Hi everyone. Oh, I’m so honored to be here. Thank you so much pastor Chad and Dawn for inviting me to your house. And I have to say, do y’all understand how blessed you are to be in this house? Do you? Okay. I love it here. This is incredible. Uh, honestly I, I speak at churches all over the country and let me tell you, every church believes in the Holy spirit, but not every church really makes room for the Holy spirit with good stuff Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

and actually it was a few years ago that the Lord spoke to me in prayer and told me that there was a great divide coming in the church. So sometimes we like to think, Oh, koombaya everyone’s coming together, which I would like to believe. But he actually told me there was going to be a great divide and there was going to be the church that wanted to stay in the tradition of man and wanted to stay in formula. And then there was going to be a remnant church that was willing to be fresh and step outside the box and yield to the spirit and go with the flow of what God is doing. Yeah. And that’s what this church is doing Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

so I love to teach on the move of the spirit. The Holy Spirit’s really my best friend. I love him so much. Love it. Love it. Love it. Cause it’s the Holy spirit that takes you out of head knowledge of God and into experiential knowledge of God. So let me just say for those of you that maybe this might be a little new, I understand it can be unfamiliar, but I just want to challenge you to not allow any religious mindset, any tradition to keep you blocked from what God is doing now. So if stuff comes up in you, work with yourself, work with yourself and go back to the word and see what God is saying because God wants to break out. And I believe this church is going to break out and there’s no coincidence that you’re here in this region. I believe you guys are praying for a move of the spirit reaching out into the, into the people in the region Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

And this is how it happens by yielding to the Holy spirit. So this is awesome. So all that to say, praise God. I love the Holy spirit. Holy spirit, have your way today. You are the guest of honor. You are first and foremost. It’s not about me, but it’s about you coming through me. I thank you, Holy spirit and Lord and father God, that you are going to, uh, answer specific things in people’s hearts today, that you’re going to loose, um, things that need to be loose, that you’re going to release an impart what needs to be imparted, and we’re just going to have a good old time in the presence of the Lord. Amen.

Amen. Woo. Okay. I could just flow in the, in the flow right now, but rain it in, girl. Reign it in. Okay. So, hi, I’m from orange County, California. Yes, it’s much warmer there y’all. Yeah, it’s a little warmer. I lived there with my husband James and our eight year old daughter, Gemma. That’s my cutie family right there.

And that picture was taken last year in Oklahoma on the set of the movie unplanned. Uh, we had a great night last night who came out last night for the movie. Okay, a lot of you, we showed the movie, I shared a lot of behind the scenes stories of the movie. Uh, I’m not going to talk too much about it today, but I want to let you know, if you have not yet seen the film, I have the DVD with me. I will love to sign it for you. Put it in your hands if you haven’t seen the film. This is a for such a time as this movie, never in my lifetime has this issue been more on the forefront. It’s so obvious that God has his hand on this topic and we as believers must be informed. We must be in the know so that we can walk in love with people, but we have to know the truth in order to impart to people that use Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

Right? So I know the movie, you might’ve heard there, there are some difficult parts in the movie. It’s not necessarily easy to watch, but I will tell you, it’s not a shaming movie. It’s not a condemning movie. It’s a true story and it’s a story of hope, a story of redemption, and it puts the truth up on the screen. So please support what God is doing, support God, taking back the airwaves and releasing movies like this into our country and all around the world. By the way, real quick, the movies going all the way around the world right now Mt. Carmel Illinois Church .

We are in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Ireland, uh, the Caribbean, Jamaica, uh, all over everywhere. So keep it in prayer. This is an exciting time. I believe God is a just on the move and, and changing hearts with this movie. Um, so me doing this film was me coming back to Hollywood after I walked away Mt. Carmel Illinois Church from Hollywood.

I had a very successful career for many years. I became a believer right away. I had an affinity for the things of God. I felt that he said to me the gifts that he had given me for communication that he had used in entertainment he now wanted to use for the kingdom. So I left acting to follow the call of God. And that’s what I’ve been doing, traveling, ministering, speaking, bringing the truth, doing what I love to do. And I love this. It’s what I’m built for. I had no intention of ever going back to Hollywood, but God had another plan.

And through just a God only series of events, I got introduced to the directors and there I was back in a movie after a 15 year hiatus, I’m doing a kingdom film. So, uh, yes, for such a time as this. So this morning, let’s see, where’s my time clock?