He tells the truth. So notice liquid. It says by two immutable things in which is impossible for God to lie. It’s impossible for God to lie. We might have strong consolation or strong encouragement. What do we have encouraged? Minium. We have strong encouragement because we believe that God never changes and he’s no respecter of persons and he never tells a lie. That what gives me encouragement. Is anybody receiving this word this morning? I just want to make sure I’m getting excited about what I’m hearing. Hey, strong consolation. Who have fled for refuge to lay hold. That refuge mean safety to lay hold of the hope that’s set before us. What are we supposed to lay hold up Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

we’re supposed to lay hold of hope. What is hope? Hope is not answers. Hope is not details. Hope is anticipation and expectation. I’m, I’m laying hold of expectation of God without knowledge of how. How can I do that? I can only do that if I believe that he never changes in his plans for me are always for a future and a hope and that he never lied because I know that I can lay hold of expectation and anticipation that what he said he will perform. How can I be of what but, but how to, I don’t know how I wish I knew how I can’t get in. I can’t let my expectation, I can’t lay hold of how, because when I try and lay hold of how I get discouraged, I just gotta lay hold of that. He will, I got lay hold of these faithful. They hold him, they hold of this hope that is set before us set before us. There’s a hope set before us, but if it says lay hold of it, it means it’s also possible to not lay hold of it Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

Recently took a trip, went on a conference and got to fly because we use, you know, our American express card to pay for a lot of things and so we get a lot of points and with miles and stuff I, I got to be upgraded to first class now before you get too excited. It was a little plane. So first was, if you’re envisioning you know this, it wasn’t that, it was just a little bigger chair, which is not a luxury for me. It’s really a requirement for me. And so I’m in, I’m in the seat and a man, I got a whole story about that I’d love to tell you about this guy. Wanted to come sit beside me anyway, nevermind. So we come, we’re in first class.

And what’s one thing Mt. Carmel Illinois Church that’s different about first class? You sit in and coach, you know back with the peasants and you get back. It’s where I’m normally am, but hopefully in an exit row and exit. But anyway, you’re, they come by and they give you an option. You can either have a checks mixed bag or what they call cookies, what they call cookies and what I call cookies are two totally different things. But that’s another story. So you get one or the other. But if you’re in first class I was setting there and it’s different. If you’re on a bigger plan plane that’s even better. But in this little small first class place, they came back and they brought a basket and then this basket have bananas and chips and cookies and all this stuff and they just brought the basket to you and lets you pick as much as you want.


they just, they said it before me and, and I’m like, which one? And she was like, as much as you want. I’m like, as much as I want. I’m like, this is the life. I’ve never been up here before. What’s it like? I’m waiving bags of the back of it Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .


I, I could have whatever I want. It was laid before me, but I had to choose it. I had to grab it. I could take it or leave it. This hope that set before us. It’s available for you and me, but we have to lay hold of it. There’s an anticipation expectation of what God can do in our life. It’s set before us, but God says, if you will not lay hold of it Mt. Carmel Illinois Church , you will not experience it.

I could have looked around and said, no thank you. I couldn’t possibly, no, I don’t want to be greedy. I’ll just take one and see this guy over here who’s got four things. Oh God. Just like it looks like a woodchipper. Just things just flying out of his mouth and going on and on and he’s drinking all these beverages for free and Mike, man, what’s going on? I’m just over here. Well, well you don’t need all of that, but I had it available to me. He laid hold of it. I didn’t. So he’s not over here. Sorry about your luck.

He’s done this. What happens when we don’t lay hold of everything God has for us and we think we’re pious. We think we’re humble, but we’re missing what’s available. What’s set before us. God says, I’m laying the laying something before you take all you want. Oh no, I just need to be forgiven of my sins and then I’ll make it till heaven comes Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . You can do that if you want, but he says, I’ve got some hope for you. I got some hope. Will you lay hold of it? So this is what he says. So they hold up the hope that is that before us 19 this hope, this whole port hope. What hope this hope everybody say this. Hope this. Hope, this hope, this hope. What does this hope built on? The expectation. Anticipation that God never changes. That he is no respecter of persons and that he never lies.