While we can come in and enjoy the service, thank you. God does not forget he doesn’t forget your labor and we desire that each one of you show the same diligence, that energy and effort, that that focus, that eagerness to get to the place of full assurance of hope. You’re filled up and overflowing with hope. This is what we’re about getting filled up in, over overflowing with hope until the end that you do not become sluggish, spiritually lazy, and just start saying, case Ross, Rob, whatever happens will happen. No, you’re not like that, but you imitate those. You imitate certain people. Those who through faith and patience inherit the promises for when God made a promise to Abraham because he could swear by no one greater. He swore by himself saying, surely blessing, I will bless you and multiplying. I will multiply you. And so after I say after, after he had patiently endured after Abraham had exercised internal and external control, influence and power over resistance, opposition and temptation. After he had learned to do that, he was now strong enough. Anybody have been working out this week Mt. Carmel Illinois Church ?

Anybody remember the message from last week? Anybody? I’m getting crickets. I preached this sermon last week on YouTube. You might want to go check it out. How to weight dumbbell? Anybody remember that? No, you were sleeping. Where were you? I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. He wasn’t here. I’m just messing with you. People are like, Oh my goodness Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . What’s this flight hype it patiently enduring. It’s not about avoiding resistance and opposition. It’s about allowing it to strengthen us. We’re going to be strengthened for the promise for men. Indeed. Here’s where we’re going to start. Verse 16 for men in deed, swear by the greater and an oath for confirmation is for them and end of all dispute. Here’s we’re going to start today. This is week three talking about anchored by hope. Verse 16 here’s what he’s talking about. He says, for men or women for four human beings, they would do this.

They would swear by something greater than themselves and then they would give an oath for confirmation which would end all dispute. Now, what’s a dispute? A dispute is a disagreement. Disagreement between different opinions or contrary or contradictory thoughts so you can have different opinions about something. I see it this way. You see it that way. I feel this way. You feel that way. We have ourselves a dispute. How do you settle a dispute? You how only settle they dispute when you come to an agreement or you reach a settlement Mt. Carmel Illinois Church. What is a settlement? A settlement is where both parties that disagree on something choose to agree on one thing. It doesn’t mean they all got everything that they wanted, but they chose to come into an agreement. So there was dispute, but we chose to come into agreement and it says here that this oath of confirmation was an end of all dispute.

In other words, it’s settled. We agree. We agree. Keep this in your heart. I’m building something. You’ll need this and just a moment. It’s an end of all dispute. Once we have an end of all dispute, there’s no differing thoughts anymore. We come into agreement in a ball dispute, so now, thus God, thus, because men did this because they said, Hey, if I’ll give an oath, then it’s going to end all disputes Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . So God’s okay. I want to end some dispute in your heart. God wants to end all dispute in our hearts. He knows that there’s contradictory voices and opinions going on in our heads all the time. He knows we hear voices.

He knows we have all kinds of feelings pulling us this way and that back and forth. He knows that’s going on. So he says, I want to end all dispute in your heart. That’s God’s desire of God is not the author of confusion. He’s not wanting us to be tossed around all the time, stressed out and filled with anxiety because we don’t know what to do. He says, I want to end on this Butte in your heart. So he says, thus God determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise, the immutability of his counsel confirmed it by an oath Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . Now let’s look at that. Number one, what’s the heirs of the promise or the promise? It’s not everybody. It’s not everybody. I wish I could say it was everybody because not everybody. I’d have to. I have to be honest. Sometimes we want the benefits of the promise without becoming heirs in our society. Have everybody wins a trophy?

Sorry, was that too harsh? You’re so good. No, you didn’t win getting the trophy back. You didn’t win anything. You’re on the team. Some parents are like, man, you’re so hard. I’m just saying, the Bible says everybody runs a race, but not everybody wins. Run in such a way that you win, so, so that’s God determining to show more abundant the heirs of the promise Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . The heirs of the promise are those who were accepted Jesus as our Lord and savior. The Bible says that you are Abraham’s. If you are Christ, you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. How do I become an air of the promise? Because I want it. No. When I become part of Christ, when I give my heart to Jesus, when I belonged to him, now I become an air of the promise. So that’s what he’s talking about.

God. One determined to show more abundantly to the heirs of the promise, the immutability. Immutability. I just like saying that word immutability. Immutability just rolls off their tongue Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . Immutability. Immutability. I don’t like to enunciate words a lot in my normal everyday vernacular. It’s just this the way I talk. So immutability forces me to enunciate every syllable.