I was just start out with prayer for what God wants to do. Just invite God to speak to our hearts. So Lord, I just thank you. And I love you. I say, Holy spirit come, you are faithful. You’re good. And your presence here at Mt. Carmel Church.

Is fullness of joy. So Lord, I just thank you that people come and watch today. Not for me, Lord. I pray that they will get you. I think they will get everything who you are. Thank you for loving us. So good being so faithful. And so Lord, I just yield myself to you for your direction, for your service, whatever you need. And Lord, we just thank you for this season. That Jesus is truly more than just the reason for a season. You’re why we gather every single week. So I lift up the name of Jesus that you will be exalted in this place, Lord, and that everybody will be drawn close to you. Ultimately, that is our goal and our vision in Jesus name. Somebody say, amen, amen. Our vision here at the church is to connect people, Jesus, from all roads of life and here at the roads, we believe the word of God is the best way to connect with God.

So we get a little excited about it. So if you have your Bibles today, get them out. Erodes family, come on, Mount Carmel. Let’s make it all joined together. As we get excited about turning to Matthew chapter one, whew, Matthew chapter one, Matthew chapter one. It’s not second Thessalonians. It’s not Daniel today. We’re going to do something a little different. Uh, we’re gonna do what I call a one hit wonder. So we something I’m gonna take a break from, let no one deceive you. And, and, uh, we’re gonna probably next week as well. We’re gonna probably start preparing our hearts for prayer and fasting. And then in January, we’ll probably pick that back up. Cause I don’t think we left off where I want to leave off. So we’re going to keep talking about let no one deceive you. I hope you’re enjoying that. And uh, but I hope you can be patient here at Mt. Carmel Church.

We’ll get back into it later on lots of things happening in our world. We want to stay current on what’s going on. So we’re going to talk about a new a message today. Again, just a, not a series, but just a one hit wonder. Uh, as, uh, many people were in the eighties and nineties, a lot of one hit wonders. This is my vanilla ice message. And sorry, I gotta get some current jokes. Okay. If somebody like that, Nella, I, as soon as that, although my kids are started listening to all these 80 songs, they’re like, Oh, this music is so good. I’m like, yeah. Where you been listen to this garbage today, but now I’m just kidding. So anyway, um, the title message today is I bring good news. I bring good news. Does anybody else feel like they need some good news?

We’re facing some very challenging times in life, politically, racially, financially health wise, it’s going on all around us. And last week after the hearing, hearing the passing of a dear friend, I, I came home and uh, just laid on the bed and started crying. And I wanted to get a lot further along, but this service I’ve got Kleenex last service. I didn’t have it. And it was a slobbery miss. So, uh, I just took it down and I said, I need to hear some good news. You know? Cause a lot of times as a pastor for our great Mt. Carmel Church, you don’t get to celebrate the good news because usually at the same time you’re getting good news. You’re also getting bad news from somebody else. And while someone is sending you a testimony text and say, we’re celebrating, we’re excited to same time. They don’t know. As you just got to take from somebody saying we’re devastated.

We don’t know what to do. And so it’s a little challenging sometimes. And, and I said, I need to hear some good news. And so in prayer Tuesday, this past week, you know, cause so I said last Sunday, I felt like that last week was probably one of the toughest weeks of ministry for men. So in Tuesday in prayer, I go to God and I felt like the Holy spirit said these words to me, I bring good news. And I was like, yes, I need that lot. You heard my prayer. I bring good news. And then the rest of the week played out. And I think it was probably worse than the one before. And I said, Lord, what would, uh, what would, what about that good news? So I started asking some questions. What is good news? What does it mean? What does it mean when I said I need to hear some good news?

Does good news mean the absence of bad news? Sometimes I think when we say, or when I say said that moment, I need to hear some good news. What I really was saying is that I don’t want to hear any more bad news there’s because there’s good news. Who’s around everywhere. You may have to search for it. You may have to look for it. There is good news to be found. But the problem is sometimes we get overwhelmed is because the bad news is what all we can see, but I will tell you this good news. Doesn’t always come without adversity or opposition. Good news is not always surrounded by ideal circumstances. Sometimes good news comes at the same time as not so good news. So the question is oftentimes which one are we going to focus on when it comes to our Mt. Carmel Church? Which one are we going to live our life by? I noticed this too. Do you ever notice that how sometimes the exact same news for one person can be good news and for another person can be bad news. I’m talking about the same news. So I thought about a lot of things and I had a whole long list of stuff that I thought might be a qualified for that. But I just jotted down three. See if you’ll relate to these, this exact same news. Good for some people not good for other people. The first one, Hey, the police are here.

That’s great news for some people not so good for others. Hey, I got my license. That’s good news for some people. Maybe sometimes it’s not so good for others or this one, Hey, I’m pregnant. Oh, the response exemplified this. Sometimes in life as a pastor, that’s been some of the most exciting news people praying and believing God to be able to say I’m pregnant. It’s also been some of the most tragic news to hear someone have to tell their parents I’m pregnant. Sometimes the exact same news. I thought back two of us, we have those of you don’t know is we have five children and we had four girls and then seven years after our youngest girl, um, Don was sick with the flu. That’s what we had diagnosed. And uh, cause she was just throwing up like, and it was going on. I was like February. So we’re praying really hard for it to be healed that flew to go. And I had a D came to the office one day and was praying really hard. And I felt like had some great breakthrough. And so I was excited to come home and see that she was all better. Maybe meet me, uh, with a great story. And uh, so I came home and like, Hey, so how are you?

She said, well, I just threw up about five minutes ago. I’m like, what’s going on? And uh, she said, well, I don’t think what I’ve got. I can be healed up first. And my fault was instantaneously. She not believe in God with me is that the, and then she went and I went, Oh no. She said, Oh yes. Now again, we’ve believed God with people to be pregnant. And so, but in your early forties, seven years after your last kid, that wasn’t what we were expecting. So we rallied and thanked God and blessed the baby. And we’re grateful for our little boy, seven years old now. But I mean, it was at the time, sometimes all news doesn’t seem good in the moment Mt. Carmel Church, but it turns out to be a tremendous blessing in your life. Let’s look at Matthew chapter one. I’m to do the best I read. I’m gonna apologize ahead of time for, uh, being a little emotional today, but says this in verse 18. Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows after

His mother, Mary was be trove to Joseph before they came together. If you’re not sure what, before they came together means ask your parents. She was found with child being of the Holy spirit. So Mary was betrothed to Joseph. The word be trolled is a legal term in the Hebrew was talks about being engaged, to be legally promised to like committed, to not like engagement to now. Now when you give an engagement ring is that this is a promise that I’m going to marry you. And this was a legal binding thing in their culture that once you were engaged, it’s almost the same as being married. You weren’t yet, but it was a commitment. It was that level of commitment. So when he was betrothed to her, then it says she was found with child of the Holy spirit. And it says then Joseph, her husband notice it called her, called him, her husband already.

That’s how deep the commitment was and their culture being a just man. He was a good man. He was a kind man. He was, he was sensitive. He was favorable towards her and not wanting to make her a public example was minded to put her away secretly or the word put her away just means to release or to dismiss or to terminate the marriage. And he was a good man and he didn’t want to make a spectacle ever. Didn’t want to run her name in the ground. And it didn’t want to shame her in front of everybody. But, but obviously he had to break it off because

She’s pregnant. Mary had told him, don’t worry, it’s of the Holy spirit. Right? Put yourself in that position. We’re reading it out of the Bible. And we’re like, Oh yeah, it was God. When you’re Joseph and your wife to be comes up to you and says, Hey, I’m pregnant, but don’t worry. It’s of the Holy spirit. He’s like, yeah, I’m sure it is beat it. Floozy. I mean, you know, he had to have these thoughts, right? Maybe I’m just, I like to get into stories, but so anyway, but then those what happens. He wanted to put her away secretly, but he thought about these things and I never knew you ever noticed this, that God waited till after they got engaged before she got pregnant. After Joseph made his commitment, after he made his promise with us Mt. Carmel Church, after he signed up to be with her till death do us part. After that challenge came, adversity came, conflict, came, devastation, came, confusion, came. Here’s what I began to relate to that. Sometimes we think once we start serving Jesus, that all of our problems go away, but I want to challenge you and encourage you at the same time and say this. Once you sign up to be committed to serve Jesus, be prepared for your commitment to be challenged. Hey, I’m Committed to marry. You marry good. I’m pregnant and it’s of God, Whoa, I’m out.

Right? He waited until after to test it. Cause she was found with child. She was pregnant, but it wasn’t with his child. He wasn’t the daddy. He knew that. And you know, he had to, he had to think about his experience. He had to look at other women that were pregnant and he had to go through this thought process of, I know what’s going on. My logic and reason tells me that you have been with another

Dude you’ve been Running around on me. So obviously you don’t love me. This is plain and simple as the nose on my face. This is exactly what’s happening. But look what happens then while he was thinking about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream saying Joseph son of David do not be afraid to take to you, marry your wife for that, which is conceived in her is of the Holy spirit. Don’t be afraid to follow through with your commitment. I know you started serving Jesus, but then right after you committed to serve God Mt. Carmel Church, it seemed like things got worse. Don’t be afraid to follow through with your commitment because things get hard. I know you signed up to be a Christian and then right after you signed up to be a Christian, everything got more difficult. Well, don’t be afraid because it is not something to reel.

Not to think in our mind. We’re not going to have adversity just because we start serving Jesus. Don’t be afraid to follow through with it. He says, I know Joseph, you’re confused. I know it doesn’t look right. I know it’s not what you had in mind. I know you don’t understand it. I know you can’t figure it out. I know you don’t know how it happened, but what you think God could not possibly be a part of. He is actually right in the middle of this woman is going to be married to and she’s pregnant. He just doesn’t understand. And God says to him, listen, this is of me. Trust me through what you don’t understand. Trust me through what you can’t figure out. Trust me through what pains you trust me in the process. Can we trust God in the process when we can’t figure out what’s going on?

That’s the challenge he’s given to us. That’s the challenge he gave Joseph. He says she will bring forth a son and shall call his name. Jesus for, he will save his people from their sins. Here’s what he’s saying. Hey Joseph, I know that you don’t understand this process, but this needs to happen this way. This needs to happen this way. Why does it need to happen this way? Go on verse 22. So all this was done. Here’s why that it might be fulfilled, which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet saying behold, the Virgin shall be with child and bear a son. The Bible had prophesied that a Virgin shall be with chops. Why does it have to be this way? Guts? Why does my wife have to be the one that’s pregnant with the Holy spirit so that all my friends get to mock me and make fun of me. That my wife, that I’m taking actually was with another guy. And I believed that it was God, I didn’t, I didn’t know how, why do I have to be that? He said, because it has to be a Virgin Joseph, because I need to break the seed of sin off of humanity. So if you father this child, it will not be good for you. What I’m doing in your life is not only going to be good for you. It’s going to be good for all of mankind. Trusts me in

What I’m doing. God, it’s going to be hard. It hurts. He said, I know, but trust me, it’s going to be good for you. I’m going to work it out for your good, But don’t understand it. You don’t know why, But it says behold, the Virgin shall be a child bear Sunday. We’ll call his name Emmanuel, which is translated God with a Mt. Carmel Church. Then Joseph being aroused from asleep did as the angel of the Lord, commanded him and took to him, his wife and did not know her in the biblical sense again, till she had brought forth her firstborn son and called his name. Jesus. Now go over to Luke’s account, Luke chapter two. So we see from the basis just building a foundation that Jesus was born of Mary,

To a mother impregnated by the Holy spirit to a father who had to believe that and not hold a grudge.
You had to believe what the word of the Lord said. And he had to trust him in the process. So now let’s look at Luke chapter two and it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. And this census first took place while crane Quirinius was governing Syria. So all went to be registered

Sure for the, for this the sensor for the census that was taking place, sorry, all went to be registered everyone to his own city. So now the leaders of a family would leave their family to their own city. Their city of birth and Joseph’s city of birth was Bethlehem. So Joseph Joseph left Galilee out of the city of Nazareth with his wife to be married and with child to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem because he was of the house and the lineage of David to be registered with Mary, his be trove wife who was with child verse six. So it was that while they were there, the days were completed for her to be delivered. I want to land on this for a moment. Remember, she’s pregnant, She’s expecting she’s with child and they’ve got it. Travel and journey. And this isn’t in a car. They don’t have leather seats here at Mt. Carmel Church.

She’s Riding, maybe riding on a donkey. We know she could be walking. We don’t, we don’t was in a car and it doesn’t really speak to that. But she’s traveling. They’re traveling from Galilee all the way, the Bethlehem. And it says that the days were completed. What does that mean? That means the time had come or they had filled up with says the days are completed. Mean the time had come to fullness.

The Days were completed for what the days were completed for her to be delivered her to be delivered. Usually when we talk about having a baby, we talked about the baby being delivered, but says, this says the days had come for her to be delivered. Now the word delivered means to give birth or to produce from seed. So I read this in that context, it says, so the time had come for her to produce from what was on the inside of her and what was on the inside of her was from who it was from

God, from the Holy spirit. So now here she is Traveling and it says the days had come the time had come for her to produce out of what God had put on the inside of her. But notice when this happen, when were the days fulfilled? When was it time for her to produce out of what God had put on the inside of her Mt. Carmel Church? Notice the wording. It says while they were let’s just come together with me, let’s say it all together while they were there while they were there, the days were not completed. When she got to where it was ideal for her, she wanted to have the baby at home. She had the, had the nursery, all prepared, had a nice bed, had blankets made and had all the decorations up. They knew it was going to be a boy because the angel comes, spoke to them. So they had blue, everywhere, and they even knew what the name was going to be.

Cause the angel told us supposed to be Jesus. So they had that knitted into the blanket and they wanted, they were ready to be at home, but they had to travel to get this census out of the way. But they’re just going to do that. And Joseph, they didn’t no big deal. We’ll go there and we’ll come back. So they were prepared. They’ll do it at home. I’m going to, I want to have this baby where it’s convenient and where it’s ready. We got the midwives setups. He’s going to be there. It’s going to be awesome where we’re ready.

But how many of the days were not completed when they were ready? The days were completed when God was ready, notice where God was ready. God said, while you were there while you were there, where where’s where’s there, it wasn’t during ideal circumstances, they were in Bethlehem. They were out of town. They were traveling. What, what, what, what about having it there? Here’s the question that I wrote down to apply to us. What are you doing while you are where you are at the time you are where you are, what are you doing? Where you are while you are, where you are at the time, you’re there are you producing where you are? Are you waiting for a different place or a different, are you waiting to get there or are you producing while you’re here?

I don’t like when I’m where I’m here, it’s not good. Where I’m here. It’s not convenient to you. How many times we’re always thinking about when we get there, then we’re really going to do something. When I get there, then I’m really going to start serving God. When these circumstances change, then I’m really going to go for a whim. When I get there, wherever there is. When, when we get there, our marriage is going to be better. When I get the better job. When I get, when I get there, when I get older, then I’ll start serving God Mt. Carmel Church. I got you. I’m young. I got to experience things. You got to sow my oats and all that. When I get there, then what’s our there’s that we’re waiting on to produce what God put on the inside of us. When I make a little bit more money, then, then I’ll get, I know I’m waiting on this or waiting on that. And God’s saying, what are we doing with Walden?

We’re here where we are. What are we You going to do? Well, I’m just waiting for when the virus goes away, I’m waiting for the election results to get finalized. Um, I’m waiting on when I get there. When, uh, when I’m waiting on this some way, a lot of times we’re waiting on something else to happen. When God is saying

Produce where you are bloom, where you’re planted, bloom, where you’re planted. It may not be the plan location. It may not be what you have in mind. It may not be the right circumstance. It may not be convenient. It may not be comfortable. It may not be easy to produce what God put on the inside of you. But God is saying to you produce where you are. Notice the days were completed for her to be delivered verse seven. And she brought forth her firstborn son. How many knows the words to words brought forth. Ladies, can you help us men out? The two words brought forth. Don’t exactly fully exemplify the experience of birthing a child. They just were brought forth. They were brought forth. They brought,

She brought forth her firstborn son. It just brought for this sounds easy. He’s brought forth until you’re in there. I’ve been in there. Yeah, I’ve been in there five times and there was nothing easy about the bringing of fourth. She brought forth her son in the midst of pain, in the midst of discomfort, in the midst of inconvenience, in the midst of challenge in midst of adversity, she brought forth her son, Some things on the inside of you that God wants you to bring forth, but do not be surprised. Do not be shocked when you have to bring them forth

Through pain. When you have To bring them forth through adversity, through opposition, we want to bring forth in ideal circumstances that God is saying to us. We’re not always going to have ideal circumstances when God says, I want you to bring forth what I put on the inside of you. I want you to give up what I’ve given you. It’s time. The days are completed. It’s time for you to obey me. Well, it’s just not a good time for me. I got this going on, that going on work. And yeah, it’s just not a good time for me when it’s going to be the good time. Well, when I get there, where where’s your there, where’s your there. My experience is there never comes. Ideal circumstances never come. It never comes to a time where you don’t have challenges to face. You still have to do what God is calling you to do. I was trying to think about this and, and thinking about the options and challenges that we face and look at verse seven, when she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the end, No room in the end, the end

Represents to me the publicly recognized place to stay for lodging. Th the end that’s where Bay goes to spend the night they go to the end, but there was no room for them to give birth to what God had put on the inside of them in the end and the public place for everybody else did it where it’s common to do it. There was no room for them. What does that mean? The room means a spot, a place or position. So to me, it’s saying this, when you go to give birth to what God has put on the inside of you, don’t be discouraged. If there’s no spot place or position for you in the normal positions where everybody else goes or the way everybody else does it, what everybody else thinks is the right way to do it. There may not be a place for you where everybody else goes, but God will make a place for you. He will make a place for you. It may be a manger. It may be inconvenient. It may be in a stable. It may be in a place that no one else would ever go do, but be ready to give what God has put on the inside of you to do, because he is faithful to provide you a place Going on in verse eight says now

There were there in the same country, shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night and behold, an angel of the Lord stood before them and the glory of the Lord shone around them. And they were greatly afraid. Imagine yourselves being shepherds out in the field and all of a sudden, boom angels show up The sky, they were greatly afraid. And then the angel said to them, here’s the words do not be afraid for behold. I bring you good tidings or good news of great joy, which will be to all people. I bring

You good news of great joy. I bring you good news. When I thought about this, I thought about this week, and I thought about all the challenges and I, I began to think back over the years and times when it was difficult for me to do what I do because of bad news, maybe bad news that everybody knew about and maybe bad news that nobody knew about, but I knew about it. And you have to deal with the presence of bad news. And you have to still answer the bell and answer the call to come up and bring good news because everybody’s coming, looking for good news. And so you got to bring good news when all you’re thinking about is bad news. And you’re thinking about what you’ve been told. And so I began to process that and think about God, how do we, how do we do this? And he said, listen, you’ve got to, got to look at it the right way for our Mt. Carmel Church. Cause I said, God, I need some good news. He said, I’ve got good news. You’re just listening to the bad news. That’s a lot. I’m tired of bad news. He said, I never promised you. You wouldn’t have bad news. I promised you the presence of good news because when they said behold, I bring good news. Notice what he didn’t say the good news. Didn’t say,

Here’s what I’m, it’s not about what was left or what was leaving. But it was about who came look at the next verse. It says for there is born to you this day in the city of David, a savior who is Christ the Lord. What was the good news? The good news notice the day that the day, uh, the day that the angels came And said, I bring good news about Jesus being born that day did all killing stop in the world, did all the bad news stuff. That day. Jesus

Was good news in the presence of bad news. God sent Jesus into the world in the midst of a world that was still surrounded by bad news. But he said from heaven, I bring good news. You may not get good news from this person, from that person, from this situation, from that situation. But I bring good news. I bring good news. And I said, Lord, I need, I need good news because I’m a little overwhelmed at times by the bad news. And we get to think about it Mt. Carmel Church, um, you begin to rehearse all the times and all the losses and difficulties and challenges that I had to come and speak. And, and nobody knew what I was feeling. Maybe it’s bad news in my house. Maybe it’s bad news out of my house, but, but nobody had to know. And, and I’m not baking about me.

I’m just wanting to be transparent as a human to let you know that there’s going to be bad news, but God says I bring good news in the midst of bad news. And we, as Christians are not promised that we will not receive bad news, but we’re promised the presence of good news to give us strength, to endure in times of difficulty, we’re going to have him and I’m. So I just feel like God is wanting to encourage him. When he said, I bring good news. And, and yesterday I said, God, I cannot preach this message. I cannot. This week was definitely one of those weeks where I was ready to hand in the resignation say, can’t do it anymore because no matter what I do, it’s a good decision for some, it’s a bad decision for others. And, and somebody came by then he’d go to a church that came by and said, thank you for staying open we’re. So, and then there’s other people posting some pretty rough stuff that gets personal blaming me for things. And, and I think God, it’s not about me. I don’t want to make a pity party for me. I just want you to know you’re going to have to hang on to good news in the midst of badness, you’re going to have to trust the giver of good news and say, look, I’m going to keep showing up and giving what you put on the inside of me because I’m not in this because of the absence of bad news.

I’m in this to give good news that Jesus is the one who’s going to help us through our difficulties. The good news wasn’t that, Hey, there’s no more bad news than the earth Jesus was born. Yay. No that wasn’t the news. The news was in the midst of bad news. Still going on in the earth, Jesus was born. The good news was the presence of a who, not the absence of a what? It was the presence of him that when we have adversity, we have difficulty. We have someone to hang on to, to say, God, I need you right now. I’m confused. I don’t understand. I don’t know how, why this is happening, but Jesus, you are my hope and my future. Who’s going to help the world. We need some good news about the election. I’ve got it. His name is Jesus. But what if this happens? What if that’s happened? His name is still G

Many people die over the years in my church. And I don’t know that I can rake any above the others. And when I said Mt. Carmel Church is here for you, God, I can’t, I can’t. She said, my, my strength is made perfect in your weakness. And if you can’t serve me through your pain, then you’ll

Never be strong enough to help someone else walk through Their pain. Say this again, not to make it about me, but to encourage you that we serve a God who brings good news. You’re like, but I don’t have any good news. Yes we do. We have the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even when circumstances don’t go the way I want them to do things, don’t go out the way I want them to go out. I still have hope in Jesus. Where else would I go? He alone has the words of eternal life. I’ve tried life without Jesus. It’s not working for me. So I’m going to try trouble with Jesus instead of trouble. Without Jesus.

The Bible says the spirit of the Lord, God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim Liberty, to the captives, the opening of the prison, to those who are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. The day of the vengeance of our gods. Listen to this parks to comfort. All who mourn. He didn’t promise me that I would never mourn. He promised me he would come from me when I do the good news is not to you today. Hey, serve Jesus. You’ll never mourn. No. The good news is serve Jesus. You’ll never mourn alone to comfort all who more to console those who mourn in Zion to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they may be called trees of righteousness. The planting of the Lord, my heart is heavy today for a lot of reasons. But dear, dear friend of mine pest two in one week, and then people pointing the finger Mt. Carmel Church.

I want to say this to you to encourage you because you’re going through your own challenges, your own adversities, your own situations in life. God brings good news to you. You may have to dig for it. You may have to cry for it. You may have to say God, I don’t understand. I don’t. I can’t find it right now. Just keep looking for the best Mt. Carmel Church. The good news is Jesus. It’s him. He’s surprised. It’s not about when the bad news goes away. That’s my good news. No, your good news is in the bad news. Jesus is still there. He’s a very present help in time of trouble.

David, the Soma said, though, I make my bed in hell behold, you are with me. You will never leave me nor forsake me. I say today, I bring good news. I bring good news to the United States of America. I bring good news to Southern Illinois. I bring good news to the roads church. I bring good news. His name is Jesus. The savior of the world. They came into this world to save a world from sin. He is the hope of the world. So we’re not giving our lives to Jesus because we won’t ever have bad news. It’s because I’ll never have bad news by me.

I’m committed. I re-upped. I said, Lord, I’ll do it for you. I’ll keep doing it for you. No matter what people say, I’m going to keep showing up and giving what God has given me. That would say this for any pity. Please don’t spin it the wrong way. I’m saying it to say being transparent, that I’m a human being like you. And you’re going to have to show up and give what God has put on the inside of you. No matter how much it hurts the touch. There’s no matter how much you’re confused at toxic while you are there while you are there. The time is completed for you to give birth to what God’s put on the inside of you. Now, when you get there it’s while you’re here while you’re where you are right now. Now you say God, hear him when we come to Mt. Carmel Church. I sent me, I am available. Lord, use me in the midst of pain and confusion and not understanding my circumstance. I’m not waiting for ideal. I’m not waiting for comfort. I’m not waiting for convenience. I’m asking God right now, while I’m here, I choose to give birth in pain. I give birth. I released the gifts that you’ve given me in pain for the joy that was set before him, Jesus endured the cross.

What I’m going through is nothing. It’s nothing. My savior hung naked on a course after he was beat with a whip, 39 times took three nails into his hands and feet was marked spit on his beard, pulled out, punched in his face. Foreign crown of thorns, stuck on his head. He did that for me. If he did that for me, then I can give what I need to give to him when he asks me to give it. So do you serve yourself? Do you serve convenience? Do you serve comfort or do you serve the savior? Do you serve Jesus? I bring good news. I bring good news. Then before you ever born, God had a purpose and a destiny for you.

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