But Hey, we’re on this series called journey of hope and I want to encourage you that God wants us to live a life of hope. How many knows our world needs some hope in it? Does anybody know anybody that needs hope in their life? You’ve got to know somebody. You’ve got a friend or family member that needs hope over a situation or something you’re walking through Mt. Carmel Illinois Church . We all need it. And uh, so we just believe that God’s the one who gives that he’s the one who gives us hope. So we’re expecting God to do great things. We’re excited about not only what God’s doing tonight in Mount Carmel is just again, we mentioning it not to overlook. You know, somebody was talking to me this morning like, Hey man, I’m excited about tonight. I said, yeah, I’m excited about today, first and then tonight. And I knew what they meant.

We were just kind of joking around, but I’m just thrilled for what God is doing right here in our midst. Uh, I’m honored to be a part of a move of God that is bigger than any of us individually. Cause it’s not about any of us individually. It’s about him. It’s about connecting people to Jesus from all roads of life. Hence the name, the roads, church. And so we’re excited about that. It’s about excited about the grand opening tonight that a, I want to encourage somebody that you can get some hope in your life. If God’s promised you something, told you something a long time ago and you have not seen any fruit of it whatsoever for some amount of time, whatever it may be, don’t get discouraged. God is faithful Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

January 26 2013 randomly, I just had a thought. God spoke to me and said, I want you to start a church location in Mount Carmel. January 26 2013 I just jotted it down in my notes because I thought it was a random thought. I thought it was just me. I thought it was whatever. I did not know it was God until here we are. So in October the 18th of 2017 we signed the papers for the building. Almost two years later here we are having the grand opening. So God is faithful. So let hope arise. Can we give God some right for being faithful in our life? Whew. He’s faithful. He’s faithful Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

So you had gotten, may not be speaking to you about a new church location, but I promise you, he speaks to you about something. He speaking to you about something that cause hope to rise in your heart. Again. Maybe you’ve gotten discouraged about disappointments, things that didn’t go your way. We all face those, but today we’re going to talk about something very important about being anchored in hope. That hope is an anchor for us is the song that we sang today, that third song that they sang, just incredible at hope arise. We’re going to talk about that. I’m praying that today, by the time you leave, your hope will be anchored in Jesus. So let’s get your sermon notes out of your worship guides. They’re there if you’d like to follow along or you can get on your YouVersion Bible app and download the sermon notes there. Go to the events section. You can get those as well. Let’s open our Bibles this morning to Hebrews chapter six. Whew. Just happy about Jesus. Happy Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

about what he’s speaking to our hearts, what he’s doing. Hebrews chapter six no takers are world changers. So everybody ready to change the world? Start taking some notes. The rest of you start taking some notes. Here we go. Hebrews chapter six we’ll start reading in verse nine after I pray, father in heaven, I love you and I just thank you for your presence. Holy spirit. We welcome you Jesus. We need you. We need you to speak to us. We need you in this place that it is all for you and all about you. So got up. Pray that you caused hope to arise on the inside of us today. Holy sphere, just minister today, flow in and out of every row, every seat, all of us. Change us from the inside out. Let this word come alive to us, Scott, because without you we have nothing but with you. All things are possible. So we believe for the miraculous today. God, because you are here in Jesus name . Amen. Hebrews chapter six I’m going to start reading in verse nine and do my best to read straight through to verse 13 so pray for me, but beloved, that’s because every time I practice this, I would just start reading this and I’d stop and start preaching this and I would say, God, why am I preaching this to you? You’re the one who wrote it, but anyway Mt. Carmel Illinois Church ,

beloved, we are confident. Everybody say confident. We are competent, a better things. That’s what hope is about. We’re confident in better things concerning you. Yes, things that accompany salvation though we speak in this manner for God is not unjust. To forget your work and your labor of love, which you have shown towards his name and that you have ministered to the saints and do minister. You are part of the crew. You’re not part of the crowd. You’re serving on the dream team. You’re a part of connect groups. God is faithful. He does not forget your labor. Thank you. Dream teamers for serving and making church happen today. Thank you for making a place for people to park people to check in their kids of people to watch online. Thank you. Dream teamers for making it possible. We couldn’t do it without you. Let’s give it up for the dream team. Whoa, Thank you for being in there with our children, teaching our children about the kingdom of God Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .