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Hey, good morning everybody. Well welcome everybody who’s online right now and you’re like, man, I’m not there with you in body, but I’m there in spirit and also via youtube. Hey guys. Good morning. Are you guys doing all right? Demand was Jesus not rocking your face during worship? I’ll tell you what, I just want to give it up for our worship team, man, for what they do and I’ll tell you what, when I rolled on the parking lot this morning and then I saw those kiddos and they were out there with the signs and one of them was like, you’re looking great today. And I was like, yeah, I am, but man, I was so blessed. I’m so. Let’s just honor our Roku. Thank you God. Mt. Carmel Churches That’s awesome.

All right dudes. Hey, my name is blake and I’m. I’m so pumped. You guys don’t even know. I’m like dialing it back about a million right now because I am so jazzed about, about what I get to share with you Mt. Carmel Churches guys today. If you guys, if you guys have a bible that’s good because get ready to use it. We’re going to fly through it, uh, but here’s here. I want to set the stage for you last week, I don’t know if you guys were here for it, but Lana Vasquez was, was here and she was sharing and if you haven’t seen the message, jump on Youtube, on facebook, grab a CD. It was really powerful, but one of the things that she was talking about is where we were at as a body and the spirit and she was talking about how that we’ve been going through this time and this season life so much about seasons, right?

And we were going through this season where there was just this oppression upon the church and on the body and people were just weighed down and, and she was talking about how we’re approaching that transition time where we’re, where we’re just, we’re just getting ready to just break free and that we’re going to a new level. Mt. Carmel Churches, and guys, I just really believe it, man. I just really believe that’s where we’re going. And so that’s Kinda where I’m at today. I’m going to share you a message to share with you a message called let hope arise and church. I just believe, I believe so many of us, our hope tanks have have gotten low. Our joy tanks might be low, and I just believe that God is just wanting to just out uhm, that was an explosion from the Holy Spirit. All right? He’s just wanting to blow the top off your hope that you’re going to be hoping for beyond, beyond what you even thought you could hope for. And so if you have your bibles, let’s go to Luke Chapter Seven. Yes, those are crazy people, but they’re crazy about their love for the word. Come on somebody,

verse 11 is where we’re going to begin. Oh Man. Jesus is so good. Isn’t he good? Oh, tell your neighbor, God is good. Oh, thank you Jesus. Oh, might be the most profound thing we say today. So high if you need to Mt. Carmel Churches If you’re taking notes, write it down.

All right? If you’re luke seven, let’s do this. Soon afterward, he went to a town called Nane. You’re like, who’s going there? Who’s got it’s Jesus? It’s Jesus, he’s taken a posy of, of with him, and, and here, here he goes, and his disciples and a great crowd see, told you a posy, went with him as he drew near to the gate of the town, behold a man who had died was being carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow. Do you guys see where we’re at? We’re on our way to this town called Nane, and the word for name actually means beauty. And so if you notice there’s this widow, so no husband, she’s lost her last son, okay? Mt. Carmel Churches

Mt. Carmel Churches they’re walking away from beauty. Their back is to towards that glory. And so you have this. You have this procession of people who are walking, downtrodden and whose hope is low, low, right? But how many know that they’re about to have a collision with hope?

How many of you know that there is someone coming who’s going to smack Dab, collide in their face with the hope of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. And I’m telling you what, there are people here today that your hope take has gotten low. Mt. Carmel Churches See. Here’s. Here’s the bottom line is that sometimes our hope tank.

Whoa, it just does. Dude. You want to know when my whole tank gets low, when I take my eyes off of him, when I start to look around and find my hope from everything else? Come on somebody.

When I was lost, when I did not know Jesus as my savior and I was walking around, what was I doing? Mt. Carmel Churches I was trying to fill up my tank with all this other stuff to make me happy. It didn’t work then. So why? When I find a reason to hope in Jesus Christ, to then I returned back and be like, oh, well let me try to use this to fill me up and listen. Jobs and people and those kinds of things are great, but we cannot reside to find our hope in them. Come on, somebody. Somebody has been looking at a life changer. Just are just are just I just a situation as their as their source of hope, but I’m going to tell you today the only source that we have is the way maker and he’s about to run in to a widow from name who’s got something dead in her life. So maybe you’re sitting here with something dead in your life. Maybe it’s a dream. Maybe it’s disappointment. Maybe it’s doubt. Mt. Carmel Churches Maybe those things have just weighed you down while I’m telling you what the way maker is about to run smack dab into. Yeah, and he’s going to breathe on dead things. He’s going to bring to life things that you thought were long dead. Because here’s the bottom line with Jesus is dad. He calls a dreamforce in you. He is faithful. Come on.

His word is never recalled. He’s not an automaker that has to worry about issuing a recall because when he says he wants it is the way it’s gone, be. Come on. So we see Jesus and behold, a man who had died was being carried out with his mom. She was a widow and a considerable crowd from the town. And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and he said to her, do not weep. Come on somebody. There’s somebody that needs to hear right now. Do not waive that. That thing is not dead in your life. Mt. Carmel Churches That there is hope, a rising in that situation, in that workplace, in that marriage. Come on, somebody. There is hope rising with that Kiddo. There is hope rising up in your heart. And see Jesus says to her, then he came up and he touched the beer.

So it’s like a. it’s like a casket deal, right? You were like really worried. You’re like, he just said beer and a beer in church.

It’s like we can say wine in church when you say beer. Mt. Carmel Churches

Whoa, keep it spiritual. And the bearers stood still and he said, a young man, I say to you, arise, come on, look at that. What did Jesus do? He lift onto the thing that was dead and he said, young man, arise.

Come on. Oh, rise. And you know what happened? The dude up? Because that’s the power in the spoken word of Jesus Christ. It brings that stuff back to life. Some of you guys have been sitting on dead things and you need to speak to it and release the word of God over it because there is resurrection, life and power in that word spoken from your mouth. No, so many times we’ll speak all the negative things and all the you know, oh, laugh. It’s just so bad. I Rhogam Bob Bell’s bad. Oh my kids do that. We will speak and we will glorify that. Now listen, I’m not saying ignore your problems, but I’m seeing real life. If you’re talking negative about them more than you’re talking with the word of life,

Mt. Carmel Churches then you’ve got to balance.

Speak to something somebody and let it be full of hope. Okay, Mt. Carmel Churches sorry.

And the dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother and fear and awe sees them all and they glorified God saying, a great Prophet has arisen amongst us.

Can I say something right there? I believe I’m looking at a big group of prophets of hope. I believe Mt. Carmel Churches he’d see ads, right?

I believe that there is hope rising up in you that you are going to release prophetically in workplaces and homes in supermarkets. That’s going to be life changing and life impacting, that you’re going to be going out as prophets of hope to the nation’s y’all.

Oh, that’s good. That’s a better word than you’re recognize it, but I’ll go on. I’m playing. God has visited his people and this report about him spread through the whole of Judea and the surrounding country.

See that widow, when she was taking her kiddo out, there were a lot of lies. She was believing and I’m claiming that any area in your life that you don’t have hope in is rooted in a lie. I’m ally. I’m a raised the expectation any area in your life that isn’t currently glistening with hope is under the influence of a lie. Come on, Holy Spirit,

I just release you right now to show areas in our life where we’re not glistening, not ashamed, not as condemnation, not as guilt, father, but as a, as an avenue for us to brick by brick. Pull down that wall that hope may arise.

Because see, watch this lady, she was leaving a town and see, here’s what she was believing.

My legacy is over. I am all alone. My last son is dead. What do I have to live for?

Those are some of the lies that were flowing through that mind,

but see, what was the truth of the matter? The truth of the matter was that she was about to collide with the way maker. She was about to see that son that was she thought was dead, was only sleeping. She opposed. That was about to see that her legacy was persevering. She was about to see what the truth of the matter was, but she was rooted in a lie.

Goodness. How many times am I rooted in a lie? Mt. Carmel Churches I just want to share a few little a fuel allies. Sometimes I hear I’m not loved,

but the truth of the matter is that God loved me so much that he sent his son to die for me to die, for you to die for us. I also hear, I’m not worthy.

I’m probably alone in that, but do you know that Jesus would rather have been beaten, beaten, and beaten severely than to live without you and to not know you. He thought you were worthy of being beat up and killed over. I’m an awful person, but see, the truth is I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I’m all alone.

You remember on Mount Carmel, we had a live here in the prophets of Bale and he was like, oh, I don’t know why it’s a lightsaber noises because I really liked star wars, but just roll with me. He probably didn’t have a light saber. No, check the check the commentary to be sure, but historians debate it. No, but anyhow, so he’s like, he’s like slaying like 700 prophets of Bale and then he’s like, he’s like running way because like bell is coming. Okay and end. He gets it. He gets the. He gets to that hole in the Rock, right? And he’s like, I’m all alone. And God’s like, Oh boy, you’re not even close. I have like 7,000 other prophets that haven’t been to nita bail and by the way it’s gonna be all right, you know, but he got to that point like after this massive like on the mountain tops,

Mt. Carmel Churches you know, and then he was down in the dumps because that’s what happens and sometimes we go seasonal from highs to lows and so we’re just expecting of circumstances are great and something awesome is happening. Then my hope is good, but if something changes in my circumstances and my hope is like, Ooh, let’s see. That’s not the. That’s not the truth of how I have to live or how I can live, I can actually be and because my hope is not dependent on anything but Jesus. Come on somebody. Somebody has given way too much access to feelings, emotions. We’re going to get their feelings, emotions and worried

that is dictating their joy and happiness level, but we’re,

hey, you’re not alone because he’ll never leave or forsake you.

It’s too hard. I can’t do it. Mt. Carmel Churches

Which is not. I just, I can’t. It’s too tough. That’s the lie. The truth is

you can do all things through Christ

who gives you strength. There’s nothing too hard for you. When we partner our faith with him, you are meant to do stuff. Stuff. That’s what you’re designed to do. You are made to do hard stuff.

Tower made,

and that’s the thing is that is that is it. What is hope? I’m A. I’m gonna. Condense it. Simplify, right?

Hope is really an a favorable expectation of what’s going to be simple, a favorable expectation. Who or what do we hope in? Psalm 39, seven, that you flip it over there and now, oh Lord, for what do I wait. My hope is in you. There’s our source of hope. Our source of hope is in our God

maker of heaven and earth. God in Genesis could have looked out on this, on this

planet that was formless and void and been like, Nah, I’m going to head on down to Mars. It’s got some water,

but no. Mt. Carmel Churches What did God do? He began to release his words filled with hope and what did that do? It begin to change the environment. Come on somebody. Sometimes you are spending way too much time being a thermometer of your situation and your environment when you are designed to be a thermostat.

What do I mean by that? I mean that what is a thermometer do? It just takes the temperature, but a thermostat sets the temperature.

I’m claiming the in your workplace, in your home, in every area where you have influence, you are not meant to just take a reading and be the norm. You are called to be a culture center.

Oh, that’s good. Romans 15, 13. No, I’m kidding. We just in the Old Testament now we’re heading in the new testament. What the who may the god of hope, the God of hope, fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you may abound in hope as you dwell in Christ and in his presence and hope it is goodness,

joy, and peace. Mt. Carmel Churches Do you see that? Joy and peace are natural fruit

as you dwell in the presence of the living God. You know, Mt. Carmel Churches this is the cool thing about God’s presence is when you are in the presence of the living God, all things are possible.


And, and as we keep our mind stayed on him, Julian piece, just get right up under there. Just walk around with them. What’s under your arm? It’s not sweat stain. That’s peace.

I’m gonna. Tell you guys a story, not about sweat. And so you’re like, oh man, that’s what I was wanting. Come on. So I don’t know how many of you guys know this about me or not, but I’m an elementary school principal. I feel the blessing just coming to me. You’re likely. Bless them, Lord. Bless them Lord. I receive blessings, but no, I love, I love guys. I love education. I love getting to work with Kiddos. Um, and that sort of is like my 15th year in education. So. Mt. Carmel Churches Wow. Yeah, I’m a teenager but I as an elementary school principal may is a really hard month and you’re like, May. That’s the end of everything. Exactly.

Everybody’s checking out other, Mt. Carmel Churches they’re done, you know, and so like, but if someone actually still has to stay checked in and so like more stuff just rolls to my door in May than any other time. Okay. So this was. This was one of the things that

saying in May, I’m just going to survive on. Just going to get through it. Twenty two more days. Now I want you to hear something in that. The amount of hope was very minimal. I’m just going to get through it. I’m just going to survive. I’m not created to be a survivor.

We are made to do hard stuff. We are made to be overcomers. Come on somebody. Mt. Carmel Churches you know what? When I was in that mindset, I’m just getting through it. Do you know where my joy was? It wasn’t up here. It was down there with my hope.

Maybe lower MRPS. Let’s not even go there. Okay? So I got up one morning as getting ready to go for a run, or Simon says, put my podcast in and what should come on, but this, this podcast about joy. And then all of a sudden, God began to click into my mind that I had a dream that night. And in that dream, isn’t it weird sometimes, just how holy spirit is so good to bring things to your remembrance, to give to you what you need in your time of need. Mt. Carmel Churches See, God is no respecter of persons. What he will do for one, he’s going to do for somebody else because he loves you all. You are all his favorite. What about him? Favorite? What about her favorite? Well, what about my neighbor favorite? Yes. You are all his favorite. So anyhow, so in this, in this dream, I walked into this room, it was an open room and there was a table in it. And, and Jesus bid me come over and sat down with him at his table and he opened up the word and begin to share scriptures with me about joy

guys that broke me. I mean, because in that moment I realized that I wasn’t, I wasn’t experiencing joy guys. I’m a pretty happy dude. I mean like that’s an that’s an anomaly of with me and how how we do life. I wasn’t experiencing peace and guys that’s not. That’s not where I want to live, but God began to show me it was because my hope was no longer based on him. My hope was based on 22 more days. I think there’s some of you guys today and your hope is banking on this situation. Changing your hope is banking on this or on that and almost going to tell you right now, that is fleeting. What’s going to happen there is your hope is going to be dictated by a circumstance, but you by another person maybe by whatever, by how you feel and you know what’s going to happen.

Even if you get that, there’s going to be something new that’s going to be a circumstance or a situation that your whole of is dependent on. We’re seasonal guys. The only constant thing is our Jesus. That is our plumb line. Mt. Carmel Churches That is our baseline. That is the thing that is the same yesterday, today and forever and who does not change in whom there is no lie.

Come on, I’ll show you something. Okay, so a proverbs 13, 12. Let’s look at that. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. I want to first tell you, this is not saying when I get what I want, I’m happy. Anybody can be happy. You know what? Anybody can be happy if you get a video. Actually I can’t. Some people want you to be happy to give a million dollars. That’s not hopeful, blake. Alright. And they would be happy. Jesus. What did Ashley is saying? When I lose my hope, when I stopped living out of hope, my heart is sick. That’s what that’s telling you. There’s this experiment back in like the fifties. I couldn’t probably happen this way today, but I’ll tell you how it happened in the fifties. There was this a guy, his name was Carl Richter, and he he liked, he liked drowning rats a, and I’m going to tell you why. I know, right? I’m just going to tell you a short story about Carl. Richard is rats. He would take a rat and he would put it in a jar of water and he would see how long it would swim before it drowned and died. Yeah, don’t share this on facebook and people will get really up in arms right now. We didn’t do it. I’m not even endorsing this. I’m just telling you his, what we got from it. Mt. Carmel Churches so 15 minutes. That’s how long a normal rat would survive without giving up and drowning.

Then he would do this. He would put the rat as 15 minutes approached. He would take the rat out of the jar and he would hold onto it. I don’t know if he would stroke it and call it George. I’m not. I wasn’t there. Research doesn’t say. Then he would put it back in the jar with the water. Sixty hours later it was still swimming from 15 minutes to 60 hours.

Two hundred and 40 times longer. It survived. If at that 15 minute mark, instead of

Mt. Carmel Churches letting it drown, you just pick it up and you hold on. Well, this is what he decided. This was his takeaway, his conclusion after elimination of hopelessness. The rats do not die. We are created to hope you and I are created to hope and to carry hope. When we start to believe our situation is hopeless. We’re given up, we’re throwing in a towel and quick. When we release hope, we fall fast,

but when we hang onto hope, when we hang onto a testimony that we heard, when we hang onto a prophetic word that we heard, we can make it so much longer and farther. When I hear that God did that for so and so, then you know what? My little rat legs want to keep swimming because I know that God is no respecter of person and that I am encouraged by, by God working in them.

Come on. Yeah. All right, so let’s keep rolling. Let’s see. This is what starts to happen. Go to Zachariah nine. Twelve is that we live in this culture currently. I don’t know if you know this or not, but it’s a tad negative and very offendable. Mt. Carmel Churches . It’s weird because opinions can now be facts, but facts cannot trump opinions at times. It’s really an oddity. I’m okay, but here’s. Here’s what I know that does not hold influence over my God. Come on somebody. Zachariah nine, 12, return to your stronghold. Oh, prisoners of hope.

Today I declare that I will restore to you double. Now I just want you guys to think about prisoners of hope for a second because that’s a wild thought. Alright? So think about like a prison cell. All right? That was, it was coming out right there on the stage, but you can’t see it. It’s clear. Um, another, another synonym would be imaginary. Okay? But anyhow, so just imagine in this prison of hope. Nothing besides hopefulness can get in. So let’s, let’s think about this. Okay? So you walk into work. Now I’m, I’m prophetically saying that your work is positive and this never happens. Alright? But you walk into work and people are over there just like backbiting, gossiping, being negative. Can you believe they courtesy insurance premiums by Blah Blah blue. Can you think of the boss? Do you know what he did? Well, such and such and such and such. All right? So, hey, that is making a demand on your mind.

Alright? Because because see, here’s the deal, I’m walking in there and maybe I decided I might have a great day. Yeah, it’s going to be good, and then you start to hear this negative, negative, negative, negative offense, offense, offense, offendable. It’s individually and swirling around. Now here’s, here’s my choices. I can run back and get in my prison of hope or none of that’s going to touch me. I’m not gonna. Let that dictate the level of my joy and my peace and my hope, or I can be like, yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, negative, negative, negative, and I can stir that up together.

What are you expecting God for? What are you expecting from him? It’s a question I asked myself. When you get out of bed in the morning, what do you say about how your day is going to go? Because there’s some days I roll out and I’m 22 more days and I know where that says my joy and my hope and my piece, but when I roll out of bed and I say, today is going to be a good day, God is going to have something good happening to me, and that’s my expectation. That’s my hopeful setting. Mt. Carmel Churches That’s what I’m going at unfavorably expecting to be blessed today. That does something and then you know what? Then I. I maintain that. Flip over. If you have your bibles, let’s go over to Hebrews six. Nineteen, Hebrews six, 19.

It says this, this hope we have as an anchor of the soul. Both sure and steady. Okay? Now think about an anchor. All right. You’re on a boat and you’re out in the deep blue sea and you’re coming up and you start to drop an anchor. That’s the anchor dropping and it goes down. It’s going to hit on rock, right? Let’s say. I know, Mt. Carmel Churches but Sandra, really just pieces of rock, right? All right, so we’re good on that. We don’t have to stress that point, so it hits on the sound and then it just a hold and your boat. It might have been going into slow down and it just holding right. You’re anchored in something. Hope is an anchor of our soul. Will you talk about your soul? What are you talking about? You’re talking about your mind, your will and your emotions, right? Okay, so, so how many of you guys know your emotions can be like this, right? Yeah. Okay. I am not ever saying disregard your emotions. Don’t pay any. Just live beyond your beyond feelings. You’ve transcended to a higher plane. All right. We all have feels right. Feels. Yeah. Okay.

Here’s my deal is that my feelings are are really bad master

for me.

I’m like, my fields can be like, oh, well that’s good. I’m happy. I feel happy, but then nothing has changed and why do I feel so sad? And

my feelings are like, Whoa, how do they look at me? What did they think about me? And my feelings are formed.

That’s a whirlwind and a really, really tough way to live life. Come on. Somebody.

If your feelings are dictating what you do and how you, how you are thinking and how you’re seeing a situation,

Mt. Carmel Churches I want to introduce you to hope the anchor of your soul that says, okay, storms are coming. There’s a situation that’s that’s, that’s tossing my ship, but my shifts not moving because it’s anchored in hope and where does their hope come from? The maker of heaven and earth

who believes in you? Who’s there for you? Who only wants good for you

guys? Mt. Carmel Churches Have your bibles. Let’s go to Romans. Let’s go to Romans 12. Romans 12, verse nine. That anchor and hope. I love that because dudes, I mean like I have lots of thoughts. I’m a thoughtful guy, but um, how many of you guys know not every thought I have is based in truth. I’m going to do something. I’m a metal a little bit. Not every thought you have is based in truth. So part of the wrestle is filtering out what thoughts are going to build my belief structure? What thoughts am I going to allow to frame up my reality?

If you let every thought and feel frame your reality, it’s tragic. Okay. How many of you guys have met someone before? This is not you. We’re talking about someone else. They go to a different school. Okay, and you might have like a, a weird interaction and you walk away and you’re like, man, they hate me. What did I do? It’s just like they’re not even, they didn’t even look in my eyes. They just like give me talk to me hardly. And the person is like super introverted and they like really love you, but they can’t say it because they’re just like, they’re just like internalize and like being around people and they’re nervous and it’s like they have to go pee but they really don’t. And so like

and so like you read that situation and you have created a reality about that situation that is false and then you live in that reality. When you think about that person, you think

they didn’t like me or just rude.

That’s the only way someone like me, they’re just, they’re just wrong. You know? And you start to build that paradigm. Why? Because you’re hearing a lie and the at the fact of the matter are guard is full as hope, right? And so watch this verse God. Let love be genuine. Let’s give them a do over to have a little grace. Mt. Carmel Churches Have Grace for our fellow man to have grace for our work colleagues have grace for our bosses are leaders. I hope the best man because you know

you always have a choice. We always have the choice today I set before you life and death. Choose life that you and your descendants might live. This one’s going to get me in you choosing life. You are building a legacy. You are building a legacy for your family, for your Kiddos, for what you’re called to be. When you fight those battles and you’re able then to create a home that’s positive, that’s full of hope, that gives your descendants and even greater opportunity that they’re not fighting that battle, that they’re able to go beyond the foundation that you’re building and we do that for our church and our community as we make the choice to choose hope, to choose life, to say, you know what? I am resoundly not going to choose negativity. I’m going to snow. I don’t want it been there, done that, bought the stuff, Mt. Carmel Churches and it was a waste of money.

Love one another with brotherly, brotherly, brotherly, brotherly affection. Watched this outdo one another in showing honor. Huh? How about that? Be Our competitive nature that I’m going to reverence and honor you even more than your referencing and honoring me. What if that was the culture of your workplace, of your home? Have your church. Some of you are ready letting some thought in your mind say, that’ll never happen. Mt. Carmel Churches Get behind me, Satan. The moment that I validate that thought and say, yeah, I agree with that is the moment that that no longer is a possibility in my life. Let’s let’s value ally and value the truth. What are you placing value on? Do not be slothful in zeal. Be Fervent in spirit. Serve the Lord, rejoice, hope. Be patient in tribulation. Be Constant in prayer.

I want to share one more thing with you guys. It’s Romans five. This one was a real oh man. It was an uplift for me. I hope it is for you, Romans five, and it’s. It’s talking about something. Oh, it’s talking about hope and growing home. Okay, because this is what it says. It says, therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through him. We have obtained access by faith into His grace in which we stand and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings. Watch this because this is like, this is like counter what you would think you would do, how you know it’s probably pretty good. We would were joyce in our sufferings. Knowing that suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope. Can I share something with you about this? I never believe that God causes bad things to happen to me. What’s a you? My Dad is a really good God and he doesn’t bring heat. Mt. Carmel Churches Does not bring tribulation in my life to teach me a lesson. God is there with me in the midst of tribulation holding my hand, helping me. He is not a hindrance to my faith. He has a help to my faith.

Watch what this says. This. It says that the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven’s vision for any situation that you faced, that as difficult is not to decrease your hope, but to increase your hope. Watch it. It says that we rejoice in suffering, suffering because we know that through suffering we grow in endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope, so that thing, you’re in the middle of that situation, that really tough stuff. God is partnering with you and he’s saying, this is not going to kill you. It is going to grow you because we’re in it together and then you’re going to see

back. You’d be like, Mt. Carmel Churches, I need to do that, and when I was in the midst of it, I felt like it was impossible, but when I look to God and I realized that with God, all things are possible and I grew in that and now I look back at it and I’m like, that’s so trivial. Why was that? Even trying to steal my peace give you guys like that. Any you guys ever, you get past the situation and then you look back and you think, why in the world did I get so upset and so worried and so anxious about that because God had me all along, but I believe the lie that I was alone, that this was bigger than me, that this was bigger than God and so I gave it my peace and my joy. Not Today. Satan. Today, I’m going to believe that there is more hope in God. Then there is doubt in this world.

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