So the process of that is all in this book, counterfeit comforts. It’ll take you through how to hear God more deeply. Some of you in the room probably have feel like you’ve never heard God ever. That’s a number one thing I’ve heard as a minister. People feel like they don’t hear God’s voice. And I’m sure there are a number of you feel like you don’t hear him, and there are others of you that hear him. But if you’re like me, I never hear him enough. I always want to hear him more clearly. Hear him more regularly, hear him more Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

I’m always pressing into more of God, right? So if you’re hungry for more of God, the book will help you navigate it. Now listen, I realize this book has lipstick on the cover because publishers know when you’re talking about going deep emotionally, usually women have a proclivity to move in that direction a little bit more than men.

So they market it that way. But I knew when I, when I wrote the book, I said, this book is not just for women, wholeness in God and here in God’s voice and moving in power is not just for women. It’s for all of us. It’s for men too. And you know, women can have a word to release to men and men can have a word to release to women. And it goes all, it doesn’t, it’s not only women can teach women. I mean that also has to go, obviously you guys don’t believe this cause I’m here, but I can’t tell you how much of the church is still locked into that old mindset. We all have the same Holy spirit in us. So it’s not about looking at the vessel, it’s about tuning into the spirit coming through the vessel. And I want to hear the spirit Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

Therefore I’m humble enough to hear it through man, woman or child. I don’t care who it’s coming through as, as long as it’s the right spirit coming through. Right? So a woman releasing something by the Holy spirit isn’t having authority over you. That’s ridiculous. It’s just tuning into the yielding of the spirit through whatever vessel God is going to yield it through. So that being said, I said, God, what am I going to do about this? Because I don’t see men, you know, sitting at the coffee house, like with this book, with lipstick on the cover, it’s going to take up quite a man to be brave enough to bring this out in public.

What am I going to do? So the cover of my book says counterfeit comforts, freedom from the imposters that keep you from true peace, purpose and passion. So I felt the Lord say make another cover. So I made a sticker, a man sticker, and this is what you do Mt. Carmel Illinois Church. Now you’ve got a man book right here, and all it says on it is counterfeit comforts. Exposing the imposters. So it’s like a spy novel, espionage. I mean this is like no one knows. What you’re doing here is God not hysterical, is God not awesome?

Some men, I want to challenge you as well as the women. I believe that we’re in a season right now where God, I mean it’s obvious. We can see it. God is on the move and he is raising all of us up. It is time to rise and to, and to really come into a new level Mt. Carmel Illinois Church. And I just, something I’ve been releasing to the church is we have got to mature. Now it’s time to come out of childish things and it’s time to stop acting and reacting from old wounds. Now we’re all wounded and God has a lot of grace on our wounds, but it’s our wounds that make us touchy and irritable and offended. And pastor didn’t say hi to me and what about me? And,

and that’s okay. We’ve all been wounded and there’s a time to be a child and be in our wounds. But then there’s a time to go in and let God do what he needs to do. So we can rise into the women, rise into the man that we’re called to be. So we can brush off a fence so we can be long suffering so we can walk in love. So the Holy spirit can come through a more healed vessel to touch the people, right? So the, it’s the season for the body of Christ. So I encourage you, men and women. Let’s do this. Let’s get into some depth with the spirit. Okay, I got to move on. Shoot. Here we go. Really quick. I’m going to teach you this. I’m going to teach you an hour long tool in a minute and a half. Thank you Lord.

Here’s a quick tool and again, I go all into it in the book so we don’t have time. I’m going to give you just a quick overview and then we’re going to flow in the spirit a little bit. The first thing I did when I started reading the Bible, I needed wisdom. I was looking for wisdom. So I went to the book of wisdom, Proverbs, and right away I noticed a theme in Proverbs. Almost every scripture was jumping out at me. And the theme was all about what you do with your mouth. Every other scripture. If your mouth goes this way, this will happen. If your mouth goes that way, that will happen Mt. Carmel Illinois Church. And I just, I couldn’t believe it was scripture after scripture after scripture. Well, I started to do a study and do you know, just in the book of Proverbs alone, if you look up the words, mouth, lips and tongue, there are over 100 scriptures just in the book of Proverbs.

So here we are looking for wisdom and a big part of wisdom correlates with our own mouth. Now, I could go through all these scriptures with you, but just real quick, one of my favorites. Proverbs 1821 we know this one. A lot of us know this, death and life is in the power of the tongue. So we might say, Oh yeah, death and life is in the power of the tongue. But as a new believer, I had to kind of stop on that and say, wait a minute, what? What? I thought like the normal people thought that, you know, death and not doing well and being depressed and being angry and anxious, all of that had to do with what was happening in my life. You know, someone lies to you, your car breaks down, you’re losing money. That’s all death and you know, life is when you get a promotion or you fall in love. That’s life Mt. Carmel Illinois Church.

But the Bible said, no, no, no, no. It has nothing to do with what’s happening to you. It’s what’s happening through you. It’s how you think and how you speak about what’s happening that determines whether you reside in death or in life. And my ministry is that, is that what’s happening here? Okay. I’m like, wait a minute. Oh, okay.