to set it. Cause as this goes down into the ground, you begin to pull on it. This point down here digs in to the bottom of the, of the water. It digs into it so you actually want to set that anchor. Why? Because there’s going to be adversity and opposition. It’s going to blow against you, and if you don’t set your anchor, even though you have an anchor, it will not hold you Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

We have to set our hope. It’s one thing to have hope. It’s one thing to have an anchor on your boat, but you notice it says, we have this anchor. We can have an anchor, but it doesn’t guarantee we’re going to use the anchor. We can have hope in our life, but if we don’t set it on the right thing, it will never hold us. What are you setting your hope on Mt. Carmel Illinois Church ? I’ll tell you where I’ve made many mistakes in my life. I’ve set my hope on a desired end. When I set my hope on this thing happening the way I want it to happen, I’m often discouraged because my desires will never hold my hope. I have to set my hope in something a little firmer. I have to set my hope in God. I have to set my hope that Jesus is the same yesterday, today forever.